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Revolutionary War Soldiers
Buried in Wyoming County, New York

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Graves of Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in Wyoming County, New York whose graves have been officially reported, located or marked, by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Please Note: This is a work in progress and we are adding new information and records on a regular basis. if you don't find what you are looking for keep checking back. There is much more data on these soldiers that will be added in the near future.

Revolutionary SoldierBornDiedBuriedRevolutionary Service
Abel (Abell), David6-15-17501-25-1839East Koy Cemetery, Pike, NYCpl. & Capt. CT.
Andrews, Mark *5-16-17605-16-1848Hope Cemetery, Perry, NYPvt. Mass.
Andrews, Sperry17591831Wethersfield Cemetery, Wethersfield, NYEnlisted Albany County Militia 8th & 10th Regiment, New York
Armstrong, Bela *11-3-17544-27-1842Hope Cemetery, Perry, NYPvt. CT.
Babbett, Samuel*--Orangeville Center Cemetery, Orangeville, NYPension.
Barber, Jared17641826Humphrey's Hollow, Sheldon, NYRevolutionary Soldier who held the inkstand for General Washington to sign the order of execution of Major Andre.
Barber, Joseph17441824Pioneer Cemetery, Strykersville, NYPvt. Mass.
Basanson, Pierre or Peter17625/10/1885Elmwood Cemetery, Pike, NYCame with General LaFayette as Officer, Served through out the Revolution, Born in France.
Bathrick, Stephen, Sr. *17581846Perry Center Cemetery, Perry, NYPension.
Beebe, Peter *Feb. 17541834Perry Center Cemetery, Perry Center, NYPvt. NY.
Belden, William, Sr.17411834Grace Cemetery, Castile, NYWas a resident of Greenfield, Saratoga County.
Bennett, Henry-1841Elmwood Cemetery, Pike, NYCensus and Pension.
Besanson, Pierre-1855Elmwood Cemetery, Pike, NY16 year old with La Fayette. Officer in the Revolution.
Bills, Elijah17491833Hope Cemetery, Perry, NYQuartermaster, Sergaent Conn. Militia.
Billings, Ezekial-1828Hope Cemetery, Perry, NyServed at different times in land and navel service.
Bishop, Abraham*17621841Dale Cemetery, Middlebury, NYPension.
Bishop, Lieut. Richard17591829Hope Cemetery, Perry, NYLieutentant. Tombstone - "A Soldier in the Revolution".
Bliss, John *1-7-17604-28-1845Portageville Cemetery, Genesee Falls, NYSgt. CT & R.I., Grave Marker.
Bostwick, John *17621848Elmwood Cemetery, Pike, NYNew York Continentals. Pension.
Bristol, Benjamin17501839Gainsville Cemetery, Gainsville, NYDAR Marker.
Burlingame, Wanton17619/9/1853Attica Center Cemetery, Attica, NY-
Burroughs, Benjamin17521831East Kay Cemetery, Pike, NYDAR Marker.
Buttrick, Oliver17486-30-1841Pioneer Cemetery, Gainesville, NYPvt. Mass.
Cadwell, Theodore *17591837Cadwell Corner's Cemetery, Eagle, NYTombstone Record and Pension.
Campbell, Robert *17651850Campbell Hill Cemetery, Pike, NYPension.
Campbell, John17611846Orangeville Cemetery, Orangeville, NYDAR Marker.
Capwell, William10/15/1750/15/13/1843West Middlebury Cemetery, Middlebury, NYDAR Marker, Tombstone notes "Revolutionary Soldier", Enlisted in Colonial Forces 1776, Pension # S-28671, born in Coventry, Rhode Island.
Carter, John17591825Bennington Center Protestant Cemetery, Bennington, NY -
Cheney, Capt. Johnson17551823Perry Cemetery, Perry, NYCaptain
Chipman, Judge Lemuel17551831Sheldon Cemetery, Sheldon, NYSurgeon.
Crawfork, John17611846Orangeville Cemetery, Orangeville, NYDAR Marker.
Cole, Benjamin17621831Rural Cemetery, Gainsville, NYDAR Marker.
Conable, Samuel*--Old Cemetery, Gainsville, NYPension List.
