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1854-1856 Marriage Records
Marriages by Rev. G.H. Blakeslee
Methodist Episcopal Church
Town of Owego
Tioga County, New York

Marriages by Rev. G.H. Blakeslee

1854 Marriages

1855 Marriages

  • Jan. 1 Mr. Elston Holmes of Owego, N.Y. to Miss Chloe A. Newman of Warren Pa. 2.00
  • Jan. 13 Mr. Elias M. Courtright to Miss Mary E. Nichols, both of Tioga, N.Y. 2.00
  • Jan. 14 Mr. Charles Courtright to Miss Mary E. Nichols of Tioga. N.Y. 1.00
  • Jan. 31 Mr. Hamilton Courson to Miss Mary G. Goodale, both of Tioga, N.Y. 1.00
  • Feb. 8 Mr. Edward P. Herrick of Candor to Miss Caroline Carpenter of Berkshire, N.Y. 3.00
  • Feb. 16 Mr. Barnard __an to Miss Adelia M. Hand, botoh of Windham, Pa. 2.00
  • Feb. 19 Mr. Lorenzo D. Hathaway of Boston, Erie Co., N.Y. to Miss Emeline Billings of Owego, N.Y. 5.00
  • March 8 Mr. Oscar Howes to Miss Rebecca Ryan both of Owego, N.Y. 2.00
  • March 17 Mr. Hiram D. Shaw of Owego, N.Y. to Miss Amanda Boynton of Schoharie, N.Y. 2.50
  • March 19 Mr. Jonathan M. Smith of Owego to Miss Betsey H. Sleeper of Warren Pa. 2.00
  • May 1 Mr. William H. Dunn of Portland, Me. to Miss Sarah M. Cooper of Tioga N.Y. 3.00
  • May 10 Mr. Charles Billings of Little Meadows Pa. to Miss Mary J. Corbin of Owego, N.Y. 2.50
  • May 22 Mr. Joseph Dunn of Portland Me. to Miss Caroline Lyon of Warren Pa. 3.00
  • June 6 Mr. James T. Elsbee, of Windham Pa. to Miss Caroline Lyon, of Warren Pa. 3.00
  • June 6 Mr. Peter N. Mackey to Miss Annett E. Rogers, both of Warren, Pa. 3.00
  • July 25 Mr. J.W. Webb, of Hancock, N.Y. to Miss C.P. Keeney of Painted Post, N.Y. 2.50
  • Aug. 1 Mr. Thomas Lloyd of Muncy, Pa. to Miss Amelia Green of Owego, N.Y. 5.00
  • Aug. 18 Mr. H.E. Pierosn to Mrs. E.A. Benjamin, both of Owego, N.Y. 2.00
  • Sept. 4 Mr. John B. Searles to Miss Martha J. Shelden, both of Owego, N.Y. 1.00
  • Sep. 10 Mr. Geo. Riley of Maine, N.Y. to Miss Lucy A. Bichuell of Owego, N.Y. 2.00
  • Sep. 13 Rev. J.S. Griffins of Lawrenceville Kansas Territory to Miss J. Augusta Goodrich of Owego, N.Y. 3.00
  • Sep. 22 Mr. Geo. Thompson to Miss Mary J. Steward both of Owego, N.Y. 2.00
  • Oct. 10 Mr. William Leonard to Miss Jane Harkness, both of Springfield, Pa. 2.00
  • Oct. 31 Mr. E.G. Nichols to Miss M.L. Frost, both of Rome, Pa. 2.00
  • Oct. 25 Mr. Charles A. Bunell to Miss Nancy A. Everett, both of Berkshire, N.Y. 1.00
  • Nov. 21 Mr. Oscar F. Saunders to Miss H. Albertine Patch, both of Owego 5.00
  • Nov. 1 Mr. Jacob C. Evans, of Jamesburgh, N.Y. to Miss Rachel M. Segar of Newburgh, N.Y. 2.00
  • Nov. 28 Mr. Wm. C. Bangs of Candor, N.Y. to Miss Huldah Bichnell of Owego, N.Y. 2.00
  • Dec. 31 Mr. Martin V. Lewis, to Miss Elen C. Stevens, both of Tioga N.Y. 1.00

  • 1856 Marriages

  • Feb. 2 Mr. Ira Timer of Newark, N.Y. to Miss Mary Holmes, of Owego, N.Y. 2.00
  • Feb. 20 Mr. Geo. Moor of Nichols, N.Y. to Miss Ann Dunham of Windham, Pa. 2.00
  • Feb. 26 Mr. Wm. G. Snow to Miss Phebe E. Gilkey, both of Ithaca, N.Y. 2.00
  • March 23 Mr. James T. Smith to Miss Maria A. Courtright, both of Tioga, N.Y. 3.00
  • March 23 Mr. Henry P. Crane to Miss Deborah Faulkner, both of Owego, N.Y. 2.00
  • March 28 Mr. Geo. C. Parmenter, both of Owego, N.Y. to Miss Helen Deuel of Tioga, N.Y. 5.00
  • July 11 Mr. Charles Perry of Owego, N.Y. to Miss Phebe A. Buffington of Warren, Pa. 3.00