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Salem County New Jersey Wills - Book B, 1804-1830

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1810, May 25. WRIGHT, BENJAMIN, Mannington. To wife Ruth, $1200 and use and occupancy of house, lot, garden and orchard where I now live, during life. To dau.-in-law Priscilla Wright, wid. of son Stephen Wright, dec'd, use and benefit of the plantation where she now lives; to her son Benjamin at 21 years of age, provided she remains a widow, to bring up her chileren. To grandson Benjamin, the plantation and meadow bot. of Ebenezer Miller if he dies under age, to my grandson Ebenezer Wright. To grandson Ebenezer, 16 acres of woodland. To son Peter Wright, residue of my plantation and marsh on Mannington and Salem creeks. To son William Wright, all my houses and lots in Salem, and $1000. To granddau. Ruth Wright, dau. of son Benjamin, dec'd, furniture, and houses and lands in Pilesgrove, and marsh in Penns Neck; wife to have the care of bringing her up. If Ruth dies, same to son Peter. To granddau. Jane Hewes, $400. To grandson Thomas Hews, $250. To granddaus Elizabeth, Hannah and Letitia Wright, $300, divided equally between them. Cedar swamp in Gloucester Co., to Nathan and Peter Wright and grandsons Ebenezer and Benjamin Wright. Remainder of personal estate, after debtd are paid, to wife. Exec. sons Nathan and Peter Wright. Wit. Joseph Owen, Barnes Crawford and John Redman. Proved Sept. 5, 1811. B-1

1811, Sept. 14. PAULLIN, ENOS, Salem. Exec. to sell woodland in Upper Alloways Creek and part of land where I live, adjoining Friends' Meeting ground, on Salem Street, for the purpose of discharging my debts. To wife Magdelene, furniture and $200. To sons Josiah and Eli, the houses and lot whereon I now live; if they should die under age, to my dau. Lewis Paullin, she paying to William T. Paullin, son of William Paullin, $200. Any balance remaining, to be paid to sons Josiah and Eli. Exec. father William Paullin and uncle Enos Paullin. Wit. Joseph Lees, George Oakley and Daniel Garrison. Proved Oct. 14, 1811. B-4

1804, Sept. 20. RIDGWAY, DANIEL, Mannington. To wife Rachel, profits of houses and lanes while she remains my widow; she to bring up my children. To son John Ridgway, one-third of my land; if he dies without heir, to son Job Ridgway. Dau. Elizabeth Ridgway to be maintained by son John. To son Job Ridgway, one-third of land. To daus. Hannah and Ann Ridgway, the remaining one-third share of land. Exec. wife Rachel Ridgway and bro.-in-law Holme Fogg. Wit. James Van Meter, Benjamin Thompson and Richard Brick. Proved Nov. 13, 1811. B-6

1806, Aug. 1. KROM, RACHEL, Pittsgrove. To son Heman, 6 acres of land whereon John Krom lives. To son John Krom, remainder of lot. To dau. Mary Murphey, household goods. To granddau. Rachel Murphey, case of drawers. To granddau. Rachel Krom, 3 sheep. To grandson Jacob Krom, 3 sheep. Exec. Heman Krom. Wit. David DuBois, Freelove DuBois and Jonathan DuBois. Proved Nov. 22, 1811. B-9

1811, Nov. 11. APLIN, PETER, Upper Penns Neck. To wife Rebecca, furniture, and 100 pounds in yearly installments of 25 pounds. Real estate to be divided between son Charles Aplin and daus. Hannah and Elizabeth Aplin. To daus. Hannah and Elizabeth Aplin, hodsehold goods. Land on which the school house stands, adjoining Ridgway and Bradford, to be sold, except one-half acre in the north corner of said tract, adjoining George Peterson and Jacob Ridgway is hereby given to the public for the purpose of building a school house thereon. Receipts from sale to pay debts. To dau. Rebecca Aplin, $25 and a heifer. Exec. wife Rebecca and son Charles Aplin. Wit. Samuel Lippincott, Peter Souders and Samuel Kenend. Proved Dec. 3, 1811. B-11

1810, Oct. 21. COLSON, GEORGE, Pilesgrove. To son Jonathan Colson, all land in Salem and Gloucester Cos. (the land bot. of Samuel Cole not included); son Jonathan to pay son George Colson $30 each year during life. To wife Mary Colson and dau. Mary Moor, land bot. of Samuel Cole. To wife, one-third of all profits of land during life, and furniture. To dau. Mary Moor, remainder of movable estate. Exec. son Jonathan Colson and son-in law Chalkley Moor. Wit. Isaac Ballinger, Isaiah Flitcaft and William White. Proved Feb. 24, 1812. B-14

