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1805 Subscriptions
First Presbyterian Church
Town of Stamford
Delaware County New York

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Subscription List for the Salary of Rev. Stephen Fenn, 1805

We the subscribers do hereby voluntarily and of our own free will and accord covenant & agree to and with the Trustees of the Presbyterian Society in Harpersfield to pay unto them yearly and every year hereafter until we shall by sd Society in a legal and orderly manner exonerated and discharged therefrom, the sums as affixed to our respective names for the purpose of enabling said Trustees to pay to the Reverend Stephen Fenn his salary yearly and every year according to the tennor of the Covenant made with him at the time of his settlement in Harpersfield so long as he continues to be our minister. To the faithful performance of which we do by these presents severally bind and oblige ourselves, our subscriptions payable yearly on or before the first day of Jan. yearly. Witness our hands this third day of Dec. in the yr. of our Lord 1805; and it is a copy when they shall have signed this paper and have paid up the other subscription until the first day of Jan. 1806 and produce a receipt therefore from the Rev. Stephen Fenn, and lodged the receipt in the hands of the Treasurer of said Society, there to be entered of record, then they shall be discharged from all their other subscription of subscriptions for the annual support of Mr. Fenn and it is farther to be understood that the reason for making this subscription is on account of the deficiency in the amount of all other subscriptions to pay the Rev. Mr. Fenn his yearly salary, and farther that this subscription may be recorded in the Treasurers book: