New Horizons Genealogy

"Specializing in New England and New York Colonial American Ancestry"

1803 - 1820 Baptism Records
First Congregational Church
Town of Newark Valley
Tioga County, New York

Nov. 20, 1803 ADSEL, Sarah and James, child of Jesse Gleazen
Aug. 1804 BAILEY, Edwin, son of Levi
Nov. 27, 1808 BAILEY, Orin Mastin, son of Levi
July 17, 1819 BALL, Abagaie, Plowden, Holsey, Marjory and Emmett, children of Isaac and Cassandra
Jan. 2, 1820 BALL, Electa
Dec. 24, 1820 BALL, John, infant child of Mr. Isaac
July 17, 1819 BALL, Mrs. Cassandra
Oct. 3, 1819 BALL, Mrs. Polly, wife of Stephen
Oct. 3, 1819 BALL, Olive, Harriet, Eliza Ann, Richard Leonard, James Ward, Caroline, Levi, Anson and Ara, children of Stephen and Polly
June 31, 1805 BELCHER, Aaron, son of Elijah
Apr. 2, 1820 BELCHER, Frederic
June 13, 1813 BELCHER, Hannah Burbank, dau of Elijah
Apr. 2, 1820 BELCHER, Maria
May 1, 1811 BELCHER, Rhoda, adopted dau of Elijah
Apr. 7, 1816 BEMENT, Mr. William
Nov. 1, 1820 BESSEN?, Joann Frandes, Calista Maria, Henry William and Esther Belcher, children of John and Lucy
Nov. 1, 1820 BESSEN?, Lucy, wife of John
Oct. 27, 1808 BRAINARD, Edwin, son of Orplia
July 26, 1818 BRAINARD, Jared, Louis, Nash and William Henry, children of Mrs. Orpla
Apr. 2, 1820 BROWN, Betsey, Sally and Mary, daus. of Thomas and Polly
Jan. 2, 1820 BROWN, Beulah, 2nd
Apr. 2, 1820 BROWN, Rebekah
Aug. 2, 1812 EDWARDS, Mary, Timothy Edward, Edwin, Henry, Alexander Hamilton and Charles, children of Edward
May 19, 1811 EDWARDS, Mathias Ogden, Lucy, Cornelia, Jonathan, Timothy, Richard, Rhoda Ogden, Sarah, Eliza and Joseph Woodbridge, children of Jonathan
May 31, 1818 FERGUSON, Rodney Gates, son of Mrs. Hannah
June 14, 1812 FORD, Catherine, dau of Nathaniel
Jan. 3, 1808 FORD, James Hobart, son of Nathaniel
Feb. 23, 1806 FORD, Lucinda, dau of Nathaniel
Nov. 1803 FORD, Rachel, dau of Nathaniel
Nov. 20, 1803 FREEMAN, Barney
Aug. 31, 1817 GARDNER, Achsah, Miriam, John Gastin and Lucy Butler, children of Widow Polly
Sept. 2, 1810 GLEAZEN, Betsy Ruth, dau of Jesse
May 30, 1813 GLEAZEN, Hildah Ann, dau of Jesse
Apr. 4, 1804 GLEAZEN, Mercy, dau of Jesse
Apr. 2, 1820 GOODAH, Frances B., child of Chester and Sally
Jan. 2, 1820 GRIFFING, Anna, wife of Henry
Jan. 2, 1820 GRIFFING, Julia, George, Franklin and Amanda Leonard, children of Henry
Oct. 26, 1806 HAMMON, Abby, dau of Jermime
Sept. 11, 1808 HAMMON, Jerusia, dau of Jemime
Jan. 2, 1820 HITCHKOCK, Chauncey B., Horatio, Juliaett and Charlotte, children of Isaac
Jan. 2, 1820 HITCHKOCK, Isaac and wife Nancy
Feb. 14, 1810 HOSFORD, Charles, Eunice Williams, Mary, Abigail and Franklin, children of Mary
Nov. 1, 1820 HOVEY, Lucinda, wife of David, died July 29, 1825
Nov. 1, 1820 HOVEY, Nathan, David, Charlotte, Chester, Henry and Mary, children of David and Lucinda
Sept. 28, 1809 HUTCHINSON, William and Orin, sons of Abigail
Apr. 7, 1816 JOHNSON, Miss Sally
Jan. 2, 1820 LEONARD, Amanda
Oct. 3, 1819 LEONARD, Jane, Theodore, Frederic, William and Mary, children of Solomon and Nancy