1811, Nov. 25. PATRICK, ELIZABETH, Lower Alloways Creek. To dau. Elizabeth Patrick, bedding and $300. Residue of estate, after debts are paid, to my sons Phineas Patrick, Abner Patrick, Jesse Patrick and Samuel Patrick, and my dau. Mary Smith, equally. To dau. Mary Smith, wearing apparel. William Waddington, grdn. of dau. Elizabeth; if he dies before reaching the age of 18 years, Isaac Harris is to succeed him. Exec. William Waddington. Wit. John Findley and Isaac Mills. Proved Dec. 4, 1811. B-14

1807, Feb. 10. HANCOCK, JOSEPH, Mannington. To wife Elizabeth, one-fourth of personal estate after debts are paid. To dau. Hannah Hancock, the sract of land my father bot. of Samuel Oakford, in Lower Alloways Creek, and 60 acres of marsh on west side of Alloways Creek Neck, bot. of Abel Smith, adjoining Jon athan Waddington, also one-third of the tract of pine land between John Wood's mills, and meadow on Alloways Creek, bot. of Joseph Silvers, when she is 18 years of age. To son Joseph Hancock, plantation in Alloways Creek, bot. of Joseph Ware and Elizabeth Naylor, and one-third of pine land above mentioned, at 21 years of age; also one-fourth of personal estate. To son Richard Hancock, the plantation and meadow in Mannington, bot. of Joshua Jefferies, executor of Mark Miller, and the heirs of Ebenezer Miller, and woodland adjoining William Griscom and Oliver Smith, bot. of Thomas Copner; also one-third of pine land above mentioned. To son Joseph Hancock, land and marsh on Sasafras Island ditch, and east side of Alloways Creek, bot. of Abel Smith and Jonathan Waddingtoe. To Rachel Hancock, land and marsh above. adjoining David Stretch, which Isaac Hewes rents of me, and 50 acres of marsh bot. of Jonathan Waddington. next to Ragged Island, at age of 21 years. To wife Elizabeth, use and profits of plantation where I live, to clothe and school my three children, with $300 to be taken out of rents of my other land, if necessary. Exec. wife Elizabeth Hancock. Wit. Joseph Freeland Henry Dennis and David Allen. Proved January 29, 1812. B-16

1809, OCT. 1. DICKINSON, WILLIAM, Upper Alloways Creek. To wife Mary, bed and bedding, 1 cow and all my real estate as long as she remains my widow; if she should marry again, lands to be divided between my children, Martha, Samuel and Jane Dickinson. To Samuel Dickinson, the house and lot whereon I live, near Thompsons Bridge, adjoining Samuel Ray, and a lot at the Creek and foot of Thompsons Bridge. To wife's two daus., Martha and Jane Dickinson, remainder of land bot. of Ephraim and Ann Bee. If the children die, to bros Mark and John Dickinson's children. All movable estate, after debts are paid, to wife and children. Exec. wife Mary Dickinson and William Walker. Wit. Caunoan Medowell, Samuel Lambert and William Willis. Proved Feb. 12, 1812. B-20

1808, Apr. 10. FOGG, HOLME, Upper Alloways Creek. To wife Lydia, use of houses and lands while my widow, and one-third of movable estate. To children, Joseph, Daniel and Mary Fogg, land in Upper Alloways Creek. To son Daniel, a horse, saddle and bridle. To dau. Mary, furniture. Personal estate to be sold and receipts, after debts are paid, divided between the children. Exec. son Joseph Fogg and bro.-in-law Daniel Ridgway. Wit. William Thompson, Hannah Walker and Benjamin Thompson. Proved Mar. 3, 1812. B-22

1812, Feb. 7, DAY, ISAAC, Lower Penns Neck. To wife Mary, real and personal estate during widowhood. To sons Isaac, Henry and James Day, all real estate after her decease or marriage. To daus. Elizabeth Wright, wife of Aaron Wright, and Hannah Day, remainder of personal estate, after debts are paid. Exec. wife Mary Day. Wit. Judeah Garrison, John Murphey and Daniel Garrison. Proved Mar. 14, 1812. B-24

1812, Mar. 5. LAMBSON, MICHAEL, Lower Penns Neck. To wife Mary, real and personal estate; after her death, to dau. Elizabeth with exceptions. To nephew John Lambson. son of Moses Lambson, one 3-year old colt, called Jenkins, and money to buy a saddle, bridle and a good suit of cloth. If dau. Elizabeth dies, her bequest descends to nephew John Lambson. Exec. bro. Moses Lambson. Wit. Joel Simpkins, Thomas Tuft and Vining Hill. Proved Apr. 4, 1812. B-26

