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1825 Herkimer County New York State Census Index (Surnames A-C)

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1825 Herkimer County New York State Census Index: Every person whose usual place abode shall be in any family on the 1st of July 1825....; and every person occasionally absent at time of taking this enumeration, as belonging to that place in which he usually resides in this state.

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1825 Herkimer County N.Y. Census Records

1825 Herkimer County, N.Y. Census Index (Surnames A-C)
Abba, Shubal Salisbury
Abbott, Danforth Warren
Abbott, Zetotus Fairfield
Abell, William Danube
Ackerman, Nicholas Danube
Ackert, Benjamin Warren
Ackler, George Columbia
Ackler, Jacob Columbia
Ackler, Leonard Columbia
Ackler, Leonard, Jr. Columbia
Ackler, Michael Warren
Acres, Haze Warren
Acres, William Warren
Adam, George German Flatts
Adams, Chauncey Columbia
Adams, Nathaniel German Flatts
Adams, Reuben Frankfort
Adams, Reubin Litchfield
Adle, John Manheim
Adle, Lang Manheim
Ailsworth, John Columbia
Ainsworth, Nathan Herkimer
Albright, Daniel Schuyler
Aldridge, Jacob Herkimer
Ale, John Columbia
Alexander, Robert Fairfield
Alexander, Robert Salisbury
Alexander, William Salisbury
Alfred, Asahel Columbia
Alfred, Asahel, Jr. Columbia
Alfred, Brewster Columbia
All, John Salisbury
Allen, Alvin Warren
Allen, Benjamin Russia
Allen, Boudy Russia
Allen, Calvin Newport
Allen, Centre Frankfort
Allen, Charles German Flatts
Allen, Ina German Flatts
Allen, Isaac Newport
Allen, Joel Danube
Allen, John German Flatts
Allen, John West Brunswick
Allen, Jonathan Newport
Allen, Nicholas Schuyler
Allen, Seth Russia
Allen, Simon German Flatts
Allen, Thomas German Flatts
Allexander, Joseph Litchfield
Allton, George W. Salisbury
Almsted, Timothy Herkimer
Alsayer, Mary Columbia
Alvord, Joseph Frankfort
Alvord, Medad Frankfort
Alvord, Seth Frankfort
Alvord, Seth Frankfort
Alvord, Simeon Frankfort
Ambler, Jeemah Herkimer
Amehin, John Columbia
Ames, Joseph Columbia
Ames, Joseph, Jr. Columbia
Anderson, Robert Schuyler
Andrew, Abel Salisbury
Andrew, David Schuyler
Andrew, David, Jr. Schuyler
Andrews, Asa Fairfield
Andrews, Asa German Flatts
Andrews, Asahell Russia
Andrews, Jeremiah Litchfield
Andrews, John M. Russia
Andrews, Nancy Litchfield
Andrews, Nehemiah Litchfield
Andrews, Walter West Brunswick
Andureas, Nathan German Flatts
Angel, George Herkimer
Angell, Ezekiel Newport
Anthony, Edwin Danube
Anthony, James Herkimer
Anthony, William Herkimer
Archer, Peter Danube
Archer, Thomas Danube
Arew, George Warren
Armstrong, Archibald Schuyler
Armstrong, George Warren
Armstrong, Lee Warren
Armstrong, Levy Warren
Arnold, Abraham Fairfield
Arnold, Bowen Russia
Arnold, Charles Fairfield
Arnold, Enoch Russia
Arnold, Eseck Herkimer
Arnold, George Fairfield
Arnold, George Russia
Arnold, Job Fairfield
Arnold, John Fairfield
Arnold, John H. Newport
Arnold, John, 2nd Fairfield
Arnold, Nathan Fairfield
Arnold, Oliver Fairfield
Arnold, Richard Newport
Arnold, Thomas Fairfield
Arnold, Turpin H. Newport
Arnold, William Fairfield
Arnold, Zaraholeria Herkimer
Arnolds, Edward Herkimer
Arnoth, John Danube
Ash, Henrey Russia
Ash, John West Brunswick
Ash, John P. West Brunswick
Ash, Peter, 2nd West Brunswick
Ash, Robert West Brunswick
Ash, Rowland West Brunswick
