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1757 - 1816

Vital Records - Town of Greenland

Rockingham County, New Hampshire

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Greenland, N.H. Vital Records

1757 - 1816 Vital Records in the Town of Greenland, County of Rockingham, New Hampshire, mostly marriage records, but some birth and deaths also.

Mr. William Tweedy & Miss Katherine Honyman were married in
this Parish the first day of June 1762 by Rev. Saml. Maclintock,

Greenland Jan. 8th 1797

This may certify that Mr. John Stanes and Miss Oney Gudge was
published in this town.

Thos. Philbrook T. Clerk

The above persons were married by Saml. Haven, Clerk

Portsmouth March 23d 1816

This may Certify to all whom it may concern that Mr. John Ayers
of Greenland has been a member of the first baptist Society in
Portsmouth. N.H. for more than six years past - that he was
baptised by immersion by Elder Leavitt 15th 1809 & has continued
a constant worthy of said Society to this day
			Joseph Y. Burgin

A Register of Marriages by the Revd. Doctor Samuel Macclintock of Greenland

1757 March 17th Mr. John Folsom and Martha Brackett

1758 Jany. 1st Henry Wiggin and Elizabeth Morder

1758 Jany. 12th Jona Blazo and Mary Abbott

1758 Jany. 2nd Phineas Hodgdon and Olive Ayers

1758 March 10th Cornelius Merchant and Anna Warren

1758 May 15th Jona Stickney and Martha March

1758 June 8th Jona Lock and Abigail Towl.

1759 Jany. 31st Joshua Pickering and Mary Brackett

1759 Feby. 18th John Lang and Judith Babb

1759 June 11th Joseph Patterson and Temperance Ayres

1759 Augt. 2d John Doe and Mary Wiggin

1759 Augt. 23d Enoch Clark and Mary March

1760 jany. 3d Revd. Joseph Adams and Elizabeth Brackett

1760 Oct. 24th Porter Kimball and Mary Whitcher

1761 March 15th James Neal and Hannah Marthes

1761 May 13th James Scobey and Ann House

1761 May 21st Noah Dow and Elizabeth Palmer

1761 May 29th Jeremiah Lock and Mary Haines

1761 June 4th Thomas Dean and Cathr. Odiorne

1761 July 18th Benjamin Downing and Mary Newman

1761 July 22d John Stephens and Elizabeth Huntress

1761 Augt. 9th Jona Jewiet and Susanna Wiggin

1761 Sept. 1st George Wallis and Sarah Babb

1761 Octr. 29th Josiah Smith and Alpha Leavitt

1761 Novr. 5th James Haines and Merriam Meloon

1761 Decr. 22d Elijah Denho and Sarah Willey

1762 Jany. 14th Lt. Ebenezer Clark and Judith Brackett

1762 June 1st William Tweedy and Cathe Honyman

1762 June 3d Dependance Bickford and Olive Bickford

1762 July 7th David Hunniford and Mary Thurston

1762 Decr. 30th Jona Trickey and Temperance Bickford

1763 May 5th Nathl. Fernald and Mary Gunnison

1763 Augt. 11th Jona Barker and Sarah Philbrook

1763 octr. 23d James Roe and Ann Palmer

1763 Nov. 17th Pain Smith and Sarah Mead

1764 Feby. 29th Samuel Robie Fogg and Abigail Nudd

1764 April 3d Jona Norris and Ruth Holmes

1764 April 12th Mark Langdon and Mary Clarke

1764 Octr. 18th James Berry and Abigail Philbrook

1764 Nov. 20th Israel Marden and Elizabeth Beck

1764 Dec. 13th George Brackett and Ann March

1765 Jany. 9th William Gill and Lydia Burleigh

1765 Jany. 9th Thomas Ayers and Cathe Bickford

1765 March 19th Ebenezer Taber and Mary Berry

1765 June 11th John Hunking and Elizabeth Meservy

1765 Octr. 29th John Langmaide and Hannah Edmonds

1765 Oct. 30th William Boynton and Cathe Mason

1766 May 19th William Beavey and Anna Trefethern

1766 May 28th Secos and Phebe Warren

1766 Sept. 15th William Parker and Elizebeth Holland

