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1825 Herkimer County New York State Census Index (Surnames D-H)

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1825 Herkimer County New York State Census Index: Every person whose usual place abode shall be in any family on the 1st of July 1825....; and every person occasionally absent at time of taking this enumeration, as belonging to that place in which he usually resides in this state.

1825 Herkimer County N.Y. Census Index [ A-C ] [ D-H ] [ I-P ] [ Q-T ] [ U-Z ]

1825 Herkimer County N.Y. Census Records
1825 Herkimer County, N.Y. Census Index (Surnames D-H)
Dun, Thomas German Flatts
Dager, Christian Herkimer
Dager, George Columbia
Dager, Peter Herkimer
Daipenny, Peter Danube
Dale, Samuel Herkimer
Daley, John Herkimer
Danford, John Frankfort
Daniels, Charles Newport
Daniels, Eleazer Newport
Daniels, Nahum Russia
Danison, John Danube
Darling, Schora Columbia
Darro, Nicholas Schuyler
Darrow, Jedediah Danube
Davey, John Danube
Davidson, Gilbert Salisbury
Davis, Amasa Newport
Davis, Benjamin Litchfield
Davis, Christian Fairfield
Davis, Christopher Warren
Davis, Daniel Fairfield
Davis, Daniel Herkimer
Davis, Demus Schuyler
Davis, Edward, Jr. Frankfort
Davis, Evekiel Frankfort
Davis, Henry Fairfield
Davis, Jacob Manheim
Davis, John Columbia
Davis, John Schuyler
Davis, John Warren
Davis, John Litchfield
Davis, John Newport
Davis, John Fairfield
Davis, John Schuyler
Davis, Joseph Manheim
Davis, Joseph Litchfield
Davis, Josiah Frankfort
Davis, Nehemiah Schuyler
Davis, Richard Schuyler
Davis, Robard Manheim
Davis, Sain Frankfort
Davis, Silvanius Frankfort
Davis, Thomas Frankfort
Davis, Thomas Newport
Davis, Thomas R. Newport
Davis, William Schuyler
Davis, Zudwick Herkimer
Davison, Caleb Salisbury
Davy, Andrew Danube
Dawel, Michael Frankfort
Dawley, Ebenezer Frankfort
Dawley, Elisha Frankfort
Dawley, Thomas Frankfort
Dawly, Job Litchfield
Day, Benjamin Herkimer
Day, Warren Schuyler
Day, William Newport
Devanport, Richard Russia
Dean, Gardner Fairfield
Dean, Leonard German Flatts
Deavendorff, Henry Litchfield
Deck, Henry Danube
Deck, Nicholas, Jr. Danube
Decker, William Danube
Dedrick, Daniel Frankfort
Dedrick, David Frankfort
Dedrick, David, Jr. Frankfort
Dedrick, Henry Frankfort
Dedrick, John Frankfort
Dedrick, Nicholas Frankfort
Dedrick, Peter Frankfort
Defendorff, John German Flatts
Deffendorff, David German Flatts
Defroess, Steven Herkimer
Degarmo, Marton Danube
DeGarmo, Peter Columbia
DeGraf, Peter V. Herkimer
Delany, Merchant Warren
Dellinbeck, John B. Danube
Dellinbock, Jacob Danube
Dellinbock, Peter Danube
Delong, Charles German Flatts
Delong, Cornelius Danube
Delong, Enoch Columbia
Delong, Henry German Flatts
Delong, Isaac Warren
Delong, James Warren
Delong, James German Flatts
Delong, James Fairfield
Delong, Thomas Danube
Demun, Justin Frankfort
Demuth, R. Danube
Deniel, Joseph Warren
Denis, Elisha Columbia
Denison, Ezekeal Russia
Denison, George German Flatts
Denison, Isaac Herkimer
Denison, Stanton German Flatts
Denslow, Jasper Litchfield
Denyson, Daniel German Flatts
Derby, Benjamin Herkimer
Derthick, Ira Columbia
Deruse, Elecander Warren
Deusler, John Danube
Devendorff, Daniel Columbia
Devendorff, Henry S. Columbia
Devens, Abraham Danube
Devoe, Anthony Warren
Devoe, Cornelius Warren
Devoe, Genardus German Flatts
Devoe, John Manheim
Dewey, Daniel Herkimer
Dewing, Sollomon Litchfield
Dewitt, Luther West Brunswick
Dewitt, Moses Salisbury
Dewitt, Torine Herkimer
Dewolf, Benjamin Newport
Dewolf, James Newport
Dexter, Frederick Newport
Dexter, James Russia
Dexter, Levi Manheim
Dexter, Otis Frankfort
Dexter, Samuel Herkimer
Dexter, Samuel, Jr. Herkimer
Dexter, Silas Fairfield
Dexter, Warren German Flatts
Dexter, Willaim B. Fairfield
Diane, Daniel Danube
Dibell, Nathaniel Salisbury
Dickens, Enos Fairfield
Dickerson, Braddock Fairfield
Dickeson, Richard Newport
Dicky, John Fairfield
Diefendorf, Abraham Danube
Diefendorf, Daniel Danube
Diefendorff, John Danube
