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Washington County New York Abstracts of Wills - Book One: 1788 - 1804

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COLVIN, Benjamin, deceased, of Bennington, Vermont
Dated Oct. 15, 1787
Probated Oct. 6, 1788
Wife: Elener
Sons: Reuben, Benjamin, Oliver
Daughters: Mary, Barbara, Freelove, Patience
Grandaughters: Rachel, (daughter of
my son Benjamin); Sarah, Huldah,
Freelove, (daughters of my daughter
Mary), Elener, (daughter of my son Reuben)
Grandsons and Greatgrandsons: David,
Thomas, (sons of Reuben); William,
Obediah, (sons of Oliver); Freeborn (s.
of my dau. Mary); Josiah, (s. of my dau.
Barbara); Nathan, (s. of my dau.
Patience); David, (son of my grand dau. Dorcas)
Executor: son Oliver Colvin
Witnesses: Peter Werden, Lemuel
Powers, Simon Spencer, signed with "X"

SILL, Richard of Granville in Washington County, NY
Dated Aug. 8, 1788
Probated Nov. 13, 1788
Wife: Polly
Daughter: Betty
Sister: Susanna Sill
Executor: Friend Joshua Calkin
Witnesses: Zachariah Sill, Susanna Sill, Polly Sill

LONG, James of Washington County
Dated Feb. 26, 1789
Probated Mar. 18, 1789
Wife: Jane
Son: Edward
Executors: William Matthews, Daniel McCleary
Witnesses: Henry Finn, Daniel McCleary, James Boyd

PANNELL, Robert of Newperth, Washington County
Dated July 6, 1785
Probated Apr. 25, 1789
Wife: Mary
Sons: Moses, Robert, Abraham, Hugh
Daughters: Mary Pannell now Mary
McCraken; Martha, Sarah, Margaret
Executrix: wife
Executors: Alexander Turner, Sr., Hamilton McCollister
Witnesses: Nathaniel Coswell, Abner Rice, James Thompson

LIVINGSTON, John of Washington County
Dated Sept. 5, 1788
Probated Aug. 31, 1789
Wife: no name
Sons: Samuel, John, Francis, Robert,
Joseph, Benjamin, William
Executrix: wife
Witnesses: Joseph Tomb, William
Boyd, Charles Hutchen

RANDLES, Andrew of Hebron
Dated Nov. 17, 1788
Probated Aug. 31, 1789
Sons: Hugh, John, William, Andrew
Daughters: Martha, Elizabeth, Pheby
Wife: Pheby
Executrix: wife
Witnesses: James Crookshanks, John
Foster, James Foster

ROGERS, James of Salem
Dated May 5, 1789
Probated Oct. 6, 1789
Wife: Lydia
Daughters: Ann, Martha
James, son of Daniel McNitt of Salem
Sons: Hugh, William
Daughters: Mary McNitt, Jane Blair,
Jene Rogers, Sarah Rude, Margaret Rogers
Executrix: wife
Executor: Daniel McNitt of Salem
Witnesses: John McCrea, Francis
Lemon, John Clark, John McDonald

WILSON, David of Hebron
Dated Apr. 4, 1789
Probated Oct. 10, 1789
Sons: Thomas, David, James, Daniel, Clark
Wife: Jane
Daughter: Martha
Executrix: wife
Executor: brother James Wilson
Witnesses: David Hopkins, John
Hamilton, Joseph Hamilton

STOCKINS, Timothy of Westfield, Washington County
Dated Apr. 8, 1788
Probated Dec. 23, 1789
Daughter: Sarah
Sons: Billins, John
Executrix: wife Martha
Witnesses: Aaron Corrington, J. H.
Hawley, Oliver Hitchcock

TINEY, Henry of New Argyle
Dated Aug. 24, 1784
Probated Dec. 29, 1789
Wife: Lenah
Sons: Henry, Conrad, Jacob
Daughters: Hannah, Sarah, Lenah,
Margaret, Mary
Executrix: wife Lenah
Executors: James Battey, John McNeil,
son Henry
Witnesses: Jane McNeil, John Kelton,
Sarah Whury

SMITH, William of Salem
Dated Sept. 27, 1789
Probated June 18, 1790
Wife: Alice
Sons: David, William
Brother: Samuel Smith
Executrix: wife
Executor: Richard Roy of Salem
Witnesses: John Zarred, David
Paterson, John Conner

GUNN, George, schoolmaster of Cambridge
Dated July 28, 1783
Probated Apr. 1791
Friend: Archibald Campbell of Cambridge
Witnesses: Robert Black, Colin Maxwell, John Mcachren (?)

