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Copied by: Lynn Tooley

1833 - 1845
Marriage Records - Town of Caledonia
Livingston County, New York

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1833 - 1845 Marriage Records from the Town of Caledonia, Livingston County, New York, from the Book of Justice of Peace, James Hill. Preserved in the Caledonia Town Archives.

Oct. 13, 1833 - Abraham B. Van Wart of LeRoy, Genesee Co., N.Y., and Charity Durgan of Same Place.

Feb. 8, 1834 - Brunson Bradley of Cuba, Allegany Co., N.Y., and Rebecca Hackett of Caledonia, N.Y.

July 9, 1834 - Nathaniel Elliot of Clarkson, Monroe Co., N.Y., and Roxanna Armstrong of Parma, Monroe Co., N.Y.

Oct. 2, 1834 - John Sheldon of Wheatland, Monroe Co., N.Y., and Lucina Streeter (widow) of same town.

Dec. 18, 1834 - James Narey and Mary Ann Murray, both of Caledonia, formerly of Ogdensburg, St. Lawrence Co., N.Y.

April 11, 1835 - Benadam Palmer of Riga, Monroe Co., N.Y., and Lavinia Loomis of same town.

April 15, 1835, Levi Taylor of York, Livingston Co., N.Y., and Harriet Brunson of the same town.

Dec. 2, 1835 - Hiram Bently of Wheatland, Monroe Co., N.Y., and Ann Fosmire of Caladonia, N.Y.

Jan. 27, 1836 - Samuel Reed of Avon, Livingston Co., N.Y., and Mary Ann Aiken of Avon. (Spinster)

Aug. 4, 1836, Jonathan Weed of Chili, Monroe Co., N.Y., and Caroline H. Thompson of same place.

Sept. 26, 1837 - Wm. D. Smith, town of Chili, Monroe Co., N.Y. and Phoebe Brice of Chili.

Dec. 9, 1838 - Orin Dunn of Caledonia and Mary Wells (widow)

March 3, 1839 - Isadore Wood (commonly called Ezra), and Matilda Belay of Caledonia, N.Y.

March 20, 1839 - Michael Canen and Christeen Cummins, both of York, Livingston Co., N.Y.

July 21, 1839 - Aaron Brott (widower) and Catherine Stillwell, daughter of Mahlon Stillwell of Caledonia, N.Y.

Nov. 18, 1840 - John Smith of Bergen, Genesee Co., N.Y., and Laura Parmalee of LeRoy, Genesee Co., N.Y.

Jan. 1, 1843 - Rensalaer Kenyon and Lydia Baker, both of Caledonia, N.Y.

April 12, 1843, John Ford of Caledonia and Mary Mackey (or McKee), of Weatland, Monroe Co., N.Y.

July 9, 1843 - George Doty of the Province of Upper Canada, and Caroline Harris of Caledonia, N.Y.

Oct. 19, 1843 - Ephraim S. Richmond of LeRoy, N.Y., farmer, aged 23 yrs. and Susan Redfield (spinster), aged 19 yrs.

March 21, 1844 - Stephen Winslow King of Yorkshire, Cattaragus Co., N.Y., aged 27 yrs. and Emily Snow, 27 yrs. of Caledonia. (Witnesses Josephus Snow and wife and Simeon King.

April 11, 1844 - James Doty of Hamilton, Upper Canada, farmer, and Mary Thatcher of same town. (James, brother of George Doty.)

April 22, 1841 - Simon Putman of the town of Wheatland, N.Y., and Maria Hover of same place.

Copied by Mrs. A. B. Johnson, Historian Can-e-o-di-ya Chapter, D.A.R., Caledonia, N.Y., March 25, 1927.

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