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Revolutionary Soldiers
Known To Have Died In
Cayuga County, New York

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ALLEN, PARLEY, wife of Catherine Terbush, born 1764, died Oct. 3, 1839 in Auburn, N. Y., married Aug. 27, 1789 at Pine Plains, Dutchess Co., N. Y., Pensioned Cay. Co. Nov. 29, 1832, 67yrs. for services in Conn. Continental "a-6-1943 Hartford Times", Rev. Solder who enlisted as substitute for his father, Samuel Allen, also again for Chester Ingalls. Probate Records. Pension W-17206. P. I. = pvt. Ct.

ASPINWALL, AARON, wife of Abigail Matthews, born Oct. 6, 1743 in Farmington, Conn., died May 1, 1834 in Genoa, N. Y., pensioned Cay. Co. Feb. 1, 1819 for services as pvt. Conn. Line 38 yrs., lived in Stillwater, subsequently moved to Genoa, N. Y. where he died. (Patriot Index).

AVERY, RICHARD, wife of Submit Marultee Ferguson in 1787, born in 1763 in Oblong, Mass., died May 4, 1834 in Mentz, N. Y., enlisted from Marlboro, Mass. as Fifer for 3 yrs. in Capt. Joseph Bates' Co. On Pension Roll Cay. Co. May 21, 1822 for services as Fifer, Mass. 72 yrs. Patriot Index. Lineage #40174.

BEERS, EZRA, wife of Beulah ____, died Mar. 14, 1837 in Aurelius (Probate Record), placed on pension Roll Cay. Co. Mar. 29, 1833 for service as Pvt. Conn. Continental 72 yrs., will made Jan. 3, 1833. Heirs: wife Beulah; Ezra Beers, Bristol, Ont. Co. and Charles Beers, Aurelius, N. Y.

BARRON, JOSEPH, wife of Magdaline Langdon, born 1763 in Bedford, N. H., died May 9, 1847 in Aurelius, N. Y., pensioned Cay. Co. May 11, 1819 for service in N. H. to Vt. to Mass. 71 yrs. Patriot Index.

BAYLES, DANIEL, wife of Margaret VanHyce, born Oct. 9, 1764, died 1830, served as pvt. in Middlesex Co. Militia, New Jersey (Patriot Index).

BEACH, ASA, born Aug. 1, 1758 in Waterbury, Conn., died Sept. 27, 1832 in Fleming (Prob. Record), married Elizabeth Benham in 1781 who died in 1834, served as pvt. in the 9th Co. Connecticut Troops, commanded by Capt. Peter Parritt(?)'s 7th Co. under Col. Charles Webb. Patriot Index. Lineage #114225.

BEAMON, GIDEON, born July 1, 1764, died Jan. 14, 1833 in Sterling, N. Y., married Dolly Wilder in 1786 who was born in 1768 and died in 1853, Pvt. 1779 Capt. Ephriam Hartwell's Co. of guards, pensioned 1831 for serving as pvt. Mass. State Troops. Patriot Index. Lineage #40023.

BENEDICT, MICHJAH, born Nov. 2, 1762, died July 25, 1833 in Auburn, N. Y., married Beiadema Austin on June 14, 1783 at Sheffield, Mass., pensioned Cay Co. as pvt. N. Y. Militia July 25, 1833 70 yrs. "Benedict Family" pg. 297.

BRANNON, ADAM, died Feb. 21, 1837 at Owasco, N. Y., placed Mar. 24, 1819 on Pension Roll, Cay. Co., N. Y. for service as Pvt. in New York Line, Pens. #S-44686., will probate June 21, 1837, no relatives.

BRISTOL, NATHANIEL, born 1755, died Dec. 9, 1842 in Brutus, N. Y., married Annie Stiles on Nov. 10, 1777 who died Jan. 3, 1802, placed on Pension Roll Cay. Co. May 1, 1833 for service as Pvt. Conn. Militia 78 yrs. Patriot Index. Lineage #96370.

BUEL, EPHRIAM, wife of Priscilla Holmes, born Aug. 21, 1742 in Hebron, Ct., died Jan. 4, 1820 in Cayuga Co., N. Y., married 1764, served scouting duty to defend the frontiers and commanded a company from Castleton, Vt., 1778, settled in Vt. 1770 and his son Israel who was born in 1771 was the first white child born in Castleton. Patriot Index. Lineage #38163.