1766 Octr. 1st John Torry and Hannah Bean

1766 Octr. 17th Redman Moulton and Susanna Bean

1766 Octr. 30th Isaac Sherburn and Lydia Crockett

1767 Jany. 19th Joseph Doe and Martha Weeks

1767 Sept. Samuel Lowel adn Eleanor Philbrook

1767 Sept. 24th James Frost and Love Wingate

1767 Sept. 24th Christopher Skinner and Eleanor Nutter

1767 Octr. 1st Jona Hoit and Mary Brackett

1767 Octr. 13th Timothy Haines and Lucy Bennett

1767 Nov. 14th Giles Seaward Junr. and Elizabeth Lord

1767 Nov. 19th John Tucks and Elizabeth Cate

1767 Dec. 8th John Tarlton and Abigail Yeaton

1768 Feb. 25th John Fabyon and Mehitabel Berry

1768 March 26th Samuel Weeks and Mercey Rundlet

1768 Augt. 22d Joseph Meloon and Esther Sandborn

1768 Augt. 22d John Berry and Mary Seagel

1768 Augt. 28th Benjamin Randal and Thankful Weeks

1768 Sept. 1st John Wingate and Mary Philbrook

1768 Dec. 16th Daniel French and Martha Wiggin

1769 Jany. 26th Tufton Wiggin and Mary Brackett

1769 March 27th Jeremiah Mason and Eleanor Clark

1769 May 22d Samuel Norton and Anna Haines

1769 May 25th John Whidden and Elizabeth Jones

1769 Augt. 6th Samuel Bickford and Elizabeth Mason

1769 Sept. 6th Jona Gilman and Joanna Cotton

1769 Oct. 8th Mark Wiggin and Betty Brackett

1769 Octr. 9th Zebulon Willee and Mary Trickey

1769 Octr. 11th Ambrose Colbey and Sarah Stone

1769 Octr. 12th Solomon Cotton and Mary Holmes

1769 Nov. 9th Elisha French and Elizabeth Foss

1769 Nov. 23d Charles Knight and Deborah Colbroth

1769 Nov. 23d Nathan Norton and Hannah Johnson

1770 Jany. 11th William Jenkins and Sarah Hoag

1770 Jany. 18th William Knight and Rosamond Pickering

1770 April 19th Enoch Hunt and Debby Nutter

1770 Octr. 6th John Lewis and Sarah Hight

1770 Octr. 23d George Lang and Sarah Johnson

1770 Nov. 20th Ebenezer Brackett and Abigail Rogers

1770 Nov. 21st Joseph Brackett and Mary Hye

1770 Dec. 27th John Weeks and Deborah Brackett

1770 Octr. 23d Coker Wiggin and Mary Barker

1771 Reby. 17th Daniel Wilson and Mary Wiggin

1771 Feby. 19th Levi Drew and Mary Barker

1771 March 21st John Verrel and Mary Ayers

1771 March 28th Samuel Whidden and Mary Haines

1771 April 1st Edward Brasbury and Rosamond Trickey

1771 April 29th Jona Brown and Ann Lapish

1771 July 30th William Berry and Mary Cate

1771 Sept. 19th Samuel Roe and Sarah Roe

1771 Dec. 5th Enoch Barker and Susanna Barker

1771 Decr. 31st Andrew Beck and Elizabeth Ayers

1772 Jany. 2d Benjamin Nutter and Lois Pickering

1772 Jany. 21st Jeremiah Dennit and Susannah Peverly

1772 May 21 James Holland and Sarah Huggin

1772 July 29th Nathl. Treadwell and Cathe Stoodly

1772 Sept. 1 Philip Johnson and Mary Pickering

1772 Novr. 2d Andrew Hanson and Lydia French

1772 Novr. 24th Jacob Wiggin and Abigail French

1772 Decr. 22d David Huggin and Hannah Ayers

1772 Date gone: George Wallis Junr. and Rachel Babb

1773 Jany. 31 John Baines and Mary Baines

1773 Feby. 18th Samuel Cotton and Martha Johnson

1773 March 11th William Palmer and Mehitabel Blazo

1773 June 16th William Weeks and Susannah Raines

1773 July 8th William Knight and Elizabeth Crockett

1773 July 29th John Gray and Hannah White

1773 Do ----- Nathl. Hart and Lois Nutter

1773 Augt. 3d David Simpson and Mary Williams

1773 Augt. 11th John Cotton and Abigail Taylor

1773 Sept. 21 Saml Ham and Elizabeth Sherburne

1773 Oct. 7th William French and Dolly Clark

1773 Novr. 18th Abraham Annis and Sarah Dame

1773 Dec. 27th Henry Rollins and Anna Weeks

1774 Jany. 19th Samuel Walker and Elizabeth Peverly

