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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

Wells Village Cemetery Records

Town of Wells

Rutland County, Vermont

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Wells Village Cemetery is located in the Village of Wells, Vermont is located a few rods west of Center of Village on route 30. The Wells Cemetery Improvement Corporation has the care of Cemetery. The present (1936) caretaker is Levi Pratt, Wells, Vt.

Blossom, Died Mar. 13, 1830 Edwin son of Seth and Nancy Blossom age 1 year 4 months 16 days also in Jun. 28, 1813 a daughter age 3 days also a son in Oct 7, 1822 age 1 day

Blossom, Hannah, consort of Peter Blossom who died Jan. 13, 1814 age 51 years 4 month

Blossom, Mr. Nathanael Blossom who died May 28, 1819 in the 79th year of his age

Blossom, Nancy wife of Seth Blossom died Jan. 7, 1864 age 77 years

Blossom, Phebe wife of William Blossom died Sept. 12, 1844 age 53 years 5 month 3 days

Blossom, Seth Blossom died Jul. 5th, 1850 age 65

Blossom, William Blossom died Dec. 10, 1846 age 59 years

Bowe, Mr. Amos Bowe a navtive of Middletown Conn., but a resident of this town for more than 50 years departed this life Dec. 1, 1843 in the 76 years of his age.

Bowe, Rebekah relict of Amos Bowe was born in stonington, Conn. was long a resident of this town and died in Rupert Nov. 23, 1850 age nearly 77 years

Button, Capt. Matthias who died Jul. 22, 1811 in the 79th year of his age.

Button, Joseph Button Esq. who died Oct. 30, 1826 in the 73 year of his age

Button, Marian Button (widow) who died Feb. 22, 1813 in the 77th year of her age

Button, Sarah wife of Joseph Button Esq. who died Nov. 5, 1821 in the 71st year of her age

Campbell, Susan Atwater wife of Orange Campbell died Jun. 22, 1818 age 26 years

Clark, Amos Clark died Oct. 17, 1847 age 61

Clark, Andrew Clark died Apr. 7, 1819 age 64 years

Clark, Andrew Clark, died May 11, 1839 in the 48th year of his age

Clark, Anne wife of John Clark Dec. 18, 1807 in the 22nd year of her age

Clark, Bishop son of Stephen and Roxcina

Clark, Clark who died Aug. 29, 1827 age 16 years

Clark, Hannah wife of Amos Clark died Aug. 27, 1861 age 62 yrs.

Clark, John R. Clark died Nov. 30, 1845 age 66 years

Clark, Mary, wife of John Clark who died Feb. 23, 1839 age 56 years

Clark, Patience Clark wife of Stephen Clark Esq. who died Mar. 8, 1810 in the 59th year of her age

Clark, Roswell died Sept. 19, 1837 age 75 years

Clark, Sophia wife of Andrew Clark died Mar. 6, 1877 in the 84th year of her age.

Clark, Stephen Clark who died Feb. 8, 1827 in the 77th year of his age

Clark, Stephen L. son of Stephen L. and Huldah Clark died Oct. 13, 1821 age 2 years 2 month

Clark, Thankful wife of Roswell Clark died Feb. 10, 1809 age 50 yrs.

Clark, William H. son of Linas and Adaline Clark died May 1, 1833 age 3 years 6 month

Cross, Mrs. Ruth Cross former widow of Samuel Stevens died Mar. 1846 age 72 years

Culver, Abbey Jane daughter of Erastus and Amanda Culver died Feb. 10, 1842 age 1 year 1 month 20 days

Culver, Anna Culver died Feb. 17, 1841 age 75 years

Culver, Died Jul. 23, 1840 Hall Potter son of Erastus and Amanda Culver age 1 year and 6 month

Culver, Died Mar. 2, 1831 Samuel Culver age 84 years

Culver, Polly, wife of Samuel Culver, Jr. died Sept. 21, 1824 age 37 years

Culver, Warren son of S. and E. Culver died Oct. 15, 1846 age 6 yrs. 2 mos.

