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Cayuga County New York Obituaries Extracted From The Free Press, Auburn, NY, 1824-1830

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1824-1830 Obituaries from the Free Press in Auburn, Cayuga County New York.

Buckbee, Elizabeth, Obituary

On the 5th, Miss. Elizabeth Buckbee, aged about 14 years. [Free Press. (Auburn, N.Y.) July 7, 1824, Page 3, Image 3]

Clinton, James, Obituary

With deep regret we add to our obituary department the death of James Clinton, son of De Witt Clinton. Mr. Clinton was a midshipman in our navy--and died on board of the U.S. brig Spark, Capt. Newton, on her recent passage from the Havana to New York, The Statesman says--"he had been long absent from his native country, and was active, meritorious and promising young officer." [Free Press. (Auburn, N.Y.) July 21, 1824, Page 3, Image 3]

Crawford, Charles, Obituary

At Montgomery, Alabama, on the 16th of April last, Mr. Charles Crawford, brother of the Secretary of the Treasury, aged 47 years. [Free Press. (Auburn, N.Y.) July 21, 1824, Page 3, Image 3]

Dunning, Ira, Obituary

In this village, this morning, Mrs. Mary Dunning, wife of Mr. Ira Dunning, in the 37th year of her age. The funeral will be attended from the house of Mr. Dunning tomorrow at throo o'clock P.M. [Free Press. (Auburn, N.Y.) July 7, 1824, Page 3, Image 3]

Goodrich, Samuel, Obituary

In Springport, on the 17th instant, Capt. Samuel Goodrich, aged 92 years. [Free Press. (Auburn, N.Y.) July 21, 1824, Page 3, Image 3]

Hall, Mrs., Obituary

In Wolcott, Wayne County, on Sunday the 1st inst. Mrs. Hall, widow of E. Hall, in the 77th year of her age. For the last eleven years of her life, she had laboured under extreme pressure of infirmity, which she bore with exemplary patience and resignation. She died in full possession of her reason, and a hope of a happy immortality.--(Communicated). (Auburn, N.Y.) August 11, 1824, Page 3, Image 3]

Hempsted, Isaac, Obituary

In Albany, on the 9th instant, Isaac Hempsted, Esq., formerly Sheriff of the city and county of Albany, aged 51. It may be truly said of the deceased, that he was the poor mans's best friend, and a father to the fatherless. His remains were committed to the tomb yesterday, by his Masonick Brethren, who will treasure up the rememberance of his services to the Faternity, as he had for many years distinguished stations among them, and directed their labors with a single eye to inprovement, honour and prosperity of the craft. [Free Press. (Auburn, N.Y.) July 21, 1824, Page 3, Image 3]

Lindsey, Mary Louisa, Obituary

In this village, on the 18th inst. Mary Louisa, infant daughter of Mr. William Lindsey. [Free Press. (Auburn, N.Y.) June 23, 1824, Page 3, Image 3]

Lynds, Elizabeth, Obituary

On the 19th inst. Elizabeth Lynds, daughter of Mr. Elam Lynds, aged 6 years. [Free Press. (Auburn, N.Y.) June 23, 1824, Page 3, Image 3]

Nicholson, William, Obituary

At Bucksville, on the 31st alt. Mr. William Nicholson, aged 36 years. [Free Press. (Auburn, N.Y.) June 02, 1824, Page 3, Image 3]

Prince, Kimball, Obituary

In New London, Conn. on the 6th inst. at an advanced age, Mr. Kimball Prince, an old Revolutionary soldier, under Washington.--He was a fond father, an affectionate husband, and firm friend, and died as he lived, under the consoling influrence of the religion of his Saviour. Those who knew him best, can only appreciate his worth.--Syracuse Gazette. [Free Press. (Auburn, N.Y.) June 23, 1824, Page 3, Image 3]

Steel, Alte, Obituary

On Thursday last, after a short illness, Mrs. Alte Steel, consort of Mr. Richard Steel of this village, aged about 28 years. It is hoped that it will be necessary to record the departure to the world of spirits, of persons in the blood of life, so useful to society and so endeared to their friends, as was the subject of this passing notice.--Possessed, in an eminent degree, of the virtues that adorn the female character, and which are the greatest blessings of society--in the zenith of her usefulness--the benefactress of the needy, and "the daughter of Christ,"-- she was summoned to depart at a time when the virtuous enjoyments of life were unfolding themselves in new and pleasing prospects." It is not attempted to delineate her virtues--they are hallowed in the breasts of the poor and of all her acquaintance, and will be a crown of eternal happiness in the presence of that God, whom it was her joy to serve while here, for "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God,"--Communicated. [Free Press. (Auburn, N.Y.) June 23, 1824, Page 3, Image 3]