Cotton, Rowland17596/11/1847Forest Hill Cemetery, Attica, NYCaptain.
Coughran, John17631814Varysburg Cemetery, Orangeville, NYNSAR Marker.
Curtis, Francis17431826Wyoming Cemetery, Middlebury, NYDAR Marker.
Davenport, Richard-1845Covington Cemetery, Covington, NYEnlisted May 1777, Fort Griswold, Conn. Discharged May 4, 1780.
Doty, Reuben17461819Flint Hill Cemetery, Pike, NYLieut. in New York Regiment.
Dow, Thomas17431822Arcade Village Cemetery, Arcade, NYMarker - Tombstone
Dickinson, Varsel17351822Wyoming Cemetery, Middlebury, NYDAR Marker.
Eaton, Jabez, Sr.17317-17-1818Elmwood Cemetery, Pike, NYPvt. Mass.
Edgerly, James *3-10-17611-4-1830Hope Cemetery, Perry, NYPvt. NH., In Sullivan's Army.
Ely, Jabez17541841Pioneer Cemetery, Gainesville, NYPvt. CT.
Ewell, James *17521827Wyoming Cemetery, Middlebury, NYPension.
Ewell, John3-4-17348-13-1826Wyoming Cemetery, Middlebury, NYPvt. Mass., Father of James.
Ferris, Ezra17601823Wyoming Cemetery, Middlebury, NYMarker.
Fitch, Jabez G.17637/31/1824Warsaw Cemetery, Warsaw, NYEntered Navel Service and served until Independence.
Flint, Robert17591837Pike Cemetery, Pike, NYSerfeant in New York Troops.
Flower, Ithuriel6-18-175812-20-1828Pioneer Cemetery, Silver Springs, NYSgt. CT.
Foskett, James17621845Perry Center Cemetery, Perry, NYInscription on Stone - Veteran of the Revolution.
Franciseus, Jacob17521831Strykersville, Sheldon, NYDar Marker. 1831 Pension List.
Fuller, Nathan17591840West Side Cemetery, Warsaw, NYDAR Marker.
Gardner, Major Josiah17551843Vernal Corners, Middlebury, NYDAR Marker. "Here lies a Soldier of the Revolution".
Gates, Samuel17521813Old Cemetery, Perry, NYAt Surrender of Burgoyne.
Gates, Stephen--Old Cemetery, Perry, NYEnlisted in Albany County Militia, 3rd Regiment.
Giddings, Miles17661822Warsaw Cemetery, Warsaw, NYDAR Marker.
Griffith, Thomas17614/28/1847East Koy Cemetery, Pike, NY-
Hadley, Jonathan17521838Punkshire Corners, Java, NYDAR Marker.
Helmer, John17611835Pike Cemetery?, Pike, NYCensus and Pension List 1835 - Pike Memorial List.
Hickox, James17551825Prospect Hill Cemetery, Perry, NYEnlisted at Watertown, Litchfield County, Conn. as Sgt. in Capt. Stoddard's Company
Hoard, David17581804Varysburg Cemetery, Orangeville, NYDAR Marker.
Hodges, Eliphalet*17623/13/1849Forest Hill Cemetery, Attica, NYRevolutionary War Soldier on Tombstone, Pension 1840.
Hovey, Josiah17471820Warsaw Cemetery, Warsaw, NYDAR Marker.
Hubbard, Major John *17581837Attica Center Cemetery, Attica, NYMajor, Pension.
Hungerford, Green17661840Castile Cemetery, Castile, NYTombstone.
Hurd, Robert17551818Warsaw Cemetery, Warsaw, NY-
Hurd, Robert L.17641841Elmwood Cemetery, Pike, NYNew Hampshire Militia, Musician.
Jackson, Abraham17511809Rural Cemetery, Arcade, NYDAR Marker. Enlisted 1775 in Canadian Campaign.
Jenkins, Enoch17621846Curriers Cemetery, Java, NYOn Stone "7 Years a Soldier of the Revolution".
Kellogg, Elijah17581845Rural Cemetery, Gainsville, NYPrivate from Norfolk, Conn.
King, Caleb17571840Bennington Center, Bennington, NYOfficer of the Revolution on Tombstone.