Darbe, Mrs. Elizabeth consort to Jediah Darbe who died Oct. 1, 1811 age 55

Dart, Dorcas Dart wife of Ebenezer Dart who died Sept. 13, 1817 in the 56th year of her age

Dart, Ebenezer Dart who died Jul. 30, 1825 in the 77th year of his age

Davis, Henry W. son of George and Eunice Davis died Jan. 31, 1813

Foster, Joel Foster died Mar. 2, 1850 age 66

Foster, Sally widow of Joel Foster died Mar. 28, 1866 age 81

Francis, Alvah son of Jared and Temperance Francis who was killed by the discharge of a misket Nov. 12, 1822 in the 13th year of his age

Francis, Capt. Jared Francis died Jun. 28, 1846 age 61

Francis, Joel Francis died Jan. 23, 1844 in the 73rd year of his age

Francis, Nathan Francis who died Sept. 5, 1798 in the 42nd year of his age

Francis, Temperance wife of Capt. Jared Francis who died Jan. 19, 1827 in the 40th year of her age

Francis, Zilpah A. daughter of D. and Z. Francis died Sept. 6, 1850 age 1 year 6 month 20 days

Francis, Zilpah wife of David Francis died Feb. 27, 1849 age 33 years

Glass, Abigail wife of Samuel Glass died Jul. 22, 1824 age 76

Glass, Anthony son of Samuel and Abigail Glass who died Apr. 4, 1809 in the 23rd year of his age

Glass, Huldah consort of Rufus Glass died Mar. 21, 1813 in the 52nd year of her age

Glass, Rufus Glass died Apr. 4, 1812 in the 58th year of his age

Glass, Samuel Glass died Apr. 4, 1813 age 55 years

Goodrich, Anna daughter of Mr. Daniel and Bathiah

Goodrich, David Goodrich died Mar. 31, 1843 age 74

Goodrich, Goodrich who died Apr. 10, 1804 in the 10th year of her age

Goodrich, Hannah daughter of Mr. Daniel and Bathiah Goodrich who died Apr. 21, 1791 age 6 months 10 days

Goodrich, Mr. Daniel Goodrich who died Jun. 2, 1826 age 74 yrs.

Goodrich, Mrs. Bethiah wife of Mr. Daniel Goodrich who died Mar. 24, 1826 in the 67 year of her age

Goodrich, Rachel wife of David Goodrich died Apr. 3, 1843 age 71

Goodspeed, Albert died Jan. 13, 1812 age 6 months

Goodspeed, Alvin died May 4th 824 age 2 years

Goodspeed, Ansellgoodspeed died Jun. 15, 1847 age 83 years

Goodspeed, Armina daughgter of Benjamin and Aurora Goodspeed died Feb. 19, 1838 age 7 years 6 months 16 days

Goodspeed, Esther L. daughter of Ansel and Abbey Goodspeed died Apr. 2, 1842 age 9 months.

Goodspeed, Josiah and Jemima Goodspeed she died Feb. 25, 1824 age 79. He died Mar. 11, 1824 age 80 yrs.

Goodspeed, Lydia wife of Ansell Goodspeed died Aug. 10, 1850 age 80 years

Goodspeed, Nathan died Apr. 8, 1806 age 8 months

Goodspeed, Nimphas M. son of Ansel and Abbey Goodspeed died Mar. 20, 1842 age 2 years 3 months

Goodspeed, Peter K. son of Ansell and Lydis Goodspeed who died Jul. 10, 1821 in the 18th year of his age

Goodspeed, Three son of Alvin and Lolee Goodspeed

Graves, Elisha R. son of Daniel and Almira Graves died Feb. 3rd 1841 age 5 months

Hall, Clarinda R. wife of Matthew Hall died May 26, 1847 age 25 yr.

Hall, Matthew, Jr. died Jul. 26, 1847 age 2 month

Hall, Rebecca C. wife of Matthew Hall died May 26, 1849 age 26 yr.

Hastings, Alma daughter of Hiram and Alma Hastings died May 2, 1842 age 3 years and 1 month

Hastings, Sarah daughter of Hiram and Alma Hastings died Jan. 8, 1838 age 5 years

Herrick, Isaac Herrick died Mar. 16, 1838 in the 53rd of his age

Hopson, Almon Hopson died Sept. 12, 1881 age 85 years

Hopson, Bethiah wife of John C. Hopson died Jun. 4th 1840 in the 60th year of her age

Hopson, Caroline L. daughter of Almon and Clarissa

Hopson, Clarissa Chandler wife of Almon Hopson died Jul. 31, 1827 age 23 years

Hopson, Esther Chandler wife of Almon Hopson died Oct. 12, 1891 age 82 years 8 months

Hopson, Hannah Matilda daughter of Raymond H. and Hannah Hopson died Mar. 21, 1833 age 5 month

Hopson, Heber W. son of Almon and Esther Hopson who died Mar. 17, 1842 age 8 years and 8 month

Hopson, Hopson died Feb. 19, 1827 age 1 year and 6 month

Hopson, John C. Hopson died Mar. 2, 1856 age 87 years

Hopson, Mrs. Persis Hopson wife of Mr. John C. Hopson who died Nov. 27, 1811 in the 41st year of her age