CHENEY, JOSEPH, wife of Seelah Tyler, born Mar. 21, 1762 in Killingly, Conn., died 1830 in Auburn, N. Y., Rebecca received pension W-20847, pensioned Cay. Co. Apr. 20, 1819 68 yrs. Lineage #147846.

CLARK, JOHN, born 1740, died 1818 in Springport, N. Y., married Martha Wescott and Polly Robinson, served as pvt. under Captain Bouton and Schofield, Col. Crane's Regt. Patriot Index. Lineage #122764.

CLOSE, ELNATHAN, born Mar. 12, 1753, died in 1812/4, buried in Pine Hollow Cem. in Genoa, N.Y., married Mary moe who was born in 1768 and Margaret (Peggy Wood) on Feb. 24, 1789, Pvt. Capt. Abraham Mead's Co., Lt. Odle Close, 9th Regt. 4th Brigade Conn. Militia Second Detail. (From History of Town of Greenwich, Conn.: Children by 1st wife: Elnathan, born Mar. 3, 1783, died Feb. 10, 1819, married Deborah Ferris on Feb. 19, 1806. Children by 2nd wife: Allen, married ---- Johnson of Pine Hollow; Polly, married ---- Shank; Ruth, died young; Henry, born Dec. 10, 1795, died Oct. 31, 1875, married Samantha Dodge on Feb. 14, 1827; David/Daniel, died 1850, married Fanny Dodge, lived in Dryden; Rufus W., married Samanath ----, lived Moravia)

COUCH, DANIEL, born July 29, 1739 in Redding, Ct., died Apr. 8, 1818 in Milton, N. Y., married Sarah House, 1745-1821, served as pvt. in 10th Co. 5th Regt. Conn. Line. Patriot Index. Lineage #114857.

DEAN, WILLIAM W., died Mar. 15, 1845 in Genoa, N. Y., pensioned Cay. Co., N. Y. for service as Drummer, Age not given, Neis James Dean - Pension #S-12760.

DOTY, ISAAC, born Mar. 21, 1739, died 1814 in Scipio, N. H., married Elizabeth Blackman and Anna Parks, Pvt. Albany Co. Militia, Father of Reuben Doty. Patriot Index. Lineage #79128. Will prob. Nov. 26, 1842 (?).

EATON, ELIJAH, died Feb. 22, 1827 in Summerhill or Sempronius twp., age 81 yrs. 11 mos., buried in family plot, married Abigail ----, enlisted man in Line of Levies, Lt. Abraham TenEyck.

ELLIOTT, GEORGE, born 1758, died Nov. 7, 1838 in Scipio, N. Y., married Eleanor Bears Aug. 20, 1770, pensioned Cay. Co., N. Y. Aug. 20, 1832 for service as Sgt. Mass. Continental, age 74 yrs., Eleanor rec'd pension Feb. 14, 1840. Patriot Index.

FOOT, ISAAC, born Mar. 4, 1750 in Newtown, Conn., died June 28, 1823 in Aurora, married Ann ----, 1749-____, enlisted 1777 in Capt. Jonathan Brown's Co. Col. Lamb's Regt. N. Y. Line, Will prob. Oct. 3, 1825. Patriot Index. Lineage #113948.

GARRETT, FRANCES, died Feb. 14, 1846 in Scipio, N. Y., probate record filed Mch. 1846 Box 17, placed on pension roll in Cay. Co., N. Y. Feb. 20, 1834 - 71 yrs., for services as pvt. Penn. Militia S-16124.

HARKER, JOSEPH, born Sept. 28, 1743 in Sussex Co., N. J., died 1815 in Auburn, N. Y., married Mary Walling on 1770, 1745-1812, served 1776-79 as Lt. and Capt. N. J. Troops. Patriot Index. Lineage #107702.

HAKES, JAMES, born Mar. 25, 1752 in Stonington, Conn., died June 4, 1830 in Sempronius, N. Y., married Martha Adams on 1784, enlisted for 1 yr. Capt. Simeon Martin's Co. Lippett R. I. Regt. Patriot Index. Lineage #39258.