MORISON, John of Salem
Dated Jan. 3, 1791
Probated Apr. 16, 1791
Daughter: Elizabeth
Wife: deceased
Sons: Jacob, Noah, John
Executor: father John Morison
Witnesses: Edward Harris, Samuel
Clyd, Sarah Vallentine

GETTY, Jane, widow and relict of James Getty of Salem
Dated Nov. 27, 1790
Probated Apr. 23, 1791
Sons: Robert, Ebenezer, Isaac
Daughter: Sarah
Executors: James Stevenson, William Thompson of Salem
Witnesses: John McCrea, John Rowan, Elizabeth Welch, signed "X"

McDOUGAL, Duncan of Charlotte County, farmer
Dated Oct. 7, 1774
Probated Apr. 25, 1791
Sons: Alexander, Ronald
Daughters: Nancy, Peggy
Executors: Sons Ronald, Alexander
Witnesses: Neil McEachron, Peter
Gilchrist, Duncan Gilchrist, signed "X"

VANGILDER, Martha, wife of David Vangilder of
Westfield, Washington County
Dated Apr. 17, 1790
Probated May 9, 1791
My late father, James Alworth, deceased
Husband: David
Brother: James
Executor: husband
Witnesses: Joseph Plumb, Aaron
Crawford, Cloey Crawford

BELL, William of Salem
Dated May 12, 1791
Probated May 19, 1791
Sons-in-law: William McFarland, David
Getty, David Edgar
Executors: Walter Bell, James Tomb
Witnesses: John McAllister, Richard Hoy, James Hamilton

CALDWELL, Wason of Cambridge
Dated Oct. 25, 1791
Probated June 17, 1792
Wife: Delane
Brothers: James, John, William, Isaac
Executor: brother James
Witnesses: Edward Harris, Thomas Stevens

CAMPBELL, Catherine of Albany County, spinster
Dated: no date
Probated: no date
Brother: Archibald Campbell of Arygle
Sisters: Mary Campbell, Isabell Campbell
Daughter of my deceased sister, Jane
Donald Campbell, son of Laughlin
Campbell, deceased, and brother of
Mrs. Rose Graham
Executors: brother Archibald, sisters
Mary and Isabell Campbell
Witnesses: Robert William Lake, John
Bowles, Crean Brush

McCLUNG, John of Cambridge
Dated: Cambridge, May 16, 1791
Probated: Oct. 5, 1792
Second wife: Janet
First wife: deceased
Sons: Thomas Morison, James
Executrix: wife Janet
Witnesses: David Slarrow, William
Clark, Rachel Morrison

COON, Elisha of East Town, Washington County
Dated Sept. 17, 1792
Probated Nov. 29, 1792
Wife: Hannah
4 youngest daughters: Anna, Sally,
Betsy, Olive
Daughter: Hannah
Sons: James, Elisha, George
Witnesses: George Thurston, David
Nichols, Caleb Potter
Executors: brother-in-law Sylvester
Satterly of East Town

LYTLE, John of Salem
Dated Sept. 1, 1792
Probated Apr. 24, 1793
Wife: Ellener
Sons: Isaac, William
Daughters: Elizabeth, Rebecca, Easter,
Susanna, Gean
Executors: Joseph Tomb of Salem,
James McFarlin, Sr. of Salem
Witnesses: Edward Savage, John
Honeywood, William Russell

MORISON, John of Salem
Dated June 11, 1793
Probated Oct. 9, 1793
Granddaughter: Elizabeth Morison
Grandsons: Jacob, Noah, John
Grandchildren: John McClaughry,
Richard McClaughry, Elizabeth
McClaughry, Thomas McClaughry
Agnes McClaughry, Margaret
McClaughry, Mary McClaughry
Children of my daughter Ann
McClaughry, deceased
Children of my son, John, deceased:
Elizabeth, Jacob, Noah, John
Children of my son Samuel, deceased:
Elizabeth Morrison (omit), Ephraim,
Samuel, James, Charlotte, Elizabeth
Executors: Richard Roy of Salem,
Daniel McNutt
Witnesses: Thomas Baker, Elijah
Lengday, John McClaughry

McKILLIP, James of Cambridge
Dated Sept. 16, 1793
Probated Nov. 7, 1793
Sons: David, John, Thomas
Executors: William Bradshaw of
Halfmoon, Rensselaer County
Witnesses: John McCrea, Joseph
Miller, John Ridlelye, signed "X"

SEARLE, George of Cambridge
Dated Sept. 7, 1793
Probated Mar. 8, 1794
Wife: Genney
Son: Dennis
Daughters: Olive Lake, Margaret Wells,
Genny, Sarah, Jemima, Elizabeth
Executrix: wife
Executors: John Younglove, Garret Van
Witnesses: Amhast Dyer, Dennis I.
Cegerman, William Waite

McLEAN, David (?) of Salem
Dated: Aug. 7, 1793
Probated: July 8, 1794
Cousins: James Graham, Robert
Executors: William Guthree, Joseph
Witnesses: William Matthews, William
Cowan, John Adams Armstrong

Du BOISE, Henry of Washington County
Dated Feb. 11, 1794
Probated Aug. 28, 1794
Wife: Nelly
Executrix: wife
Executors: William Bailey of New York
City, George Tremble of Clinton County
Witnesses: I. Chandonet, John Cramer,
Joseph Hagaman

MONCRIEF, William, Sr. of Salem
Dated Aug. 15, 1794
Probated: no date
Sons: William, Hugh
Robert Creighton's daughter
Granddaughter: Mary, dau. of my son
Executors: sons
Witnesses: James Tomb, John
McKnight, William McCoy

DICKSON, John of Washington County
Dated Oct. 7, 1786
Probated Sept. 15, 1794
Son: David
Executrix: wife
Witnesses: Rachel Morison, James
McClung, John McClung