Diefendorff, John Danube
Dieffendorf, John Fairfield
Digert, John Herkimer
Digert, Warner Herkimer
Dilanow, Daniel West Brunswick
Dilavngne, James Danube
Dillenbeck, Jonas Danube
Dillenboch, Isaac Danube
Dillenboch, John, Jr. Danube
Dillenboch, Jonas Danube
Diner, Nathan Columbia
Dingman, Andrew Danube
Dingman, John A. Danube
Disbrough, Henrey Russia
Dockestader, Frederick Herkimer
Dockey, John Manheim
Dockstader, Abraham Danube
Dockstader, George F. Danube
Dockstader, John Danube
Dockstader, John Danube
Dockstader, Marks Manheim
Dockstader, Peter Manheim
Dockstader, William Danube
Dodge, Calvin Schuyler
Dodge, Cyrus Newport
Dodge, Daniel Schuyler
Dodge, Daniel Russia
Dodge, James Schuyler
Dodge, John Frankfort
Dodge, Parker Russia
Dolan, John Salisbury
Dolen, Abrham Herkimer
Dominck, George Danube
Dominick, Jacob Danube
Dominick, Peter Danube
Donham, John West Brunswick
Doolittle, Harry Herkimer
Doolittle, Nancy Litchfield
Dorman, Benejah Russia
Dornel, Daniel German Flatts
Dorr, James Herkimer
Dors, John Russia
Doty, Henry West Brunswick
Dougherty, Walter Frankfort
Dougherty, William Frankfort
Dow, Stephen Litchfield
Doxtater, John Schuyler
Drake, Jeremiah Salisbury
Drake, Joseph Salisbury
Drake, Reuben Salisbury
Draper, Boas B. Herkimer
Drummond, John Herkimer
Drummond, John, Jr. Herkimer
Druse, Andrew Columbia
Ducher, Senaca Russia
Ducher, Simeon Russia
Duessler, Andrew Warren
Duley, Joshua Russia
Duly, Philip Russia
Dunham, Moses Columbia
Dunigan, John Danube
Dunlop, Mary Herkimer
Dunn, David Frankfort
Duren, Asa Salisbury
Durgan, Nathaniel Frankfort
Durkee, Daniel Fairfield
Dusler, John Danube
Dust, John Schuyler
Dust, Matthias Schuyler
Dutcher, James Litchfield
Dutcher, Peter Litchfield
Dutcher, Simeon West Brunswick
Dwolf, William Columbia
Dye, Jonathan Herkimer
Dye, Nathan Litchfield
Dyer, Charles Russia
Dygert, Abram Frankfort
Dygert, Daniel German Flatts
Dygert, George Litchfield
Dygert, George Frankfort
Dygert, John B. Frankfort
Dygert, John S. Frankfort
Dygert, Peter Fairfield
Dygert, William P. Frankfort
Dygert, William W. Frankfort
Dyke, Rufus Litchfield
Eacker, John I. Litchfield
Eames, Josiah Litchfield
Earl, John Herkimer
Earles, Samuel German Flatts
Easterbrooks, Martin Herkimer
Easterly, Robert Fairfield
Eastman, Daniel Fairfield
Eastman, Daniel Herkimer
Eatheridge, James Herkimer
Eatheridge, Nathaniel Herkimer
Eaton, Miral Fairfield
Eaton, Benjamin Columbia
Eaton, Calvin Columbia
Eaton, Comfort Fairfield
Eaton, Elijah Newport
Eaton, Elisha Fairfield
Eaton, Jacob Columbia
Eaton, James Columbia
Eaton, John Fairfield
Eaton, John, Jr. Fairfield
Eaton, Oree Schuyler
Eaton, Parley Fairfield
Eaton, Zelora Fairfield
Ecker, John Danube
Ecker, John D. Danube
Ecker, William Danube
Eckler, Christian Warren
Eckler, Christopher Warren
Eckler, Daniel Warren
Eckler, Henry Danube
Eckler, Henry Warren
Eckler, Jacob Warren
Eckler, Jacob Danube
Eckler, Jacob, Jr. Warren
Eckler, Joseph Warren
Eckler, Peter Warren
Eckler, Peter Warren
Eddy, Henry P. Warren
Eddy, Nathaniel Newport
Eddy, Odice Schuyler
Eddy, Welcome Schuyler
Edee, Christian Frankfort
Edee, Christopher German Flatts
Edee, Conrad Frankfort
Edee, Jacob Frankfort
Edee, Nicholas Frankfort
Edee, William Frankfort
Edget, Abel Schuyler
Edget, Annias Schuyler
Edget, Elizabeth Schuyler
Edget, Reynolds Schuyler
Edick, Daniel G. Columbia
Edick, George Columbia
Edick, George M. Columbia
Edick, Henry Columbia
Edick, Jacob Columbia
Edick, Jacob German Flatts
Edick, John Columbia
Edick, John G. Columbia
Edick, Michael German Flatts
Edick, Rudolph Columbia
Edmunds, Henry Newport
Edmunds, Salem Newport
Edwards, Mr. Schuyler
Edwards, Nancy Warren
Edy, Levy Russia
Egabrad, John German Flatts
Egelston, Amos Russia
Eggenbroat, John Danube
Eggleston, Samuel Warren
Egleston, Asa West Brunswick
Egleston, Benjamin West Brunswick
Ehle, Peter M. Salisbury
Eigabroat, George Fairfield
Eigabroat, Peter G. Fairfield
Elison, Eljab Herkimer
Elison, Henry Herkimer
Elizabeth, Mary Herkimer
Elliott, Sally Widow Frankfort
Ellis, Benjamin German Flatts
Ellis, Esther German Flatts
Ellis, Hannah Newport
Ellis, Philip Fairfield
Ellis, William, Jr. Schuyler
Ellsworth, Elizabeth Danube
Ellwood, David Danube
Ellwood, George Danube
Ellwood, Henry Danube
Elmer, Samuel Columbia
Elmer, Theodore Columbia
Elwell, George Schuyler
Ely, Gad Warren
Ely, Oliver Warren
Ely, Richard Warren
Ely, Samuel Warren
Ely, Simeon Warren
Embody, John Danube
Emerson, Charles Warren
EmHoff, John Litchfield
Emmons, Henry Warren
Emree, Rowland West Brunswick
Enos, Elisha Russia
Ensign, James G. Herkimer
Estabrook, Charles Newport
Ethridge, Samuel Frankfort
Ethridge, William Frankfort
Evans, Elizabeth Newport
Evans, Rachel Widow Frankfort
Evans, Samuel Fairfield
Evarts, Linus Fairfield
Everett, Boughton Litchfield
Everett, Erastus Frankfort
Everett, John Litchfield
Everett, Mercy Widow Frankfort
Everson, Jacob German Flatts
Eysaman, Abraham Herkimer
Eysaman, John Herkimer
Eysaman, Peter Herkimer
Faber, Jacob Salisbury
Fairchildes, Simon German Flatts
Fairfield, Alva B. Herkimer
Falk, Adam Herkimer
Falk, Battus Herkimer
Farington, Amos Schuyler
Farlie, John Russia
Farman, Harmaunis Herkimer
Farmer, Calvin Schuyler
Farmer, Daniel Herkimer
Farmer, Ephraim Herkimer
Farmer, James Herkimer
Farmer, James, Jr. Herkimer
Farmer, John Herkimer
Farmer, Joseph Herkimer
Farmer, Luther Herkimer
Farmer, Samuel Herkimer
Farmer, Sara Herkimer
Farmer, Simon Herkimer
Farr, Jason Schuyler
Farrington, John Schuyler
Farwell, Samuel Litchfield
Fatin, Francis Herkimer
Favill, Asa Manheim
Favill, James Manheim
Favill, John Manheim
Favill, Thomas Manheim
Favill, William Manheim
Feerguson, Samuel Frankfort
Feeter, George H. Herkimer
Feeter, William Herkimer
Feeter, William Manheim
Fellows, Eben Newport
Fellows, Joel Newport
Fenalick, Abraham German Flatts
Fenner, Arthur Fairfield
Fenner, Arthur Fairfield
Fenner, Asahel Fairfield
Fenner, Charles Newport
Fenner, Conrad Danube
Fenner, Edward Fairfield
Fenner, George Russia
Fenner, George Newport
Fenner, George Fairfield
Fenner, Harden Newport
Fenner, Isaac Russia
Fenner, Jeramiah Russia
Fenner, Nathan Fairfield
Fenner, Philip A. Russia
Fenner, Robert Fairfield
Fenner, Seth Russia
Fenner, Thomas Fairfield
Fenney, William Fairfield
Fenton, Eleazer Salisbury
Fergason, Gilbert West Brunswick
Ferguson, Daniel Danube
Ferguson, James G. Frankfort
Ferrington, Henry Herkimer
Feterly, Jacob Herkimer
Fetterley, Daniel Danube
Fetterly, George Danube
Fetterly, Robert Danube
Field, Abner Frankfort
Fields, Jesse Newport
Fikes ?, Jacob Warren
Fikes, Michael Warren
Filkins, Joseph German Flatts
Finck, Andrew Manheim
Finck, Henry Manheim
Finehout, John German Flatts
Fink, William Herkimer
Finster, Jacob Schuyler
Finster, John Schuyler
Finster, Peter Schuyler
Finster, Philip Schuyler
Fish, Daniel German Flatts
Fish, Isaac Fairfield
Fish, Joseph Herkimer
Fish, Samuel Litchfield
Fisher, Christian Newport
Fisher, George B. Herkimer
Flag, Jacob German Flatts
Flagg, Peter, Jr. Danube
Flander, Denas, Jr. Herkimer
Flansburey, Richard Russia
Flansburgh, Joseph West Brunswick
Fleming, Henry Litchfield
Fletcher, Reuben Danube
Fling, Erastus Salisbury
Flinn, Thomas Warren
Flint, Parley Newport
Fnowlton, Walter Herkimer
Foland, Jacob Warren
Folts, Conrad Frankfort
Folts, Conrad Frankfort
Folts, Conrad, Jr. Frankfort
Folts, Conradt Herkimer
Folts, Jacob Herkimer
Folts, Jacob C. Frankfort
Folts, John Frankfort
Folts, John Herkimer
Folts, Melghert Frankfort
Folts, Marks Herkimer
Folts, Melchert Herkimer
Folts, Michael Frankfort
Folts, Peter Herkimer
Folts, Peter Frankfort
Folts, Peter C. Herkimer
Folts, Peter M. Herkimer
Folts, Peter P. Herkimer
Folts, Silvaneus Frankfort
Folts, Warner Frankfort
Foot, Cliton Newport
Foot, William Fairfield
Forbes, Melander Columbia
Forbush, Caty Herkimer
Ford, Bejamin Fairfield
Ford, Benoni Fairfield
Ford, Daniel German Flatts
Ford, Daniel Newport
Ford, David Fairfield
Ford, Elijah Salisbury
Ford, Ira Newport
Ford, Isaac Manheim
Ford, Joel Newport
Ford, John Salisbury
Ford, John German Flatts
Ford, Lauren Herkimer
Ford, Reuben Salisbury
Ford, Simeon Herkimer
Forgason, Abraham West Brunswick
Forgason, Abram, Jr. West Brunswick
Forgason, Gilbert West Brunswick
Forncrook, Frances West Brunswick
Forrest, John Russia
Forsyth, Sidney Newport
Fort, Abraham Danube
Fort, Andrew Danube
Fort, Henry Danube
Fort, John Danube
Fort, Peter Danube
Fortune, John Newport
Fortune, Leonard Fairfield
Fortune, Samuel Fairfield
Fosberry, Henry Columbia
Foss, William West Brunswick
Foster, Arnold W. Litchfield
Foster, Asaph Fairfield
Foster, David Newport
Foster, E. Salisbury
Foster, Elisha Salisbury
Foster, John Russia
Foster, Lyman Herkimer
Foster, Nathaniel Salisbury
Foster, Reuben Salisbury
Foster, Samuel Russia
Foster, Sebra Fairfield
Foster, Timothy Litchfield
Fowler, Amos Litchfield
Fowler, Stephen Newport
Fox, Rheuben Warren
Fox, Andrew West Brunswick
Fox, Andrew, Jr. West Brunswick
Fox, Charles Warren
Fox, Christian Columbia
Fox, Christian Columbia
Fox, Christopher German Flatts
Fox, Daniel German Flatts
Fox, Frederick German Flatts
Fox, George German Flatts
Fox, Ira Columbia
Fox, Jacob Columbia
Fox, Jacob Ecker Danube
Fox, Jacob P. Columbia
Fox, Jacob W. Danube
Fox, James Columbia
Fox, Jedediah German Flatts
Fox, John Warren
Fox, John P. Columbia
Fox, Joseph Danube
Fox, Lawrence German Flatts
Fox, Maria Herkimer
Fox, Peter German Flatts
Fox, Peter Schuyler
Fox, Peter Herkimer
Fox, Peter German Flatts
Fox, Sophia Columbia
Fox, Truman Herkimer
Fox, William Fairfield
Fox, William German Flatts
Fox, William West Brunswick
Fralerick, John German Flatts
Fralick, Jacob Danube
Fralick, Lewis German Flatts
Francher, George German Flatts
Francisco, Cornelius Schuyler
Francisco, Cornelius Schuyler
Francisco, Samuel Schuyler
Frank, Frederick German Flatts
Frank, Jacob Frankfort
Frank, James German Flatts
Frank, John German Flatts
Frank, John H. Frankfort
Franklin, Benjamin German Flatts
Franklin, Bildad Newport
Franklin, Daniel Newport
Franklin, John Fairfield
Franklin, Mason Fairfield
Franklin, Philo Fairfield
Franklin, Reubin Newport
Franklin, Samuel Fairfield
Fraser, Thomas West Brunswick
Frayer, Abraham Danube
Frayer, Simon Danube
Frazer, Stephen German Flatts
Frazer, William Columbia
Freeburn, Robert Herkimer
Frederick, Francis Danube
Freeman, Charles Manheim
Freeman, Daniel Manheim
Freeman, Peleo German Flatts
Freeman, Seth German Flatts
Freman, Mores Warren
Freman, Moses Warren
Freman, Noah Warren
Freman, Richard Warren
Freman, Thomas Warren
Fren, David Danube
French, Ebenezer German Flatts
French, Ebenezer Frankfort
French, Joseph Frankfort
French, Larence Herkimer
French, Lucius Danube
Frets, John Columbia
Friar, Thomas Schuyler
Frice, Jonas Danube
Frindle, John Russia
Frindle, Joseph Russia
Frink, Adam Russia
Frink, Asa Newport
Frisbie, Augustus Salisbury
Frisby, Sparrow Newport
Fuller, Anthony Schuyler
Fuller, Asa Herkimer
Fuller, Daniel Frankfort
Fuller, Ezra Newport
Fuller, Ezra Newport
Fuller, Jacob Herkimer
Fuller, John H. German Flatts
Fuller, Levi Salisbury
Fuller, Timothy Litchfield
Fulmer, George German Flatts
Fulmer, George C. Columbia
Fulmer, Jacob C. Herkimer
Fulmer, John Herkimer
Furman, James German Flatts
Gadock, Charles Danube
Gage, Abner Columbia
Gage, Alden Fairfield
Gage, Alfred Litchfield
Gage, Eliab Litchfield
Gage, Isaac Litchfield
Gage, James Litchfield
Gage, Joseph Litchfield
Gage, Sylvanus Fairfield
Gallop, Daniel Columbia
Gallop, John Columbia
Ganor, James Columbia
Garber, John German Flatts
Garbur, Elizabeth Herkimer
Gardener, John Herkimer
Gardiner, John, Jr. Danube
Gardner, Amasa German Flatts
Gardner, Gilbert Russia
Gardner, Ina German Flatts
Gardner, Jacob German Flatts
Gardner, Jacob Danube
Gardner, James Columbia
Gardner, Peter Columbia
Gardner, Richard Warren
Gardner, Sidney Russia
Gardner, William Warren
Gardnier, John M. Danube
Garlock, Charles Danube
Garlock, Chrisjohn German Flatts