HEATH, BENJAMIN, died July 14, 1846 in Locke, buried Old Settlers Cem., married Dolly Heath (widow by Gen. Acct. office) and prob. ---- mentioned as wife in will, enlisted Sandisfield, Mass. for 6 mo. 173(?)1 or 2, was hired by one of the classes for raising the quota and at end of term was required to serve 3 mo. longer, served under Col. Tupper 10th Regt. Maj. Knapp -- service was guarding lines between West Point and N. Y., discharged after 9 mos. During service had small pox. 1835 N. Y. Roll, S-28761 $30 per annum from Mar. 4, 1831 - N. Y. Agency, Will prob. Feb. 13, 1847 - Box 17 (On lack of this card also is written:) Residing Stratford, N. H., served Penn. Cont. Line. pens. Jan. 20, 1819).

HUBBARD, ZADOX, born 1749 in Westfield, Mass., died 1827 in Aurora, N. Y., married Lois Pomeroy and Sally Sprague, responded to alarm 1780 as pvt. in Berkshire Co., Militia Mass. - marched to the Northward. Patriot Index. Lineage #33437.

HOLT, SILAS, died Jan. 1, 1823 at Sempronius, N. Y., placed on pension roll in Cay. Co., N. Y. Mar. 25, 1819 70 yrs. - for service as pvt. Mass. Line S-44937. Probate record - Inv. filed Aug. 7, 1823, Box 4.

LEONARD, JUSTIN, born May 15, 1763, died Dec. 14, 1835 in Sempronius, N. Y., married Theodosia ____, In 1779 at age of 16 (?) was pvt. in Capt. Preserved Leonard's Co. Col. Elisha Porter's Regt. and served several enlistments during war. 12405 Patriot Index - Pvt. Mass.

MC DOWELL, DANIEL, born Apr. 16, 1757, died Jan. 19, 1852, buried Syracuse, NY, married Martha Halstead, born Mar. 11, 1765; died Nov. 30, 1851/9, Martha received pension W3905, Daniel pensioned in Cayuga County Oct. 10, 1833 for services as pvt. in N. Y. State Troops - 76 yrs. of Ledyard. Patriot Index.

McMASTER, JOHN, born July 28, 1743, died Nov. 30, 1829 in Auburn, married Lydia Nutting and Mrs. Springer, served as pvt. in Benj. Simonds, Berkshire Co. Mass. Regt., Capt. Daniel Clark's Co.; enlisted Aug. 14, 1777, disc. Aug. 21, 1777, served in Battle of Wallomsia, Aug. 16. Patriot Index - Pvt. N. Y.

MOE, JAMES, born 1740, died Nov. 16, 1798 in Genoa, buried Moe Family Cemetery, married Elizabeth Palmer, Service Ct. Patriot Index - Sgt. Conn. Lineage #129743.

MOREY, THOMAS, born 1732 in R. I., died 1810 in Milton, now Locke, Cay. Co., Cem. unknown, married Sarah ----. In 1775 was a signer of the Ass. List and in 1778 a soldier of the 13th Albany Co. N. Y. Patriot Index. Lineage #156324.

MORGAN, JOHN, died Feb. 10, 1840 at Aurora, N. Y., acc. probate (b. 1752?), married Mary Darrett who rec'd pension W-16826, John placed on pension roll in Cay. Co., N. Y. June 14, 1820 at 68 yrs. of age for service as pvt. in N. H. Line.

NEWCOMB, DAVID, born Feb. 13, 1763 in Lebanon, Conn., died Feb. 23, 1819 in Sempronius, N. Y., married Mary Woodworth, Submit Spencer and Mary Pierce, served 1776 as a Marine on the "Frigate Dean (?)" under Capt. Hinman of New London and as a private in the 12th Regt. Conn. Militia. Patriot Index. Lineage #138909.

NEWCOMB, JOHN, born May 26, 1760 in Lebanon, Ct., died Apr. 18, 1822 in Scipio, N. Y., married Theoda Hunt, was a conductor of trains for transfer station of supplies to the Continental Army from Lebanon, Ct. Patriot Index. Lineage #18078.

PERRY, ICHABOD, will probated June 7, 1824 of Sempronius, married Eleanor ____, Private N. H. Line, pensioned Cay. Co., N. Y. Oct. 6, 1818, age 69 yrs.

RICE, JESSE, born Oct. 3, 1746, married Abigail Waterhouse, died Aurelius, pensioned Cay. Co. Nov. 2, 1832 for service in Mass. Militia at age 89 yrs. Patriot Index. Lineage #85837.

