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Pastors Of The
First Presbyterian Church
Town of Durham
Greene County New York

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The dates that follow the pastors' names cover the periods that they served the church. The list covers only the period for which the church records have been transcribed.

TOWNSEND, Jesse, June 21, 1798 to Nov. 1, 1809. Elder J. G. Borthwick says, "Mr. Townsend came in Nov. 1797"; see page 40. Installed and dismissed on the dates as shown above. From Durham, Mr. Townsend went to Madison, Madison County, where he was installed in Feb., 1811.

WILLISTON, Seth, July 4, 1810 to Nov. 6, 1828. Installed, July 4, 1810. On Nov. 6, 1828, it was resolved that the church and pastor unite in a request to call a meeting of the Presbytery to dissolve the pastoral relation. The date of dissolution was probably the 4th Tues. in Dec. Mr. Williston probably retired and continued to reside in Durham, for a time. He served on a committee that was appointed Jan. 22, 1829; see page 61. On Nov. 2, 1832: "Voted, that the contribution next Lord's day, on the Sacramental occasion, be given to Rev. Seth Williston, to compensate him in part, for ministerial labor, at the County poor house, the present season."

CLARK, Elam, 1829 (?). See page 61; and Beers History of Greene County, page 279.

CONE, Jonathan, June 16, 1830 to Sept. 16, 1846. On Mar. 18, 1830, he was unanimously elected pastor; elected Moderator, Apr. 30. On Aug. 31, 1846, the congregation resolved to ask for a dissolution, the pastoral relation was dissolved on Sept. 16, 1846. See page 68.

EVANS, Charles, 1847. Stated Supply.

SMITH, Marcus, June 1, 1848 to end of June 1856. Stated Supply.