Garlock, John Manheim
Garlock, John A. Manheim
Garner, Frederick Warren
Garretty, Barnard Herkimer
Gates, Erastus Litchfield
Gates, Franklin Warren
Gates, Nathan Frankfort
Gay, Luther Herkimer
Gay, Nathan Columbia
Gay, Samuel Columbia
Gaylord, Chirtis Litchfield
Gaylord, Lyman Litchfield
Genther, Frances H. Danube
Gerauld, Harvey R. Russia
Getman, ??? Columbia
Getman, ??? Columbia
Getman, ???? Columbia
Getman, Andrew Columbia
Getman, Bartlett Columbia
Getman, Conrad Columbia
Getman, Daniel Manheim
Getman, Daniel Columbia
Getman, Frederick Herkimer
Getman, Frederick Columbia
Getman, Frederick F. Columbia
Getman, Frederick, Jr. Columbia
Getman, George F. Columbia
Getman, George J. Columbia
Getman, Henry Columbia
Getman, Jacob Columbia
Getman, Jacob Columbia
Getman, Jacob Frankfort
Getman, John Columbia
Getman, John Frankfort
Getman, John F. Columbia
Getman, Peter Frankfort
Getman, Richard Columbia
Getman, Timothy Columbia
Getman, Timothy Columbia
Gibson, William Danube
Gifford, Absolom German Flatts
Gifford, Allen German Flatts
Gifford, Benjamin German Flatts
Gifford, John Salisbury
Gilbert, Eli Schuyler
Gilbert, Erastus Schuyler
Gilbert, James Columbia
Gilbert, Jonathan Schuyler
Giles, Samuel Russia
Gilispee, Thomas German Flatts
Gillet, Eli Litchfield
Gillet, Elihu Manheim
Gillet, Harry Litchfield
Gillet, Isaac Litchfield
Gillet, Lauren Frankfort
Gillet, Luther Manheim
Gillet, Rodolphus Manheim
Gillispee, Robert German Flatts
Gilmore, John Schuyler
Gilroy, Daniel Schuyler
Girvan, William Herkimer
Gittel, Roderick Russia
Goff, Theodore German Flatts
Goff, William B. Herkimer
Gold, Thomas Herkimer
Golden, Abraham Herkimer
Golden, Amos Herkimer
Golden, Benjamin Herkimer
Golden, Isaac Herkimer
Golden, John Columbia
Goldin, Samuel Columbia
Golian, Benjamin Columbia
Goo, John Schuyler
Goodale, Ebenezer Litchfield
Goodell, Andrew Fairfield
Goodier, Aarom Litchfield
Goodier, Francis German Flatts
Goodier, Henry Litchfield
Goodier, John Litchfield
Goodier, Thomas Litchfield
Goodwin, Justus West Brunswick
Gordon, Jed Schuyler
Gordon, William H. Fairfield
Gorham, George Warren
Gorham, Rhymand Warren
Gorslin, John Columbia
Gorton, Jeremiah Newport
Gorton, John Russia
Gould, ??? German Flatts
Gould, Adam Schuyler
Graham, George Columbia
Graham, James Frankfort
Graham, James Schuyler
Graham, Thompson Schuyler
Grant, Elihu Herkimer
Grants, Henry German Flatts
Grants, Henry Columbia
Grants, John Columbia
Grants, Makus Columbia
Grants, Makus, Jr. Columbia
Graves, George T. Russia
Graves, Horran Fairfield
Graves, Jedediah Herkimer
Graves, John Russia
Graves, Levy Russia
Graves, Ora Herkimer
Graves, William Russia
Graves, William W. Herkimer
Gray, Charles Columbia
Gray, Susannah Litchfield
Gray, Wilbur Columbia
Gray, William D. Fairfield
Grayham, Major German Flatts
Green, Abel Columbia
Green, Alex Danube
Green, Ambrose German Flatts
Green, Ambrose Danube
Green, Christopher Frankfort
Green, Deborah Columbia
Green, Gardner Fairfield
Green, George Herkimer
Green, Henry Herkimer
Green, Henry Fairfield
Green, John Frankfort
Green, John Fairfield
Green, John Litchfield
Green, John Warren
Green, John L. Danube
Green, Lester Herkimer
Green, Nathan Fairfield
Green, Oliver Schuyler
Green, Pardon R. Columbia
Green, Paul Fairfield
Green, Peter Danube
Green, Samuel Fairfield
Green, Sara Herkimer
Green, Stephen Frankfort
Green, Timothy Warren
Green, William Warren
Greene, William Newport
Greenfield, Bethuel Fairfield
Greenfield, Raymond Fairfield
Griffin, Granby Newport
Griffin, John Newport
Griffin, Joshua Warren
Griffing, Edward Herkimer
Griffing, Galand Herkimer
Griffing, Jered Fairfield
Griffing, John W. Fairfield
Griffis, Daniel Fairfield
Griffis, Minon A. Fairfield
Griffith, Barnabas Columbia
Griffith, Stephen Columbia
Griffiths, David Frankfort
Grimes, Joseph Frankfort
Grinnels, Jonathan Warren
Grinold, Christopher Salisbury
Griswold, Aaron Newport
Griswold, Amos Salisbury
Griswold, Daniel Fairfield
Griswold, Edward Salisbury