Not Dated. DAVID HARRIS. Sons to take two shares, and daus. one share of landed estate. Movable estate to widow after debts are paid. To Elizabeth Harris, my first wife's dau., 67 cents, and no more. Exec. wife, Deborah Harris and David Cook. Wit. Samuel Brick. Henry Mongar and Beulah Draper. Proved Apr. 21, 1812. B-28

1812, Apr. 20. GIBBS, MARY, Upper Alloways Creek. To children Enoch and Burroughs Gibbs, Sarah Hammitt, Samuel Weatherby and Mary Lambson, $5 to be equally divided between them. To son Richard Gibbs, the saw mill and stream, and all my share of the mill works. To son Edward B. Gibbs, all my remaining estate. Exec. Edward B. Gibbs. Wit. Joseph Edwards, Jesse Burroughs and Robert M. Patrick. Proved Apr. 27, 1812. B-30

1812, Jan. 12. ROSE, SAMUEL, Mannington. Estate to be sold; interest on proceeds, after debts are paid, to wife Jane, yearly, to support our children. To wife Jane, 3 cows, household goods, grain and $300. To dau. Mary, household goods formerly her mothers. To my children, Mary, William, John, Margaret, Lydia, Samuel, Elizabeth, Reuben and Anne, residue of estate. To posthumous child, equal share with above children. Wife Jane Rose grdn. of Margaret, Lydia, Elizabeth and Ann, and of the posthumous child, or children. John Hall grdn. of William, John, Samuel and Reuben; he to apprentice William and John to a good business, and Samuel and Reuben as they shall arrive at the age of 15 years. Exec. John Hall. Wit. Peter Bilderback, Charles Bennet and Thomas Yarrow. Proved May 2, 1812. B-32

1811, Aug. 22. CRISPIN, ELIZABETH, Upper Penns Neck. To son Roland Crispin, a pair of oxen. To grandson James, son of Roland, a walnut desk. To son Joseph Crispin, all accounts against Eli Stratton of Maurice River, with interest therefrom. To grandson Benjamin, son of Joseph, obligations amounting to 10 pounds, with interest, which I hold against Charles Hubbs. To granddau. Margaret, dau. of Joseph, bed and bedding. To son Jonathan Crispin, $100, being an obligntion which I hold against Jacob Ridgway. To daus, Keziah Guest and Prudence Guest, residue of personal estate after debts are paid. Exec. son-in-law William Guest. Wit. David Owen and William Adams. Proved June 2, 1812. B-35

1812, June 11. BEE, JONATHAN, Upper Alloways Creek. To wife Rachel Bee, household goods, my two pairs of shoes and my best hat. To son-in-law Isaac Bunn, my share of two lots of corn which I planted. Remainder of property to be sold, and after estate is settled, my executor shall pay all overplus money into the hands of Bowel Powell, who is hereby directed to pay to my wife, Rachel, or whom shall have the care of her and the two least children, shall they stand in need. To dau. Sarah Bunn, $10. To son-in-law Isaac Bunn, my watch. Exec. and grdn. of my two children, Elizabeth and Benjamin, bro. Thomas Bee. Wit. Adam Lamb and William Willis. Proved June 16, 1812. B-37

1812, June 20. DOLBOW, CHARLES, Upper Penns Neck. To wife Sarah, bed and bedding, a cow and $300. To son Joseph, the plantation where I now live, containing 114 acres adjoining lands of Philip Cunoden and Anthony Wardel; at his decease it shall go to his son Charles. To son Joseph, all the lumber for the building of the new house, and one-half of 75 acres of woodland in Upper Penns Neck, adjoining Roland Crispin and George Stanton, and a lot of land in Finns Point Company, adjoining Robert Tuft, Thomas Sinnickson and Ephraim Shaw. To son Charles, the plantation where Thomas Seagrave lives, containing 125 acres adjoining Chrissey Vaneman, Daniel Vaneman and Michael Tuft, and the other half of the woodland, meadow adjoining his brother Joseph's lot and William Royall. To son Johnston, the plantation bot. of Isaac Moss, in Upper Penns Neck. At his death it shall go to my daus, Rhoda and Ann; if the daus. die, Rhoda's part goes to son Joseph, and Ann's to son Charles. If Charles should inherit Ann's part it shall go to his dau. Elizabeth at his death; and if Joseph inherits Rhoda's part, at his death it shall go to his dau. Elizabeth. If my wife shall hold the two-thirds of my lands, then Joseph and Charles shall have $100 each out of my movable property. Movable property to be sold; after debts are paid, remainder to Rhoda and Ann, equally. To Rhoda and Ann, eacn 3 silver teaspoons marked CDE. To Johnston, wearing apparel. Gideon Scull grdn of Johnston. Exec. Hudson Springer. Wit. Philip Cunoden, Henry Whiley and William Holstein. Proved June 29, 1812. B-39