1774 Feby. 24th Phineas Colman and Sarah Whidden

1774 March 30th Samuel Lamson and Mary Libbey

1774 Sept. 22d Richard Rand and Mary Haly

1774 Octr. 13th George Doig and Mary Odiorne

1774 Nov. 5th Ebenezer Dearing and Desire Ewers

1775 May 10th Eliphalet Ayers and Mary Cate

1775 June 4th Jona Weeks and Deborah Haines

1775 Augt. 2d James Playtoe King and Margret Waldron

1775 Septr 7th Joseph Cate and Sarah Wiggin

1775 Novr. 13th Josep Modgdon and Sarah Peverly

1776 Feby. 1st Ebenezer Eastman and Abigail Barker

1776 March 3d Jacob Sherburne and Dorcase Holden

1776 March 27th Jabez Sanborn and Mary Rundlet

1776 April 4th Benjamin Reed and Polly Berry

1776 May 28th David Robinson and Phebe Avery

1776 May 30th Thomas Berry Junr. and Mehitabel Berry

1776 June 16th Joshua Neal and Mary Tarlton

1776 Decr. 9th John Stavers and Molly Sandborn

1777 Jany. 21st Joshua Berry and Mary Cate

1777 Feby. 18th Samuel Mackress and Rebecca Biggin

1777 March 4th William Paine and Bridget Huggin

1777 March 11th Samuel Fabyan and Mary Berry

1777 March 18th James Berry and Sarah Foss

1777 May 15th William Moses and Margrey Grove

1777 Sept. 8th John Shapleigh and Katherine Huntress

1777 Sept. 18th John Paine and Susanna Marten

1777 Sept. 21 Jona Stone Dudley and Elizabeth Wedgwood

1777 Sept. 24 Jona Leavitt and Abigail Smith

1777 Oct. 11th Jeremiah French and Salle Sullivan

1777 Nov. 2d John Poor and Sally Folsom

1778 April 14th Capt. John Salter and Elizabeth March

1778 June 23d Thomas Watkins and Abigail Clark

1778 Augt. 31st Robert Holmes and Mary Lue

1778 July Jas. McFarland and Anna Vincent

1778 Oct. 15th John Simpson and Rachel Lear

1778 Dec. 10th Jas. Towl Berry and Hannah Randal

1779 May 6th Zebulon Neal and Comfort Brackett

1779 Octr. 24th Benja Yeaton and Mary Akerman

1779 Dec. 20th Edward Shapley and Ahepsebah Rend

1779 Dec. 21th Joshua Ayers and Anna Neal Berry,

1779 Dec. 22d John Parrot and Martha Brackett

1780 January 1st Thomas Packer and Molly Tarlton

1780 April 13th William Stoodley and Polly Macolintock

1780 May 18th Stephen Greighton and Hannah Brackett

1780 Sept. 15th Samuel Bird and Sarah Oakes

1780 Nov. 2d Benja Clifford and Mary French

1780 Nov. 16th Thomas Vincent and Mary Ayers

1780 Dec. 11th Phineas Hodgdon and Elizabeth Johnson

1781 Feby. 7th Joseph Lloyd and Jane Leach

1781 March 8th Neal McGaffrey and Sarah Babb

1781 June 14th Benja. Nudd and Rachel Leavitt

1781 July 26th Levi Carter and Elizabeth Hill

1781 Nov. 8th Benja Chadbourn and Comfort Weeks

1782 Augt. 28th Andrew Cate and Nancy Wiggin

1782 Oct. 10th William Emery and Sarah Perkins

1782 Dec. 5th Phineas Hodgdon and Hezekiah Nutter (?)

1783 May 25th Levi Dame and Elizabeth Bliss

1783 July 17th Aaron Hart and Elizabeth Sulivan

1783 Nov. 15th Samuel Hatch and Polly Pickering

1783 Nov. 25th John Weeks and Comfort Clark

1783 Dec. 3d Stephen Piper and Mary Ayers

1784 Jany. 18th Thomas Ayers Neal and Hannah Thompson

1784 Feby. 29th Samuel Chapman and Lucia Marston

1784 March 15th Thomas Nudd and Susannah Simpson

1784 May 9th Elijah Marston and Polly Pickering

1784 June 17th Joseph Cotton and Sarah Robey

1784 June 24th Nathl. Shannon Jr. and Nancy Peverly

1784 July 29th Ephrim Folsom and Lydia Pickering

1784 Augt. 23d Joseph Robinson and Mary French

1784 Nov. 14th Joseph Haines and Mary Holmes

1784 Dec. 22d Dudley Wenthworth and Abigail Nutter

1785 ----- ----- Wning and Olive Nu----- (page torn)

1785 March 13th Samuel Ayers and Pamelia Crocket (or Crocker)

1785 March 17th James Wedgwood and Anna Dearborn

1785 March 18th Jona Jenness and Abigail Lock

1785 April 17th Thomas Lang and Mary Simpson

1785 June 2d June Hill and Abigail Tilton

1785 Augt. 11th Nathl. Cotton and Mary Crimbel

1785 Augt. 29th Josiah Leavitt and Sally Light

1785 Nov. 27 Thomas Drowne and Comfort Wiggin

1785 Decr. 29 Eliphalet Morrill and Molly Smith

1786 Jany. 29th John Shortridge and Priscella Branscombs

1786 Feby. 12th John Simpson and Mary Whidden

1786 June 15th John Simpson and Hannah Carter

1786 June 15 Jolhn Ayers and Comfort Berry

1786 Oct. 26th James Miltimore and Doly Wiggin

1786 Nov. 23d Robert Bond and Susanna Lowel

1786 Decr. 25th Eliphalet Cate and Polly Mackay

1787 Jany. 20th Ephraim Tibbets and Lydia Goss.

1787 Feb. 25th William Foss and Deborah Deckam

1787 March 22d Robert Nichols and Mary Clark

1787 JUne 24th Aaron Babb and Hannah Tarlton By Alpheus Spring\

1787 Augt. --- Thomas Quint and Hannah Stevens

1787 Sept. 2d Shadrack Robinson and Martha Brackett,

1787 Nov. 1st Benja Rowe Quint and Mary Hoyt.

1787 Decr. 30th Stephen Meader and Rosa Quint

1788 March 27th Simeon Norton and Sarah Haines

1788 March 30th Benja. Pickering and Martha Pickering

1788 March 31st Nathl Stevens and Polly Niggin

1788 May 18th George Simpson and Mary Long

1788 June 15th Edmund Wingate and Eleanor Clark

1788 Sept. 15th Robert Macclintock and Sally Sherburne

1788 Augt. 24th Caleb Burtlett and Ruthy Macclintock

1788 Augt. 27th David Hoit and Polly Banfill

1788 Nov. 27 Winthrop Hilton and Hephzibah Dockam

1788 Decr. 11 Luther Reid and Salome Kerman

1789 Feb. 5th Daniel Rollins Esq. and Patty Weeks

1789 March 1st James Lowel and Ellis Nutter

1789 Augt. 1st James Taylor and Olive Hill

1789 Aug.t Henery Nutter and hannah Cutts

1789 Octr. 8th Ebenezer Maloon and Sally Pickering

1789 Octr. 28th Cotton Bennet and Mary Norton

1789 July 22d John Simpson and Sarah Simpson

1789 Nov. 29 Joseph Whitmore and Bridget Ridgway

1790 Jany. 19 James Dow and Mary Parsons

1790 Feby. 11 James Cate and Mary Perkins

1790 Sept. 16 William Wecks and Sarah Weeks

1790 Decr. 9 Joseph Langdon and Patience

1791 Jany. 24 John Nelson and Mary Cate

1791 Feb. 19 Nathl. Wenthworth and Nancy Hodgkins

1791 Feb. 22d Joseph Jenness and Nancy Yeaton

1791 April 28 Thomas Norton and Hannah Cotton

1791 March 5th Philip Smith and Nancy Jewell

1791 Augt. 3d Saml. Brown and Elizabeth Sherburne

1791 Sept. 22d Tristrim Morrill and Catharine Macolintock

1791 Octr. 31 John Tarlton and Elizabeth Packer

1791 Nov. 17 James Whidden and Sarah Lang

1792 Feb. 14 Simon Lock and Abigail Mace

1792 May 9 John Budd and Martha Blazo