Knapp, Jared7-27-175310-12-1848Warsaw Cemetery, Warsaw, NYSgt. CT. DAR Marker.
Knapp, William1757/81815Warsaw Cemetery, Warsaw, NYPrivate in the Revolutionary War, Vermont Rev. Rolls p.391. History of Warsaw by Andrew Young - married Olive Rowley - William Knapp & 4 brothers were Minutemen in the Battle of Saratoga.
Lammon, John17611847Orangeville Center Cemetery, Orangeville, NY-
Langdon, Paul17521834Smith's Corners Cemetery, Wethersfield, NYDAR Marker.
Lent, Jacob *age 834-26-1841Covington Center Cemetery, Covington, NYNY Mil.
Lindsey, Archibald17451836Maxon-Lindsey Cemetery, Attica, NYCame from Warren County.
Lockwood, Joseph, Sr.--Wethersfield Cemetery, Wethersfield, NYEnlisted in Westchester County.
Lodowick, Thomasage 85-Thomas Farm Cemetery, West of Varysburg, NYPension 1835, Genesee County.
Luce, Ivory17571847Varysburg Cemetery, Orangeville, NYMilitia, New York 4th Regiment in the Revolution.
Mahon, Samuel17601839Orangeville Center Cemetery, Orangeville, NYPension, Bunker Hill tradition.
Mann, Nathan17581856North Java Cemetery, Java, NYDAR Marker.
Mann, William17641841Frink's Corners Cemetery, Sheldon, NYActual Service - Mass. DAR LIneage Book.
Maxon, Joel17631806Maxon-Lindsey Cemetery, Attica, NYService 2 yrs. 6 mos.
Mc Wharter, John17391813Warsaw Cemetery, Warsaw, NYDAR Marker.
Mead, Jotham17519/15/1840St. Clement's Cemetery, Wethersfield, NY1840 Pension List.
Merrell, Noah, Sr.17598-26-1839Orangeville Center Cemetery, Orangeville, NYPvt. CT.
Merell, Noel1758-Orangeville Center Cemetery, Orangeville, NYPresent at Surrender of Burgoyne.
Miller, Stephen5/30/17551/13/1834Wyoming Cemetery, Middlebury, NYEnlisted Under General Gates for a short time, fighting in the Battle of Saratoga when he assisted in the capture of Burgoyne and his army in 1777.
Miller, Timothy175511/28/1837La Grange Cemetery, Wyoming, NYRevolutionary Soldier - Marker.
Morse, James *9-21-17603-13-1845Perry Center Cemetery, Perry, NYPvt. CT.
Moses, Enam17611829Wyoming Cemetery, Middlebury, NYDAR Marker.
Murray, Daniel *17531835Doty Hill Cemetery, Pike, NYNew York Militia - 1835 Pension Roll.
Muzzy, Col. Ames17621832Forest Hill Cemetery, Attica, NYColonel, "A Revolutionary Soldier" on grave stone.
Nichols, John *-1841Brainerd Cemetery, Arcade, NYPension List.
Orvis, Ambrose *1758-Arcade Cemetery, Arcade, NYPension List.
Owen, Frank17521837Wyoming-
Owen, Frederick--Wyoming Cemetery, Middlebury, NYDAR Marker.
Parker, Leonard17451813Prospect Hill Cemetery, Arcade, NYDAR Marker.
Parmenter, Jacob17621836Eastman Cemetery, Attica, NYA Revolutionary Soldier.
Patch, Ephraim17584/23/1838East Koy Cemetery, Pike, NYConnecticut Line Service.
Peck, Peleg *17601849Attica Cemetery, Attica, NYPension List. A veteran of the Revolution.
Perkins, Charles--Wrights Corners Cemetery, Middlebury, NYSAR Record - Enlisted in Stamford, Connecticut.
Post, Aaron10/9/176011/9/1831Hope Cemetery, Castile, NYCorporal.
Potter, Joseph17561846Strykersville Cemetery, Sheldon, NYPrivate in New York - Revolution.
Pratt, Noah17511835Pearl Creek Cemetery, Covington, NYDAR Marker.
Rawson, Silas *17661850Perry Center Cemetery, Perry, NYPension List.
Richards, Daniel17651825Under Pine Tree, Orangeville, NYDAR Marker.