1811, May 11. DUNN, EBENEZER, Lower Penns Neck. To wife Mary, furniture during life; then to daus. Sarah Royall and Mary Dunn. To Sarah Royall and Mary Dunn, $2400, equally. Charges on my book against William Royall shall be considered part of Sarah's legacy. If any charge remains against Mary Dunn, it likewise be deducted from her legacy. To son Samuel Dunn, part of plantation on northwest side of main Finn Point road leading from the Delaware River to the main road, adjoining Edmund Gibbon, Edmund Wetherby, Thomas Dickinson and Thomas Dunn, dec'd. To son Elijah Dunn, all other lands on east side of aforesaid road, adjoining Thomas Dickinson, Thomas Sinnickson and James Wright. To Thackrey Dunn, Phebe Dunn, William Dunn and Samuel Dunn, sons and daus. of Thomas Dunn, dec'd., $50 each To Michael Pedrick, $60. To John T. Pedrick, two volumes of "The History of our Blessed Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, with Lives of the Apostles." To son Elijah Dunn, $200. To sons Samuel and Elijah Dunn, remainder of personal estate. Samuel shall pay from his half, $20 to the Presbyterian Church in Lower Penns Neck. Black boy Wilcher shall serve until he is 27 years old, and black boy Tom shall serve William Royal until he is 27; and my black girl Nance shall serve William and Sarah Royal until she is 25 years of age, when they shall be manumitted. Exec. John T. Pedrick and sons Samuel and Elijah Dunn. Wit. Simon Walker, George McNichols and Martha Bowen. Proved July 15, 1812. B-43

1812, Aug. 28. SOMERS, JESSE, Penns Neck. To wife Rachel Somers, household goods. 10 acres of meadow to be sold for the benefit of dau. Rachel Somers. If dau. Rachel shall die, wife shall have use of land during her life, and at her death it shall descend to nephew Japhet Somers, son of Japhet Somers, dec'd. Exec. Richard Somers. Wit. John Somers, John Soey and Charles Sexton. Proved Sept. 26, 1812. B-47

1811, May 29. SHEPHARD, BILBE, Lower Alloways Creek. To wife Susanna, one-third of personal estate after debts are paid. To dau. Kerenhappuch, 6 silver teaspoons marked RW. My former wife's cloth to be divided between daus. Kerenhappuch and Hannah. Exec. to sell all real estate, and pay to wife Susannah 76 cents weekly for the support of my son Samuel until they think proper to bind him out. Remaining money from sale of estate for support of my son Robert. Children, Charton, Kerenhappuch, Hannah, John and Samuel, to be apprenticed. Exec. William Lambert and Richard Craven. Wit. Benjamin Thompson, William Paullin and James Davis. Proved Oct. 10, 1810 B-49

1812, June 3. DICKEY, JOHN, Salem. To wife Mary, use of house and lot whereon I live, marsh in Salem and woodland in Mannington. To daus. Deborah, Martha and Prudence, house I live in, after the death of their mother; at their death, to grandson David D. Ward. To sister Margaret Rogers, house and lot at Kent's Corner, Salem, during life; then to her dau. Hannah Loyd. Residue of estate to sons-in-law George Oakley, Benjamin Hartley and Samuel Ward. Exec. Thomas Jones Wit. James Simpson, Job Dunham and Samuel Thompson. Proved Oct. 21, 1812. B-52

1812, Oct. 13. HUMPRES, STEPHEN, Upper Penns Neck. To son Thomas, $15. To daus. Sarah, Hannah and Mary Ann Humphreys, $10 each. To son Joseph Humphres, house and land in Penns Neck and personal estate after paying debts. Exec. and grdn. of his sisters, son Joseph Humphres. Wit. Samuel Kennard, William H. Biddle and James Biddle. Proved Oct. 31, 1812. B-54