1792 May 31 Joseph Clark and Comfort Weeke

1792 June 13 Josiah Brown and Sally Clark

1792 June 17 Daniel Nutter and Hannah -----

1792 Nov. 5 John Cate and Elizabeth Norton

1793 May 26 John Pingree and Elizabeth Pickering

1793 June 5 Stephen Thurston and Elizabeth Ayers

1793 July 25 Benja Norton and Eleanor Weeks

1793 Octr. 5 Daniel Jackson and Polly Yenton

1793 Nov. 18 Saml. Philbrook and Polly Clark

1793 Decr. 4 James McMillin and Abigail Chadbourne

1794 Jany. 9th Enoch Colman Toppan and Mary Nichols

1794 Feb. 23 Abraham Bennet and Betsy Savage

1794 March 10 Eliphalet Ayers and Mary Philbrook

1794 May 25 Joseph Chase Wallace and Polly White

1794 Octr. 12 Levi Kelley and Sally Snell

1794 Octr. 25 William Coffin and Thankful Randal

1794 June 15 James Southerin and Rosamond Johnson

1795 July 11 William Ham and Catherine Steward

1795 Aug. 30 William Messer and Sally Johnson

1795 Novr. 5 Heroulas Johnson and Mary Gauge

1795 Novr. 12 John Babb and Mary Holmes

1795 Nov. 26 Jona Elkins and Sally Philbrick

1795 Decr. 15 Joseph Weeks and hannah Johnson

1796 Feb 1st John Marston and Hannah Jenness Lock

1796 March 13 David Lawrence and Olive Huse

1796 April 28 William Stanwood and Elizabeth Peirce

1796 June 26 John Staples and Margaret Beck

1796 Octr. 23d Brackett Weeks and Elizabeth Weeks

1796 Decr. 13 John Cotton and Elizabeth Dixon

1796 Decr. 25 William Jenkins and Susannah Barker

1797 Jany. 12 William Haines and Sally Lang

1797 March 16 John Ayers and Polly Trickey

1797 April 2d John Greenough and Betsy Weeks

1797 April 28 Abiel Avery and Olive Gilman

1797 May 4 Ebenezer Thompson and Mary Weeks

1797 May 6 Thomas Currier and Catherine Lamson

1797 Augt. 10 John Gale and Martha Cotton

1797 Sept. 12 William Haines and Eleanor Johnson

1797 Nov. 4 Woodbury Tucker and Elizabeth Fernald

1797 Nov. 16 John Seavy and Amma Leavitt

1798 Jany. 6 Nathan Adams and Mary Nutter

1798 Feb. 27 John Marsh and Abigail Hodgsdon

1798 Augt. 16 Frederick Perkins and Elizabeth Deverson

1798 Nov. 18 William Lang and Mary Hodgedon

1799 Feb. 17 Timothy Crumet and Elizabeth Bailey

1799 Feb. 28 William Gardner and Margaret Mendum

1799 March 9 John Barret and Elizabeth Durgan

1799 May 29 Andrew Wiggin and Dorothy

1799 June 20 Nathan Clifford and Lydia Simpson

1799 July 11th Simon Dearborn and Elizabeth Tufton Lang

1799 Augt. 29th Ezra Drew and Nancy Pickering

1799 Nov. 23d Joseph Smith and Polly Mountford

1800 Jany 16th Eliphalet Gilman and Polly Simpson

1800 Feb. 13th Mark Akerman and Mary Barnes

1800 Feb 23d Saml. Lane and Hannah Marston

1800 March 9th Mark Banfill and Mary Banfill

1800 May 4th Thomas Berry Jr. and Sarah Lang

1800 Augt. 14th ThomasSafford and Allice Ayers

1800 Sept. 25th Joshua Johnson and Lydia Underwood