Hotchkiss, Dr. Socrates Hotchkiss who died Feb. 27, 1810 in the 36th year of his age

Hotchkiss, Lucy wife of Robert Hotchkiss died Mar. 1, 1821 age 73 years

Hotchkiss, Mrs. Bethiah consort of Cr. Socrates who died Jun. 24, 1803 in the 24th yr. of her age

Hotchkiss, Raymond Hotchkiss died Feb. 8, 1855 age 76

Hotchkiss, Robert Hotchkiss died May 2, 1829 age 75 years

Hotchkiss, Socrates son of Socrates and Mary Ann Hotchkiss who died Mar. 1, 1810 in the 3rd year of his age.

Hotchkiss, Viana wife of R. Hotchkiss died Apr. 20, 1804 age 23 years

Howe, Avis wife of Samuel Howe died Apr. 28, 1857 age 97 years 4 mo.

Howe, Joseph Howe died Aug. 1, 1836 age 59 years

Howe, Samuel Howe died May 10, 1844 age 82 years

Hulett, Chalon Paul born Nov. 22, 1849 died Nov. 4, 1852

Hulett, Children of John S. and Anna Hulett

Hulett, Cornelia Amanda

Hulett, Laura Amanda born Oct. 2, 1841 died Dec. 24, 1845

Hutchins, Arwin Hutchins died Mar. 19, 1835 in his 45th year

Hyde, George E. son of George and Minerva Hyde died Aug. 30, 1842 age 1 year 1 month

Ives, Quincy son of Orson and Polly P. Ives died Feb. 20, 1846 age 5 years 4 month 4 days

Johnson, Tamma wife of Wm. Johnson died Aug. 28, 1826 age 33 years

Johnson, Wm. Johnson died Mar. 12, 1865 age 65 years

Lamb, Caroline Cordelia daughter of William and Caroline Lamb died Jan. 21, 1830 age 2 years and 8 months

Lamb, James son of James and Hester Ann Lamb died Apr. 3, 1839 age 2 weeks

Lamb, Levi Lamb died Mar. 9, 1835 in the 54th year of his age

Lamb, Lucius son of William and Caroline Lamb died Sept. 9, 1841 age 7 years

Lamb, Madison Lamb died Sept. 20, 1849 age 34 years

Lamb, Mercy wife of Levi Lamb who died Jul. 8, 1825 in the 45th year of her age

Lamb, Mr. Joseph Lamb died Jan. 21, 1808 in the 78th year of his age

Lamb, Mrs. Betty Lamb wife of Mr. Joseph Lamb who died Nov. 1825 in the 93 year of her age

Lamb, Ormand son of Levi and Mercy Lamb died May 27, 1833 age 31

Lathrop, Eunice daughter of Azariah and Esther Lathrop who died Aug. 9, 1807 age 10 mos. 14 das.

Lathrop, Mr. Zachariah Lathrop who died Nov. 8, 1795 in the 32d yeaqr of his age

Lathrop, Mrs. Charlotte Lathrop who died Nov. 8, 1795 in the 23rd year of her age

Lathrop, Samuel Lathrop, Esq., died Jun. 14, 1801 in the 60th year of his age

Lewis, Abigail, widow of Benjamin Lewis died Jul. 25, 1857 age 84

Lewis, Benjamin Lewis died Sept. 30, 1847 age 75 yrs.

Lewis, Chloe S., daughter of A.H. and S.A. Lewis died Dec. 7, 1846 age 4 years and 1 month, 21 days

Lewis, Cornelia M. daughter of Orlin and Martha Lewis died Mar. 6, 1838, age 6 months, 17 days

Lewis, David Lewis died Mar. 3, 1845 age 88

Lewis, Eleanor, daughter of David B. and Amanda Lewis, died Jul. 9, 1837 in the 3rd year of her age

Lewis, Eliza daughter of Artemas and Pamela

Lewis, Here lies socrates son of Dr. Reuben Lewis and Deborah his wife died Apr. 26, 1813, age 8 mos. 23 days

Lewis, Homer O., son of Orlin and Martha Lewis died Apr. 18., 1745 age 7 mos. 11 days

Lewis, Laura daughter of David B. and Amanda Lewis died Aug. 25, 1841, age 24 yrs.

