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Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

Revolutionary War Soldiers
Buried in Columbia County, New York

Revolutionary SoldierBornDiedBuriedRevolutionary Service
Abbott, Sele (Selah)17406-2-1791Cornwell - Tilden PlotPvt. NY
Aiken (Akin), James6-4-175510-12-1841St. Peter's Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Andrews, Joseph17487-6-1840Cornwell-Tilden PlotAlb. Co. NY Mil.
Angell. Joshua3-29-17602-10-1838Chatham Center CemeteryPvt. RI
Ashley, Peter10-3-17604-3-1815Reformed Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Bacon, Asa17439-6-1818Peabody CemeteryCapt. Wadsworth's Brigade
Bagley, Josiah17599-27-1848Green River CemeteryLieu. NY
Baker, Stephen17528-29-1831Wadsworth FarmPvt. NY
Baldwin, Nathan7-17-17483-6-1810Baldwin - Hamilton - Carpenter PlotSgt. CT
Barker, Peter173811-24-1785Barker - Bentley CemeteryLieu. NY
Barringer, John174912-5-1815Reformed Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Bartle, Capt. Philip17313-26-1804Alfred Curtis Farm - Hillsdale, NYCapt., Alb. Co. NY Mil.
Bay, John8-15-17436-18-1818Claverack Reformed Church Cemetery - Claverack, NYPvt. 8th Regt. Albany Co. Mil.
Beach, Edmund9-4-17331-4-1804Cornwell-Tilden PlotPatriot CT
Beale, Matthew17554/8/1831Spencertown Church Cemetery, Austerlitz, NY1st Regiment. Minute Men. Colonel Josiah Smith.
Beebe, Hosea9/30/17515/31/1827C. G. Brown Farm, between New Concord and Red Rock, Columbia County, NY17th Regiment. Albany County Militia.
Beebe, Martin17385-18-1783C. G. Brown Farm - bet. Concord & Red Rock, NYMajor
Bennett (Bennet), Isaac17472-7-1809Baldwin - Hamilton - Carpenter PlotSgt. Mass.
Best, John4-24-175110-25-1820Church Cemetery - Livingston, NYEnsign & Lieut, Albany Co.
Bigelow, Jabez, jr.8-30-17605-30-1829Bigelow Family CemeteryPvt. Mass.
Birge, Hosea17608-16-1843Chatham Rural Cemetery - Chatham, NY-
Bixby, Jonathan17301-10-1811Krum Church Cemetery - Hillsdale, NYAlb. Co. NY Mil.
Blass, Peter17451-22-1832Reformed Church Cemetery - Germantown, NYManor of Livingston, Albany Co.
Blinn, Elisha175310-7-1835Red Rock Rural CemeteryPvt. NY Mil.
Bortle, Philip17599-13-1852Woodlawn CemeteryPvt. NY Mil.
Brazee (Brusie), Andrews F.1753January 1823Copake Methodist Church CemeteryAlb. Co. NY Mil.
Briggs, Elkanah5-12-173512-7-1814Chatham Center CemeteryDutchess Co. NY Mil.
Brusie, Andrews C.17429-22-1795Copake Methodist Church CemeteryPvt. NY Mil.
Bullock, Richard17257-18-1808Old North Chatham CemeteryNY Mil.
Butler, Ezekial, 2nd11/3/17616/10/1830Hudson City Cemetery, Columbia County, NYEnlisted 2/19/1777.
Butler, Medad2-23-17662-27-1847Butley - Bailey Cemetery - Stuyvesant, NYPvt. Conn. Mil.
Cady, Ebenezer17083-16-1779Babcock Plot on Surowiec's FarmCapt. NY Mil.
Carpenter, Joseph6-22-17368-29-1796Baldwin - Hamilton - Carpenter Plot1st Lieu. RI
Carpenter, Samuel17343-20-1813Baldwin - Hamilton - Carpenter PlotNY Mil.
Carpenter, Simon174110-22-1812Baldwin - Hamilton - Carpenter PlotPvt. Mass.
Carpenter, Thomas17551-30-1834Baldwin - Hamilton - Carpenter PlotAlb. Co. NY Mil.
Cjase (Chace), Abraham17371-11-1797Schoolhouse Road CemeteryPvt. NY Mil.
Chamberlain, Jonathan2-15-17479-12-1823East Hill Road CemeteryPvt. NY
Champion, Joel3-4-17552-22-1846Old North Chatham CemeteryPvt. NY Mil.
Clark, William175912-15-1842Copake Methodist Church CemeteryPvt. The Levies
Clum, Philip H.7-27-17629-20-1837Reformed Church CemeteryAlb. Co. NY Mil.
Coffin, Alexander9-21-17401-11-1839Hudson City CemeteryShipmaster and Patriot
Cook, Capt. David12-15-176710-15-1827Canaan Ct.-
Cornwall (Cornwell), Joseph17629-22-1816Cornwell-Tilden PlotPvt. NY
Crum (Krum), Jacob17614-7-1800Dunavin Farm CemeteryPvt. NY Mil.
Crum (Krum), Martin17284-5-1801Dunavin Farm CemeteryCapt. NY Mil.
Dakin, Joshua4-22-174410-24-1813Old Orchard CemeteryPvt. NY
Darling, John17501-17-1827West Lebanon CemeteryPvt. NY
Davis, John17599-6-1820St. Peter's Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Dean, Samuel17445-11-1799St. Peter's Church CemeteryEnsign NY
Decker, Lawrence I.5-7-17624-23-1800Copake Methodist Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Drake, Ovid2-14-17452-15-1803Mercer PlotSgt. NY
Dunspaugh, Philip1-6-176210-31-1838Mellenville Union CemeteryPvt. NY
Edgerton, Nathaniel17468-3-1800Baldwin - Hamilton - Carpenter PlotSgt. CT
Esmond, Isaiah7-9-17558-9-1840Old Methodist Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Evans (Evens), Silas *17566-18-1827East Hill Road CemeteryPvt.
Feller, Peter P.5-9-17607-7-1837Lutheran Church Cemetery, ViewmonteDutch. Co. NY Mil.
Fosmire, Henry5-12-17598-25-1817Chatham Union CemeteryAlb. Co. NY Mil.
Fuller, Beekman10-13-17504-8-1832Baldwin - Hamilton - Carpenter PlotPvt. NY
Gershom, Reed3-10-17497-27-1829Van Hoesen - Reed - Van - AlystynePatriot NY
Gifford, Rowland5-6-17482-3-1817Chatham Center CemeteryEnsign NY
Gilbert, Nathaniel G.12-4-17233-22-1787Cornwell-Tilden PlotCapt. CT
Gillett, Noadiah1-15-17542-27-1837Cemetery of the NaplesCT Mil.
Gorsline, Thomas176210-9-1821Schoolhouse Road CemeteryPvt. Mass.
Gott, John *17623-20-1838Cadman PlotPvt. NY
Grant, Eleazer6-24-17483-13-1806Cemetery of the Evergreens2nd Lt. Quartermaster
Grant, John17542-2-1836Cornwell-Tilden PlotPvt. NY
Gridley, Noah (Noadiah)17367-13-1779Baldwin - Hamilton - Carpenter PlotIn Cpt. S. Hart's Com.
Groat, John D.10-18-17612-25-1845Copake Methodist Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Hallock, Richard17257-16-1808Woodlawn CemeteryPvt. NY
Hamilton, John5-8-17647-5-1842Baldwin - Hamilton - Carpenter PlotPvt. NY
Hand, Samuel17365-24-1839Evergreen CemeteryPatroit Mass.
Hart, William3-14-17554-6-1822Reformed Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Hess, Michael10-14-175312-5-1839Teal PlotPvt. NY
Hoes (Goes), John D.5-25-17531-25-1789Kinderhook CemeteryPatroit & Ensign NY
Hoes (Goes), John L.176312-28-1838Kinderhook CemeteryPvt. NY
Holland, John17531-8-1797Kinderhook CemeteryPvt. NY
Hollenbeck, Derrick17619-24-1833Mt. Pleasant Reformed Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Hollenbeck, Michael17631827Hollenbeck PlotPvt. NY
Hollenbeck, Samuel B.17511820Hollenbeck PlotPvt. NY
Hollenbeck, William17621815Hollenbeck PlotPvt. NY
House, Conradabt. 174110-31-1810Old North Chatham CemeteryPvt. NY
Howard, Joseph17611-22-1838Cemetery on Thorpe Farm, Kinderhook, NYPvt. NY
Hubbell, John17297-19-1820Evergreens CemeteryPvt. NY
Hudson, Elijah17313-24-1799Chatham Union CemeteryCapt. NY Mil.
Hurlburt (Hulbert), Elijah17569-25-1832Chatham Union CemeteryPvt. CT
Huyck, Burger4-3-17642-12-1813Kinderhook CemeteryPvt. NY
Jackson, Hilance17506-29-1798Schoolhouse Road CemeteryAlb. Co. NY Mil.
Janes, Elisha17412-5-1812Canaan Center CemeteryPrivate
Johnson, Lemuel176012-11-1814Old Methodist Church CemeteryPvt. Mass.
Jones, Daniel-1-14-1828Cemetery on James Thorpe Farm, Kinderhook, NYPvt. NY
Kammor, Jacob7-25-17441-25-1810St. Thomas Lutheran Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Langdon, John17422-11-1829Copake Methodist Church Cemetery2nd Lt. NY
Lape, George17442-22-1829St. Thomas Lutheran Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Lape, Thomas4-1-17525-2-1813St. Thomas Lutheran Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Lay, Reuben9-10-17512-21-1835Chatham Union CemeteryPvt. NY
Lee, Israel17583-27-1835East Hill Road CemeteryPvt. NY
Lester, Guy *9-10-176011-4-1845Chatham Union CemeteryPvt. NY
Link, Henry17601831W. Ghent Reformed Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Lord, Benjamin1758Aug. 1810Canaan Center CemeteryPvt. Minuteman
Lord, Joseph, Jr.17632-16-1844Canaan Center CemeteryPvt. NY
Lovejoy, Daniel1738/397-28-1795Lovejoy - Beebe - Smith PlotPvt. NY
Lovett, John17191803Butler - Bailey PlotPvt. NY
Marks, Samuel *Oct. 17579-19-1836Old Methodist Church CemeteryPvt. Wagoner Mass.
Miller, Benjamin17465-1-1832Copake Methodist Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Miller, Frederick9-15-175010-11-1817St. Thomas Lutheran Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Miller, Mattias12-31-17365-6-1823Copake Methodist Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Morey, Joseph17502-14-1823On property of Mrs. Burton Coons, Austerlitz, NYSol. NY
Morse, Josiah17347-5-1801Morse PlotPvt. NY
Mott, Abel2-22-17367-18-1804Cemetery of the EvergreensPatriot CT
Moul, John5-6-17553-25-1841Mellenville Union CemeteryPvt. NY
Mynard, Joshua5-8-17651-24-1843Austerlitz Rural Community CemeteryPvt. NY
Nichols, David17635-25-1844Green River CemeteryDrummer
Northrup (Northrop), Nathan12-22-17562-24-1829Babcock PlotNY Mil.
Palmer, David17613-25-1839Old North Chatham CemeteryPvt. NY
Patterson, Abraham10-23-17401-22-1797Kinderhook CemeteryPvt. NY
Peabody, Parker17368-27-1811Peabody PlotNY Mil.
Phelps, Israel2-5-175210-17-1826Phelps CemeteryPvt. Mass.