Root, Sgt. Thomas *17561845Prospect Hill Cemetery, Arcade, NYSgt. Pension List.
Rowley, Daniel (Deacon)17591840Hope Cemetery, Perry, NYBronze Revolutionary Marker.
Salter, Peter17581834Punkshire Corner's Cemetery, Java, NYDAR Marker. Service in Massachusetts.
Seeley, Daniel--East Kay Cemetery, Pike, NYSAR Marker. Stone Broken.
Sillman, Samuel175712/12/1847Hermitage Cemetery, Hermitage, NYBorn in Fairfield, Connecticut, Served at Concord, Lexington. Also under General Arnold. Later was a prisoner.
Skiff, Stephen17591834East Kay Cemetery, Pike, NYMember Sullivan's Army. Also Continental Army.
Skinner, Jonathan17531836Union Corners Cemetery, North Java, NYSeven Years in the Revolution.
Smith, Isaac3-10-176310-4-1856Maxon - Lindsey Cemetery, Attica, NYPvt. NY., 1841 Pension List. 2nd Regiment New York Militia.
Sprague, Dan *5-29-17589-15-1840Pavillion Cemetery, Covington, NYPvt. CT.
Stearns, Sterling--Warsaw Cemetery, Warsaw, NYYoung's History of Warsaw and Beer's and Turner's Histories.
Sturtevant, Zebedee *17581844Grace Cemetery, Castile, NYPension List of 1832.
Tackel's, Alexander17601824Wyoming Cemetery, Middlebury, NYDAR Marker.
Tallman, Rescom17591832Grace Cemetery, Castile, NYPrivate, Dartmouth Massachusetts.
Ten Eyck, Conrad *17589-30-1845Pioneer Cemetery, Silver Springs, NYSgt. NJ.
Thayer, Gideon17541836Thayer's Corners Cemetery, Gainesville, NYDAR Marker.
Thomas, Elias17601824Wyoming Cemetery, Middlebury, NYDAR Marker.
Tolles, Amos17431805Attica Cemetery, Attica, NYDAR Marker.
Turner, Jacob17571820Strykersville, Sheldon, NYNew York in the Revolution.
Van Liew, Peter8-28-17599-4-1813Pioneer Cemetery, Silver Springs, NYPvt. NJ.
Van Slyke, William17571851East Kay Cemetery, Pike, NYDAR Marker.
Voorhees, Abraham *17551841Perry Center Cemetery, Perry, NYPension.
Ward, James *17641824Java Village Cemetery, Java, NYPensioner.
Warriner, Benjamin *3-3-17515-8-1823East Bennington Cemetery, Bennington, NYPvt. Mass. Pension.
Warner, Omri (Omar?)17621841Strykersville Cemetery, Sheldon, NYDAR Marker.
Warren, Joseph *17561849Hermitage Cemetery, Wethersfield, NY1841 Pension List.
Waters, David *4-15-17489-11-1834Java Village Cemetery, Java, NYPvt. NY., Revolutionary Marker.
Wheeler, Ira17651865Grace Cemetery, Castile, NYGrace Cemetery Records.
White, Peter17611845Orangeville Center Cemetery, Orangeville, NYNew York in the Revolution.
Whiting, William17591849Warsaw Cemetery, Warsaw, NYDAR Marker.
Whitney, Joshua *--Elmwood Cemetery, Pike, NYPension List - Massachusetts Continentals.
Wilson, Ebenezer--West Middlebury Cemetery, Middlebury, NYSAR Marker - "1776"
Wilson, Michael--West Middlebury Cemetery, Middlebury, NYSAR Marker.
Wing, Benjamin17561836Mt. Ash Cemetery, Covington, NYDAR Marker, "New York in the Revolution".
Winslow, Job17544/2/1839Java Village Cemetery, Java, NYRevolutionary Marker, Revolutionary Lineage Books of DAR.
Winslow, Jonathan17541839Java Cemetery, Java, NYDAR Marker. 2nd Lieut., New York Line.
Witter, Ebenezer *17611838La Grange Cemetery, Covington, NYPension.
Yates, Berzillae175718411/2 mile south of Rock Glen, Wyoming County, NYService - Boston Mass. Tombstone "Soldier of the Revolution".

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