RICHARDSON, CALEB, born July 25, 1756 in Newburyport, Mass., died June 5, 1837 in Aurora, N. Y., married Mrs. Martha Holmes Libby, enlisted Chester, N. H. under Capt. Philip Tilton. His pension was allowed for 11 mos. actual service as pvt. in N. H. Line., lived in Corinth, Mass. and then in 1831 in N. Y. Patriot Index. Lineage #48657.

ROOT, ISRAEL, died Jan. 18, 1835 at Cato, N. Y. - (probate record, Box #11 gave death date), placed on pension roll in Cay. Co., N. Y. July 23, 1819 - age 76 yrs. - for service as pvt. Mass. Line.

SHEFFIELD, NATHAN, died Jan. 11, 1840 at Scipio, N. Y., married Martha ----, Probate records (L.A.) in Auburn, N. Y., placed on pension roll in Cay. Co., N. Y. Apr. 3, 1833 - 69 yrs. of age - for service as pvt. New York Militia. 1840 Census, a pensioner in Scipio, age 76 yrs.

SHERMAN, JAMES, born July 17, 1762 in South Kingston, R. I., died Jan. 12, 1839 at Noravia, N. Y., married Ruth Brewster 1764-1845, m. 1788, served as private in Capt. Joseph Allen's Co., Col. Stephen Campbell's R. I. Regt. Patriot Index. Lineage #69400.

SHERWOOD, AMOS, born 1745 in Fairfield, Conn., died Dec. 17, 1808 in Milton, now Locke, NY, married ---- and 1770 to Mollie Fanton, Pvt. Capt. Najah Bennett's Co. Conn. Troops. Patriot Index. Lineage #131235.

SLOCUM, ELEAZER, born May 15, 1744 in Dartmouth, Mass., died Dec. 1826 at Northville, N. Y., married 1765 Austace Viall, served as pvt. in Capt. Van Woert's Co. Col. Van Vighten's N. Y. Regt. Patriot Index. Lineage #114639.

SMITH, ANNING, born Dec. 25, 1742 in Jamaica, L. I., died Oct. 30, 1802 at Locke, N. Y., married Eleanor Clark on 1764, 1746-1835. One of the signers of the pledge of 1776; served as Lt. of the 4th Ulster Co. N. Y. Militia in Col. Hardenburgh's Regt. 1776. Patriot Index. Lineage #114759.

SPALDING, OLIVER, born Sept. 30, 1739 in Plainfield, Conn., died 1795 in Scipio, N. Y., married Mary Witter, 1740-1781 and Rebeckah Bottom, Sgt. under Capt. Jos. Horden (?) & Col. Douglas Conn. Troops; Pvt. in Lovington (?) Alarm. Patriot Index. Lineage #132720.

SPENCER, ABNER, born July 25, 1735, died 1802 in Aurelius, N. Y., married ---- and Deborah Clarke, served 5th Regt. Dutchess Co. Militia. Patriot Index.

STAFFORD, WILLIAM, born 1753 in Coventry, R. I., died 1846 in Aurora, N. Y., married ---- Ralph (?), Rec'd pension 1835 for service as pvt. in R. I. Troops under Col. Crary. Patriot Index. Lineage #133036.

STARKWEATHER, EPHRIAM, born May 24, 1757, died May 10, 1840 in Genoa, N. Y., married Rachel Clark who was born on Aug. 6, 1760 and died Feb. 8, 1846, Rachel pension #W-22308, pensioned Cay. Co. July 25, 1833 as Pvt. in Conn. Militia - age 79 yrs. Patriot Index.

STRONG, BENAJAH, born Feb. 22, 1740 in Woodbury, died May 22, 1836 at Lansing, N. Y., married Jane ----, 1742-1816 and Abigail Powers, served as Sergt. in Capt. Elijah Hinman's Co. Continental Militia. Patriot Index. Lineage #114773.

STUDWELL, HENRY, died Oct. 19, 1844 in Aurora, N. Y. (Probate record, Box 27 in Auburn, Cay. Co., N. Y.), pensioned Cay. Co. July 22, 1833, age 75 yrs., for service as Pvt. and Sergt., Conn. Militia.

THOMAS, SETH, died Apr. 14, 1834 in Ledyard, married Caroline ----, placed on Pension Roll Cay. Co., N. Y. Apr. 19, 1819 at age 74 yrs. for service as ensign in Rhode Island Line, Will prob. July 16, 1834.

