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Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers
Buried in Lamoille County, Vermont

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Revolutionary War Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Lamoille County, Vermont whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Please Note: This is a work in progress and we are adding new information and records on a regular basis. if you don't find what you are looking for keep checking back. There is much more data on these soldiers that will be added in the near future.

Revolutionary SoldierBuried
Alden, Adams Stowe
Bennett, Joseph Stowe
Boyes, William Johnson
Brewster, Jonah Cambridge
Briggs, Solomon Johnson
Bugbee, Elisha Morristown
Burke, Joseph Morristown
Burnham, Jonathan Johnson
Campbell, James Cambridge
Carpenter, Eliphalet Belvidere
Chase, ---- Johnson
Churchill, Joseph Stowe
Clough, Aaron Stowe
Cole, John Morristown
Collins, John Hyde Park
Cook, Samuel Morristown
Coote, Thomas Hyde Park
Copin, Ebenezer Elmore
Doane, Nehemiah Stowe
Dodge, Elisha Johnson
Dunham, Michajah Morristown
Eaton, Samuel Hyde Park
Eaton, Samuel Johnson
Ellingwood, Ralph Johnson
Elmore, Samuel, Col. Elmore
Erwin, David Johnson
Fassett, Amos Cambridge
Fassett, John, Jr. Cambridge
Fitch, Darius Hyde Park
Fitch, Jabez, Capt. Hyde Park
Fuller, Daniel Stowe
Garvin, Ephraim Hyde Park
Gates, Nathan Morristown
Grant, Elihu Cambridge
Greene, Elias Cambridge
Greene, Frank, Capt. Cambridge
Griwold, Benjamin Cambridge
Hadley, Jacob Hyde Park
Harrington, Jonas Eden
Heath, William Johnson
Hinds, Eli, Jr. Eden
Hubbell, Seth Wolcott
Hyde, Jedediah, Capt. Hyde Park
Keeler, Aaron, Lieut. Hyde Park
Kimball, Asa Stowe
Lackey, Isaac Eden
Little, James Morristown
Martin, Peter, Capt. Hyde Park
McCloud, John Hyde Park
McConnell, Jonathan Johnson
McDaniel, Jeremiah Johnson
McKinstry, Amos Hyde Park
Merrill, Joshua Morristown
Miller, Samuel Johnson
Morse, Daniel Waterville
Moses Brown Belvidere
Moses, Abraham Stowe
Newland, Jabez Hyde Park
Newland, Jabez Wolcott
Noyes, Oliver Hyde Park
Olds, Comfort Morristown
Page, Parker Cambridge
Perham, Joel F. Cambridge
Perkins, Daniel Johnson
Pettengill, William Stowe
Pitkin, Martin, Lieut. Stowe
Plumley, Samuel Eden
Poland, Asa Stowe
Powell, Truman, Serg't Cambridge
Read, Nathaniel Cambridge
Robinson, Noah Stowe
Rosier, John Belvidere
Safford, David Cambridge
Sanborn, Paul Stowe
Shaw, Crispus Morristown
Small, William Morristown
Sumner, Adam Morristown
Thomas, David, Lieut. Stowe
Thompson, Moses Stowe
Toothaker, Roger Hyde Park
Town, Elisha Stowe
Town, James Stowe
Waterman, Arunah Johnson
Weld, Moses Morristown
Westgate, Jos. E., Serg't Morristown
Wylie, Peter Eden
Youngman, Thomas Morristown

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