Griswold, Enos Fairfield
Griswold, Francis Fairfield
Griswold, John Newport
Griswold, Joseph Fairfield
Griswold, Mary Herkimer
Griswold, Samuel Russia
Griswold, Temperance Fairfield
Griswold, William Fairfield
Groat, Peter H. Danube
Groat, William Danube
Groesbeck, Nicholas Warren
Groff, John Manheim
Groom, John Frankfort
Gros, Henry Danube
Grun, Felix, Jr. Danube
Guild, Daniel Frankfort
Guile, Daniel Warren
Guwitts, John Danube
Guywitts, Henry Danube
Hizcock, Nathan Fairfield
Hoak, John Danube
Haarder, John Danube
Hackley, Philo L. Herkimer
Hackney, James Russia
Hacokes, Thomas Columbia
Hadcock, Adam Fairfield
Hadcock, Daniel Fairfield
Hadcock, Nicholas Fairfield
Hadcock, William Fairfield
Hadley, James Fairfield
Hadly, William Litchfield
Hadod, William Herkimer
Hador, Samuel Herkimer
Hagan, John German Flatts
Hagar, Lucas Frankfort
Hager, Benjamin Salisbury
Hager, Jesse Salisbury
Haggerty, Bartimes German Flatts
Haggerty, James German Flatts
Haggerty, William Columbia
Haile, Nathan Fairfield
Haile, Richard Fairfield
Haile, Walter D. Fairfield
Haines, John Salisbury
Haines, John R. Salisbury
Haines, Philander Salisbury
Haines, Simeon Russia
Haines, Simeon, Jr. Russia
Haines, Stephen Salisbury
Hais, Jacob Manheim
Hall, Alice Salisbury
Hall, Ashel Salisbury
Hall, Benjamin Newport
Hall, Elisha Russia
Hall, Erastus Fairfield
Hall, Hazard Newport
Hall, Jeremiah Russia
Hall, John Herkimer
Hall, John D. Salisbury
Hall, Lucy Newport
Hall, Lyman Russia
Hall, Moses Russia
Hall, Moses Fairfield
Hall, Nathainel Fairfield
Hall, Robert Newport
Hall, Robert, Jr. Newport
Hall, Simeon West Brunswick
Hall, Thomas Newport
Hall, Thomas Danube
Hall, William Newport
Hallenbach, Casper Russia
Hallenbeck, David Danube
Hallenbeck, Grace Danube
Hallet, Jonathan Fairfield
Hallet, Stephen Fairfield
Halliock, William Fairfield
Halsey, Sylvanus Fairfield
Hamilton, Hosea Herkimer
Hamilton, Joseph Salisbury
Hamilton, Silas Litchfield
Hamlin, Erterus Fairfield
Hammon, Reuben Fairfield
Hammon, Semion Columbia
Hammon, Senaca Russia
Hammon, Simon Fairfield
Hammon, Stephen Russia
Hammon, Stephen Fairfield
Hammond, Artimes German Flatts
Hammond, Daniel German Flatts
Hamstradt, Christopher Russia
Hanchet, Asa Herkimer
Hand, Edmon Herkimer
Handy, Henry Salisbury
Hanel, Heorge Warren
Haner, Jacob Columbia
Haner, Jeremiah Columbia
Haner, Jonas Columbia
Hankins, Christopher Newport
Hankins, Daius Newport
Hankins, Dexter Newport
Hankins, Thadeus Newport
Hankins, uriah Newport
Hanmore, John Danube
Hannahs, Abel Columbia
Hannahs, Chauncey Frankfort
Hannon, Jabez Danube
Hannon, John Salisbury
Hantchett, Elijah Salisbury
Hardendorf, Abraham Danube
Harder, Nicholas Danube
Hardy, Joel Manheim
Hardy, John Danube
Hargraves, Robert Manheim
Harman, Thomas Fairfield
Harol, Lawrence Schuyler
Haron, Adam Danube
Harrier, Ira Fairfield
Harrington, Christopher Frankfort
Harrington, Jeremiah Schuyler
Harrington, Parly Herkimer
Harris, ??? Herkimer
Harris, Amisa Litchfield
Harris, Abraham Fairfield
Harris, Ann Widow Frankfort
Harris, Asahel Fairfield
Harris, Caleb Fairfield
Harris, Charles Fairfield
Harris, Gardner Fairfield
Harris, Gideon Fairfield
Harris, Harvey Litchfield
Harris, Henry Fairfield
Harris, Mynderd Russia
Harris, Olney Fairfield
Harris, Sally Newport
Harris, William Litchfield
Harrison, Allen Frankfort
Harrison, Josiah Litchfield
Hart, Ansel Schuyler
Hart, George Manheim
Hart, George Herkimer
Hart, George, Jr. Herkimer
Hart, Isaac German Flatts
Hart, Jacob Manheim
Hart, John Manheim
Hart, Joseph Manheim
Harter, Adam Herkimer
Harter, George Fairfield
Harter, George F. Herkimer
Harter, George L. Herkimer
Harter, Henry Herkimer
Harter, Henry Herkimer
Harter, Henry A. Herkimer
Harter, Jacob Fairfield
Harter, Jacob Herkimer
Harter, Jacob P. Herkimer
Harter, John Herkimer
Harter, Laureng Herkimer
Harter, Laurence Frankfort
Harter, Lawrence Herkimer
Harter, Mary Warren
Harter, Michael Herkimer
Harter, Nicholas Herkimer
Harter, Peter L. Herkimer
Harter, Phillip Herkimer
