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Wick Cemetery
Town of Palatine
Montgomery County, New York

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Wick Cemetery is located on Stone Arabia Rd. east of Rt. 10 on the south side of rd. just south of house recently owned by Paul Oare. Map of 1868 says B.B. Wick. This cemetery is completely gone and the land is plowed over. In 1921, it was a pasture, unfenced with only three stones standing.

An older record exists in the Fonda Archives prepared in 1921 by Leland Rickard - Meyer. It covers those cemeteries in the East Stone Arabia, also some of those near the churches. The inscriptions are more complete than those in Greene's List and each list is followed by a map showing the location of the numbered names. In some cases, dates differ, particularly those involving 1 - 4 - 9.

In this listing, the first date indicated will be from Greene's list with that from L. Meyer's following immediately as: 1819 / 1849. Probably the stones were more readable in 1921. When more names are included in the earlier list, it will be so indicated and the extra ones listed following Greene's.

Wick Cemetery Burials

Note: Leland Rickard-Meyer was the son of Rev. Meyer, who served the Salem Evangelical Church, and Catherine Rickard of East Stone Arabia. He became a school teacher and principal. His home was in Spring Valley. He never married and this project was carried out after his retirement.