THOMPSON, JOHN, born 1751, died 1830 in Victory, N. Y., married Polly Mosher, enl. at Fishkill in Capt. Chas. Graham's Co., served thru war N.Y., rec'd Land Grant in Victory, N. Y. where he died and descendants still live. Patriot Index. Lineage #47319.

THOMPSON, JOHN, born Dec. 17, 1761, died Jan. 10, 1854 in Springport, married Isabella Maxwell and Jane Reed (?), enlisted as substitute for father. Pensioned. Patriot Index. Lineage #43610.

THOMPSON, SAMUEL, died at Aurelius, probate record, Box 40, Auburn, N. Y., Cay. Co., Inventory filed Jan. 18, 1820, placed on pension roll in Cay. Co., N. Y. Sept. 30, 1818 at age 80 yrs. for service as pvt. Mass. Line.

TOWNER, SAMUEL, died Nov. 11, 1836 in Aurelius, N. Y., Probate record Box 12, Jan. 30, 1837. N. Y. R. p. 242 Dutchess Co. Militia (LBR) 3rd Regt., placed on penion roll in Cay. Co., N. Y. Nov. 19, 1833 at 67 yrs. of age for services as pvt. in Conn. Militia. (Note: Sarah Ann, Amanda and Samuel Towner, of Aurelius were heirs).

TREAT, THOMAS, born Sept. 11, 1758 in Sharon, Conn., died Oct. 6, 1832 in Aurora, N. Y., married Jemima Calkins and Mrs. Betsey Blair, served as a private in Capt. Belden's Co. Col. Simon's Regt. Mass. Troops. Patriot Index. Lineage #131655.

TROWBRIDGE, ISAAC, born 1758 in Oxford, Mass., died July 10, 1822 in Brutus, married Rachel Hodges in 1795 and Anna (?), rec'd pension Cay. Co. Oct. 8, 1818 for service in Mass. Line at age 64 yrs. Patriot Index. Lineage #154780.

TUCKER, JONATHAN, died July 13, 1822 at Aurelius, N. Y., Probate record - Box 5, Inventory Feb. 8, 1823, placed on pension roll in Cay. Co., N. Y. for services as pvt. in N. H. Line - death date given July 13, 1822, age 60 yrs.

VAN ALLEN, HARMANUS, born 1761 in Bergen Co., N. J., died 1816 in Brutus, N. Y., married Martha Northrup, 1766-????, served as Pvt. in Col. Knickerbecer's 14th Albany Co. N. Y. Militia. Patriot Index. Lineage #139253.

WALDO, DANIEL, born 1762 in Windham, Ct., died July 30, 1864 in Syracuse, N. Y. In Revolution when 16 yrs; was drafted and went to New London for 1 mo.; was captured and incarcerated in Sugar House, N. J. Also in 1812 War. Was Chaplain in Col. Belcher's Regt. at Groton, Conn.

WARD, JOHN, 3rd, born June 9, 1760, died Oct. 13, 1831 in Cayuga Co., N. Y., married Deborah Hinkley, 1762-????, pensioned Cav. Co. May 29, 1819 as Drummer in N. Y. Lane at age 71 yrs., Will prob. Auburn May 4, 1832. Patriot Index. Lineage #125842.

WATTLES, William, born Mar. 14, 1767 in Sharon, Conn., died Apr. 8, 1841 in Locke, N. Y., married Eunice Parke and Lovina ----, pensioned Cay. Co. July 22, 1833 for services as pvt. and sergt. in Conn. Militia at age 78 yrs., Will prob. Aug. 25, 1841 (Lots more about him). Patriot Index. Lineage #87843.

WINCHELL, BENJAMIN, born June 10, 1730 in Farmington, Conn., died 1812 in Scipio, N. Y., married Lucy Bronson, served as Lt. in Conn. Troops during the Revol. Lt. in Capt. John Carpenter's Co. Ezra Wood's Regt. Mass. Patriot Index. Lineage #138282.

WOOLSEY, Wm., born 1742 in Westchester Co., died 1800 in Milton, N. Y. now Locke, married Abigail Woolsey, ensign 1778 in Col. Roswell Hopkin's Regt. N. Y. Line. Patriot Index. Lineage #120374.