Ash, William West Brunswick
Ashley, Calvin Frankfort
Ashley, Enoch Frankfort
Aswell, Warren Herkimer
Atwell, Caleb Schuyler
Atwell, John Frankfort
Atwell, Joshua Schuyler
Austin, Abel West Brunswick
Austin, Abel C. Frankfort
Austin, Benjamin Schuyler
Austin, Edward West Brunswick
Austin, Freeborn Frankfort
Austin, Henry Frankfort
Austin, Jacob Schuyler
Austin, William West Brunswick
Austin, William Salisbury
Avery, Bellians Salisbury
Avery, Billans, 2nd Salisbury
Avery, Charles Fairfield
Avery, George Salisbury
Avery, John Litchfield
Avery, Solomon Salisbury
Avery, Stephen Russia
Avery, Steven Herkimer
Avery, Umphrey Fairfield
Avery, Willis Salisbury
Avril, Elijah Warren
Avril, Jonathan Warren
Avril, William Warren
Ayers, Alexander Fairfield
Ayers, Benjamin Columbia
Ayers, Stephen Fairfield
Ayers, William Columbia
Aylsworth, Daniel Litchfield
Aylsworth, Thomas Litchfield
Ayres, Elijah Manheim
Ayres, William Salisbury
Benet, Henry Russia
Babcock, Christopher Newport
Babcock, Lucas Newport
Backus, Absalom Salisbury
Backus, Frederick Frankfort
Backus, George Salisbury
Backus, Libens Salisbury
Backus, Norman Salisbury
Backus, Peter Herkimer
Backus, William Danube
Backus, William Litchfield
Bacon, William Litchfield
Bacon, William, Jr. Litchfield
Baily, Jonathan Litchfield
Baise, Samuel German Flatts
Bakeman, Frederick Danube
Bakeman, Philip Danube
Baker, Henry Herkimer
Baker, Hiram Schuyler
Baker, Isaiah Frankfort
Baker, Reuben Frankfort
Baker, Seth Fairfield
Baker, Thomas Russia
Baker, William Frankfort
Balch, Ebenezer Frankfort
Balch, Joseph Frankfort
Baldeer, Henry Herkimer
Baldwin, Augustus Frankfort
Baldwin, Daniel Frankfort
Baldwin, Sylvester Newport
Baley, Jonathan Frankfort
Ball, Joseph Litchfield
Ball, Joseph 2nd Litchfield
Ball, Nathaniel Litchfield
Ball, Ora Litchfield
Ball, Zebina Schuyler
Ball, Zerubalel Schuyler
Balston, John Manheim
Balty, Catharine Schuyler
Baly, Ceppas Herkimer
Bander, Adam Danube
Bander, Peter Danube
Banker, Oliver Russia
Barber, Benjamin Schuyler
Barber, Chancy Russia
Barber, Hubbard Frankfort
Barber, John Schuyler
Barber, John C. Newport
Barber, Jonathan Frankfort
Barber, Peleg Schuyler
Barber, Samuel Schuyler
Barbrick, Theophilus Litchfield
Bard, John, Jr. Warren
Barder, Luther Manheim
Bargy, Daniel Herkimer
Bargy, Esther Newport
Bargy, Peter Schuyler
Barheidt, Andrew Russia
Barheidt, Peter Russia
Bariga, Jacob Columbia
Barker, Eliphalet German Flatts
Barker, Jacob Herkimer
Barker, James Russia
Barker, Joshua Warren
Barker, Jotham Frankfort
Barker, Mason Schuyler
Barker, Paul Schuyler
Barker, Vinen Schuyler
Barlow, Ebenezer Newport
Barlow, Gideon Fairfield
Barnes, John Salisbury
Barnes, Luther Salisbury
Barnes, Ramsom Newport
Barney, Henry Newport
Barney, Nathan Newport
Barney, Pardon Newport
Barney, Reubin Newport
Barns, Elijah Manheim
Barns, George Herkimer
Barnum, Nancy Russia
Barnum, Thomas G. Herkimer
Barras, Abial Danube
Barred, Zebulon Manheim
Barret, Gaius Newport
Barret, Hiram Newport
Barrett, Dwight Fairfield
Barringer, Jacob Columbia
Barringer, Jonas Columbia
Barringer, Philip Columbia
Barrus, Eleazar Newport
Barrwell, Alfred Salisbury
Barry, Standish Newport
Barry, Standish Newport
Barse, Rudolph Herkimer
Bartlett, Ichabod Salisbury
Bartlett, Stephen Salisbury
Bartlick, Jacob Herkimer
Barton, Achras Fairfield
Barton, Andrus Herkimer