Lewis, Lewis who died Oct. 29, 1831 in the 3rd year of her age

Lewis, Mr. Barnabas Lewis who diued Jul. 3, 1811 in the 80th uear of his age

Lewis, Mr. Levi Lewis who died Dec. 12, 1811 in the 37th year of his age

Lewis, Mrs. Emily, wife of Perrin Lewis, who died Nov. 25, 1826 in the 20th year of her age

Lewis, Rachel wife of Barnabas Lewis who died Oct. 6, 1817 age 76 years

Lewis, Rebecca, daughter of David B. and Amanda Lewis, died Aug. 28, 1830, age 2 years and 5 months

Lewis, Rebecca, wife of David Lewis, Esq., died Jul. 3, 1836, in the 87th year of her age

Lewis, William Lewis, Jr. died Jun. 10, 1837 aqge 32 years

Lovell, Lonson Lovell son of Thomas and Lovell, died May 9th, 803 age 10 weeks

Mallory, Mrs. Sarah wife of Capt. Gill Mallory who died Apr. 2, 17-- age 39 yrs.

Merriman, Mary wife of Samuel S. Merriman died Jan. 19, 1847 age 85 years

Merriman, Samuel S. Merriman died Sept. 19, 1847 age 85 yrs.

Merriman, Samuel son of Samuel S. and Mary Merriman died Mar. 16, 1837 age 31 years

Mitchell, Dr. Nathan Mitchell who died Nov. 1, 1821 aged 32 years and 5 months

Mitchell, Ichabod Mitchell died Aug. 12, 1829 age 74 years

MitchellOsmond Stevens Mitchell son of Dr. Nathan and Polly Mitchell died Feb. 13, 1821, age 9 months

Montheany, George Henry son of Stephen and Margaret Montheany died Jun. 2, 1849 age 11 months

Morris, Mary wife of William Morris died Jun. 13, 1841, age 85 years

Morse, Julia A. wife of Jonathan Morse died Aug. 8, 1847 age 29 years

Mosher, Doct. James Mosher who died May 3d. 1816, age 28 years

Mosher, Nicy wife of John Mosher died May 27, 1829 age 42 y.

Munson, Anna wife of Dr. Joseph Munson died Apr. 17, 1839 age 57 years

Munson, Joseph D. son of Alfred and Minerva Munson died Dec. 17, 1843 age 5 yrs. 4 mos.

Munson, Joseph Munson, M.D. died Oct. 25, 1851 age 69 yrs.

Munson, Rozcena daughter of Dr. Joseph and Anna Munson died Jan. 13, 1841, age 25 years

Newel, Susanna Newel wife of Guy C. Newel who died Dec. the 23, 1805 aged 17 yrs. 1 mo. 17 days

Park, Betsey wife of Joseph Park died Apr. 28, 1848 age 61 years

Park, Capt. Elijah Park who died Aug. 6, 1821, age 64 yrs. 11 mos. 11 days

Park, Elijah Park died Jun. 2, 1859 age 69 years

Park, Elijah son of Elijah and Hannah D. Park died Apr. 24, 1825 age 2 months

Park, Emma, daughter of Darius and Paulina Park died Feb. 5, 1846 age 2 years 11 months 15 days

Park, Hannah D. wife of Elijah died Jul. 13, 1842 age 52 y.

Park, Infant son of Elijah and Hannah D. Park died Dec. 6, 1828

Park, Joseph Park died Jul. 4, 1868 age 84 years

Park, Lucy daughter of Elijah and Hannah D. Park died Dec. 28, 1836 age 23 years

Park, Mrs. Anne Park wife of Capt. Elijah Park died Apr. 25, 1793 age 34 years 8 mos. 13 days\

Park, Phebe wife of Joseph Park died Feb. 16, 1864 age 62 yr. 7 mo. 14 days

Park, Sarah wife of Elijah Park died Jul. 16, 1862 age 69 yrs.

Parks, Mary wife of Martin Parks died Aug. 11, 1846 in the 24th year of her age

Pember, Adeline Hyde wife of Russel Pember died Jun. 30, 1842 age 24 yr.

Pember, Caroline 2 d of Abner and Laura Ann Pember died Mar. 5, 1850 age 3 yrs. 5 months 25 days

Pember, Emeline Pember born Dec. 11, 1834 died May 1, 1838

Pember, Emily wife of Russel Pember born Jun. 21, 1807 died Feb. 20, 1890

Pember, Lucia daughter of Abner and Laura Ann Pember died Jun. 19, 1842 age 7 months 19 days

Pember, Russel Pember born Sept. 19, 1807 died Sept. 27, 1878

Perry, Abigail wife of Azor Perry died, Mar. 20, 1835 age 79 years

Potter, Harriet wife of William Potter, Jr. died Jun. 20, 1848 age 51 yrs.