Phillips, George8-29-17543-14-1806Mellenville Union CemeteryCapt. NY Commissary
Phillips, Jacobus17476-11-1830Claverack Reformed Church CemeteryCapt. NY
Plass, John E.4-5-17616-25-1838Mt. Pleasant Reformed Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Preston, Leviabt. 17617-6-1811Van Cott - Lee PlotPvt. NY
Pulver, John17519-13-1834Prospect Hill CemeteryPvt. NY
Pulver, Williamabt. 17415-18-1812Kinderhook CemeteryPvt. NY
Race, Ephraim A.-11-4-1824Copake Methodist Church CemeteryPvt. NY Mil.
Reynolds, Ezra4-14-17576-23-1837Prospect Hill CemeteryPvt. NY
Rich, Davidabt. 17405-5-1820Evergreens CemeteryPvt. Mass.
Richmond, Edwardabt. 172012-3-1806Schoolhouse Road CemeteryPvt. NY
Richmond, Josiahabt. 17607-4-1826Rogers PlotPvt. NY
Richmond, Simeon1758June 1827Chatham Union CemeteryPvt. & Sgt. NY
Rifenburg, Adam1-17-17525-5-1843Germantown CemeteryPvt. NY
Rifenburg, George17629-14-1849Germantown CemeteryPvt. NY Levi.
Rifenburg, Henryabt. 176512-3-1849Lutheran Church Cemetery, GermantownPvt. NY
Ringsdorph, Phillipabt. 17489-28-1833St. Thomas Lutheran Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Rossman, George (Jurrie)8-1-17486-30-1791St. Thomas Lutheran Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Rowe (Roe), Peterabt. 17629-20-1822St. Thomas Lutheran Church CemeteryNY Mil.
Salpaugh, Johnabt. 17571-16-1838Lutheran Church Cemetery, GermantownPvt. & Sgt. NY
Schepmoes, William7-17-17522-20-1819Reformed Church Cemetery, GermantownNY Mil.
Schermerhorn, William176610-18-1824VanHoesen - Reed - Van Alystyne PlotPvt. NY
Shaffer, John11-11-174912-30-1830Niver CemeteryCapt. NY
Shaffer, John F.abt. 17433-30-1828Cemetery on Thorpe FarmPvt. NY
Sharpe, Andrewabt. 17651-22-1832Kinderhook CemeteryPvt. NY
Sharpe, Peterabt. 17508-12-1829Reformed Church Cemetery, GermantownPvt. NY
Sheffield, Calebabt. 17271-22-1816Van Ness Burial GroundsPvt.
Sheffield, Johnabt. 17513-28-1803Van Ness Burial GroundsPvt. NY
Shepard, Willard17433-2-1784Hillsdale Rural CemeteryNY Mil.
Shufelt, Henry12-17-17502-5-1830Mellenville Union CemeteryPvt. NY
Simester, Johnabt. 17402-9-1797Mercer PlotPatroit
Simpson, James8-10-17533-7-1842Hudson - Sims - Simpson PlotPvt. NY
Sipperley, Barent17586-8-1845Cheviot CemeteryPvt. NY
Skinkle, Henry, Jr.4-27-17595-10-1847Reformed Church Cemetery, ClaverackPvt. NY
Skinner, Samuelabt. 17355-28-1790Baldwin - Hamilton - Carpenter PlotPvt. Berkshire Regt.
Slingerland, Abram1-27-17599-27-1837Kinderhook CemeteryEnsign
Smith, Henry9-29-17603-25-1816Reformed Church Cemetery, GermantownPvt. NY
Smith, Jacob B.2-6-17648-6-1825Reformed Church Cemetery, GermantownPvt. NY
Snyder, Conrad17642-17-1818Reformed Church Cemetery, GermantownPvt. NY
Snyder, George T.10-16-17609-10-1845Snyder Farm Cemetery, GhentPvt. NY
Snyder, Samuelabt. 175510-17-1832Reformed Church Cemetery, GermantownPvt. NY
Snyder, Williamabt. 17586-13-1844Reformed Church Cemetery, GermantownPvt. NY
Sours, Tunisabt. 17594-21-1835Woodlawn CemeteryNY Mil.