Barton, Charles Litchfield
Barton, Haile Fairfield
Barton, Jonathan Newport
Barton, Sylvester Fairfield
Bass, Lovel Warren
Bateman, Joseph Manheim
Bateman, Peter Manheim
Bates, Jacob Manheim
Battler, Luther Herkimer
Bauder, Joseph Danube
Bauder, Sargent Danube
Baum, Daniel Danube
Baum, Henry T. Schuyler
Baum, Jacob Manheim
Baum, Jacob German Flatts
Baum, Philip Danube
Bawldin, James German Flatts
Baxter, Henry Newport
Baxter, William H. Danube
Baxtor, Henrey Russia
Belinger, Jacob Russia
Beach, Allen Fairfield
Beach, Isaac Warren
Beach, Miles Fairfield
Beal, David Litchfield
Beard, Samuel Columbia
Beardslee, John Manheim
Beardsley, John Herkimer
Beardsley, Levi Fairfield
Bebee, Elias Frankfort
Bebee, John Frankfort
Beber, Sylvanus German Flatts
Becker, Christian Manheim
Becker, Henry Herkimer
Becker, Marks Manheim
Beckwith, Adijah Columbia
Bee, Henry German Flatts
Beebee, Amos H. Newport
Beebee, Jason Newport
Beebee, Silas Newport
Beebee, Silas, Jr. Newport
Beecher, Almond Russia
Beecher, Zina Russia
Beers, David Fairfield
Beery, Louns Herkimer
Belcher, Lucinth West Brunswick
Belknap, Wait Frankfort
Bell, Adam Warren
Bell, Jacob Herkimer
Bell, Jacob German Flatts
Bell, Joseph Warren
Bell, Nicholas Columbia
Bell, Peter Warren
Bell, Thomas Herkimer
Bellinger, Abraham Danube
Bellinger, Adam Manheim
Bellinger, Andrew Danube
Bellinger, Andrew German Flatts
Bellinger, Christian Danube
Bellinger, Christopher Herkimer
Bellinger, Christopher German Flatts
Bellinger, Christopher C. Herkimer
Bellinger, Daniel Herkimer
Bellinger, Daniel Danube
Bellinger, Frederick German Flatts
Bellinger, Frederick Herkimer
Bellinger, George German Flatts
Bellinger, Henry Manheim
Bellinger, Henry German Flatts
Bellinger, Jacob German Flatts
Bellinger, John German Flatts
Bellinger, John German Flatts
Bellinger, John Russia
Bellinger, John Manheim
Bellinger, John C. German Flatts
Bellinger, Marks Manheim
Bellinger, Peter German Flatts
Bellinger, Peter Danube
Bellinger, Peter H. German Flatts
Bellinger, Peter I. German Flatts
Bellingerm, Frederick Herkimer
Bellington, Benjamin Litchfield
Belshaw, David Warren
Belshaw, Mary Warren
Belshaw, Thomas Warren
Benchly, Joseph Russia
Benchley, David Fairfield
Benchley, Jenks Russia
Benchley, Joseph Newport
Benchley, Joseph Newport
Benchley, William S. Newport
Benedict, Elias Columbia
Benedict, M. German Flatts
Benjamin, Benjamin Russia
Benjamin, Eliakin Salisbury
Benjamin, Jonathan Russia
Benjamin, Josiah Salisbury
Benjamin, Josiah Salisbury
Bennet, Abel Salisbury
Bennet, Allen German Flatts
Bennet, Hiram Newport
Bennet, John German Flatts
Bennet, Joshua Newport
Bennet, Michael Manheim
Bennet, Sally Herkimer
Bennet, Waterman Litchfield
Bennet, Whiting Salisbury
Bennett, Joseph Columbia
Benny, Richard German Flatts
Benton, John Newport
Berman, David Frankfort
Berry, Daniel German Flatts
Best, George Herkimer
Bester, Chancy Manheim
Betrie, Frederick Columbia
Betticher, Isaac Russia
Bettinger, John Frankfort
Bettinger, Martin Herkimer
Biaklder, Marks Herkimer
Biddlecom, William Schuyler
Bigelo, Isaac C. Warren
Bigford, Jonathan Fairfield
Biggs, Abel Warren
Biggs, Hata Warren
Billinger, Christian Danube
Billinger, Philip Danube
Bim, Andrew Newport
Bingham, Zacharias Warren
Binghut, William Danube
Birdlong, Caleb Frankfort
Birdsall, Isaac Salisbury
Birdsey, Charles Litchfield
Birdsey, Nathan Litchfield