FORCE, Oliver of Saratoga, Albany County
Dated June 8, 1786
Probated Oct. 29, 1794
Son: David
Daughters: Deborah, Catherine
Executrix: wife
Executors: brother Benjamin, son
Witnesses: Fenner Palmer, Jr., Oliver
Palmer, Fenner Palmer, Sr., signed "X"

McCARTNEY, John of Salem
Dated Oct. 16, 1794
Probated Nov. 17, 1794
Wife: Sarah
Daughters: Mary Phillips, Margaret
Chapman, Sarah Gragg
Sons: James, John, Phillip, Patrick
Executrix: wife
Witnesses: Edward Harris, Prudence
and Israel Merriman

ADAMS, John of Cambridge
Dated Feb. 6, 1795
Probated Apr. 21, 1795
Daughters: Mary Adams, Agnes
Adams, Elizabeth King
Sons: William, John
Executors: John McLean, Joseph
Younglove, John Conger
Witnesses: Jabez Hamilton, Abraham
McKillip, William C. MacCan

WING, Abraham of Queensbury
Dated Sept. 20, 1794
Probated Sept. 20, 1794
Wife: Anetas
Grandson: Russell Lewis
Son: Abraham, Jr.
Daughters: Phebe Merritt, Patience
Babcock, Content Hixon, Mary Lewis
Grandchildren: Joseph Wing, Mary
Wing, Deborah Merritt, Richard Jones
Mary Jones, Russell Lewis, Willet Wing
Executrix: wife
Executors: son Benjamin, friend Elisha
Witnesses: Warren Ferris, John A.
Ferris, Reid Ferris

VAN NESS, Philip of Cambridge, farmer
Dated July 10, 1794
Probated May 30, 1795
Children of my eldest son Gerrit: Philip,
Margaret, Eve, Henry
Sarah and Margaret, Gerrit's respective
wives (widow Margaret)
Children of Dirck Van Veghten and
Catharine, my eldest daughter: Teunis
Van Veghten, Margaret Groesbeck
Daughters: Catalina, Catharine, Maritie,
Sarah (w. of John Gordon)
Executrix: wife Helene
Executor: Nicholas Groesbeck
Witnesses: Gerrit Wendell, Philip V. N.
Buskerk, Louis H. Veile

LYTLE, Andrew of Salem
Dated Sept. 4, 1788
Probated July 1, 1795
Wife: Mary
Sons: James, William
Daughters: Hannah (w. of John
Armstrong), Mary (w. of Andrew
Grandson: James Getty
Executor: son Andrew
Witnesses: Archibald Brown, Ben
Clarke, Aron Taft

CRAGE, James of Salem
Dated Mar. 1, 1795
Probated July 1, 1795
Wife: Sarah
Youngest son: James
Oldest daughter: Margaret
Sons: Joseph, John, Robert
Daughters: Sarah, Elizabeth
Executor: Hugh Moncrief
Witnesses: John Foster, Joseph
Nelson, Robert Jackson

HAMILTON, George of Wilson Patent, District of
Cambridge, Washington County
Dated Sept. 4, 1795
Probated Oct. 8, 1795
Wife: Margaret
Brothers: Edward, William, James
Executrix: wife
Executors: brothers
Witnesses: Martin O'Reilly, John Baker
Moses Cowan, Dr. James Green

DYER, Edward of Cambridge
Dated May 12, 1795
Probated Oct. 6, 1795
Wife: Temperance
Sons: Ambrose, Charles, William
Daughter: Anna
Brothers: Charles, Henry
Daughter: Frances Briggs
Grandson: Edward Briggs
Daughter: Susanna Gilson, wid.
Elizabeth Dyer
Executor: son Charles
Witnesses: Christopher Fowler, Samuel
Fowler, Peleg Gifford

BARTLET, Joseph, Sr. of Salem
Dated Aug. 19, 1795
Probated Oct. 10, 1795
Wife: Sarah
Sons: Joseph, Joshua, Aaron, Henry
B., Gideon, Jonathan, decd.
Daughters: Sarah Scot, Hannah Bams
Abigail Bartlet
Montgomery Bartlet, s. of Joshua
Asa Bartlet, decd.
Executors: son Joshua Bartlet,
Theodore Barns
Witnesses: Stephen Estee, Silas Estee,
Benjamin Wyman

TOMB, Joseph, practitioner of physick of Salem
Dated Oct. 26, 1795
Probated Jan. 11, 1796
Congregation in Salem
Wife: Sarah
Daughter: Sarah
Brothers: John, Samuel, James
Margaret Warford, to whom he leaves
the Bible
Executors: brother James Tomb, John
Rowan, John Gray
Witnesses: Andrew McClaughry,
Timothy Sanford, Joel Bleakman

HOLEBROOK, Abel of Cambridge
Dated Dec. 10, 1795
Probated Jan. 23, 1796
Daughter: Rebecca Rust
Son: Abel
Executors: son Abel, brother Daniel
Witnesses: John Walsh, George Walsh

MAYNARD, Elisha of Hartford
Dated Sept. 25, 1796
Probated Sept. 30, 1796
Wife: Abigail
Sons: Bunard, Hunny, Elisha
Executors: Daniel Mason of Hartford
Executrix: wife Abigail
Witnesses: Joseph Dickson, Silas
Brooks, Martha Cook