July 3, 1820 LEONARD, Joseph Waldo, son of Solomon and Nancy
Jan. 2, 1820 LIVERMORE, Mary, wife of Roswell
Jan. 2, 1820 LIVERMORE, Oter W., child of Norwell
Oct. 5, 1817 MANNING, Harriet, adopted dau of Mrs. Esther
Jan. 2, 1820 MUSSY, Lucy
July 3, 1820 NEWEL, Dennis, child of Hart and M.
Nov. 1, 1820 OLNEY, Franklin, child of Samuel and Caroline
July 6, 1817 OLNEY, Sally Louise, dau of Mrs. Caroline
Sept. 5, 1811 OSBORN, Chancey, son of Jeremiah
Nov. 27, 1808 OSBORN, Hezekiah Woodruff, son of Jeremiah
Mar. 10, 1816 OSBORN, Sally Alden, dau of Jeremiah and Susan S.
July 4, 1813 OSBORN, Susanna, dau of Jeremiah
Nov. 1, 1820 PERKINS, Joseph H., child of Mr.
Dec. 24, 1820 PIERCE, Julia, infant child of Deacon Ebenezer
Jan. 2, 1820 PRENTICE, George Belcher and Frederic William, sons of Joseph
Apr. 2, 1820 RICH, Caroline, wife of Ezekiel
Apr. 5, 1812 RICH, Hannah, wife of David
Apr. 3, 1820 RICH, Mary Ann, Chauncey, Lervy, Angeline E. and Lucien D., children of Ezekiel and Caroline
Oct. 6, 1812 RICH, Repina, David, Almira, Laura and Ramson, children of David
Nov. 1, 1820 ROBBINS, Ebenezer, Jr.
Jan. 1, 1815 ROOT, Nancy, dau of Sarah
Sept. 5, 1813 ROOT, Sabrina Hannah, dau of Sarah
Apr. 2, 1820 SIKES, Ruth, wife of George W.
Jan. 2, 1820 SIMONDS, Katherine
July 3, 1820 SLOSSON, William, Franklin and Samantha, children of Esbon and Electa
Jan. 2, 1820 SMITH, Clarissa
Jan. 2, 1820 SMITH, Eunice
Oct. 3, 1819 SPAULDING, Milton H., child of Moses and Eunice
Oct. 3, 1819 SPAULDING, Mrs. Eunice, wife of Moses
July 3, 1820 SPAULDING, Nancy Johnson, child of Moses and E.
Aug. 2, 1818 STANLEY, Chauncey, son of Mrs. Susanna
Mar. 17, 1813 STANLEY, Lucy and Lovina, children of Susanna
Jan. 4, 1815 STANLEY, Mary, dau of Susanna
July 3, 1820 STEDMAN, Almira, Eliza, John C., Sally, Mary Silver and Anna, children of John
Jan. 2, 1820 TORREY, Delia, dau of Samuel
Mar. 11, 1818 TORREY, Julia, dau of Mrs. Sally
Nov. 1, 1820 WALDO, Abigail, child of Lyman and Esther
Oct. 1, 1815 WALDO, Albert, son of Mrs. Betsey
July 6, 1817 WALDO, George, son of Mr. Lyman
Apr. 5, 1812 WALDO, Lyman, son of Betty
Oct. 3, 1819 WALDO, Martin Bliss and Margaret, children of Joseph and Mary
Nov. 27, 1808 WALDO, Mrs. Betsey
Aug. 31, 1817 WELLS, Caroline, dau of Mrs. Mary
Oct. 3, 1819 WELLS, Harriet, son of Lucius and Mary
July 6, 1817 WELLS, Mary, wife of Mr. Lucius
Nov. 1, 1820 WHIPPLE, Martha Putman, child of Duick
Nov. 1, 1820 WILLIAMS, Cynthia Maria, Albert Alonzo, Esther Maranda and Augusta M., children of Oliver and Freelove
July 3, 1820 WILLIAMS, Emeline, Eliza Ann, Almeron, Juliett, William T. and Mercus Horatio W., children of Enoch S. and Rachel Williams
Nov. 1, 1820 WILLIAMS, Freelove, wife of Oliver
July 3, 1820 WILLIAMS, Rachel
July 3, 1820 WILSON, Elijah, Susan and Charles F., children of Elisha and Electa
July 3, 1820 WILSON, Elisha
June 16, 1816 WILSON, Mary Elizabeth, dau of Peter and Ludia
Jan. 7, 1816 WILSON, Mr. Peter and his children Phebe, Eliza, Abby, Laura and William