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Dark Moon Burying Ground
Town of Frelinghuysen
Warren County
New Jersey

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Dark Moon Burying Ground is located on the north and south side of the road in the Town of Frelinghuysen, Warren County, New Jersey.

The Upper Hardwick Presbyterian log meeting house was erected about 1763 on the south side of the road leading from Log Jail to Springdale, near the bridge over Trout Brook, and at the eastern end of a narrow ravine. A short distance up stream stood a double log tavern known from its sign, a black crescent, as Dark Moon Tavern. The name Dark Moon soon came to be applied to the meeting house, the graveyard and the ravine. The log church was abandoned in 1786 when its congregation erected the present Yellow Frame Presbyterian Church in a more central location. There a new cemetery was opened, causing the gradual abandonment of the Dark Moon Burying Ground.

Dark Moon Burying Ground Burials