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New York County New York Obituaries Extracted From The New York Times, New York, NY, 1852

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1852 Obituaries from The New York Times in New York, New York County New York.

DORR, John Obituary, Nov. 18, 1852

Fatal Casualty — Coroner Morse held an inquest at Buffalo upon the body of John Dorr, a lad fourteen years old, who came to his death under the following circumstances. The deceased resided with his parents on Pratt street, and about two o'clock in the afternoon returned home, having been sent out to purchase some articles of grocery. His sister, a few years older than himself, was then at home, the remainder of the family being absent. He had not been in the house more than two minutes, and had just taken his seat by the stove in the kitchen, to dry and warm himself, when the entire building fell with a fearful crash. The girl, who was standing near the door, escaped, she scarcely knew how; but the unfortunate lad was buried in the ruins. A number of persons were immediately on the spot, and every effort was made to rescue the boy. He was taken out in a few minutes but was quite dead, his neck having been broken. The house was built of brick, one and half stories high, but constructed in a very insecure manner, not having a single tie across, and being thus liable to spread out and fall at any moment. A verdict of accidental death was returned. [The New York Times, New York, NY - November 18, 1852.]

HALL, Frederick A. Obituary, June 9, 1852

Death of a Son of Postmaster-General Hall
Boston, Tues., Jun. 8 — Frederick A. Hall, son of the Postmaster-General, died at Andover Academy, of which he was a student, yesterday. Mrs. Hall was present with her son at the time of his death, but his father, who had been sent for, did not arrive until afterwards. Mr. and Mrs. Hall passed through this city this morning, with the body of their son en route for Buffalo. Albany, Tues., Jun. 8 — Postmaster General Hall and Lady, arrived here from the East, with the remains of their son, who died at Andover, yesterday. They left this morning for Buffalo. [The New York Times, New York, NY - June 9, 1852.]

TIFFANY, L.T. Obituary, Feb. 12, 1852

Death of Alderman Tiffany, of Buffalo
Buffalo, Wednesday, Feb.11 — L. T. Tiffany, President of the Pratt Bank, and Alderman of the city, died this morning from the effect of injuries sustained by falling on a slippery sidewalk. He was about 40 years of age and would have been the Whig candidate for Mayor at the coming election.The weather here is mild as spring. [The New York Times, New York, NY - Thursday, February 12, 1852.]