Spencer, David1-25-17556-27-1827St. Peters Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Spickerman, Andrew12-31-17346-15-1813Kinderhook CemeteryNY Mil.
Squire, Jesse *11-11-17603-25-1835Old Methodist Church CemeteryCpl. NY
Straats, Peterabt. 17577-1-1814Reformed Church Cemetery, GermantownPvt. NY
Stewart, Joshuaabt. 17621-6-1848Green River CemeteryPvt. NY
Teel (Teal), Lawrencebpt. 8-28-17475-10-1827Teal Plot on Ogden FarmNY Mil.
Thompson, Samuel17448-13-1808Barry Plot, Chatham1st Lt. NY
Van Alen, Corneliusabt. 17649-10-1830Cemetery on Pruyn Farm, KinderhookPvt. NY
Van Alen, Jamesabt. 17451826Cemetery on Van Alen - Pruyn Farm, StuyvesantNY Mil.
Van Alen, Gilbertabt. 17589-21-1809Chatham Center CemeteryPvt. NY
Van Alen, John H.8-30-17529-10-1832Old North Chatham CemeteryPvt. NY
Van Alstyne, Abraham P.abt. 17626-5-1834James Van Alstyne Family Plot, StuyvesantPvt. NY
Van Alstyne, Leonardbpt. 9-18-17431795Chatham Center CemeteryPvt. NY
Vanderpoel, Andries12-9-17541-9-1812Private Cemetery at PollsburgAlb. Co. NY Mil.
Van Deusen, John J.bpt. 11-14-17619-5-1802Van Deusen Plot, GreenportPvt. NY
Van Valkenburgh, Bartholomewabt. 17532-14-1849Chatham Union CemeteryPvt. NY
Vosburgh, Abrahamabt. 17464-26-1834Kinderhook CemeteryPvt. NY
Vosburgh, Martin7-29-17385-6-1801Tiroli Cemetery ? Old Reformed ChurchLand Bounty Rights
Vosburgh, Peter Isaac10-20-17521-29-1830Old Stuyvesant CemeteryCapt. Col. James Livingston Reg.
Vosburgh, Samuelabt. 17549-10-1845Family Plot on Miller Farm, CopakePvt. NY
Wadsworth, John Sr.7-1-17375-23-1788Wadsworth Farm CemeteryPvt. NY
Wadsworth, John Jr.4-4-17628-21-1831Wadsworth Farm CemeteryPvt. NY
Walling, James1-6-17518-2-1829Old Austerlitz CemeteryPvt. NY
Waltermire, Michaelabt. 17606-2-1813Cemetery on Stupplebeen Farm, GhentPvt. NY
Webster, Moss5-25-17431-28-1815Green River CemeteryPvt. CT
West, Benajah9-17-175212-30-1832Evergreens CemeteryPvt. NY
Westfall, Benjamin3-19-17407-27-1820Mellenville Union CemeteryPvt. NY
Wheeler, Samuel11-30-174612-25-1820Sags - Wheeler CemeteryPvt. NY
Wheeler, Williamabt. 17498-2-1828St. Thomas Lutheran Church CemeteryPvt. NY
Whitbeck, Thomas11-4-17577-4-1844Hudson City CemeteryPvt. NY
Williams, Davidabt. 17299-6-1800Baldwin - Hamilton - Carpenter PlotNY Mil.
Winans, Lewis176210-9-1826Family Cemetery, North GermantownPvt. NY
Woodworth, Roswell *5-1-17637-31-1837Cornwell-Tilden PlotNY

* pensioner

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