Birlingame, Esck Schuyler
Bisby, Elsha Herkimer
Bishop, Ebenezer Russia
Bishop, John P. Salisbury
Bishop, Samuel Salisbury
Bishop, Selah German Flatts
Bissell, Benjamin Herkimer
Bixby, Abijah Warren
Blackman, Daniel Salisbury
Blake, Amos Schuyler
Blake, Jason Schuyler
Blakesley, Eliada Frankfort
Blanding, Franklin Russia
Blatchley, James Warren
Blatchley, Selay Warren
Blew, Henry Warren
Bliss, Jacob Salisbury
Bloodgood, Henry German Flatts
Bloodgood, John Columbia
Bloodgood, Joshua German Flatts
Bloodow, Henry Manheim
Bloomfield, Jonathan Warren
Bloomfield, Joseph Warren
Bloomfield, Samuel Warren
Blue, Dugal Russia
Bly, Allen West Brunswick
Bly, Joseph Russia
Bly, Nathan Russia
Boardman, David Frankfort
Boice, Leonard German Flatts
Boise, John Salisbury
Bolton, John Warren
Bonfoy, Horace Litchfield
Booth, Alexander Russia
Booth, Elisha Russia
Borden, Abraham Fairfield
Borden, Abraham Fairfield
Borden, James Fairfield
Borden, Niles Fairfield
Borman, Adam Herkimer
Borsman, Christopher Herkimer
Bort, John German Flatts
Boss, John Fairfield
Bosworth, Stephen Frankfort
Bottomly, Joriah Litchfield
Bouck, Henry Frankfort
Bouck, John Frankfort
Bouck, Peter Frankfort
Bouk, William Warren
Bowen, Benjamin Frankfort
Bowen, Levi Newport
Bowen, Moses Salisbury
Bowen, Ruth Newport
Bowen, William Litchfield
Bowman, Frederick Manheim
Bowman, Henry Herkimer
Bowman, Peter Herkimer
Boyd, William Russia
Boyer, Henry Manheim
Boyer, Henry Manheim
Boyer, Henry H. Manheim
Boyer, John, Jr. Manheim
Boyer, Jonas Herkimer
Boyer, Peter Manheim
Boyer, Robert Herkimer
Brace, Jeduthan Litchfield
Brace, Leonard Litchfield
Bradford, Hopestill Fairfield
Bradford, Joseph Newport
Bradley, Gurdon Fairfield
Bradley, John Danube
Brainard, Chauncey Litchfield
Bramin, William Frankfort
Brando, William Danube
Bray, John Newport
Bray, John Newport
Brayton, Jeremiah Litchfield
Brayton, Jesse Newport
Brayton, Jonathan P. Columbia
Brayton, Smith Newport
Brayton, Stephen Fairfield
Brayton, Stephen Newport
Brewer, Peter Warren
Brewster, Sturges German Flatts
Brian, John German Flatts
Bridenbecker, Geo. Frankfort
Bridenbecker, Geo., Jr. Frankfort
Bridenbecker, Wm. Frankfort
Bridger, William Newport
Briggs, Daniel German Flatts
Briggs, Phineas Russia
Briggs, Samuel Russia
Briggs, Stephen Schuyler
Briggs, Wanton Newport
Brigham, Moses Frankfort
Brigham, Samuel Fairfield
Brink, Isaac Warren
Britenbaker, Daniel Schuyler
Britenbaker, Jacob Schuyler
Britentaker, John Schuyler
Britton, E. Herkimer
Broat, Henry Manheim
Broat, John Manheim
Brockett, Alvah Salisbury
Brockett, Amos Salisbury
Brockett, Ely Salisbury
Brockett, Joel Salisbury
Brockway, Enoch Frankfort
Brockway, Enoch, Jr. Frankfort
Brockway, Green Frankfort
Brockway, Reed Frankfort
Brockway, Thomas J. Frankfort
Broner, Charles Newport
Broner, Cran Newport
Bronson, Chester Salisbury
Bronson, Daniel Warren
Bronson, Ira Warren
Bronson, Job Warren
Brooks, William Herkimer
Brown, ??? Columbia
Brown, Alansing German Flatts
Brown, Asa Salisbury
Brown, Aurin Herkimer
Brown, Avery German Flatts
Brown, Daniel German Flatts
Brown, Darius Frankfort
Brown, David Schuyler
Brown, David Fairfield
Brown, Ephraim Litchfield
Brown, George Fairfield
Brown, George Newport
Brown, Gevits Danube
Brown, Giles German Flatts
Brown, Henry German Flatts
Brown, Ichabod Herkimer
Brown, Ichabod Herkimer
Brown, James German Flatts