Potter, Isaac son of George and Sylvia Potter died May 2, 1843 age 1 year 3 months

Potter, Lucy Sophia daughter of Seth and Eliza Potter died Jan. 11, 1827 age 1 year 5 months

Potter, Nancy daughter of George and Sylvia Potter died Feb. 9, 1839 age 4 months 24 days

Potter, Phoebe wife of William Potter died Aug. 8, 1833 age 85 years

Potter, William Potter died Aug. 10, 1825 in the 77th year of his age

Potter, William, Jr., died Sept. 5, 1852 age 56 yrs.

Pratt, Sybil wife of Thomas Pratt died Ju. 5, 1838 age 27 y.

Ripley, Linas Ripley died Jan. 24, 1851 age 44 years

Rowe, Joseph Rowe died May 27, 1836 age 56 yrs.

Rowe, Lois relict of Joseph Rowe died Oct. 17, 1848 age 73 years

Rowe, William grandson of Joseph and Lois Rowe, died Jan. 24, 1832 in his 8th year

Rust, Ezra Rust son of -------- and Esther Rust Who died Apr. 18, 1827 in the 27th year of his age

Smith, Eliud Smith died Mar. 29th, 1843, age 73 years

Smith, Phebe relict of Eliud Smith Sept. 26, 1853 age 67 yrs.

Sprague, Marry Ann daughter of Eliada and Charlotte Sprague died Mar. 5, 1858 age 13 yrs. 7 mos.

Sprague, Mary, widow of Samuel Sprague died Dec. 24, 1838 age 69 yrs.

Stevens, Abner, Stevens died Mar. 16th, 1846 age 76 years

Stevens, Eliza Jane daughter of Alonza S. and Harriet Stevens died Aug. 21, 1840 age 10 months

Stevens, Jerusha, widow of Abner Stevens died Sept. 26, 1850 age 80 yrs.

Stevens, Lois wife of Peter Stevens died Jun. 6, 1820 in the 78th year of her age

Stevens, Louisa wife of Abner Stevens died Oct. 11, 1848 age 43 yrs.

Stevens, Peter Stevens died May 26, 1821 in the 83rd year of his age

Stevens, Rhoda relict of Joshua Stevens died Jan. 30, 1849 age 75 years

Stiles, Alice Stiles consort of Gould Stiles, Jr. who died May 25th, 1810 in the 26th year of her age

Stiles, Gould Stiles died Feb. 25th, 1867, age 81 years, 10 months

Thomson, Mr. James Thomson who died Feb. 8, 1811 in the 74th year of his age

Thomson, Mrs. Hannah Thomson consort of James Thomson who died Dec. 16, 1809 in the 84th year of her age

Turner, This monument is erected to the memory of Mrs. Joanna wife of Moses Turner, Esq. who died Aug. 5, 1804 in the 34th year of her age. By her side lies Olive, her daughter, who died near the same time in the second year of her age. And also her son Stephen an infant of a few hours old.

Van Guilder, Amanda wife of Daniel Van Guilder died Mar. 6, 1847 age 31 yrs.

Ward, Abigail wife of Davide Ward died Apr. 27, 1817 age 62 yrs.

Ward, John Pray Ward who died Aug. 28, 1816 in the 22d year of his age

Ward, Rev. David Ward died Dec. 15, 1821 age 60 yrs.

Ware, Rachel wife of Ziba Ware died Oct 11, 1822 age 40 yrs.\

Wilcox, John Wilcox died Aug. 31, 1827 age 72 years

Wilcox, Mary Ann daughter of Artemas and Annis A. Wilcox died Apr. 17, 1843 age 15 yrs. 6 mos. 6 days

Wilcox, Mrs. Catherine Wilcox wife of Mr. John Wilcox who died Sept. 22, 1819 in the 57th year of her age

Wiman, Julia daughter of D. & H. Wiman died Aug. 20, 1847 age 1 yr. 4 mos.

Winchell, Hannah P. daughter of Hezekiah and Selinda Winchell died Jun. 22, 1850 age 20 years

Winchell, Hezekiah Winchell died Apr. 19, 1865 age 79 years

Winchell, Selinda wife of Hezxekiah Winchell died Dec. 1, 1840 age 57 years

Woodworth, Mr. Roswell Woodworth who died Jun. 16, 1812 in the 54th year of his age

Wyman, Betsey Wyman who departed this life Mar. 4, 1794 in the 9th year of her age

Wyman, Daniel Wyman who died Ju. 16, 1787 in the 49th year of his age

Wyman, Hannah, wife of David Wyman, died Aug. 31, 1848 age 24 yrs.

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