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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

Blissville Cemetery Records
Town of Castleton
Rutland County, Vermont

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Record of Inscriptions on tombstones in the Blissville Cemetery, Castleton, Rutland County, Vermont.

Blissville cemetery is located near the road in the hamlet of Blissville, in the Southern part of the town of Castleton. It is in a pasture and the cattle apparently keep the grass down.

Barber, Eli, died Jan. 23, 1837, age 61 years.

Barber, Sarah, wife of Eli Barber, died Aug. 31, 1847, age 67 (Stone fallen and half buried)

Bliss, Ephraim H., born Oct. 14, 1806, died Oct. 28, 1879

Bliss, George W., born Aug. 9, 1842, died Aug. 27, 1843

Bliss, Hannah, wife of B. H., died Sept. 19, 1842, age 34 years 4 mos. and 16 days

Bliss, Nathan A., died Nov. 23, 1870, age 69

Bliss, Nathan G., Jr., died July 24, 1864, age 27 Member of Co. G., 11 Reg., Vt. Vol., died at U. S. General Hospital, Washington, D. C. (GAR)

Bliss, Robert R., died June 18, 1864, age 49

Bliss, Spencer N., born Dec. 17, 1834, died May 8, 1837

Branch, Rufus M., who departed this life, Jan. 24, 1831, age 34 years

Brown, Delia M., daughter of Z...... and M. S. Brown, died May 3, 1841, age 19 years (Stone in 5 pieces and difficult to decipher)

Cram, James E., died June 5, 1851, age 30 yrs. 9 mos.

Jennings, Joseph B., son of Noble and Julia A. Jennings, died Aug. 29, 1863, age 8 mos. and 16 days

Jennings, Julia K., wife of N. Jennings and daughter of M. G. and L. Bliss, died March 27, 1869, age 32 years

Lee, Julia Ann, wife of Mr. Henry B. Lee, died Sept. 7, 1831, in the 21 year of her age

McNamara, Jane E. Smith, wife of John McNamara, died Oct. 12, 1859, age 20 years

Ray, Abbey Ivy, daughter of Wm., Jr. and Sally Ray, died March 18, 1832, age 10 years

Ray, John A., died Feb. 27, 1855, age 29 years

Ray, Sarah Ann, wife of William Ray, died July 23, 1840, age 40 years, Her daughter is Mary, died 1836, age 1 year

Sherman, Eliza M., dau. of G. L. and Emily Sherman, died Feb. 22, 1845, age 2 mos. and 15 days

Sherman, Gould L., died December 3, 1851, age 45 yrs. 2 mos. and 22 days

Sherman, Harriet P., daughter of G. L. and Emily Sherman, died June 12, 1849, age 4 yrs. 5 mos. and 12 days

Stevens, Lucy Lion, wife of Luke Stevens, died Dec. 23, 1854, age 60

Tomlinson, Abigail, wife of C. Tomlinson, died Jan. 19, 1834 age 54 yrs.

Tomlinson, Caleb, died March 10, 1819, age 77 yrs.

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Vermont Genealogy

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