Brown, James, Jr. Litchfield
Brown, James, Sr. Columbia
Brown, Jesse Schuyler
Brown, John Fairfield
Brown, John D. Salisbury
Brown, Joseph Columbia
Brown, Joseph Fairfield
Brown, Losse West Brunswick
Brown, Mary Warren
Brown, Moris Warren
Brown, Nathanell Fairfield
Brown, Philip Columbia
Brown, Samuel Newport
Brown, Thomas Schuyler
Brown, Thomas Litchfield
Brown, Weaver Salisbury
Brown, William Fairfield
Brownell, Frederic Salisbury
Browning, Benjamin German Flatts
Browning, James German Flatts
Brownson, Westle Russia
Brunner, C. Danube
Brunner, Christian, Jr. Danube
Brunner, Felix Danube
Brunner, Frederick Danube
Brunner, Frederick, Jr. Danube
Brunner, Isaac Warren
Brunner, Jacob Warren
Brunner, Jacob P. Danube
Brunner, Peter Danube
Bryan, Martin L. Fairfield
Buchannon, Wadkins Herkimer
Buck, Jesse Salisbury
Buck, Jonathan Frankfort
Buck, Samuel Russia
Buckley, Abel Russia
Bucklin, Daniel W. Herkimer
Bucklin, John Fairfield
Bucklin, John, Jr. Fairfield
Bucklin, Joseph Herkimer
Bucklin, William Herkimer
Budlong, Aaron Frankfort
Budlong, Daniel Frankfort
Budlong, David Frankfort
Budlong, John Litchfield
Budlong, John Schuyler
Budlong, Moses Litchfield
Budlong, Nathan Schuyler
Budlong, Nebjamin Frankfort
Budlong, William Schuyler
Buel, George Newport
Buell, Alexander Fairfield
Buell, George Fairfield
Buell, Horace Columbia
Bullard, Bezallael Newport
Bullard, Elizabeth Fairfield
Bullard, Nathan Newport
Bullion, Andrim Warren
Bullock, David Schuyler
Bunau, John Columbia
Bunce, Jacob Russia
Bunce, Loadwick Russia
Bunce, Richard Manheim
Bundy, John Warren
Bunn, ??? Columbia
Bunnel, Jairus West Brunswick
Burch, Ira Schuyler
Burch, Lovel Schuyler
Burch, Robert Schuyler
Burdick, Pardon Frankfort
Burger, Conrad Columbia
Burger, John Columbia
Burger, Philip Columbia
Burkdorf, John, Jr. Danube
Burlingame, Asahel Fairfield
Burlingame, Eunice Schuyler
Burlingham, Russel Schuyler
Burnham, David Salisbury
Burpee, Ephraim Frankfort
Burpee, Nathaniel Frankfort
Burpee, Titus Frankfort
Burrell, Henry Salisbury
Burrell, Jonathan Salisbury
Burrell, Samuel Salisbury
Burrell, William Salisbury
Burriet, Wakeman Herkimer
Burritt, Steven W. Herkimer
Burt, Asashel Herkimer
Burt, Eanos Herkimer
Burt, Enos Herkimer
Burt, Manska Herkimer
Burt, Rudolpeas Herkimer
Burt, Walter Herkimer
Burton, D. Newport
Burton, Hiram Schuyler
Burton, Nathaniel Herkimer
Burwell, Nathan Russia
Bush, George Danube
Bush, William Danube
Bushnell, Amisa Litchfield
Bushnell, Amisa, Jr. Litchfield
Bushnell, Amzi Fairfield
Bushnell, Daniel Fairfield
Bushnell, Joshua Fairfield
Bushnell, Joshua B. Fairfield
Bushnell, Richard Fairfield
Bushnell, William Fairfield
Butler, Augustus Litchfield
Butler, Jona Newport
Butler, Reubin Litchfield
Butler, William Frankfort
Butler, William West Brunswick
Butterfield, Willard Schuyler
Butterfield, Zimri Schuyler
Buttonfe, Menaria German Flatts
Byaren, Godfrey Danube
Byers, James Herkimer
Byington, Erwin Salisbury
Byington, Jerard Salisbury
Cady, Elias Frankfort
Cafsada, Thomas Schuyler
Cahoon, Benjamin Fairfield
Cahoon, Reynolds Herkimer
Cain, Peter Schuyler
Cain, Purmelia Schuyler
Cain, Thomas Schuyler
Calewell, Mathew Danube
Calhoun, Sheldon Frankfort
Calkins, Benjamin Warren
Calkins, Ezra German Flatts
Callehone, Phillip German Flatts
Campble, Malcom Russia
Cambel, Malcom, 2nd Russia
Campbell, Adam P. Frankfort