1812, Feb. 3. DICK, SAMUEL, To wife Sarah, the house I now live-in during life. To my unfortunate son Samuel Dick, $200 during life, to be paid yearly from my farm in Lower Penns Neck, bot. of Edward Mecum. To daus Sarah Dick, Isabella Harrison, Ann Dick and Maria Dick, the remainder of my estate. Exec. and grdn. of dau. Maria, wife Sarah Dick and son-in-law Josiah Harrison. Wit. Andrew Sinnickson, Thomas Sinnickson and Thomas Sinnickson, Jr, Proved Nov. 27, 1812. B-56

1812, Dec. 31. PAGETT, EPHRAIM, Lower Alloways Creek, When son Samuel is 21 years of age, estate to be divided between him and my wife Rebecca Pagett. Exec. wife Rebecca Pagett Wit. George Grier, Ruth Grier and Barzillai Jefferis. Proved Feb. 6, 1813. B-59

1813, Feb. 15. SHIELDS, CHARLES, Elsenborough. To James Thompson and Mary his wife, $100. To nephew Josiah, son of Andrew and Rachel Thompson, $500 at the age of 21 years. To nephew Charles, son of Andrew and Rachel Thompson, $500. To sister Rachel Thompson, residue of estate. Exec. Andrew Thompson. Wit. Joseph Brown, John Mason and Joseph Thompson. Proved Feb. 22, 1813. B-61

1811, Feb. 9. WHEATON, ELIJAH. To wife Sarah, all estate. Exec. wife Sarah. Wit. William Colson. Jr., William Davidson and Thomas Hackett. Proved Mar. 8, 1812 B-63

1810, Nov. 6, JEEFERIS, LYDIA, Lower Alloways Creek. To father Barzillai Jefferis, all estate. Exec. Barzillai Jefferis. Wit. Charles Hannah, John Davis and Sarah Press. Proved Mar. 14, 1813. B-65

1811, Aug. 22. WRIGHT, RUTH, Mannington. To son Nathan, all estate. Exec. Nathan Wright. Wit. Rachel Redman and John Redman. Proved Mar 22, 1813. B-67

1809, June 17. SMITH, SARAH, Salem. Land inherited by my father, Joseph Smith, to my sister Elizabeth Smith during life; then to nephew Jonathan Smith. To sister Rebecca Smith, $50. Exec. cousin Josiah Hall. Wit. Jonas Freedland, Elizabeth Freedland and Sarah Freedland. Proved Mar. 25, 1813. B-69

1812, Sept. 9. MURPHY, JOHN, Pilesgrove. Estate to be sold. To dau. Sarah, wife of Michael Swing, one-half of estate; residue to be put at interest for the benefit of my dan. Martha wife of Richard Barnes, during life; at her death, remainder to be paid to children of my dau. Martha, and of my son Joel, dec'd. Exec. Michael Swing. Wit. Samuel Elwell, Benjamin Nichols and John Nichols. Proved Apr. 3, 1813. B-71

1812, Aug. 3. HOUKE, MARTIN, Upper Penns Neck. To son-in-law John Fox, all my estate. Exec. son-in-law John Fox. Wit. Benjamin Nichols and John Nichols. Proved Apr. 20, 1813. B-73

1813, May 16. TILL, BARNEY, Pilesgrove. To wife Margaret, $100, household goods, a horse and all estate. To son John Till. all real estate after my wife has had the use of it. Remainder of estate after my wife has had the use of it 6 years, to my children, equally. Exec. wife Margaret and friend Henry Kigar. Wit. William Nelson, Joseph Patterson and Benjamin Nichols. Codicil—Appoints wife grdn. of children. Same witnesses. Proved June 8, 1813. B-75

1813, Apr. 26. ARONS, GARRET, Pittsgrove. To wife Rhoda, my estate during life. To daus. Elizabeth, wife of John Loper, and Rachel, wife of Samuel Langley, all estate at decease of wife. Exec. Eleazar Mayhew. Wit. Clark Chatten, Sarah Langley and James Smith. Proved June 8, 1813. B-77

1812, Apr. 28. ALDERMAN, WILLIAM, Pittsgrove. To wife Rebecca, household goods, 6 bu. wheat, 30 lbs. salt pork, family Bible and benefits from the house in which I live, during life. To dau. Elizabeth, wife of John VanMeter, woodland in Pittsgrove and Woolwich. To son Isaac, land on which he lives and the house and lot where I now live, which I purchased of Eleazar Smith, by deed of April 7, 1765, and cedar swamp on Elwell's Branch, purchased of Cadwalader and Benjamin Morris, he to pay my dau Sarah, wife of Joel VanMeter, $100. To son Isaac, the family Bible, after my wife's decease. To son John, remainder of my plantation, where he now lives, and cedar swamp on Read's Branch, he to pay $200 to my dau. Sarah VanMeter. To dau. Sarah Van Meter, $450. To wife Rebecca and sons Isaac and John, remainder of personal estate after debts are paid. Exec. sons Isaac and John Alderman. Wit. Sarah Mayhew, Isaac Mayhew and Eleazar Mayhew. Proved June 9, 1813. B-79

