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East Wells Cemetery Records

Town of Wells

Rutland County, Vermont

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East Wells Cemetery is located in the east part of the town of Wells, Vt., (called East Wells) about half a mile to the left of main road from Wells to Middletown, Vt. in the town of Wells, Rutland County, Vermont.

BARDSLE, Also Oliver Bardsle died Mar. 4, 1819 age 19 mos.

BARDSLE, Huldah daughter of John D. and Lusina Bardsle died Mar. 10, 1820 in the 15th year of her age

BOWE, In memory of Sarah consort of Titus Bowe who died Feb 8, 1824 in the 35th year of her age

BREWSTER, Susan B. daughter of James D. and Orrilla Brewster died June 9, 1840 age 1 year 6 month.

CLEMONS, Children of Thomas and Angelina Clemons

CLEMONS, Children of Wesley and Lucretia Clemons

CLEMONS, Eunice wife of Michael Clemons died Sept. 20, 1825 age 56

CLEMONS, in memory of Michael Clemons who died Apr. 15, 1820 in the 59th year of his age.

CLEMONS, Merret died Feb. 25, 1835 age 2 yrs. 6 month.

CLEMONS, Miriam died Feb. 5, 1833 age 2 years 3 month.

CLEMONS, Smith died of Jun. 5, 1838 age 2 months 11 days

CLEMONS, Wesley B. died Apr. 5, 1838 age 11 days

CLEMONS, Westley Clemons died May 10, 1849 age 47 years

COWEN, Louisa wife of Henry Cowen died Jul. 9, (Stone broken through the year) age 36 years 7 months 3 days

CRAPO, George W. Crapo died Feb. 14, 1848 age 69 years

CRAPO, Polly C. daughter of George W. and Rachel Crapo who departed this life Jan. 10, 1826 age 12 years 5 month

CRAPO, Rachel wife of George W. Crapo died Aug. 3, 1837 age 57 year

FRISBIE, Elton W. son of Pike M. and Marion Frisbe died Aug. 23, 1847 age 2 yrs. 3 month and 5 days

FRISBIE, Zebulon son of Pike M. and Marion Frisbie died Apr. 20, 1844 age 13 days

GOODSPEED, Here lies Dan. Goodspeed son of Stephen A. and

GOODSPEED, Mahlon son of Henry and Hannah Goodspeed died Sept 17, 1843 age 4 years

GOODSPEED, Mary Goodspeed who died Aug. ye 25 1816 age 1 yr.

GOODSPEED, Polly wife of Stephen Goodspeed died Dec. 30, 1851 age 68 yr.

GOODSPEED, Stephen Goodspeed died Feb. 9, 1845 age 69 years

GROVER, Anner R. daughter of Wm. and Harriet Grover died Nov. 24, 1827 age 6 month

GROVER, Lavina Grover wife of Nathaniel Grover died Oct. 30, 1864 age 82 years

GROVER, Mrs. Elizabeth Grover Wife of Nathaniel Grover died Aug. 9, 1824 in the 51st year of her age

GROVER, Nathaniel Grover died Nov. 4, 1844 age 79 years

GROVER, Nathaniel son of C. and N. Grover died Dec. 27, 1832 age 6 mo.

GROVER, William son of Calvin and Nancy Grover Jul. 4th 1840 age 2 yr.

HOWARD, Betsey Howard died Sept. 17, 1850 age 66 years

HOWE, Henrietta daughter of Tolman and Eunice M. Howe died Mar. 13, 1844 age 1 year 26 days

LAMB, Amelia S. daughter of Levi and Olive Lamb Died Apr. 12, 1841 age 5 month

LAMB, James F. son of L. and O.R. Lamb died Oct. 7, 1847 age 10 years

LAMB, Leva Lamb died Oct. 16, 1847 age 37 year

LEWIS, Dr. Zenas Lewis died Oct. 18, 1853 in the 77th year of his age

LEWIS, Eliza wife of Zenas Lewis died Oct. 19, 1839 in the 58th year of her age

LEWIS, Temperance his wife died Dec. 19, 1837 age 47 years

LEWIS, Walter Lewis died Jun. 25, 1867 age 76 years

LINCOLN, Benjamin Lincoln died Feb. 21, 1858 age 82 years

LINCOLN, Relief wife of Benjamin Lincoln died Aug. 7, 1831 age 35 yr.

MERRILL, Alfred Ransom son of James and Rhoda Merrill died Jul. 5, 1843 age 17 years

MERRILL, Cynthia daughter of Daniel and Eliza Merrill died Jul. 20, 1845 age 3 years and 1 month

MERRILL, Hallowell Merrill died Mar. 23, 1818 age 63

MERRILL, Hannah widow of Levi Merrill died Feb. 28, 1858 age 87 years

MERRILL, Levi Merrill died Nov. 6, 1837 age 68 years

MERRILL, Mehitable widow of H. Merrill died Feb. 2, 1840 age 83 years

MERRILL, Washington Irving son of James and Rhoda Merrill died Apr. 30, 1842 age 2 years

NEAVE, Charlotte daughter of Robert and Phebe Neave died 22, 1848 age 6 years

PRATT, Lura Ann Pratt died Aug. 9th, 1836 age 21 years

WEST, Lydia Wife of Nathaniel West died Aug. 17, 1822 in the 32d year of her age

Home | Cemetery Records | Vermont Cemetery Records | East Wells Cemetery Records - Wells, Rutland County, VT

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