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Caughnawaga Castle Cemetery
Town of Mohawk
Montgomery County, New York

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Caughnawaga Castle Cemetery is located in the Town of Mohawk, Montgomery County, New York.

Caughnawaga Castle Cemetery Burials

GRASSMANN, Thomas (Rev.), born Dec. 18, 1890, died Oct. 1, 1970, Franciscan Priest, historian, and archeologist. Auther of "The Mohawk Indiand and Their Valley." Discoverer of the Mohawk American Indian Village of Cauhnawaga.

ZIEGLER, Luke, MA (Rev.), born Dec. 26, 1910, died Oct. 11, 1971, Conventional Franciscan Priest, Missionary, Teacher of English, Major - US Army. Pastor of the Sacred Heart Church of Tribes Hill, N.Y.

McGETTIGAN, Manus (Rev.), born Feb. 12, 1913, died Oct. 12, 1971, Conventional Franciscan Priest, historian, teacher, and Missionary. Major, US Army Researve. First successor to Father Grassmann.