1812, Feb. 10. HANCOCK, THOMAS, Mannington. To Hannah Beesley, $50. Remainder of estate to Elizabeth Hancock, widow of my son Joseph, dec'd, and Hannah Hancock, Joseph Hancock and Richard Hancock. children of my son Joseph. Exec. Elizabeth Hancock. Wit. Samuel Hall, Enos Paullin and Daniel Garrison. Proved July 13, 1813. B-84

1813, Apr. 8. BRICK, WILLIAM, Pilesgrove. To wife Rachel Brick, the house I now occupy, in Woodstown, household goods and $50, during widowhood. To sons John and Samuel Brick, and daus. Keziah, wife of Somuel DuBois, and Rachel Brick, the remainder of estate. Book accounts against sons to be deducted from their legacies: also, $200 from Keziah's legacy, all that balance due to me from the estate of her two daus. Hannah and Rachel Dickinson. To dau. Rachel. furniture. Exec. Isaac Shinn. Wit. James Freeland, Joseph Dickinson and Michael Hackett. Proved July 15, 1913. B-86

1813, July 7. HEWS, ISAAC, Lower Alloways Creek To wife Phebe, all estate after debts are paid. Exec. John Brown. Wit. Dalymore Harris, Samuel Delks and David Evans. Proved July 19, 1813. B-89

1813, June 17. THORN, WILLIAM, Pittsgrove. To neices Beulah Wilston, Jemima Taylor and Mary Coolrich, each $1. Remainder of estate to Elwell Nichols. Exec. friend Elwell Nichols. Wit. Joel Langley, John Hughes and Rebecca Gagers. Proved July 28, 1813. B-91

1813, July 16. SIMKINS, JOEL, Lower Penns Neck. To dau. Mary Pedrick, $50. All book accounts against Isaac Pedrick should stand balanced at time of my decease. To dau. Hannah Simkins $200 in goods and money at 18 years of age. also bed and bedding, to be deducted from her $200. To wife Sarah, $600 to be paid out of my estate. Residue of estate to three youngest children, Catharine, Daniel and Sarah, except Sarah shall have $200 more than Catharine or Daniel. Wife to receive interest from the children's estate until they are 14 years old, to clothe the children. Bros. William and Ellis Simkins, all wearing apparel. Exec. wife Sarah. Wit. Susannah Lippincott, Vining Hill and Phebe Copner. Proved Aug. 2, 1813. B-94

1808, June 5. KELLY, JOHN, Upper Alloways Creek. To son Nathan Kelly, land whereon I now live and marsh on Stow Creek. Contract made with wife, Edith, before marriage to be complied with. Remainder to Phebe Kelly and Elizabeth Kelly, children of Nathan Kelly. Exec. Nathan Kelly and Evan Davis. Wit. Azel Davis, Esther Davis and Moses Crosley. Proved Sept. 13, 1813. B-97

1813, Sept. 10. PARKER, RICHARD, Pittsgrove. To wife Hannah, and to Richard, Elizabeth, Samuel and Julian Parker, children of Hannah, all movable and personal estate. To Richard, Elizabeth, Samuel and Julian, all real estate, equally. Exec. wife Hannah and son Richard Parker. Wit. Rosanah Ewin, David Garton and John Mayhew. Proved Oct. 7, 1813. B-99

1813, Sept. 6. BISHOP, ANN, Mannington. Exec. to sell personal estate. To granddau. Hope Grantland, clothing. To dau. Letitia Conrow, clothing. Estate after debts are paid, to dau. Letitia Conrow, and grandchildren Ann Peterson, Hope Grantland, Henry Bishop, William, Joseph and Elizabeth Hamilton, Ann Rose, Joseph Conrow, Daniel and Benjamin Peterson. Exec. dau. Letitia Conrow. Wit. John Hall, Nathan Wright and John Pimm. Proved Oct. 20, 1813. B-101

1808, Sept. 28. McGILL, PATRICK. To wife Elizabeth, after debts are paid, all movable estate and lands during life; then to sons James and John McGill. Exec. wife Elizabeth. Wit. Matthew Johnson, John Bee and George Johnson. Proved Oct. 30, 1813. B-103