Harter, Phillip Herkimer
Harter, Phillip L. Herkimer
Harter, Thomas Herkimer
Harter, Thomas Newport
Hartman, Conradt Herkimer
Hartsham, Tracy Litchfield
Hartson, Jabeze German Flatts
Harvey, Ambross Litchfield
Harvey, Benjamin Frankfort
Harvey, Charles Herkimer
Harvey, Cranson Newport
Harvey, Elijah Herkimer
Harvey, Isaac Frankfort
Harvey, Joel Herkimer
Harvey, Jonathan Litchfield
Harvey, Jonathan Frankfort
Harvey, Jonathan, Jr. Frankfort
Harvey, Medaed Herkimer
Harvey, Oia Fairfield
Harvey, Robert Litchfield
Harvey, Robert, Jr. Frankfort
Harvey, Russel Litchfield
Harvey, Sheldon Frankfort
Harwick, Conrad Danube
Harwick, Conrad, Jr. Danube
Harwick, David Columbia
Harwick, Felix Warren
Harwick, Jacob Danube
Harwick, Jacob P. Warren
Harwick, Peter Columbia
Harwood, Eliphalet Litchfield
Harwood, James Herkimer
Haskell, John Newport
Haskell, John H. Newport
Haskell, Russel Newport
Haskells, Comfort Newport
Haskins, Isaac Columbia
Hastig, Emry Herkimer
Hatch, ??? Columbia
Hatch, Benjamin Manheim
Hatch, Joseph Columbia
Hatcock, Joseph Frankfort
Hate, Isaac Herkimer
Hatfield, Nathan Litchfield
Hatter, Isaac Columbia
Hatter, Lawrence German Flatts
Hatter, Philip German Flatts
Haunce, Edward Schuyler
Haver, Abraham Russia
Hawkins, Alfred Newport
Hawkins, Anthony Schuyler
Hawkins, Barkway Fairfield
Hawkins, Sterry Newport
Hayes, John Newport
Hazeltine, David Newport
Hazleton, Phillip Litchfield
Heald, Daniel Frankfort
Heath, Henry Herkimer
Heath, Joseph German Flatts
Heckcox, Spelman Herkimer
Heller, John German Flatts
Helman, Conradt Herkimer
Helman, Conradt Herkimer
Helman, Henry Herkimer
Helman, Peter C. Herkimer
Helmer, Adam Columbia
Helmer, Adam F. Warren
Helmer, Conrod Warren
Helmer, Daniel Herkimer
Helmer, Frederick Herkimer
Helmer, Frederick German Flatts
Helmer, George Herkimer
Helmer, Henry Warren
Helmer, Henry G. West Brunswick
Helmer, Henry, Jr. Columbia
Helmer, Henry, Sr. Columbia
Helmer, Jacob Herkimer
Helmer, Jacob Columbia
Helmer, John Herkimer
Helmer, Leonard Herkimer
Helmer, Leonard Manheim
Helmer, Micael Herkimer
Helmer, Peter P. Herkimer
Helmer, Phillip Herkimer
Helmer, Thomas Warren
Helmer, William Herkimer
Helsey, Benjamin Herkimer
Hemmeonway, Hosea Salisbury
Hemstreet, Isaac West Brunswick
Hemstreet, John D. West Brunswick
Hemstreet, Richard West Brunswick
Hemstreet, William West Brunswick
Henarge, Beardsley Columbia
Hendrick, Eunice Salisbury
Henry, Samuel Warren
Herkimer, Eunice Danube
Herkimer, Lidia Danube
Heroare, Robert Herkimer
Herter, Peter P. Warren
Hesler, Joseph Manheim
Hess, ??? Columbia
Hess, ??? Danube
Hess, Angus Denis Columbia
Hess, Conrad Columbia
Hess, Conrad German Flatts
Hess, Daniel German Flatts
Hess, Daniel Frankfort
Hess, Frederick Russia
Hess, Frederick German Flatts
Hess, George Warren
Hess, Henry Columbia
Hess, Joseph Schuyler
Heynor, Jeremiah Herkimer
Hibbard, James M. Newport
Hibberd, Reuben Manheim
Hichcock, Daniel Herkimer
Hickok, Reuben Schuyler
Hickox, Asper Herkimer
Hickox, Sherman Herkimer
Hicock, Silas Fairfield
Hildreth, Thadeus Herkimer
Hildrith, Edward Manheim
Hildrth, Shealtiel Salisbury
Hill, Francis Russia
Hillard, Patience Fairfield
Hiller, David Herkimer
Hiller, Jacob German Flatts
Hilliker, Benjamin German Flatts
Hills, Laban West Brunswick
Hilts, George Herkimer
Hilts, George Herkimer
Hilts, George Herkimer
Hilts, George Herkimer
Hilts, Godfrey Herkimer
Hilts, Jacob Herkimer
Hilts, John Herkimer
Hilts, John G. Herkimer
Hilts, John N. Herkimer
Hilts, Nicholas Herkimer
Hilts, Phillip Herkimer
Hilts, William Fairfield
Hiltz, Jacob Manheim
Hiltz, Mickaloe Manheim
Hilyard, Benjamin Newport
Hinckley, Gardner Russia
Hinckley, Zeruah Russia
Hines, Pardon Salisbury
Hiorchman, Robert Herkimer
Hix, Benjamin Warren
Hix, John Warren
Hoag, Abner Russia
Hoag, Isaac Russia
Hoak, Nicholas Danube
Hoard, John Frankfort
Hoard, Samuel Frankfort
Hobert, Jacob Warren
Hodge, Robert West Brunswick
Hodges, Richard Schuyler
Hofman, John Danube
Hohlhammer, Anthony Herkimer