Campbell, Alexander German Flatts
Campbell, Charles Frankfort
Campbell, James German Flatts
Campbell, James German Flatts
Campbell, John Litchfield
Campbell, Michael Russia
Campbell, Patrick German Flatts
Campbell, Peter West Brunswick
Campbell, Timothy P. Frankfort
Canfield, Rams Litchfield
Cannon, Alexander Herkimer
Capain, John Danube
Carber, Henry Danube
Carder, James Schuyler
Carder, Joseph Schuyler
Carlisle, Mary Salisbury
Carlseu, Wilder Schuyler
Carman, William Salisbury
Carner, Joseph Columbia
Carney, Hugh Schuyler
Caroll, Darius Schuyler
Caroll, James Schuyler
Carpenter, Amos Russia
Carpenter, Artimes German Flatts
Carpenter, Asahell Russia
Carpenter, Calvin Fairfield
Carpenter, Daniel Russia
Carpenter, Deliverence Warren
Carpenter, George Russia
Carpenter, Harvey Warren
Carpenter, Lemuel Russia
Carpenter, Low Fairfield
Carpenter, Roswell Russia
Carpenter, Stephen Fairfield
Carpenter, Stephen Fairfield
Carpenter, Thankfull Russia
Carpenter, Warren Russia
Carr, Eleazer Salisbury
Carr, William Herkimer
Carruthers, Henery Russia
Carter, Henry Newport
Carter, Henry Newport
Cary, William Litchfield
Case, David Salisbury
Case, Elijah Salisbury
Case, Elijah, Jr. Herkimer
Case, Elizabeth Salisbury
Case, Samuel Russia
Case, William Salisbury
Casler, Abraham German Flatts
Casler, Conradt Herkimer
Casler, David Herkimer
Casler, Frederick German Flatts
Casler, Jacob Schuyler
Casler, Jacob German Flatts
Casler, Jacobus German Flatts
Casler, John German Flatts
Casler, John Herkimer
Casler, John M. German Flatts
Casler, John P. German Flatts
Casler, Lana German Flatts
Casler, Markes German Flatts
Casler, Nicholas German Flatts
Casler, Nicholas, Jr. German Flatts
Casler, Peter Herkimer
Casler, Peter B. German Flatts
Casler, Rachel Herkimer
Casler, Richard German Flatts
Casler, Richard German Flatts
Casler, Richard German Flatts
Casler, Richard German Flatts
Casler, Richard C. German Flatts
Casler, Richard F. German Flatts
Casler, Richard I.N. German Flatts
Casler, Richard M. German Flatts
Casler, Rudolph German Flatts
Casler, William Herkimer
Caster, Peter Herkimer
Castle, Smith Russia
Caswell, Amara Herkimer
Caswell, David Danube
Cater, Nicholas Herkimer
Catlin, Stephen Litchfield
Cezar, Solomon Salisbury
Chadwick, Elijah Newport
Chadwick, John Schuyler
Chafy, Alpha Frankfort
Chamberlain, Calvin Columbia
Chambers, Abram Schuyler
Champion, David Danube
Champion, Elisha Danube
Champion, Joel Danube
Champion, John Danube
Champion, Nancy Danube
Champion, Roswell Litchfield
Champney, Eben Warren
Chanman, Dan Danube
Chapin, Chandler Newport
Chapin, Sally Newport
Chapins, ??? Herkimer
Chaplin, William H. Herkimer
Chapman, Joseph Columbia
Chapman, Stephen Litchfield
Chappel, Jesse Warren
Chappell, Morris German Flatts
Charlesworth, Daniel Danube
Chase, Benjamin Fairfield
Chase, Charles Manheim
Chase, David Salisbury
Chase, Ephraim Fairfield
Chase, Luther Danube
Chase, Moses Herkimer
Chase, William Herkimer
Chase, William Fairfield
Chatfield, Asa Fairfield
Chatfield, William Schuyler
Chattfield, Mary Fairfield
Chawell, David Fairfield
Cheney, Robert Danube
Cheseman, Edward Warren
Chesley, Jacob West Brunswick
Chesley, John West Brunswick
Chittenden, Wise Newport
Chittendon, Sanford Fairfield
Chiven, Richard German Flatts
Christian, Charles Schuyler
Christman, George Herkimer
Christman, Jacob Danube