ROCH, John of Arguile
Dated Sept. 2, 1795
Probated Apr. 5, 1797
Wife: Anne
Daughter: Katherine Woodworth,
Abigail Ross
Grandsons: John Woodworth, James
Roch Perrigoe
Robert Perrigo
Elizer Woodworth
Anna Woodworth
Sarah Woodworth
Mary Woodworth
Sarah Ross
Samuel Ross
Anna Ross
Executrix: wife Anne
Witnesses: Jabez Gage, Allen Turner
Elisha Bentley

McNEIL, Archibald of Argyle
Dated Mar. 21, 1793
Probated June 1, 1797
Daughters: Isabel Millican, Flora
Campbell, Cathrine Gilles
Sons: Alexander, John
Grandsons: Archibald, son of John
Executors: Duncan McArthur of Argyle,
William Reid
Witnesses: John Reid, William
Robertson, John Miller, signed "X"

CHASE, Mordecai of Cambridge
Dated Sept. 24, 1796
Probated July 22, 1797
Wife: Patience
Brother: Elihu
Son: Nehemiah
Other children: Not named
Executrix: wife
Executors: James Hunt, Elihu Chase,
George Bowen
Witnesses: Asa Rice, Paul Thayer

MURRAY, John of Washington County
Dated Oct. 26, 1794
Probated Aug. 26, 1797
Wife: Anatis
Brother: James
Son: James
Executrix: wife
Executors: brother James, John Eddes
of Queensbury, John Thurman
Witnesses: James Higson, Stephen
Dunn, Parson Ranger

CONGER, John of Cambridge
Dated: Not dated
Probated Sept. 16, 1797
Wife: Mary
Sons: Azeriah, Mordica, Jonathan,
John, David
Daughters: Rachel Conger, Anna (w. of
Aaron Younglove), Mary Conger
Executrix: wife
Executors: son Azeriah, Joseph
Younglove, John McClean
Witnesses: John Warford, Linus
Moores, Edward Savage

McCLEARY, Daniel of Salem
Dated July 15, 1797
Probated Nov. 3, 1797
Wife: Elizabeth
Daughters: Mary (wife of Joseph
Neilson), Nelly, Elizabeth, Jenny
Martha, Nancy
Son: John
Executrix: wife
Executors: Thomas McCleary, brother,
son John
Witnesses: John Armstrong, Seth
Brown, Edward Savage

SUNDERLIN, Peleg of Hartford
Dated Nov. 18, 1796
Probated Nov. 9, 1797
Children: Wallis, Sarah, John,
Jeremiah, Phebe, Giddeon
Executor: Augustin Underhill
Witnesses: Ebenezer Armsba, John

CHRISTY, Peter of Hampton
Dated May 8, 1797
Probated Nov. 11, 1797
Wife: Elizabeth
Brother: Thomas
Sarah, dau. of my brother James
James Christy's daughters Susannah,
Elizabeth, Agnes
Brothers: Thomas, Jesse
Sister: Anna
Executor: brother Thomas
Witnesses: John McFarland, Andrew
Adams, John Quinton

ROGERS, John of Arguile
Dated Apr. 9, 1795
Probated Dec. 29, 1797
Wife: Dareis
Sons: John, James, Oliver
Daughters: Mehetiable, Sarah, Mary,
Executor: son Oliver
Witnesses: Nathan Thompson, James
Odell, Elisha Bentley

STEVENS, Mathew, Jr. of Cambridge
Dated Dec. 23, 1797
Probated Feb. 1, 1798
Wife: Martha
Daughter: Hannah
Brothers: Richard, James, John,
Executrix: wife
Executors: Obed Warren, Elizabeth
Noble, Hannah Stevens

ALLEN, Philip of Cambridge
Dated Feb. 8, 1796
Probated Aug. 20, 1798
Wife: Wait
Sons: Jonathan, Caleb, Daniel, Elisha
Brother: Elisha
Daughters: Abisha, Annie, Elizabeth,
Susannah Benedicks, decd.
Granddaughter: Jane Kinyon
Executrix: wife
Executors: John Allen
Witnesses: George Allen, Oliver
Sherman, Gideon Shaw, signed "X"

TUCKER, Abraham of Queensbury
Dated Dec. 12, 1797
Probated Sept. 7, 1798
Wife: Deborough
Sons: Daniel, Joseph, Abraham,
Samuel, Moses, Henry, Caleb
Daughters: Amy Dillingham, Sarah,
Rebecca, Elizabeth, Anna, Rhoda
Brothers: Samuel, Moses
Executrix: wife
Executors: Thomas Stringham, Elisha
Witnesses: Caleb Dean, George
Southwick, Lydia Southwick

BEERS, Abiel of Salem
Dated Aug. 13, 1798
Probated Sept. 22, 1798
Wife: Tamer
Sons: Silas, David
Daughters: Catee Nash, Faustine
Jonson, Sarah Odle, Naomi Elmore,
Rachel Beers, Abigail Bradley
Executrix: wife
Witnesses: Edward Harris, David
Eldredge, Stiles Elman

LAWRENCE, Jonathan of Westfield
Dated Sept. 8, 1798
Probated Oct. 11, 1798
Wife: Thankful
Oldest daughter: Permela Wood (w. of
David Wood
Brother: David
Friends: Daniel Bull of Saratoga
Zebulun R. Shipperd of Granville
2nd dauhter: Fanny Lawrence
Youngest daughters: Alathea, Phoebe
Executrix: wife
Executor: son-in-law David Wood
Witnesses: Zebulon R. Shepherd,
David Lawrence, Daniel Bull

