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Delaware County New York Obituaries Extracted From The Delaware Gazette, Delhi, NY, 1890

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1890 Obituaries from The Delaware Gazette in Delhi, Delaware County, New York.

ARMSTRONG, William Obituary, Jan. 22, 1890

In this village, on Monday morning, January 20th, William Armstrong, a native of Scotland, aged 74 years. [Delaware Gazette (Delhi, NY), January 22, 1890, p.2.]

Blakely, David, Jr. Obituary, Jan. 1, 1890

David Blakely, Jr., of Davenport, died recently at the Middletown Insane Asylum. Mr. Blakely graduated at Union College and was admitted to the Bar. He took a great interest in educational matters, and for a time engaged in the work of teaching. Several years ago he was attacked with softening of the brain and had to be taken to the asylum where he remained until his death. [Delaware Gazette (Delhi, NY), January 1, 1890, p.3.]

CALHOUN, Henrietta Obituary, Jan. 1, 1890

On Christmas day, Mrs. Calhoun, aged about 42, widow of the late J. D. Calhoun, died of pneumonia at the residence of her mother, Mrs. Henry England, in this village. Her death on that day recalled to mind of all that on Christmas day, eleven years before, her husband dropped dead in the street from heart disease, leaving her a widow with two daughters, one of whom was then scarcely three months old.

Mrs. Calhoun at once devoted all her energies to do as best she could for the care and training of her girls, and succeeded not only in doing well for them but in winning the respect of all who observed her devotion. Her health had commenced to fail during the summer and an attack of pneumonia quickly proved fatal. On Sunday her funeral was held at St. John's church, of which she was a communicant. [Delaware Gazette (Delhi, NY), January 1, 1890, p.3.]

FLOWER, William Obituary, Jan. 1, 1890

The oldest resident of the village and of the town, died last Sunday morning at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. A. C. Edgerton, at the advanced age of 93 yrs. He was born in Massachusetts in February, 1797, and came to this town with his parents and resided for many years on a farm on Federal hill. He married a daughter of Samuel L. Judson, one of the original vestrymen of St. John's church, and afterwards moved to this village, where he has since resided. In 1831 and 1832 he was elected a trustee of this village, and at the time of his death was the oldest ex-trustee. On the formation of the old Phoenix fire company in 1832, he became a member thereof. For many years he was a prominent, zealous and faithful communicant of St. John's Protestant Episcopal church. [Delaware Gazette (Delhi, NY), January 1, 1890, p.3.]

JOHNSON, August Obituary, Jan. 22, 1890

In this village, on Tuesday morning, January 21st, August Johnson, in the 37th year of his age. Funeral services will be held at the 2d Presbyterian church on Friday. [Delaware Gazette (Delhi, NY), January 22, 1890, p.2.]

KEMP, George H. Obituary, Jan. 1, 1890

George H. Kemp, of West Meredith, son of the late David Kemp, died on Christmas morning, aged 33 years. Mr. Kemp had been a very healthy and vigorous young man until prostrated by a sunstroke last summer, since which time he had lingered along an invalid, but his death was sudden and unexpected to his friends at the last. He was highly esteemed by all his associates and the community in which he lived. [Delaware Gazette (Delhi, NY), January 1, 1890, p.3.]

McKENZIE, Mrs. William Obituary, Jan. 1, 1890

Mrs. McKenzie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Beman L Robinson on the Franklin road, died Saturday morning at their residence after a long and painful illness. Had she lived but a month more she would have been 25 years of age.

There is much in the case of the brief life of this worthy young woman that awakens the deepest sympathy. She has been the prey of an insidious and fatal disease for several years. For a long time there was but little suffering, and she doubtless was not aware of the seriousness of her illness. Sometime ago, when apparently in health, she became engaged to a worthy young man, but as time advanced her danger became more and more apparent, and everything that could be done to secure medical aid was done by hr parents. Last fall they took her to a hospital in N. Y. city, but the surgeons gave them no encouragement. Thanksgiving day there was a quiet wedding at the home of her parents when she and her affianced were married; and only a month after death called her away.

A long procession of neighbors who followed her remains on Monday to their resting place in Woodland cemetery told of the high esteem in which she was held by all who knew her. [Delaware Gazette (Delhi, NY), January 1, 1890, p.3.]

NORTON, Mrs. S. H. Obituary, Jan. 1, 1890

Mrs. S. H. Norton, widow of the late Rev. Mr. Norton, died Thursday morning at the residence of her son, Mr. F. L. Norton, of this village, aged 71. She had not been enjoying very good health for several years, and a stroke of paralysis quickly closed her earthly career. She was known by some of our residents while her husband was rector of the church in Unadilla, and here by many of the members of St. John's church who had become acquainted with her while spending part of her last years in the family of her son. Among these there will long remain the memory of one whose life was that of the real lady, the affectionate mother and the sincere Christian.

Her funeral was held in St. John's church Sunday afternoon and on Monday her remains were taken to Fredonia for interment in the family plot. They were accompanied by her sons, F. L. Norton, of this village, E. M. Norton of Andes, and her niece, Miss Steele, of Morris. Her brother, I. H. Howard, Esq, and niece Miss Jessie Matteson, of Brooklyn, Miss Augusta Steele, of Morris, and her son E. M. Norton, of Andes, came to Delhi to attend the funeral. [Delaware Gazette (Delhi, NY), January 1, 1890, p.3.]

THOMSON, Andrew Obituary, Jan. 8, 1890

In Bovina, January 4th, Andrew Thomson, aged about 45 years. Funeral at the house on Wednesday, 12 m. [Delaware Gazette (Delhi, NY), January 8, 1890, p.2.]