Christman, Jacob F. German Flatts
Christman, Jacob, Jr. German Flatts
Christman, John German Flatts
Christman, John German Flatts
Christman, Martin German Flatts
Christman, Mary German Flatts
Christy, John Danube
Christy, Nathan Manheim
Churchell, Hulda Newport
Churchell, Oliver Manheim
Churchell, John, Jr. Newport
Church, Frederick Warren
Churchell, Benjamin Newport
Churchill, Benjamin Fairfield
Churchill, Henry Fairfield
Churchill, Isaac Herkimer
Churchill, Isaac Manheim
Churchill, Jonas Herkimer
Churchill, Reuben Herkimer
Cipenley, Barnard German Flatts
Clapsaddle, Denis Columbia
Clapsaddle, John Columbia
Clapsatle, Andrew German Flatts
Clapsattle, George Frankfort
Clark, ??? German Flatts
Clark, ??? Herkimer
Clark, Benjamin German Flatts
Clark, George Frankfort
Clark, Mary Frankfort
Clark, Moses Frankfort
Clark, Orin Russia
Clark, Perry West Brunswick
Clark, Ralph Russia
Clark, Rolon Russia
Clark, Stephen Columbia
Clark, Stephen Newport
Clark, William Danube
Clarke, Andrew Schuyler
Clarke, Dr. Schuyler
Clarke, James Schuyler
Clarry, Luther Columbia
Clay, Daniel Herkimer
Cleavland, Daniel Salisbury
Cleland, Jonas Warren
Cleland, Norman Warren
Cleland, Solomon Warren
Clemons, Jacob Schuyler
Clemons, Rufus Columbia
Clock, Charles Schuyler
Closs, Christian Columbia
Cloyes, Luther Frankfort
Clute, Robert Russia
Cness, Conrad German Flatts
Coal, Henry Warren
Cochner, John & William Danube
Coffin, Edward Russia
Coffin, Isaac Newport
Cole, David Fairfield
Cole, Elisha Fairfield
Cole, James Fairfield
Cole, John Columbia
Cole, John Russia
Cole, John Fairfield
Cole, John Litchfield
Cole, Jonathan Salisbury
Cole, Joseph Litchfield
Cole, Joseph Fairfield
Cole, Lewis Fairfield
Cole, Luther Columbia
Cole, Mary Columbia
Cole, Minard Litchfield
Cole, Nathan Herkimer
Cole, Thomas Fairfield
Cole, Thomas Fairfield
Colegrove, Gardner Russia
Colegrove, Holden Columbia
Colegrove, Russel Russia
Collins, George Schuyler
Collins, John Schuyler
Collion, James Newport
Collis, Jacob Frankfort
Collis, Jonas Frankfort
Collis, Mrs. Schuyler
Colson, Peter P. Salisbury
Colven, Joseph Herkimer
Colwell, Samuel West Brunswick
Comble, William Frankfort
Comes, Ebenezer Litchfield
Comes, Ebenezer, Jr. Litchfield
Commins, Abel Russia
Commins, Abraham Russia
Commins, John Warren
Comstock, Jacob Frankfort
Comstock, Silas Salisbury
Comstock, Thomas Salisbury
Comstock, William Salisbury
Conable, John Frankfort
Congden, Benanah German Flatts
Congdon, Ichobod Litchfield
Congdon, James Litchfield
Congdon, James, Jr. Litchfield
Congdon, Nicholas Russia
Congdon, Willet Salisbury
Conklin, Abraham Schuyler
Conklin, Andrew Danube
Conklin, John Schuyler
Conklin, Jonathan Danube
Conklin, Louisa Widow Danube
Conklin, Simon Danube
Conover, Clarcey Herkimer
Conover, Janus German Flatts
Conover, William German Flatts
Coo, Robert Frankfort
Cook, Atwater Salisbury
Cook, Friend Salisbury
Cook, Gideon Frankfort
Cook, James Frankfort
Cook, Moses Schuyler
Cook, Robert Frankfort
Cooke, Josiah Warren
Cooke, Sebrakian Manheim
Cooledge, Warren Frankfort
Coon, Amhurst Russia
Coons, David Herkimer
Coonts, William Salisbury
Cooper, Fredick Herkimer
Cooper, Isaac Schuyler
Cooper, Jeremiah Fairfield
Cooper, John Herkimer
Cooper, Labon Salisbury
Cooper, Peter Schuyler
Cooper, Samuel Danube
Cooper, Silvanes Russia
Copernoll, Adam Schuyler
Coppernoll, Adam West Brunswick
