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Pastors Of The Church
Reformed Dutch Church
Town of Prattsville
Greene County New York

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LABAGH, Peter, 1798 to 1803.

SCHERMERHORN, Cornelius D., Oct. 5, 1803 to Nov. 27, 1809. Called by the congregations of Schoharie Kill and Blenheim, May, 1802; accepted call Sept. 1802; ordained and installed, Oct. 5, 1803; dismissed from Schoharie Kill District, Nov. 27, 1809.

PAIGE, Winslow, Supply, July 23, 1810 and July 20, 1811.

LABAGH, Isaac, Supply, Oct. 7, 1810.

SCHERMERHORN, Cornelius D.4, Stated Supply, July 26, 1812 to Jan. 30, 1814. Mr. Schermerhorn was pastor at Dyse's Manor (Gilboa) from Oct. 5, 1803 to Jan. 1, 1814.

DEVOE, David, Stated Supply, May 21, 1815 to July 14, 1815. Mr. Devoe was pastor at Beaverdam (Berns (?), Albany Co.) and Middleburgh. On May 28, 1816 his dismission from Beaverdam was approved; and on July 9, 1816, his dismission from Middleburgh was approved; he remained at Middleburgh until Sept. 17, 1816. For the period from May 30, 1815 to May 29, 1816, the minutes of the Classis of Montgomery show that Rev. Abr. Van Horne and the candidate John F. Schermerhorn were assigned to supply Schoharie Kill; but I consider Mr. Devoe's handwriting in the record of baptisms and in the minutes to be indisputable evidence that he supplied Schoharie Kill from Apr. 14 to Sept. 19, 1819; perhaps also in 1818. He was called by the United Congregation of Schoharie Kill, Dyse's Manor (Gilboa) and Blenheim and took charge of these congregations on Apr. 1, 1820; his call was approved on May 9, 1820 and Rev. John F. Schermerhorn was directed to install him. He was dismissed from Blenheim, Apr. 21, 1830, but remained pastor at Gilboa until Mar. 15, 1838, the date of his death.

STIMSON, Henry B. (or Stimpson), Jan. 1, 1829 to Oct. 13, 1832. His call was made out Dec. 13, 1828. At a meeting of the Classis of Schoharie on Apr. 15, 1829, the Elder from Windham requested the examination of the documents of Rev. H. S. Stimpson. On May 12, the Classis met at Windham; Mr. Stimpson was received from the Presbytery of Columbia and accepted the call; on July 7, 18295, he was installed, Rev. Winslow Paige preaching the sermon. On Oct. 13, 1832, the Consistory acted to dissolve the pastoral relation; confirmed by the Classis, Oct. 17, 1832.

VAN DYKE, Hamilton, Sept. 1, 1833 to Apr. 26, 1836, the date of his death. On Oct. 16, 1833, he was received by the Classis of Schoharie from the German Reformed Church of Pennsylvania. He was installed as pastor on that day. During his pastorate, the second church edifice was built.

GREGORY, Thomas B., July 28, 1836 to July 27, 1841. On Oct. 4, 1836, the Classis of Greene approved a call on him; he was received from the Presbytery of Onondaga and accepted the call; to be installed the next day. The pastoral relation was dissolved by Classis on July 27, 1841. The date that the Consistory acted has not been ascertained. Mr. Gregory's last official act in the church record was to record a death on Apr. 16, 1841.

DE PUY, Ephraim, Sept. 21, 1841 to Apr. 24, 1846. On July 27, 1841, Candidate Ephraim De Puy was received from the Classis of New Brunswick. His call from Prattsville was approved, which he accepted. He passed his final examinations on that day. He was ordained and installed at Prattsville, on Sept. 21. The Consistory acted to dissolve the pastoral relation on Apr. 24, 1846; approved, June 2, 1846.

WYCKOFF, Abraham V., Nov. 17, 1846 to Sept. 21, 1851. On Nov. 10, 1846, Candidate A. V. Wyckoff was received from the Classis of New Brunswick; a call on him from Prattsville was approved, which he accepted; he passed his final examinations; his ordination and installation was set for Nov. 17. On Oct. 8, 1851, Rev. A. V. Wyckoff was dismissed from the Classis of Greene. The date of dissolution of the pastoral relation has not been ascertained; see note on page xix.

HAMMOND, Eben S., June 22, 1852 to July 29, 1854. On June 22, 1852, he was received from the Classis of Schoharie. A call on him from Prattsville was approved; he accepted it and was installed on that day. The pastoral relation was dissolved Sept. 14, 1854; Consistory acted July 29, 1854.

JOHNS, William, Jan. 1, 1855 to Jan. 10, 1860. The Classis of Greene met at Prattsville, Mar. 13, 1855. Rev. William Johns was received from the Presbytery of Genesee; sustained examination; called by Prattsville and accepted; installed pastor that day. On Jan. 2, 1860, he asked to have the pastoral relation dissolved; Rev. W. E. Turner moderated the dissolution on Jan. 10, 18606; approved by Classis, on Apr. 17.

GILBERT, Archibald F., Jan. 15, 1861 to June 16, 1866, the date of his death. On Sept. 18, 1860, a call from Prattsville on the Licentiate A. F. Gilbert was approved; and he accepted it. On Jan. 14, 1851 he was received by Classis from the Franklin Association of Massachusetts; he was ordained and installed pastor the next day. On June 21, 1866, the Classis passed resolutions concerning his death. His earnest and devoted ministry at Prattsville was crowned with abundant success.

DUSENBERRE, Thomas S.7, Jan. 1, 1867 to Jan. 5, 1870. His call was moderated Nov. 24, 1866. On Jan. 6, the dissolution of the pastoral relation was moderated, effective from date.

CARR, William H., Oct. 23, 1870 to Jan. 1, 1875.

GARRETSON, James C.8, Jan. 1, 1875 to Aug. 1, 1877; installed in May, 1875. The Consistory met to accept his resignation on July 16, 1877. The application to dissolve the pastoral relation was not moderated until Oct. 29, 1877.

SEBRING, Elbert Nevius, Dec. 1, 1877 to July 4, 1880. He was called in Oct., 1877; elected President pro-tem of the Consistory, Dec. 1, 1877. The call was renewed and moderated by Rev. E. Cornet, on May 20, 1878. The delay about the call was caused by the Prattsville church changing membership from the Classis of Greene to the Classis of Schoharie. Mr. Sebring was finally installed June 19, 1878. A joint application to dissolve the pastoral relation was moderated July 1, 1880.

NICKERSON, Norman F., Apr. (?) 1881 to Jan. 1, 1885. He was called Jan. 29, 1881; his first official act was to record a marriage on Apr. 12, 1881. The church was closed during May and June for repairs. Rev. Mr. Nickerson was not installed until the second Wed. in Nov.

WILSON, Frederick Frelinghuysen, Stated Supply, May 3, 1885 to early in 1886; see his marriage and death records, pages 71 and 84. The minutes of the Consistory contain no information.

RUHL, Frederick William, June 3, 1889 to Apr. 4, 1891. Installed, Oct. 1, 1889. According to the church record, his last pastoral act was performed Apr. 4, 1891. The minutes of the Consistory contain no information.

This list is compiled from the only official sources of information: The Gilboa and Prattsville church records and the minutes of the Classis of Montgomery, Schoharie and Greene.

4See note on page 15; further verification desirable.

5See page 29; the minutes of the Classis give the date July 8, 1829.

6The minutes of the Classis state that the Consistory acted Jan. 9.

7My abstract of the minutes of the Classis of Greene practically closes on June 21, 1866; see note on page xxiii.

8See page 101.