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Revolutionary War Soldiers

Fulton County, New York

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ALBRO, John		1750-1838	Northville, Old Cemetery

ALLEN, Jonathan		1753-1818	Broadalbin 

ALVORD, Daniel		1742-1814

ANDERSON, Duncan	1720-1800	Johnstown, Colonial 

ATKINS, David		1760-1842	Union Mills

AYERS, Jeddediah	1765-1835	Kingsborough, Colonial Cemetery

BAXTER, Joseph		1760-1841

BEACH, Amos		1750-1831	Kingsborough, Colonial 

BEMIS, Isaac		1755-1839	Riceville 

BENEDICT, James		1762-1849	Union Mills Cemetery, Plains Section

BETTS, Isaiah		1758-1843	West Galway 

BOSHART, John		1757-1798	Old Lutheran Cemetery - West of Johnstown

BRIGGS, Joseph		1760-1840	Broadalbin 

BROWN, Joseph		1760-1847	King's Cemetery, S_candaga Park, NY

BURR, Elijah		1767 - 1828	Kingsborough, Colonial 

CANFIELD, Jonathan	1742-1829	Riceville 

CHEADLE, Dr. Elijah	1762-1849	Kingsborough, Colonial 

CLARK, Augustus		1758-1819	Newman Hill 

CLARK, Capt. Walter	1737-1822	Clark Family Plot

COLE, Isaac		1741-1800	Broadalbin Cemetery - Broadalbin, NY	Pvt. NY Mil.

COMREE, Alexander	1743-1813	Johnstown, Colonial 

COUGHNET, John E.	1732-1810	Johnstown, Colonial 

DODGE, Richard		1762-1832	Johnstown, Colonial 

DUNNING, Abel		1763-1841	Broadalbin 

EDWARDS, Talmadge	1747-1821	Johnstown, Colonial 

ENOS, Abijah		1747-1813	Kingsborough, Colonial 

FAIRBANKS, William	1744-1828	Log City Cemetery, Town of Perth

FISKE, Jonathan		1760-1853	Riceville 

FOOTE, Grove		1759-1826	Kingsborough, Colonial 

FOOT, Jesse		1758-1842	Riceville 

FOX, Consider		1757-1839	Broadalbin 

GIBBS, Jabez		1756-1826	Broadalbin 

GILES, Deacon Samuel	1757-1841	Kingsborough, Colonial 

GILLETTE, Stephen	1752-1842 	Gloversville, Prospect Hill 

GLASS, Alexander	1746-1834	Kingsborough, Colonial 

GORTON, Joseph		1741-1821	Broadalbin 

GREEN, James		1751-1837	Kingsborough, Colonial 

GREEN, John, Esq.	1758-1842	West Galway

GREEN, Timothy		1763-1842	Broadalbin 

HALL, Benjamin		1741-1830	Kingsborough, Colonial 

HARTSHORN, Jacob 	1761-1835	Gloversville, Prospect Hill 

HATHAWAY, Zenas		1756-1840+

HILDRETH, Noah		1759-1813	Kingsborough, Colonial 

JOHNSON, Jacob		1742-1816	Kingsborough, Colonial 

JOSLIN, Henry		1748-1813	Abandoned Plot, Beatty Farm

JUDSON, Deacon Daniel	1728-1817	Kingsborough, Colonial 

JUDSON, Elisha		1765-1826	Kingsborough, Colonial 

KENNEDY, Samuel		1759-1842	Johnstown, Colonial 

KENNEDY, Thomas		1735-1835	West Galway 

LEONARD, Josiah		1750-1818	Kingsborough, Colonial 

LODER, John		1763-1844	Kingsborough, Colonial 

LITTLE, Capt. John	1745-1822	Johnstown, Colonial 

LIVINGSTON, Col. James	1747-1832	Johnstown, Colonial 

LEWIS, Lemuel		1760-1843	Johnstown, Colonial ?

McARTHUR, Duncan	1744-1836	Johnstown, Colonial 

McARTHUR, Peter		1750-1841	Johnstown, Colonial 

McDONALD, James		1751-1813	Johnstown, Colonial 

McDOUGALL, Alexander	1753-1819

McGREGOR, Duncan	1752-1841	Johnstown, Colonial 

McKINLAY, John		1750-1811	Perth 

McMARTIN, Duncan	1737-1817	Johnstown, Colonial 

McNAUGHTON, Peter	1752-1814	Johnstown, Colonial 

MARVIN, David		1764-1841	Northampton Presbyterian 

NEWMAN, Isaac		1759-1849	Perth 

PAWLING, Capt. Henry	1756-1825	Johnstown, Colonial 

PECK, Ichabod, Lt. Col.	1722-

PECK, Ichabod, Jr.	1761-1848	Opposite Christman School, Town of Ephratah

PLANK, Adam		1736-1815	Gross Cemetery, Town of Johnstown

POTTER, Daniel		1768-1837	Kingsborough, Colonial 

PUTNEY, Samuel		1760-1849	Broadalbin 

REID, Dr. Thomas	1753-1826	Johnstown, Colonial 

REID, Dr. William	1760-1818	Johnstown, Colonial 

RHODES, Samuel		1759-1844	Broadalbin 

RICE, Oliver		1768-1859	Riceville 

ROBBINS, Thomas		1743-1827	Kingsborough, Colonial 

ROBERTSON, Robert	1744-1825	Johnstown, Colonial 

RUST, Capt. Amaziah	1732-1801	Johnstown, Colonial 

SCOVILL, Daniel		1856-1813	Johnstown, Colonial 

SHERMAN, Stephen	1760-1841	Mills Corners 

SLOCUM, Eleazer		1744-1826	Northville 

SLOCUM, Joseph		1766-1815	Northville 

SMITH, William		1761-1837	Broadalbin 

STEELE, Frederick	1762-1825	Gloversville, Prospect Hill 

STONER, Nicholas	1762-1853	Gloversville, Prospect Hill 

THATCHER, Samuel	1753-1846	West Galway 

THORP, James		1762-1837	West Galway 

THRALL, Isaac		1752-1814	Kingsborough, Colonial 

THROOP, Col. Josiah			Kingsborough, Colonial 

THROOP, Josiah, Jr.	1763-1795	Kingsborough, Colonial 

THOMPSON, Capt. John			Vail's Mills, Presbyterian 

VAN BUREN, Francis			Unmarked grave, Sacandage Reservoir

VAN BUREN, Major Harmon	1737-1819	Buried in unmarked grave, near Munsonville, Sacondaga Reservoir.

VANNORTHSTRAND, William	1765-1849	Kingsborough, Colonial 

VAN VRANKEN, Richard	1763-1848	Broadalbin

WAIT, Joseph		1759-1828 	Union Mills Cemetery

WALLACE, Lieut. William	1746-1837	Johnstown, Colonial 

WARD, William		1757-1812	Johnstown, Colonial 

WELLS, Abraham		1758-1826	Mayfield 

WELLS, James		1760-1811	Kingsborough, Colonial 

WHITMAN, Isaiah		1755-1843	Wells, Whitman Plot

WELLS, John		1739-1806	Kingsborough, Colonial

WOODWORTH, Samuel	1762-1854	Riceville

WOODWORTH, Capt. Gershom 1728-1810	Woodworth Plot, Mayfield

WOODWORTH, Solomon, Capt. 1730-1781	Killed by Indians

WOODWORTH, William G.	1758-1833	Riceville

YALE, Justus		1754-1827	Kingsborough, Colonial

Source: Cemeteries of Fulton Co., NY Vol. I 
General Richard Montgomery Chapter, D.A.R. 

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