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Revolutionary War Soldiers

Buried in Fulton County, New York

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ALBRO, John		Main St. Cemetery, Northville

ALLEN, Jonathan		Broadalbin Cemetery

ALVORD, Daniel		Said to have been burried at Broadalbin, Grave not located.

	(or Duncan)	Johnstown Colonial Cemetery

APPLEY, Jacob		Killed by Indians, 1778, Town of Caroga. Grave not located.

ATKINS, David		Union Mills Cemetery

AYERS, Jeddediah	Kingsborough Colonial Cemetery

BALCH, Joseph		Johnstown Cemetery

BAUM, Frederick		Baum family burial plot, Town of Oppenheim.

BEACH, Amos, Sr.	Kingsborough Colonial Cemetery

BECKER, Jacob		Union Mills Cemetery

BEMIS, Isaac		Riceville Cemetery, Mayfield

BENEDICT, James		Union Mills Cemetery

BENNETT, Isaac		Main Street Cemetery, Northville

BETTS, Isaiah		West Galway Cemetery

BLEEKMAN, Daniel	Round Top Cemetery, Stratford

BLOWERS, Samuel		Town of Mayfield, grave not located.

BOILES, William (Willie)Summer-house Point, flooded by Sacandaga Reservoir

BOSHART, John		Old Lutheran or Gross Cemetery, near Johnstown.

BRIGGS, Joseph		Broadalbin Cemetery

BROOKINS, Reuben	North Bush Cemetery

BROWN, Joseph		King Cemetery, Sacandaga Park

BROWNELL, Daniel	Main Street Cemetery, Northville

BROWNELL, Israel	Kingsborough Cemetery (No stone)

BURR, Elijah		Kingsborough Colonial Cemetery

BURR, Joel		Galway Cemetery (Saratoga County)

CANFIELD, Jonathan	Riceville Cemetery, Mayfield

CHAMBERS, John		King Cemetery, Sacandaga Park

CHEADLE, Dr. Elijah	Kingsborough Colonial Cemetery

CHRISTMAN, Nicholas	Christman Family Plot, Town of Ephratah

CLARK, Augustus		Newman Hill Cemetery, Town of Broadalbin.

CLARK, Capt. Walter	Clark Family Plot, Town of Broadalbin.

CLINE, Peter		Abandoned Chatsey Cemetery between Lassellsville and Oppenheim.

COLE, Isaac		Broadalbin Cemetery - Broadalbin, NY	Pvt. NY Mil.

COLLINS, Joseph		King Cemetery, Sacandaga Park.

COMRIE, Alexander	Johnstown Colonial Cemetery

COOL, William		Killed by Indians, Town of Ephratah.

COPPERNOLL, Richard	Coppernoll Family Plot, near Keck Center.

CORNWELL, Ashbel, Sr.	Abandoned Presbyterian Cemetery, Vail's Mills.

COUGHNET, John Eberhard Johnstown Colonial Cemetery

COUGHNET, John Luke	Lutheran or Gross Cemetery

CROUSE, Leonard		Abandoned Crouse Cemetery, near Kring's Bush

DAVIS, Peter		Killed by Indians. Grave not found.

DeGOLYEA, Joseph	Prospect Hill Cemetery, Gloversville

DENNIS, Thomas		Rockwood Cemetery

DODGE, General Richard	Johnstown Colonial Cemetery

DORN, Jeremiah		Johnstown Cemetery.

DUESLER, Marcus		Town of Ephratah. Grave not located.

DUNN, James		Said to be in Johnstown Colonial

DUNNING, Abel		Broadalbin Cemetery

EDWARDS, Talmadge	Johnstown Colonial Cemetery

EMPIE, John F.		Ephratah Rural Cemetery

ENOS, Abijah		Kingsborough Colonial Cemetery

FAILING, John J.	Abandoned Chatsey Cemetery between Lassellsville and Openheim, Route 29

FAILING, Jacob J.	Grave not located.

FAIRBANKS, William	Abandoned Cemetery, Town of Perth, Log City Road.

FISKE, Jonathan		Riceville Cemetery, Mayfield

FLANDERS, Augustus	Abandoned family plot, one mile south of Youker's Bush, on John Cairn farm.

FLANDERS, Jacob		Finch Cemetery, Town of Oppenheim.