1813, Jan. 10. BRADWAY, EDWARD. Clothing to sons David, Waddington and Adna Bradway. Silver watch to Adna, silver watch to my wife. Movable estate to son Adna and my wife. Son Waddington to pay to my wife 15 pounds. Waddington and Adna shall pay to their mother-in-law 10 pounds a year during her life, and furnish firewood. To son Waddington, land bot. of John Pagett. To son Adna, house and lot, grist mill, and 100 acres of marsh on Hope Creek, and other lands. Exec. Adna Bradway. Wit. Elisha Stretch, Charles Hannah and William Waddington. Proved Nov. 10, 1813. B-105

1813, Dec. 7. DAVIDSON, ELIZABETH, Mannington. To son William Davidson, all estate, except $1 to my grandchildren. Exec. David Davis. Wit. Bevan Flitcraft, Martha Ogden and Sarah Ogden. Proved Dec. 7, 1813. B-108

1813, July —. WHEATON, SARAH, Salem. To son William, $1. To son Samuel, $30. To dau. Sarah, furniture and $50 at 18 years of age. To dau. Elizabeth, furniture and $50 at 18 years of age. To son Elisha remainder of estate. Exec. Woodnutt Pettit. Wit. John Firth, Jacob Mulford and John Bishop. Proved Nov. 9, 1813 B-109

1813, Nov. 21. BIDDLE, JOHN, Upper Penns Neck. To wife Susannah, 2 cows, 2 sheep, 2 horses, wagon and household goods. To dau. Ann Biddle, furniture, 2 cows and 2 sheep. To dau. Mary Biddle, furniture, 3 cows and 2 sheep. To son Isaac Biddle, a chest and 2 sheep. To son John Biddle, a chest and 2 sheep. To Isaac and John, all my real estate, equally when John is 14 years of age. To wife, all swine and profits of real estate until John is 14 years of age. Exec. wife Susannah and Daniel Stanton of Upper Penns Neck. Wit. Samuel Lippincott, Andrew Vanneman and William Daniels. Proved Jan. 3, 1814 B-111

1813, Dec. 26. STOW, JOHNSTON, Lower Alloways Creek. To wife Hannah, use of plantation whereon I live. as long as she remains my widow, or until dau. Ann Beesly Stow arrives at the age of 18 years; also a cow and household goods. Remainder of movable property and lands south of house to he sold to pay debts. Exec. friend John Tuft. Wit. Edward B. Gibbs, Richard Thompson and Abel Hall. Proved Jan. 7, 1814. B-114

1813, Aug. 2. CHEESMAN, BENJAMIN, Pittsgrove. To wife Tamar, land where I live. To sister Elizabeth Cheesman, $25. To nephew Joseph Riley, son of Naomi Riley, personal property. Exec. friend and neighbor Jeremiah Wood. Wit. Isaac Hanzey, Nathan Evans and Henry Richman. Proved Jan. 12, 1814. B-116

1814, Nov. 11. MASON, LETITIA. To children of her sister Ward. $121, equally, and clothing to sisters. To Letitia Ward, 6 silver teaspoons, silver cushion and scissors chains and band, and knitting and sewing apparatus. To bro. and sister John Ward and Hannah Ward, remaining estate. Exec. friend Jonas Freedland. Wit. Joseph W. Mickle and Richard Jordan. Proved Jan. 17, 1814. B-119

---- --. PRICE, JOSEPH, Mannington. To sons John, Samuel, Silas, Joseph and Johnston Price, and daus Elizabeth Armstrong, Catharine, Mary and Phebe Price, one-third of my estate, equally divided. To wife Margaret, two-thirds of estate. Exec. wife Margaret Price and son Samuel Price. Samuel Price grdn. of minor children. Wit. John Starts and Jacob Wood. Proved Feb. 15, 1814. B-121

1814, Feb. 12. BROWN, SAMUEL, Lower Penns Neck. To Joseph Brown, $3. To wife Catharine Brown, residue of estate. Exec. wife Catharine Brown. Wit. Sinnickson Sparks and Vining Hill. Proved Feb. 23, 1814. B-123

1813, Dec. 28. ENOCK, THOMAS, Pilesgrove. Estate to be sold and debts paid. To wife Elizabeth, $1000. Residue of estate to my children. Mary Ann, Rebecca and Thomas Enock, and an unborn child. Exec. David Davis and Thomas Davis of Woodstown. Wit. Sarah Davis and William Adams, Proved Feb. 23, 1814. B-125

