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Hoffman Cemetery Records
Town of Schroon Lake
Essex County, New York

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Hoffman Cemetery is located in the Town of Schroon Lake, Essex County, New York.

Hoffman Cemetery Burials

Stanard, Daniel, born Fair Haven, Vt., died Aug. 19, 1854, son of Samuel and Jemima (Wilcox).

Stanard, Sophia (Goodwin), (second) wife of Daniel, died July 10, 1849, age 66 yrs.

Stanard, Ann J., died May 30, 1850, daughter of Chauncey and Louisa.

Willis, Nelson A., died Oct. 16, 1842, age 27 yrs., son of Leonard and Mary.

Willis, Leonard, died Sept. 21, 1837, son of Leonard and Mary.

Willis, Thos. Jefferson, died Oct. 18, 1851, age 4 yrs. 1 mo. 10 das., son of A. A. and J. M.

Holden, Esther Willis, born Dec. 12, 1803, died Feb. 15, 1839, wife of Hannibal, daughter of Leonard and Mary Willis.

Holden, Lee C., died Sept. 9, 1868, age 8 mos., son of E. N. and Z. M. (?).

Holden, Susan C., died Apr. 7, 1836, age 24 yrs. 1 mo.

Conery, Albert, died Apr. 11, 1859, age 11 mos. 19 das., son of J. E. and D.

Oliver, Lewis, born 1837, died 1907, son of Aaron and Rebecca.

Oliver, Sarah, wife of Lewis, born or died 1844, daughter of Loren and Lydia (Squires) Jenks.

Oliver, Annis L., died May 18, 1871, age 13 mos., child of Lewis and Sarah (Jenks).

Oliver, Lena M., died Sept. 2, 1882, age 3 yrs. 8 mos., child of Lewis and Sarah (Jenks).

Oliver, Lenza L., died Oct. 9, 1888, age 13 yrs. 11 mos., child of Lewis and Sarah (Jenks).

Oliver, Nelson, died Nov. 3, 1839, age 6 mos., son of S. A. and R.

Oliver, Aaron, died Sept. 10, 1877, age 80 yrs.

Oliver, Rebecca, wife of Aaron, died Oct. 31, 1875, age 75 yrs.

Oliver, Lorain, died Nov. 16, 1834, daughter of Aaron and Rebecca.

Cushman, John, date not readable.

Cushman, Clarinda, wife of John, died Nov. 19, 1839, age 20 yrs.

Young, Charles C., born Vt., died Nov. 15, 1829, son of Charles and Mary.

Washburn, Sidney F., died Jan. 29, 1853, age 6 yrs., son of M. E. and H. L.

Brown, Samuel A., died Dec. 2, 1883, age 61 yrs., son of Thomas and Lucy.

Brown, Thomas, died Feb. 20, 1877, age 85 yrs.

Brown, Lucy, wife of Thomas, died May 2, 1875.

Van der Worker, Martin, died May 1, 1891, age 63 yrs., Co. E., 175 R. N.

Van der Worker, Forest C., died June 27, 1881, age 6 yrs. 6 mos., child of Martin and T.

Van der Worker, Satia A., died June 27, 1881, child of Martin and T.

Atkinson, John, Jr., died Nov. 18, 1896, age 62 yrs., Co. E., 118th N. Y., son of John A. and Keziah (Knox).

Aikin, Edmund, died Feb. 21, 1888, age 75 yrs., Co. A., 2d. Conn. Heavy Art.

Mahler, A. C. Wilhimesia, died Oct. 15, 1854, age 42 yrs., wife of John.

Mahler, John, born 1816, died 1870.

Mahler, Elizabeth C. Staingost, wife of John, born 1818, died 1905.


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