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Carver's Falls Cemetery Records
Town of West Haven
Rutland County, Vermont

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Carver's Falls Cemetery is located just west of route 22-A, from Fair Haven to Benson. It is considered to be in the township of West Haven because the center of the woodroad which leads to the cemetery is the dividing line between West Haven and the village of Fair Haven.

It was in a neglected and disgraceful condition in 1955, a tangled mass of fallen trees, branches, berry bushes and grapevines. In the spring of 1957, it was found to have been cleaned up, fallen trees removed and the brush cut.

There is evidence of many graves without markers of any kind. Many of the stones are broken, some are buried under sod and many have crumbled to dust leaving only stumps. The earliest date of burial was 1788 and the latest was 1913.

The woodroad divides the cemetery in half.

Allard, Diantha, daughter of Judah and Camille Allard, died Mar. 18, 1858, age 18 yrs.

Allard, Frankie, son of L. and L. Allard, died Nov. 23, 1879, age 7 mos.

Allard, Judah, born Dec. 29, 1808, died Feb. 2, 18__. (Stone broken)

Allard, Little Frances, daughter of L. and L. Allard, died Sept. 15, 1878, aged 1 yr., 10 mos. and 22 days

Allen, Susan Cornelia, daughter of Ira and Cornelia Allen, died July 18, 1833, age 1 year, 11 months and 14 days

Barns, Nellie C., daughter of E. F. and C. J. Barns, died Dec. 3, 1877, age 12 yrs. 2 mos. 15 days

Bingham, Mrs. Anna Gay Smith, wife of Jeremiah Bingham, born June 26, 1760, died July 30, 1853

Briggs, Eudora M., daughter of J. C. and S. A. Briggs, Dec. 16, 1869 to Jan. 29, 1889

Briggs, Justus C., Oct. 13, 1827 to Aug. 31, 1896

Carr, Camilla L., wife of Judah Allard, born Dec. 22, 1816, died May 22, 1899

Cheseman, Sarah, daughter of William and Mary Cheseman, died Feb. 6, 1840, age 4 mos.

Cheseman, William, son of William and Mary Cheseman, died Feb. 28, 1839, age 8 mos.

Cheseman, Wm., died Feb. 9, 1841, age 28 yrs.

Cole, Joseph, died Dec. 19, 1850, in his 85th year

Cole, Louisa, wife of Joseph Cole, died March 1, 1858, age 80 years and 11 mos.

Cole, Lucy M. Thomas, daughter of Joseph and Louisa Cole, died Jan. 2, 1864, age 49 yrs.

Couse, Jackson L., 1856-1909

Cramer, Henry, died Feb. 22, 1816, in his 58 years

Cutter, Cynthia, died Jan. 18, 1843, age 56 yrs. (Stone fallen)

Cutter, Mary Eliza, daughter of Wm. and Cynthia Cutter, died April 6, 1828, age 6 months & _____.

Cutter, Mehetable W., daughter of Wm. and Sarah Cutter, died Dec. 2, 1838, age 36 yrs.

Cutter, William, died May 22, 1842, age 67 yrs.

Eastwood, John, died Feb. 9, 1861, age 35 yrs.

Elizabeth S., dau. of William and Alma Sprouts, died April 6, 1832, in her 5th year

Francies, Clarissa Fidelia, died April 1st, 1806, age 5 months

Francies, Minerva, died June 16th, 1804, age 1 mo.

Fudelia, Mrs. Clarissa, wife of Samuel Francies, died Nov. 5th, 1805, in the 24th year of her age

Gaines, Fanny H., dau. of Asa and Annah Gaines, died Nov. 11, 1835, age 21 yrs.

Gilbert, Harriet A., drowned June 22, 1835, age 18 years

Gilbert, Martha, wife of Tilly Gilbert, died Nov. 28, 1852, age 80 yrs. (Stone buried in the earth.)

Gilbert, Tilly, died Sept. 5, 1850, age 79 yrs. (Stone buried in the earth.)

Goodrich, Abigail, wife of Asa Goodrich, died July 6, 1834, age 72 yrs.

Goodrich, Betsey, wife of Elizur Goodrich, died Aug. 11, 1822, in the 25th year of her age

Goodrich, Chauncey, died Sept. 20, 1856, age 68 yrs.