CHASE, Jacob of Cambridge
Dated Sept. 13, 1798
Probated Dec. 4, 1798
Sons: Lemuel, John, George, Samuel,
Abner, Jacob, Isaac
Daughters: Patience, Keziah
Executor: son Abner
Witnesses: Ephraim Potter, Abner
Potter, Sanford Smith

McCOOL, John of Cambridge
Dated Feb. 14, 1798
Probated Dec. 5, 1798
Eldest daughter: Elisabeth Little, w. of
Granddaughter: Elizabeth Hill (dau. of
William Hill), Martha Hill (dau. of William
Hill), Elenor Little, dau. of Isaac Little
Daughter: Margaret, w. of William Hill
Executors: George Barber, son-in-law
Isaac Little
Witnesses: David Fulton, Stephen
Sherman, John Boman

HONEYWOOD, John of Washington County
Dated May 30, 1798
Probated Dec. 4, 1798
Wife: Sally
Executrix: wife
Witnesses: John Lee, Sally King, John

FISHER, Donald of Hebron
Dated Sept. 19, 1798
Probated Dec. 15, 1799
Sons: henry, Alexander
Daughter: Elizabeth
Wife: Elizabeth
Executors: William Reid of Argyle,
Josiah Graves of Reuport, Vt.
Witnesses: David Hill, Henry Campbell,
Gabriel Brene

BAKER, William of Salem
Dated Mar. 23, 1798
Probated Mar. 6, 1799
Wife: Phebe
Children: Joseph, Mary, Benjamin,
Hannah, Huldah
Executrix: wife Phebe
Executor: brother Elisha
Witnesses: Rufus Hall, Elisha Baker,
Elisabeth Earl, signed "X"

BENNET, Roger of Granville
Dated Feb. 24, 1799
Probated June 20, 1799
Jabez Green of Kingsberry
Gives house to Proprietors of School
District, Granville
Daughter: Mercy Bennett
Jared Pratt of Spencer Town, Columbia
Co., my daughter's guardian
Wife: Levina--has no part of my
property on account of misconduct
Executors: Benjamin Baker of Granville,
Jabez Green of Kingsbury
Witnesses: Zebulon R. Shepherd
Abijah White, Luther Newcomb

LUCAS, Frances of Cambridge, eldest son of
Nathaniel, decd.
Dated June 28, 1799
Probated June 29, 1799
Children: Susannah, Letta, Denis,
David, Joseph, Mary (wife of George
Fowler), Elizabeth (wife of Solomon
Executrix: wife Grace
Executors: David Lucas, Joseph Lucas
Witnesses: Percilla Smith, Lucy
Morgan, S. Smith
Signed: Francis Lukas

CORNELL, Daniel of Easton
Dated May 30, 1796
Probated July 3, 1799
Wife: Mary
Sons: James, Zebulon, Paul, Thomas
Daughters: Rebeckah Smith
Mary Wing, decd.
Content Starbuck
Elizabeth Baker
Granddaughters: Elizabeth Mosher,
Catherine Pettis
Elizabeth Starbuck
Mary Baker
Executor: son Benjamin
Witnesses: George Duel, Nathan Eddy,
Daniel Anthony, signed "X"

McNEAL, Sarah of Argyle
Dated Sept. 18, 1798
Probated July 12, 1799
Brother: William Frezer
Archibald Campbell Tearse, son of Peter B.
William Hunter Tearse, son of Peter B.
Executors: Zina Hitchcock, Charles
Kene, Micajah Pettit

LEE, Jonathan of Westfield
Dated Jan. 16, 1799
Probated July 15, 1799
Samuel Pettingill
Children: not named
Wife: Polly
Executrix: Wife
Witnesses: Thomas Brayton, Stephen
Curtis, Nathan Lee

PRINCE, David of Easton
Dated Sept. 10, 1798
Probated Sept. 29, 1799
Wife: Anna
Daughters: Easter, Doly (?)
Executors: brother Jonathan, Edward
Comell, Nathaniel Older
Witnesses: Stephen Freeman,
Elizabeth Prince, signed "X", Isabel
English, signed "X"

HOY, Richard, Sr. of Salem
Dated Aug. 25, 1799
Probated Oct. 8, 1799
Son: Richard, Jr.
Wife: Agnes
William Hoy, Jr.
Nieces: Agnes McMichall alias Agnes
Hoy, to whom he leaves the Bible
Jane McFadden, Elenor Oswald
Nephews: Richard Hoy, Jr., William Hoy, Jr.
Niece: Jane McFadden
Elenor Oswald
Executors: James Tomb, Abner
Witnesses: John McCrea, Nelly
McCrea, James McCrea

FORT, Gerrit of Cambridge
Dated Sept. 9, 1799
Probated Oct. 3, 1799
Wife: Rhoda
Son: Daniel
Daughters: Mary, Anna
Mother-in-law: Anna Warden
Executrix: wife
Executor: Abraham Fort
Witnesses: Philip Smith, Anna Warden,
Zeublon Burch, signed "X"

