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1785 - 1789
Christning Records
Presbyterian Church
Town of Southampton
Suffolk County, New York

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Christnings recorded by Pastor Joshua Williams of the Presbyterian Church in Southampton during his pastorate, 1785-1789.

1785 Christnings

May 29		Cooper, Juliana, daughter of Obadiah.
May 29		White, Beulah, daughter of John.
May 29		Howell, Susannah, daughter of Stephen.
May 29		Burnett, David, son of David Burnett.
May 29		Halsey, Sally Radley, daughter of Silas, Jr.
May 29		Sayre, Stephen, son of Stephen.
May 29		Howell, Lois, daughter of John.
May 29		Howell, Elizabeth, daughter of Obadiah.
May 29		Fowler, Sibyl, daughter of Richard.
May 29		White, Hannah, daughter of Elias.
June 12		Jessup, Nabby, daughter of Zebulon.
June 12		Fordham, Abraham, son of Abraham.
June 12		Bishop, Jerusha, daughter of Stephen.
June 12		Bishop, Nancy, daughter of Stephen.
June 19		Halsey, Ezekiel, son of wife of James.
June 26		Post, Caleb, son of James.
July 3		Cooper, Hannah, daughter of Charles.
Aug. 7		Sayre, Solon, son of Abraham.
Aug. 18		Williamson, Hannah, daughter of John.
Aug. 18		Harris, Harmonica, daughter of Jane.
Aug. 18		Foster, Elias, son of Elias.
Aug. 18		Cooper, Sally, daughter of Zophar.
Oct. 30		Herrick, Stephen, son of William.
Oct. 30		Howell, Maltby, son of Elias.
Oct. 30		Bishop, Mercy, daughter of John, Jr.
Nov. 6		Culver, William, son of William.

1786 Christnings

Jan. 1 Cooper, Sophia, daughter of Mary. Jan. 8 Cooper, William, son of Caleb. Jan. 26 Ludlow, Racheal, daughter of Jeremiah. Jan. 28 Halsey, Wilman, son of Wilman. Jan. 29 Peirson, Elias, son of Elias. Feb. 13 Howell, Austin, son of Ebenezer. Mar. 20 Rose, ----, son of Moses. Mar. 20 Reeves, Betsy, daughter of Phebe. Apr. 7 Howell, Hezekiah, son of Elias, Jr. Apr. 7 Culver, Phineas, son of Edward. Apr. 7 Foster, Polly, daughter of Wakeman. June 6 Jennings, Betsy, daughter of William. July 16 Jennings, Julia, daughter of James. July 17 Scott, Temperance, daughter of Samuel. Sep. 10 Mackie, Polly, daughter of David. Sept. 10 Huntting, Samuel, son of Benj. Sept. 10 Halsey, Uriah, son of Annamias. Oct. 15 Williams, Mary, daughter of Joshua. Oct. 15 Post, David, son of Isaac. Oct. 15 Post, ----, ---- of Stephen. Oct. 15 Culver, ----, ---- of Moses. Nov. 9 Scott, ----, ---- of Jackson, Jr. Nov. 19 Jagger, Susanna, daughter of Ebenezer. Nov. 19 Sayre, Hannah, daughter of Stephen. Nov. 26 Sandford, Maria, daughter of Samuel.

1787 Christnings

Jan. 7 Rose, Israel. Jan. 7 Jessup, Harvey, son of Thomas, Jr. Jan. 23 Halsey, Frances, daughter of Silas, Dr. Feb. 1 Burnett, Simon, son of ----. Feb. 1 Cooper, Caleb, son of Caleb. Feb. 1 Bishop, Sarah, daughter of Samuel. Mar. 10 Hildreth, Daniel, son of Joseph, Jr. Mar. 10 Culver, Mehitable, daughter of Moses, Jr. May 6 Cooper, Orrinda, daughter of Obadiah. May 6 Howell, Daniel, son of Obadiah. May 6 Raynor, Ruth, daughter of Stephen. April Jennings, ----, ---- of Samuel. Apr. Jennings, ----, ---- of Samuel. May 20 Jessup, Mary, daughter of Zebulon. May 20 Howell, Charles, son of John. May 27 Sayre, Cordelia, daughter of Paul. July 10 Rogers, Henry, son of Uriah. July 15 Fowler, Jeremiah, son of Richard. July 15 Mackie, Nancy, daughter of George. July 15 Burnett, ----, ---- of David. July 15 Post, ----, ---- of Henry. Sept. 30 Culver, Nancy, daughter of William. Sept. 30 Herrick, Mary, daughter of William. Oct. 15 Howell, Stephen Rogers, son of Elias, 3d. Oct. 15 White, Edward, son of Elias. Oct. 15 Biles, Orpha, daughter of Mary. Oct. 15 Lincoln, Sarah, daughter of Deborah. Oct. 15 Lincoln, Elizabeth, daughter of Deborah. Oct. 15 Lincoln, Huldah, daughter of Deborah. Dec. 2 ----, Thomas, ---- of Thomas.

1788 Christnings

Jan. Clark, Martha. Jan. Clark, Ruth. Apr. 14 Cooper, Edith, daughter of Mary. Apr. 14 Sayre, Edith, daughter of David. Feb. Hudson, Polly, daughter of Henry. May 18 Sandford, Harriet, daughter of Samuel. June 1 Foster, Nancy, daughter of Elias. June 1 Jagger, William, son of Abigail. June 1 Post, Marah, daughter of Wid. Annis. July Halsey, Denis, son of wife of James. Aug. 3 Mackie, Susanna, daughter of David. Aug. 3 Sayre, Polly, daughter of Stephen. Aug. 3 Howell, Nathan, son of Ezekiel. Aug. 3 Howell, Francis, son of Ezekiel. Aug. 10 Cooper, ----, ---- of Caleb, Esq. Sept. 14 Howell, ----, ---- of Ebenezer. Sept. 14 Fordham, ----, ---- of Abraham, Jr. Oct. 19 Raynor, George, son of Adonijah. Nov. 31 Clark, Phebe, daughter of Martha. Dec. 22 Post, Clarissa, daughter of Stephen.

1789 Christnings

Jan. Halsey, Jehiel Howell, son of Dr. Silas. Feb. 8 Bishop, Betsy, daughter of Wid. Jerusha. Feb. 8 Harris, ----, ---- of David. No. of inhabitants about 1,100.

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