Goodrich, Deborah, wife of Chauncey Goodrich, died Nov. 14, 1811, in the 22 year of her age

Goodrich, Elizur, died Sept. 27, 1834, age 42 yrs.

Goodrich, George F. Goodrich, son of Chauncy and Deborah Goodrich, died March 25, 1812, age 8 mos.

Goodrich, Kezia, wife of Timothy Goodrich, died Oct. 10, 1803, in the 43 year of her age

Goodrich, Mary Jane, wife of Rev. A. B. Lyon, died Dec. 3, 1865, age 37 yrs.

Goodrich, Mr. Asa, died Jan. 21, 1829, age 72 yrs.

Goodrich, Mrs. Lois, wife of Mr. Asa Goodrich, who departed this life, Nov. 1st, 1795, in the 37th year of her age

Goodrich, Phebe S., wife of Chauncey Goodrich, died Jan. 23, 1883, age 85 yrs. 8 mos.

Goodrich, Polly M., died July 22, 1907, age 77 yrs. 4 mos. 20 days

Goodrich, Polly, wife of Chauncy Goodrich, died August 23, 1825, in the 33 year of her age

Goodrich, Polly, wife of Chauncy Goodrich, died May 10, 1827, in the 34 year of her age

Goodrich, Rebecca, late consort of Timothy Goodrich, died Feb. 23, 1829, in her 71 yrs.

Goodrich, Sally H., wife of E. Goodrich, died Sept. 17, 1833, age 34 years

Goodrich, Sarah Kezia, daughter of Timothy and Kezia Goodrich, died Oct. 24, 1811, in the 10th year of her age

Goodrich, Timothy, died Feb. 17, 1829, in the 73 year of his age

Goodrich, Timothy, son of Elizur Goodrich, son of Elizur and Betsey Goodrich, died Aug. 3, 1822, age 19 months

Goodwin, Lois, daughter of Lucy A. and Warren W. Goodwin, died July 4, 1841, age 4 years 3 mos. and 25 years

Graves, William J., born July 4, 1848, died Apr. 14, 1912

Hamilton, Altha S. Goodrich, wife of Otis Hamilton and daughter of E. and B. Goodrich, died June 24, 1874, age 57 yrs.

Hamilton, An infant son of Otis and Altha, died Aug. 11, 1836

Hamilton, Edward O., Child of Otis and Altha S. Hamilton, died Aug. 16, 1859, age 9 mos. 6 days

Hamilton, Elizur G., Child of Otis and Altha S. Hamilton, died Aug. 18, 1844, age 5 mos.

Hamilton, Otis, died Feb. 17, 1878, age 69 yrs.

Hamilton, Sarah E., died Oct. 9, 1839, age 1 week

Harrington, Sarah A., wife of Justus C. Briggs, Mar. 6, 1834 to Oct. 23, 1895

Harrison, Mary E. Wood, wife of John Harrison, died Mar. 18, 1879, age 22 years, 4 mos. 21 days

Helen, Jessie, only child of Dr. John and Helen Eastwood, died June 2, 1858

Henriet, Bellona, daughter of Ruben and Lucy Wilkinson, died Feb. 26, 1836, in the 13 year of her age

Howard, Jonathan, died Feb. 12, 1818, in his 50 yrs.

Howes, George, son of Harvey and Mary Howes, died Aug. 17, 1840, age 4 yrs.

Howes, Harvey, died Mar. 8, 1886, age 79 yrs.

Howes, John, died April 10, 1833, age 78 yrs.

Howes, Katie, adopted daughter of Harvey and Mary Howes, died March 27, 1866, age 14 yrs.

Howes, Lucy, wife of John Howes, died Aug. 18, 1853, age 82 yrs. (Stone lying face down.)

Howes, Mary A., wife of Harvey Howes, died June 22, 1890, age 75 yrs.

Hunt, George D. of Co. F., 14 Regt., died in Virginia, age 21 yrs. (GAR standard)

Hunt, Lydia, wife of Seth Hunt, died Mar. 20, 1868, age 64 yrs.

Hunt, Martha W., wife of Hiram K. Hunt, died June 29, 1839, age 30 years

James, David, son of Thomas and Mary James, instantly killed, May 29, 1850, age 20 yrs.