McKNIGHT, John of Argyle
Dated Apr. 24, 1799
Probated Nov. 12, 1799
Wife: Mary
Son: David
Daughters: Sarrah Moncrief, Mary
Executors: son David, George Dun,
Alexander McNaughton
Witnesses: George Dunn, Alexander

CASE, Pheneas of Cambridge
Dated Mar. 17, 1798
Probated Oct. 24, 1799
Wife: Rebeckah
Sons: Mordecai, decd., Nehemiah,
Henry, Wilcox, Elihu, eldest son
Daughters: Content, Anna, Susannah
Executrix: wife
Executors: sons Elihu, Nehemiah
Witnesses: George Brown, James Hunt,
Jr., Morris Hoag

CLARK, Thomas of Cambridge
Dated Mar. 29, 1799
Probated Nov. 26, 1799
Wife: Lucy
Son: Bill
Daughters: Lucy Safford, Eunice, Ruby
Executrix: wife
Witnesses: Thomas Dunten, George
Arnot, John Welsh

VIELE, Lewes H. of Cambridge
Dated June 11, 1795
Probated Dec. 19, 1799
Cousins: Elizabeth Fort (widow of
Daniel Fort, decd.), Jacobus (son of
Daniel Fort, decd.), Maritje (dau. of
Daniel Fort, decd.), Lewis (son of Daniel
Fort, decd.
Sister: Maria, wife of Johannis
Executrix: Elizabeth Fort, wid.
Witnesses: Wegant Hendenburgh
James Swart, Dirck Swart

CROZER, John of Salem
Dated May 8, 1797
Probated Dec. 3, 1799
Wife: Agnes
Sons: William, James
Daughters: Jean, Mary
Executors: James McFarland, Jr.,
Andrew Little
Executrix: wife
Witnesses: Thomas Steel, Robert
McMurray, William McFarland

DUNHAM, Joseph W. of Argyle
Dated Apr. 25, MDCCC
Probated May 1, 1800
Wife: Mary
Sons: Joseph, Smith, Ezra, Nehemiah,
Daughters: Not named
Executrix: wife
Executor: son Smith
Witnesses: Solon Stebbins, Hester
McInters, Matths. Ogden

STEVENSON, Margaret of Salem
Dated Apr. 21, 1800
Probated May 3, 1800
Sons: James, John, David, Thomas
Daughter: Jenny, wife of George Tilford
Executors: sons David, Thomas
Witnesses: James Bell, Samuel
Campbell, William Thompson, Jr., signed

HUNT, Samuel of Cambridge
Dated Dec. 30, 1799
Probated May 30, 1800
Sons: Elwin (eldest), William, Stephen,
Daughters: Martha, Abigail, Amelia,
(wife of James Mallory), Mary, (wife of
Stephen Cook)
Wife: Margaret
Executrix: wife
Executor: brother Stephen
Witnesses: John Robinson, Elihu
Gifford, Increas Burch

COWDEN, James of Cambridge
Dated Apr. 25, 1794
Probated Nov. 9, 1798
Codicil probated Aug. 6, 1800
Sons: James Simpson Cowden, eldest
son, Samuel, David
Daughters: Mary (wife of Lawrence
Spurr), Olive (wife of Seth Johnson)
Youngest son: Jeremiah
Executor: Ebenezer Russell
Executrix: wife Sarah
Witnesses: James McCrea, John
McCrea, James Henderson

ROBINSON, Elihu of Easton
Dated Sept. 14, 1798
Probated Sept. 5, 1800
Wife: Sarah
Sons: John, Peter, Sanford, Giles,
Benjamin, Peleg
Daughters: Ruth Benson, Fear
Robinson, Elizabeth Gifford
Executor: son Peter
Witnesses: Nathaniel Potter, Hazel
Ransom, Jacob G. Van Schaick

GILLES, James of Argyle
Dated July 13, 1798
Probated Oct. 11, 1800
Wife: not named
Daughters: Isabel, Nancy
Sons: John, Archibald, James,
Executors: sons Archibald, James
Witnesses: Ebenezer Clark, Duncan
Grilerift, Ebenezer Crown

McCLEE, Hugh of Argyle, blacksmith
Dated Sept. 12, 1800
Probated Oct. 13, 1800
Brother: Charles McClee
Executrix: wife
Witnesses: James Biggs, Mary Biggs
signed "X", Alexander Cowan

FOSTER, Jonathan of Argyle
Dated Feb. 23, 1798
Probated Apr. 16, 1801
Wife: Sarah
Sons: Allen, Amos, Salmon
Daughters: Hannah Willett, Nancy
Foster, Experience Foster, Susannah
Executor: son Allen
Witnesses: Robert Kinyon, Thomas
Huntington, Jenckes Perkins

DUEL, Gideon of Cambridge
Dated Dec. 13, 1800
Probated May 18, 1801
Wife: Mary
Children: John, Job, Ira, Peter, Zina
Allen, Eles, Rhalea, Edith
Executrix: Wife
Executor: son Job
Witnesses: Benjamin Duel, Cornelius
Duel, Joseph Wells, Jr.