FONDA, Lt. Eldert	Christie Cemetery, Town of Mayfield.

FONDA, Isaac		Abandoned plot, Mountain Road, Town of Mayfield.

FOOTE, Grove		Kingsborough Colonial Cemetery

FOOT, Jesse		Riceville, Mayfield

FOX, Consider		Broadalbin Cemetery

GAGE, Samuel		Said to have died in Fulton County, Grave not located.

GETMAN, Christopher	Grave not located.

GETMAN, Peter		Grave not located.

GIFFORD, John		Died in Fulton Co., 1854. Grave not located.
				(In vicinity of Gifford Valley)

GILES, Deacon Samuel	Kingsborough Colonial Cemetery

GILLETTE, Stephen	Prospect Hill Cemetery, Gloversville.

GLASS, Alexander	Kingsborough Colonial Cemetery.

GORTON, Joseph		Broadalbin Cemetery.

GREEN, James		Kingsborough Colonial Cemetery.

GREEN, John, Esq.	West Galway Cemetery.

GREEN, Timothy		Broadalbin Cemetery.

GURNEE, Corp. Francis	Broadalbin Cemetery.

HALL, Benjamin		Kingsborough Colonial Cemetery.

HART, Conrad		Killed by Indians at Tilleborough, 1778. Burried at Fort Paris.

HARTSHORNE, Jacob	Prospect Hill Cemetery, Gloversville.

HATHWAY, Zenas		Grave not located. Resided at Union Mills.

HAYS, Alexander		Johnstown Cemetery

HILDRETH, Noah		Kingsborough Colonial Cemetery

HOLMES, Hezekiah	Kingsborough Colonial Cemetery

HOSIER, Thomas		Abandoned Chadsey Cemetery, between Lassellsville and Oppenheim.

JOHNSON, Jacob		Kingsborough Colonial Cemetery.

JOSLIN, Rev. Henry	Abandoned plot on Beatty farm, Town of Broadalbin. 
				Wife burried in Rockland Cemetery.

JUDSON, Deacon Daniel	Kingsborough Colonial Cemetery.

JUDSON, Elisha, Sr.	Kingsborough Colonial Cemetery.

KECK, George		Keck Center

KENNEDY, Samuel		Johnstown Colonial Cemetery

KENNEDY, Thomas		West Galway Cemetery.

KRETZER, Corp. Leonard	Died in Fulton Co., 1828. Grave not located. Widow was granted a pension.

LEWIS, Lemuel

LEONARD, Josiah		Kingsborough Colonial Cemetery.

LITTLE, Major John	Johnstown Colonial Cemetery

LIVINGSTON, Col. James	Johnstown Colonial Cemetery

LODER, John		Kingsborough Colonial Cemetery.

McARTHUR, Duncan	Johnstown Colonial Cemetery

McARTHUR, Peter		Johnstown Colonial Cemetery

McDONALD, James		Johnstown Colonial Cemetery

McDOUGALL, Alexander	Said to be in Johnstown Colonial. Grave not found.

McGREGOR, Duncan	Johnstown Colonial Cemetery

McKINLEY		Perth Cemetery.

McMARTIN, Duncan	Johnstown Colonial Cemetery

McNAUGHTON, Peter	Johnstown Colonial Cemetery

McVEAN, Daniel D.	McVEAN burial plot, on Cross Road from 
				Johnstown - Broadalbin Road to Gloversville.

MARVIN, David		Abandoned Presbyterian Cemetery at Northampton.

NEWMAN, Isaac		Perth Cemetery.

PARSONS, James P.	Prospect Hill Cemetery, Gloversville.

PAWLING, Capt. Henry	Johnstown Colonial Cemetery

PECK, Ichabod, Lt. Col.	Peck - Watrous Family Plot, 
				opposite Christman schoolhouse, Town of Ephratah, Route 29.

PETTIT, Samuel		Of Mayfield. Grave not found.

PHELPS, Chester		Prospect Hill Cemetery, Gloversville.

PINCKNEY, Jonathan	Of Town of Broadalbin, 1840. Grave not located.

PLANK, Adam		Gross Cemetery, uncared for.

POTTER, Daniel		Kingsborough Colonial Cemetery.

PUTNEY, Samuel		Broadalbin Cemetery.