James, Mary, wife of Thomas James, died June 30, 1860, age 64 yrs.

Johnson, Stattira Gates, daughter of

Killecut, Eliza Caroline, daughter of Daniel and Clarina Killecut, died April 17th, 1821, age 10 months

Killecut, Mary Ann, daughter of Daniel and Clarina Killecut, died Aug. 28th, 1811, age 13 months

Landon, Mrs. Rachel, wife of Mr. Joseph Landon, died Dec. 19, 1795, in the 23(?) year of her age

Mariah, Edith, dau. of Jonathan and Lucinda Orms, died Aug. 28, 1838, age 2 mo. 13 days

Miller, William, son of James and Anna Miller, was drowned May 8, 1827, age 9 yrs. 8 mos.

Minot, Catharine, died March 30, 1833, age 72 yrs.

Minot, Christopher, Esq., formerly of Boston, died Aug. 22d, 1824, in the 71st year of his age

Moore, Ashley L., son of John and Eunice L. Moore, Jr., died Sept. 29, 1866, age 17 yrs. (Stone fallen)

Moore, John, Jr., died Sept. 2, 1870, age 46 yrs. "My Husband" (Stone fallen)

Moore, Lois E., daughter of John and Eunice L. Moore, died April 25, 1862, age 6 yrs. 10 mos. (Stone fallen)

Moore, Lydia, daughter of John and Elizabeth Moore, died July 12, 1841, age 1 yr. 6 mos.

Morton, James, died Sept. 27, 1819, in the 46th year of his age

Naramore, Benj. C., died March 17, 1864, age 59 years

Naramore, Catharine C. Smith, wife of B. C. Naramore, died Oct. 16, 1840, age 35 years. (Stone fallen)

Naramore, Charles S., son of Benjamin C. and Catharine Naramore, died July 29, 1837, age 1 year

Naramore, David O., born March 26, 1845, died April 9, 1900

Naramore, Mary M. Davis, wife of B. C. Naramore, died Mar. 15, 1882, age 71 yrs. 4 mos. and 27 days

Naramore, Mary S., daughter of B. C. and C. C. Naramore, died Aug. 12, 1847, age 16 years. (Stone fallen)

Nobles, Cindarilla, wife of Matthew Nobles, died April 4th, 1813, in the 30th year of her age

Norton, Abigail Williams, wife of J. C. Norton, died June 24, 1889, age 72 yrs.

Norton, Charlotte T., wife of Elias Norton, born June 17, 1834, died Feb. 25, 1893

Norton, Ella S., June 12, 1824 to April 15, 1887. (?-Elias-?)

Norton, Hellen C., wife of Elias Norton, died July 26, 1873, age 39 years. (Stone fallen)

Norton, J. C., died April 10, 1875, age 63 yrs. 3 mos.

Norton, Joan, wife of Burk E. Norton, died March 7, 1838, age 50 yrs.

Offensend, Emma M., wife of Olvin Offensend, born June 8, 1838, died Aug. 18, 1909

Offensend, Olvin, born in West Haven, Sept. 19, 1832, died Dec. 7, 1903, age 71 yrs.

Offensend, Walter S., born Batavia, Ill., Feb. 17, 1865, died in Pittsburgh, Pa., Oct. 10, 1895

Ormes, Eunice M., wife of Jonathan Ormes, born Aug. 12, 1831, died June 18, 1910

Ormes, Jonathan, died Feb. 11, 1887, age 82 yrs.

Ormes, Lucinda B., wife of Jonathan Ormes, died Nov. 7, 1802, age 51 years 4 mos. and 21 days

Ormes, Parmelia M., died Feb. 9, 1872, age 79 yrs.

Orms, Alanson, son of Jonathan and Eunice Orms, died M_____ 27d, 1800

Orms, Alson, son of Jonathan and Lucinda Orms, died July 11, 1857, age 11 yrs.

Orms, Amelia, wife of Dan Orms, died March 13, 1849, age 40 yrs.

Orms, Annah, wife of Gen. Jonathan Orms, died Jan. 14, 1837, in her 67 years

Orms, Asa G., son of Dan and Amelia Orms, died Sept. 13, 1838, age 5 months

Orms, Eunice A., dau. of Dan and Amelia Orms, died June 20, 1833, age 5 yrs.