WHITE, Susanna of Easton
Dated Aug. 18, 1800
Probated May 7, 1801
Grandson: Gamall Smith
Granddaughter: Phebe Smith
Executors: Calvin Skinner, Mary
Skinner, signed "X"
Witnesses: Nathan Skinner, John
Skinner, Joseph Howland

TIFFANY, Benjamin of Cambridge
Dated Apr. 11, 1801
Probated June 27, 1801
Daughter: Mary, wife of Ebenezer Write
Wife: Mary
Sons: Stephen, Henry, Benjamin
Executrix: wife
Executor: son Benjamin
Witnesses: Thomas Tillinghast, Abiel
Moser, Sarah Wright

HARKNESS, William of Salem
Dated June 15, 1801
Probated June 29, 1801
Wife: Isabel
Children: Elizabeth, William, Daniel,
Anna, Isabella, Polly, David, Louisa,
Executrix: wife
Executors: Abner Stone, Daniel Gray
Witnesses: John Warford, Josiah
Graves, Palmer Cleveland

DONALDSON, James of Hebron
Dated Aug. 2, 1798
Probated Sept. 3, 1801
Wife: Anna
Sons: Boyd Hopkins, John
Daughter: Sarah, wife of James Wilson
Executrix: wife
Executor: Alexander Webster
Witnesses: George Webster, Jane
Webster, John Claugh

POWERS, John of Cambridge
Dated June 6, 1801
Probated Nov. 2, 1801
Wife: Sibbel
Children: John, Peter, Benjamin,
Grandchildren: John, William, Sarah,
heirs to Joseph Powers, late of
Executors: John Powers, Lemuel Bowin
Witnesses: Isaac Perine, Jaques
Johnson, Asaph Blanchard, signed "X"

KINNE, Denison of Westfield
Dated Apr. 21, 1801
Probated Nov. 7, 1801
Wife: Louis
Eldest daughter: Patty
2nd daughter: Polly
Youngest daughter: Eunice
Son: Ezra
Executrix: wife
Executor: Reuben Baker
Witnesses: Shubel Mason, Ebenezer
Martin, Bethany Martin

HOY, Agnes of Salem
Dated Jan. 13, 1802
Probated Feb. 8, 1802
Brothers: James Gibson, Thomas
Gibson, Richard Gibson
Sister: Elizabeth McMichel
Aunt: Isabel Nelson
Jean, wife of Richard Hoy
Agnes McMichel alias Agnes Hoy
Executors: Thomas Barber, Abner
Carswell, James Tomb
Witnesses: John McAllester, Alexander
Reed, James Shields, signed "X"

LAPHAM, Stephen of Queensbury
Dated Jan. 9, 1802
Probated Mar. 3, 1802
Wife: Rachel
Children: Mary Folger, Hephzibah
Tucker, Anna Tucker, Phebe, Rositta
Lydia, Benjamin, Ruth, Rachel,
Clanenda, Stephen, Jonathan, George
Executrix: wife
Witnesses: George Southwich, William
Robards, Jr., James Wood

Bally, James of Argyle
Dated Dec. 20, 1791
Probated Apr. 15, 1802
Wife: Cathrine
Son: John
Daughter: Elizabeth McDougal
Executors: son John, son-in-law John
McDougal, Ebenezer Clark
Witnesses: Neil McEachron, Alexander
McNeil, George Mairs

Maynard, Gardner of Hartford
Dated Oct. 10, 1801
Probated Apr. 16, 1802
Wife: Phebe
Sons: Horace, Ethel (this name is
correct), Ulnice (Ulric)
Daughters: Anna, Sally
Executrix: wife
Executors: Daniel Mason, Caleb Brown
Witnesses: Abigail Brown, Wait
Doolittle, Josiah Corbet, Lydia Corbet

WHEDON, David of Hebron
Dated Aug. 28, 1797
Probated Apr. 22, 1802
Wife: Zillah
Sons: Edmond, Ansel, David
Daughters: Sarai, Lorene, Polly
Executrix: wife
Executor: son David
Witnesses: David Hopkins, John Ray,
David Hopkins, Jr.

KILLMER, George of Argyle
Dated Feb. 1, 1802
Probated May 1, 1802
Wife: Mary Killmore
Grandson: George, son of Simon
Children: Simon, Adam, Elizabeth,
Mary, Henry
Executors: Samuel Humphry, John
Witnesses: Daniel Reed, Daniel Rankin
John Critchet

TRIPP, William of Queensbury, yeoman
Dated Mar. 2, 1799
Probated May 19, 1802
Sons: Jonathan, James, Thomas
Executrix: wife Lois
Executor: George Southwich
Witnesses: David Ferris, Ratchel Ferris,
Phebe Ferris

SMITH, Thomas of Cambridge
Dated Mar. 31, 1801
Probated June 7, 1802
Wife: Rebekah
Sons: Joseph, Howland
Daughters: Dinah Howland, Deborah
Smith, Hannah Smith
Executrix: wife
Executors: sons Joseph, Howland
Witnesses: Hemen Swift, Eben
Howland, George Bowen

ALLEN, Elisha of Cambridge
Dated Sept. 29, 1801
Probated June 10, 1802
Wife: Elizabeth
Sons: John, Laban, Gideon
Philip, Gideon Daughters: Mary Adre, Lydia Waite
Hannah, Amie
Granddaughter: Mehitable Smith
Grandson: Allen Gilbert
Executrix: wife
Executor: Benjamin Duel
Witnesses: Josiah Gilbert, Abraham
Pratt, Darias Pratt