Coppernoll, George A. West Brunswick
Copping, John Russia
Corboth, John Danube
Corboth, John, Jr. Danube
Corey, Jeremiah Fairfield
Coreym, Burnham Russia
Corkins, Freeborn Russia
Cornrick, Zaeheniah German Flatts
Corp, Benajah Russia
Corp, David Russia
Corret, Philander Litchfield
Cory, Benjamin Salisbury
Cory, Gilbert Fairfield
Cory, Nathan Frankfort
Cory, Rufus Litchfield
Cory, Rufus, Jr. Litchfield
Cory, William Russia
Cory, William Salisbury
Cosseth, Chauncey Danube
Cosseth, Oliver Danube
Cotton, Stodart Warren
Countriman, Adam Warren
Countryman, Abraham Danube
Countryman, Adam German Flatts
Countryman, Conrad German Flatts
Countryman, George Danube
Countryman, Henry Danube
Countryman, Isaac Danube
Countryman, Jacob German Flatts
Countryman, John A. Danube
Countryman, John N. Danube
Countryman, John T. Danube
Countryman, Markes German Flatts
Countryman, Mary Danube
Countryman, Nicholas Danube
Countryman, Nicholas Danube
Countryman, William Danube
Covel, ??? Danube
Covell, Enos Danube
Cowler, Ebenezer Litchfield
Cowler, Norman Litchfield
Crain, Josiah Columbia
Crain, Rufus Warren
Cramer, Abraham Danube
Cramer, Coonrad Schuyler
Cramer, Daniel Danube
Cramer, Godfrey Danube
Cramer, Jacob Danube
Cramer, John Danube
Cramer, Joseph Danube
Cramer, Zachariah Manheim
Crandall, Daniel Schuyler
Crandall, Robert Columbia
Crane, Anna Litchfield
Crane, Henry Litchfield
Crane, Ira Herkimer
Crants, Jacob German Flatts
Crawford, Hugh Frankfort
Crell, Thomas Danube
Crendorff, Frederick German Flatts
Crendorff, Henry German Flatts
Crigo, Abraham Columbia
Crill, James German Flatts
Crim, Adam Warren
Crim, Adam German Flatts
Crim, Henry Warren
Crim, Henry, Jr. Warren
Crim, Jacob A. Warren
Crim, Jacob, Jr. Warren
Crim, John Warren
Crim, John H. Columbia
Crim, Paul Warren
Crision ?, Rufus Schuyler
Crisman, Frederic Salisbury
Crist, Catharine Fairfield
Crist, Philip Fairfield
Crist, Stephen Schuyler
Cristman, Bernard Columbia
Cristman, Daniel Columbia
Cristman, Frederick Columbia
Cristman, George F. Columbia
Cristman, Jacob Columbia
Cristman, Jacob Fairfield
Cristman, John Herkimer
Cristman, John Herkimer
Cristman, John F. Columbia
Cristman, Laronane German Flatts
Cromby, Minor Newport
Crommer, Daniel Warren
Crondorff, Conrad Columbia
Crondorff, Henry Columbia
Cronkhite, Abraham Herkimer
Cronkhite, Henry Danube
Cronkhite, John C. Danube
Cronkhite, John H. Danube
Cronkhite, John T. Herkimer
Crosby, Abigail Litchfield
Crosby, Eliazer Litchfield
Crosby, Sollomon Litchfield
Crosby, Stephen Litchfield
Crosley, James Frankfort
Cross, Jacob Newport
Cross, Peter Salisbury
Cross, Reuben Schuyler
Cross, Thomas Salisbury
Crosset, Benjamin Schuyler
Crossett, Joseph Schuyler
Crossman, Joseph Frankfort
Crossman, Nathaniel Salisbury
Crouch, David Schuyler
Crouch, Hiram, Jr. Schuyler
Crouse, Charles German Flatts
Crouse, David German Flatts
Crouse, Jacob Russia
Crouse, John German Flatts
Crumwell, Benjamin Herkimer
Crumwell, Jessa Herkimer
Cumming, John West Brunswick
Cumming, William West Brunswick
Cummings, Van Rensselaer Frankfort
Cummings, William Danube
Cummins, James Frankfort
Cummins, John Newport
Cummins, Steward Newport
Cuntryman, Peter German Flatts
Curtis, Caleb Frankfort
Curtis, David Russia
Curtis, Felix Warren
Curtis, Joseph Frankfort
Curtis, Lial Warren
Curtis, Ransom Frankfort
Custer, Paul Herkimer
Cutler, Samuel Litchfield