PUTMAN, Lodowick	Murdered and scalped by Indians, 1780. Son Aaron also killed.

PUTMAN, Richard		Keck Center Cemetery.

PLANK, Adam		Old Lutheran or Gross Cemetery.

REID, Dr. Thomas	Johnstown Colonial Cemetery

REID, Dr. William A.	Johnstown Colonial Cemetery

RHODES, Samuel		Broadalbin Cemetery.

RICE, Oliver		Riceville Cemetery, Mayfield

ROBBINS, Thomas		Kingsborough Colonial Cemetery

ROBERTSON, Robert	Johnstown Colonial Cemetery

RUST, Capt. Amaziah	Johnstown Colonial Cemetery

SCOVILL, Daniel		Johnstown Colonial Cemetery

SHEARER, William	Abandoned Chadsey Cemetery between Lassellsville and Oppenheim.

SHERMAN, Stephen	Abandoned Mills Corners Cemetery, Town of Broadalbin.

SHEW, Godfrey		Died at Northampton (Fish House), Location of Grave not known.

SHEW, Jacob		Died at Geddes, N.Y., Grave not located.

SLOCUM, Eleazer		Prospect Hill Cemetery, Northville

SLOCUM, Joseph		Prospect Hill Cemetery, Northville

SMITH, William		Tilleborough Cemetery, Town of Ephratah.

SMITH, William		Broadalbin Cemetery.

SPONNABLE, John		Tilleborough Cemetery, Town of Ephratah.

STEELE, Frederick	Prospect Hill Cemetery, Gloversville.

STEVENS, Corp. Amasa	Killed by Indians, 1780.

STONER, Nicholas	Buried in Kingsborough Colonial, but later removed to Prospect Hill, Gloversville.

SWARTWOUT, John		Abandoned Chatsey Cemetery between Lassellsville and Oppenheim.

THATCHER, Samuel	West Galway Cemetery.

THOMPSON, Capt. John	Abandoned Presbyterian Cemetery, at Vail's Mills. No stone.

THORP, James		West Galway Cemetery.

THRALL, Isaac		Kingsborough Colonial Cemetery.

THROOP, Capt. Josiah	Kingsborough Colonial Cemetery.

THROOP, Josiah, Jr.	Kingsborough Colonial Cemetery.

VAN BUREN, Francis	Family plot, Munsonville, Town of Mayfield. Marked by boulder.

VAN BUREN, Major Harmon	Family Plot, Munsonville, Town of Mayfield. Marked by boulder.

VANDENBERCK, Matthew	Family Plot, Vandenburg Point, Town of Mayfield.

VANNORTHSTRAND, William	Kingsborough Colonial Cemetery.

VAN VRANKEN, Richard	Broadalbin Cemetery.

VEGHTE, John		Said to have been buried Johnstown Colonial. Grave not found.

WAIT, Joseph		Union Mills Cemetery

WALLACE, Lieut. William	Johnstown Colonial Cemetery

WARD, William		KIngsborough Colonial Cemetery.

WEAVER, Nicholas	Peters Cemetery, Town of Johnstown, Caroga Lake road.

WELLS, Abraham		Mayfield Cemetery, old part.

WELLS, James		Kingsborough Colonial Cemetery.

WELLS, John		Kingsborough Colonial Cemetery.

WOODWARD, Capt. Gershom	Woodworth Family Plot, on Woodworth farm, Mayfield.

WOODWORTH, Samuel	Riceville Cemetery, Mayfield.

WOODWORTH, Selah	Woodworth Family Plot, Woodworth farm, Mayfield.

WOODWORTH, Solomon, Capt., Killed by Indians.

WOODWORTH, William Gershom, Riceville Cemetery.

YALE, Justus		Kingsborough Colonial Cemetery.

YANNEY, Christian	Yanney Family Plot, edge of Johnstown, Removed to Johnstown Cemetery.

YANNEY, Henry		Yanney Family Plot. Removed to Johnstown Cemetery.

YOST, Peter		Johnstown Cemetery.

YOUKER, Jacob, Sr.	Youker - Mosher Plot, near Lotville, on farm owned 1941 by Catharine Terlacah.

YOUKER, John		Died Sept. 14, 1831. Grave not located.

Source: Cemeteries of Fulton Co., NY Vol. II 
General Richard Montgomery Chapter, D.A.R. 

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