HAY, John of Cambridge
Dated July 10, 1797
Probated June 11, 1802
Wife: Sarah
Children: Not named
Executors: William McAuley, James
Witnesses: Nathan Culver, George
Robinson, "X", Matthew Lyne

PRATT, Abraham of Cambridge
Dated July 5, 1802
Probated July 22, 1802
Daughters: Deborah Ward, Mary
Carlile, Ruth Allen, Huldey
Sons: Micah, Jacob, Abraham
Mezahem, Hiram, Darias, John
Executors: David Thomas, son Hiram,
Benjamin Deuel
Witnesses: Asahel Morris, Daniel
Macomber, Ethan A. Baily

SANFORD, Zachariah of Queensbury
Dated July 23, 1802
Probated Aug. 26, 1802
Wife: Ratchel
Daughter: Mary McDonal
Grandson: William McDonal
Sons: David, Benona, Stebins
Executor: son David
Witnesses: Benjamin Tibbits, William
Robards, Jr., Aaron Dennis

WHITEKER, Seth of Washington County
Dated: not dated
Probated Sept. 11, 1802
Sons: Seth, Daniel
Daughters: Anna, Abigail
Joseph Whiteker's children: Joseph,
Sirrel, Stephen, Huldah
Daughters: Elizabeth, Huldah (children
by 1st wife)
Executrix: wife Mary
Executor: Jonathan Mosher
Witnesses: Jonathan Mosher, Richard
Norton, Ebenezer Norton

HEATH, Joseph of Hartford
Dated Aug. 2, 1802
Probated Nov. 15, 1802
Wife: Sarah
Children: Winslow, Stephen, Timothy,
Joseph, Jacob, Jemima (w. of Andrew
Hall), Sarah (w. of John Austin),
Thankful (w. of Elisha Phelps), Jerusha
(w. of John Merann), Abigail (w. of
Daniel Allen), Simeon
Executor: William Livingston of Hebron
Witnesses: Joshua Lamb, Martin Lamb,
Joseph Deland

PROUDFIT, James of Salem
Dated Apr. 18, 1800
Probated Nov. 13, 1802
Wife: Mary
Daughter: Mary
Sons: William, Ebenezer, Alexander,
Daniel, Andrew, James, John
Nephew: Robert Proudfitt
Grandson: James, eldest son of my son
Ely Oswald
Executrix: wife
Executors: sons Alexander, Andrew,
Witnesses: Andrew Lytle, William Lytle

BARBER, Joseph of Argyle
Dated Dec. 20, 1802
Probated Dec. 23, 1802
Nephew: Joseph Lowdon
Wife: Elenor
Nephew: Robert Lowdon
Niece: Margaret Lowdon
Executors: Joseph Lowdon, Daniel
McConnelee, Neal McConnelee
Witnesses: Daniel McConnelee, Joseph
Lowdon, Neal McConnelee

GREENWAY, Philip of Easton
Dated Feb. 17, 1803
Probated Feb. 23, 1803
Wife: Tamsay
John Reubottom, Isaac D. Storms,
appointed to appraise the estate
Executors: William Read, Elijah Porter
Witnesses: Elijah Porter, Jonathan
Mosher, Thomas Pattison, Jr., Jno. H.
Brown, signed "X"

SHERMAN, Fortunatus of Cambridge
Dated Feb. 17, 1803
Probated Apr. 11, 1803
Grandson: Fortenatus Sherman
Granddaughter: Sarah Sherman
Sons: Amasa, Stephen
Daughters: Hannah, Rhoda Wells,
Sarah, Eunice Bishop and her dau.
Grandson: Fortunatus Berry
Granddaughter: Rhoda Norton
Executors: Lemuel Sherman, Bachelor
Sherman, N. Ariel Wells
Witnesses: James Stevenson
Alexander Marshall, William Liddle

BROWN, Valentine of Queensbury
Dated Oct. 22, 1802
Probated May 24, 1803
Sons: Schuyler, John, Richard
Wife: Margaret
Daughters: Anna, Phebe, Martha
Margaret, Elizabeth, Amy, Permelia
Executrix: wife
Executors: brother Silas, son Schuyler
Witnesses: Solomon Haight, George
Southwick, Lydia Southwick

MOONEY, Janet of Cambridge
Dated Sept. 15, 1802
Probated May 15, 1804
Son: John
Daughters: Jane (w. of Cornelius
Higens), Anna (w. of Isaac Wood)
Executors: two sons-in-law, two
Witnesses: Sarah Henry, Polly Gilmore
signed "X"

CROOKSHANK, James of Hebron
Dated Nov. 18, 1794
Probated Nov. 28, 1804
Wife: Mary
Sons: James, John, Hugh
Daughters: Martha (w. of Moses Cox),
Jane (w. of John Todd), Mary (w. of
John Mains)
Executrix: wife
Executor: son-in-law John Todd
Witnesses: Alexander Webster, John
Crookshank, Hugh Crookshank

SAYLES, Oziel of Cambridge
Dated July 6, 1804
Probated Dec. 15, 1804
Sons: Duty, Simon, Nathan, Charles
Daughter: Anna
Executors: sons Duty, Simon
Witnesses: Lemuel Bowen, Robert
Willcox, Ebenezer Dwinell