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Records of Military Personnel
Who Died as a Result of Hostilities
During the Korean War
For Wasco County, Oregon

Transcribed by: Lynn Tooley

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Records of Military Personnel Who Died as a Result of Hostilities During the Korean War, documenting the period January 1, 1950 - February 7, 1957.

This series contains selected descriptive data about U.S. military personnel who died by hostile means (i.e. battle deaths) as a result of combat duty in the Korean War. The data were usually extracted from Department of Defense Form 1300 (Report of Casualty) as well as from each of the four military services of the Department of Defense. The variables available from each casualty record include: Military Service Branch, Country of Casualty (always Korea), Casualty Group, File Reference Number, Name of Casualty, Processing Date, Service Number, Military Grade or Rank, Pay Grade, Date of Casualty, Service Component, Home of Record, Birth Date, Cause of Casualty, Aircraft Involvement(air/non-air casualty), Race, Sex, and Citizenship. The majority of the records have no meaningful data in the "cause of casualty" or "air/non- air casualty" variable. The series lists as the home of record the county for those casualties in the Army and lists as the home of record the city, town, or municipality and county for those casualties in the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps.

Military Service
Name of CasualtyService
Date Died
Declared Dead
Home of Record
CountyStateBirth Date
U S AIR FORCE EARLS MILO G 19346748 7/6/1950 DUFUR WASCO Oregon 30 Caucasian
U S MARINE CORPS JENSEN DALE E 1166095 5/24/1952 THE DALLES WASCO Oregon 33 Unknown or Not Reported
U S NAVY SCHUNKE RICHARD W JR 7353672 4/21/1952 THE DALLES WASCO Oregon 31 Caucasian
U S ARMY BARTHOLDI CYRIL B 1291216 9/1/1950 - WASCO Oregon 19 Caucasian
U S ARMY BARTON DWAYNE W 37824695 10/12/1951 - WASCO Oregon 25 Caucasian
U S ARMY CALKINS HAROLD D 19351420 11/28/1950 - WASCO Oregon 32 Caucasian
U S ARMY JUDAY RAY A 56085484 6/17/1952 - WASCO Oregon 28 Caucasian
U S ARMY KAUFMAN LOREN R 19005070 2/10/1951 - WASCO Oregon 23 Caucasian