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1792 - 1803 Connunicants of the Presbyterian Church
City of Johnstown
Fulton County, New York

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Johnstown Nov. 29, 1791. The Church Session of Johnstown agreed that the following Rules be observed in admitting members to the Lords Supper.

1. That their external conduct should be unblamable before the World.

2. That they should give an account of Gods dealings wt their souls, and their views in desiring admission to this sacrament.

3. That they be acquainted with the truths taught in the Confn of Faith.

4. That they make an open declaration of their attachment to Christ and his Kingdom. Viz.

1. Do you believe the scriptures of the Old and New Testament to be the word of God, the only infallible rule of faith and practice?

2. Do you take the Father, Son and Spirit to be your God?

3. Do you believe Jesus Christ to be the Son of God and savior of the World?

4. Do you assent to the covenant of grace and acknowledge the obligations of your baptismal engagements?

5. Do you renounce your former sins?

6. Do you promise thru grace to live in the diligent practice of all the duties required in the gospel?

7. Do you profess an unfeigned resolution to submit yourself to the discipline and government of Christ's House as administered in this Church?

Feb. 5, 1792. The sacrament of the Lord's Supper was administered for the first time. The Revd Nathan Ker of Goshen assisting minister.

The following members after due examination were admitted.

Admitted Feb. 5, 1792
Admitted Sept. 30, 1792 - Revd John Lindsley assisting minister.
Admitted Apr. 14, 1793 - Revd Jno Lindsley Assisted.
Admitted Sept. 29, 1793
Admitted Apr. 13, 1794
Admitted Sept. 28, 1794
Apr. 1795
Sept. 1795
Apr. 1796
Sept. 25, 1796
May 6, 1797
Sept. 23, 1797
May 12, 1798
Sept. 29, 1798
Apr. 1799
Sept. 1799
Apr. 1800
Sept. 27, 1800
Apr. 1801 - Names crossed out
Sept. 27, 1801 - Names crossed out
Apr. 1801
Apr. 1, 1802
Sept. 1802
Mar. 30, 1803
Sept. 20, 1803

Those marked thus # New Communicants.

Note. Catharine Hosack was the first wife of the Rev. Simon Hosack; she is buried in the Colonial Cemetery; cf. p. 181.

Note. I assume no responsibility for the totals appearing from time to time in this list, as I have not counted the names.

Note. I assume no responsibility for the totals appearing from time to time in this list, as I have not counted the names.