Orms, Eunice, wife of Gen. Jonathan Orms, died March 27, 1824, age 55 years

Orms, Gen. Jonathan Orms, died Aug. 8, 1850, age 86 years (Flag but no standard)

Orms, sons of Jonathan and Eunice Orms, the first died Aug. 8th 1791, age 6 hours, rest of inscription gone

Pearsons, Betsey, wife of Henry Pearsons, died Oct. 18, 1877, age 45 yrs. 8 mos.

Pettibone, Anna, wife of Cephas Pettibone, died April 28, 1823, age 45 years

Pettibone, Cephas, died March 29th, 1846, in the 83 years of his age

Pettibone, Sarah, wife of Cephas Pettibone, died June 14, 1820, age 59 yrs.

Pomeroy, Jervis P., son of Joseph and Martha Pomeroy, died Feb. 7, 1845, age 2 yrs. 1 mo.

Reed, Laurenza, wife of Jonas Reed, died Apr. 12, 1891, age 64 years

Roberts, Amanda, wife of Ransford Wood, born Oct. 24, 1817, died Oct. 18, 1883

Sar_____, Brevoor______, died July __, 1807, _______ 15 years of her age. (Stone badly crumbled)

Segar, Betsey, wife of Irab Segar, died Dec. 5, 1849, age 42 years

Segar, Hoyt B., son of Irab and Betsey Segar, died Nov. -, 1852, age 10 years

Shim, Mary, wife of William Shim (?), died Aug. 18, 1860, age 45 yrs. 6 mos.

Smith, Apollos, died Feb. 25th, 1810, age 53 years

Smith, Benjamin B., died Feb. 1, 1859, age 46 yrs.

Smith, Caroline C., wife of Horace S. Smith, died Sept. 26, 1873, age 64 yrs.

Smith, Cornelia, daughter of Apollos and Anna Smith, died Jan. 24, 1813, in the 22d year of her age

Smith, Horace S., died Nov. 20, 1878, age 57 yrs. and 10 mos. (Stone fallen)

Smith, Mr. Simeon, died Dec. 6, 1831, age 47 years

Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth, consort of Simeon Smith, Esq., who departed this life in 1794 in the 59th year of her age

Smith, Samuel St. J., died Jan. 29, 1836, age 21 years

Smith, Simeon, Esq., departed this life on the 27th Feb. AD 1804, in the 70th year of his age

Smith, Susan E., died Sept. 20, 1838, age 20 years

Smith, Susan G., wife of Simeon Smith, died May 9, 1840, age 51 years

Sprats, Andrew, son of Wm. and Elizabeth Sprats, died June 15, 1810, in the 26 year of his age

Sprats, Elizabeth, wife of Wm. Sprats, died May 17th, 1800, in the 37 year of her age

Sprats, Martha, wife of Wm. Sprats, died Oct. 4, 1807, in the 43rd year of her age

Sprats, Permelia, wife of Andrew Sprats, died Mar. 6, 1864, age 84 yrs.

Sprats, Wm., died June 24, 1810, in the 53 year of his age

Van Anden, Joseph, born Feb. 22, 1872, died Jan. 3, 1899

Vananden, Louis, died June 15, 1913, age 83 yrs., Co. B., 2nd Vt. Vols.

Waterhouse, Amanda, died March 1, 1865, age 70 yrs.

Waterhouse, Levi, died May 23, 1856, age 68 years. (Stone buried in ground.)

Waterhouse, Samuel, died May 33, 1788, age 30 years

White, Carrie, daughter of Wm. E. and Lottie White, died Sept. 1, 1890, age 4 mos.

White, Luther, 1819-1908

Wood, Emery B., died Feb. 27, 1902, age 62 yrs.

Wood, Margaret A., wife of Emery Wood, died April 12, 1881, age 35 yrs. 4 mos. and 7 days

Wood, Ransford, born Nov. 1, 1809, died Sept. 17, 1896

Woodward, Theophislus, who died Sep. 10th, 1797, in the 26 year of his age. Erected by his wife

______, Andrew, July 20, 1879-Oct. 11, 1889 (Stone fallen)

Large granite Briggs monument with no inscriptions

Large, heavy stone lying face down. Unable to move it

Our little Willie (next to the stone of Elizabeth Sprats)

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