Holaday, Josiah Russia
Holaday, Roland Russia
Holbrook, Willaim Newport
Holcomb, Albern Litchfield
Holcomb, Butler Litchfield
Holcomb, Hiram Litchfield
Holcomb, Lilah Litchfield
Holden, Sarah Litchfield
Holdredge, Charles E. Frankfort
Holdridge, David Schuyler
Holdridge, Elisha Schuyler
Holdridge, Gasham Schuyler
Holdridge, William Schuyler
Holisse, Jacob German Flatts
Holmes, Ezra Danube
Holmes, Isaac Warren
Holmes, Souire Warren
Holms, Elijah Russia
Holt, David Herkimer
Home ?, Cornelius & Eblm Danube
Homes, Morris Herkimer
Hoofman, John Herkimer
Hoofman, Michael Herkimer
Hooker, Lewis Litchfield
Hookson, Joseph Warren
Hoover, Abraham Herkimer
Hoover, Cilas Herkimer
Hoover, David Herkimer
Hoover, Jacob Herkimer
Hoover, Jacob I. Herkimer
Hoover, Jacob, Jr. Herkimer
Hoover, John Herkimer
Hoover, John Manheim
Hoover, John C. Herkimer
Hoover, Julian Manheim
Hoover, William Herkimer
Hopkins, James German Flatts
Hopkins, Rufus Columbia
Hopkins, Russel Frankfort
Hopsh, Wessel Danube
Hopson, Abel Salisbury
Hopson, Darius Salisbury
Hopson, David Salisbury
Hopson, Harvey Salisbury
Hopson, James Salisbury
Hopson, James, 2nd Salisbury
Horton, William Danube
Hosford, William Litchfield
Hoskins, John West Brunswick
Hosmer, Charles West Brunswick
Hoss, John Schuyler
Hosselkus, Christian Frankfort
Hosselkus, Daniel Frankfort
Hosselkus, Nicholas Frankfort
Hosselkus, Nicholas Frankfort
Hosselman, Christian Manheim
Hott, Peter Manheim
Houge, Ichabod Columbia
Hough, Milton Schuyler
Hough, Newton Schuyler
Hough, Olmsted Schuyler
Houghstater, David Schuyler
Houghtailing, Stephen Fairfield
Houghton, Elijah Russia
Houghton, Elijah, Jr. Russia
Houghton, Philemon Russia
Houghton, Samuel Fairfield
Houpt, Samuel Danube
House, Abraham Herkimer
House, Abraham Danube
House, Cornard G. Danube
House, Conrad Columbia
House, Conrath G. Warren
House, George Warren
House, George Columbia
House, George A. Danube
House, George T. Danube
House, Henry Columbia
House, Jacob German Flatts
House, Jacob N. Columbia
House, Jen A. Danube
House, John Warren
House, John Columbia
House, Joseph Danube
House, Nicholas, Jr. Columbia
House, Nicholas, Sr. Columbia
House, Peter German Flatts
Houx, Catharine German Flatts
How, Frances West Brunswick
Howard, Cheny Litchfield
Howard, Ephraim Danube
Howard, James Frankfort
Howard, James, Jr. Frankfort
Howard, Lyman Litchfield
Howard, Rufus Frankfort
Howard, Samuel Frankfort
Howard, Seth Frankfort
Howe, Cady Newport
Howel, William Herkimer
Howland, William German Flatts
Howron, William Danube
Hoxie, Ichabod Warren
Hoyer, John Warren
Hoyer, Peter Warren
Hubbard, Silence Russia
Hubbill, John Columbia
Hubble, Eaphream Russia
Huddleston, Merriel Fairfield
Huddleston, Susannah Russia
Huddlestone, Abigail Fairfield
Hudson, John Columbia
Hughes, Daniel Schuyler
Hughes, John Schuyler
Hughes, Samuel Schuyler
Hulbert, Irenaus Warren
Hulet, Sylvines Russia
Hull, Benjamin Russia
Hull, Jacob German Flatts
Hull, Joseph Danube
Hulsaver, Casper Frankfort
Hummel, Jacob Danube
Humphrey, Charles Salisbury
Humphrey, Ebe Herkimer
Humphrey, Phebe Salisbury
Hungerford, Diddate Frankfort
Hungerford, Jehiel Frankfort
Hungerford, Jehiel Frankfort
Hungerford, Stephen Frankfort
Hunt, Isaac Warren
Hunt, James B. Herkimer
Hunt, Robert Warren
Hunter, John Herkimer
Huntington, Caleb Warren
Hurlbutt, Uriah Fairfield
Hurlbert, Calvin Warren
Hurlbert, David H. Newport
Hurlbut, Daniel Herkimer
Hurlbut, Seth Salisbury
Hurlbutt, Jonathan Fairfield
Hurning, Henry German Flatts
Hurton, John Herkimer
Hurtor, George Danube
Hustis, Abel Warren
Hustis, Edward Warren
Hutchins, Leavins Schuyler
Hutchins, Lovel Schuyler
Hutchins, Noah Schuyler
Hutchins, Noah Schuyler
Hutchins, Wyman Litchfield
Hutton, Samuel West Brunswick
Huyck, Andrew Herkimer
Huyck, Garret Herkimer
Huyck, Jacob Columbia
Huyck, Martin Herkimer
Hyde, Eber Warren
Hyde, Huntington Warren
Hyde, Nelson Warren
Hyde, William B. Columbia
Hyres, Henry Manheim
Hyres, Sylvaneus Manheim
Hyser, Henry Herkimer