1800 Octr. 18th Brackett Weeks and Sally Pickering

1800 Octr. 26th John Miller and Ruth Ram.

1800 Octr. 30th Nathan Norton and Sukey Simpson

1800 Novr. 23d Thomas Philbrook and Mary Ayers

1800 Decr. 17th John Grace and Fanny Pitman

1800 Decr. 23d Daniel Marden and Sally Barnes

1801 April 2d Morris Lamprey and Nancy Lock

1801 April 23d Greenleaf Clark and Abigail French

1801 May 26th John Marden and Betsy Sherburne

1801 June 6th John Priest and Betsy Beck

1801 June 24th William Roiman and Sally Han

1801 Sept. 7th Enoch Clark and Betsy Huss

1801 Nov. 22d Benja PHilpet and Sally Blazo

1801 Augt. 9th Isaac Stanwood and Anna Peirce

1801 Sept. 20th David Blako and Eleanor Seavey

1802 Jany. 21st Joseph Pickering and Mary Faybian

1802 Feb 18th Mathew B. Packer and Abigail Pickering

180 Augt. 29th Samuel Grant and Betsy Taulton

1802 Sept. 8th John Abbot and Mary Walpay

1803 Jany. 17th George Pickering and Eunice Batchelder

1803 Jany. 23d William Simpson and Abigail Haines

1803 Feb. 12th Saml. Cate and Sally Grant

1803 March 6th Saml. Dearborn and Mary Batchelder

A Record of Marriages by the Rev. Ephraim Abbott of Greenland

1814 Jany. 13th Joseph Thompson and Elizabeth Dixson

1814 Jany. 15th Samuel Odiorne and Abigail Hall

1814 March 2nd Hezekiah Kimball and Hannah P. Philbrick

1814 March 9th Joshua Hunt and Margaret Smith

1814 May 18th Jacob Batchelder and Abigail Taylor

1814 Nov. 22d Samuel Pickering and Martha Weeks

1814 Decr. 6th Richard Sleeper and Nancy Randal

1816 Jany. 28th Cartee Gale and Dorothy Pittman

1816 Nov. 22d William Burton and Elizabeth Frost

1816 Jany. 11th Lowell Brown and Lorancy Janvrin

Samuel L. Whidden's Family Record
Samuel L. Whidden born Monday August 14th 1787
Mary Nye Goss born Monday May 30th 1791
	Married October 28th 1810
Benjamin Franklin Whidden born Sunday Decr. 12th 1813
Ann Langdon Whidden born Monday Jany. 29th 1816
Mary Elizabeth Whidden born Monday July 27th 1818
James Adino Whidden born Saturday May 13th 1820

The Famaly Record of Ezra Drew and Wife
George Washington Drew born February 22nd 1800
Hannah Brackett Drew born October 2nd 1801
Eliza Cooking Drew born March 12th 1806
Timothy Pickering Drew born May 19th 1808
Stephen Huse Drew born October 9th 1812
The above mentioned famaly Record were born at Greenland

Nathaniel Goss Famaly Record
Nathaniel Goss born Monday November 3rd 1788
Permelia Abbott born Monday February 1st 1796
	Married November 7th 1816
Sarah Abbot Goss born January 7th 1818
Mary Nye Goss both March 23rd 1820

Family Record of Joseph and Mary Holmes
Edward Holmes was born December 15th 1806
Enoch Holmes was born May 9th 1808
Harriett Holmes was born March 27 1810

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