1810, Aug. 23. ADLER, JOHN, Upper Alloways Creek. To wife Susanna, furniture, a cow, and grain. To John Stuarts, bedding, and a cow. To Samuel Peterson, all lands in Upper Alloways Creek, and remainder of movable estate; if he dies without heir, then to John, George and William Hains, sons of George Hains; they to pay to their sister Barbara Haim $25. Exec. Samuel Peterson and Benjamin Thompson. Wit. Benjamin Thompson, Philip Smick, Jr., and Philip Smick, Sr. Proved Mar. 2, 1814. B-127

1814, Mar. 2. KEASBY, LYDIA, Lower Alloways Creek. To daus. Sarah and Grace Keasby and Prudence Waddington, personal estate. To daus. Grace and Elizabeth, land in Alloways Creek Neck, part of which I bot. of Elizabeth Patrick, and the remainder I inherited from my mother, Grace Clark, dec'd. To son Edward, lot of banked meadow on the creek, bot. of my dau. Prudence, and a silver watch. Edward Waddington, grdn. of son Edward. Exec. Edward Waddington. Wit. William Waddington William Plummer and Elizabeth Mulford. Proved Mar. 10, 1814. B-130

1813, Dec, 25. GAUNT, SAMUEL, Pilesgrove. To wife Achsah Gaunt, household goods and $200. To son John Gaunt. $300 at 21 years of age. To son Samuel Gaunt, my watch. Remainder of estate to wife, Achsah, and children, John. Samuel, Stacy, Nathan and Achsah. Exec. wife Achsah and son John Gaunt. Wit. Elisha Davis, Joel Borton and James Whitehead. Proved Mar. 11, 1814. B-132

1814, Feb. 27. HARRIS, DEBORAH, Upper Alloways Creek. To dau. Mary Sheets, house and lot I now live on and household goods. To dau. Esther Harris, household goods. To 3 youngest children, Abel, Ruth and David, remainder of estate. Exec. uncle David Cook. Wit. Enoch Gibbs, Rachel Goller and Aaron Harris. Proved Mar 11, 1814. B-135

1814, Mar. 4. KEASBEY, JOSEPH, Elsenborough. To wife Hannah, lower part of plantation and woodland in Elsenborough and $250. To bro. Edward Keasbey, marsh in Lower Alloways Creek which was inherited from my father, Edward Keasbey. Land in Elsenborough to Mark, son of John Stretch. Exec. wife Hannah Keasbey and William Waddington. Wit. Anthony Nelson, David Nelson and Frances Nelson. Proved Mar. 13, 1814. B-137

1814, Mar. 9. LEACH, PETER, Alloways Creek. To wife Rebecca Letch, the lot and house I live in. Lots on south side of road to be sold. Exec. Enos Woodruff. Wit. Moses Dobson, Mark Noble and Leatice Hares. Proved Mar. 16, 1814. B-140

------. BOWEN, STITES, District of Southwark, Philadelphia County, Pa. To wife Mary Bowen, household goods and $300. Residue of estate to be equally divided between my children, Hannah, Ann, William, Benjamin, Landell, Sarah and Stites Bowen. Exec. William Ross. Wit. Robert Ross and B. Stretch. Proved Mar. 25, 1814. B-142

1812, Aug. 10. THOMPSON, THOMAS, Lower Alloways Creek. To wife Martha, all the property she had when she became my wife, and one-sixth of the remainder of my estate. To my 5 children, Jacob, Andrew, Mary and Andrew Thompson and Edith Harris, remainder of estate. Exec. sons Jacob and Andrew Thompson. Wit. Jeremiah Powell and Barzillai Jefferis. Proved Mar. 23, 1814. B-144

1813, Sept. 28. STEEL, JOHN, Upper Alloways Creek. To dau. Isabella Reeves, 100 acres of land adjoining Stephen Reeves. To granddau. Isabella Harris, dau. of my dau. Mary Ann Harris, 35 acres of land adjoining William Thompson; if she dies without heirs, then to my dau. Isabella Reeves. In case my dau. Mary Ann Harris has other lawful issue the residue of my estate shall be equally divided between them. To dau. Mary Ann Harris, 5 pounds To dau. Jane Steel, $1. Son-in-law William Reeves to see that property left to Mary Ann Harris shall not be sold for any debt contracted by her husband. Exec. wife Isabella and son-in-law William Reeves. Wit. James Ray, Jacob Wintzell and James Metear. Proved Mar. 29, 1814. B-146

1814, Feb. 9. PIERCE, SAMUEL, Pilesgrove. To wife Catiran, "a certain house to be moved to the great road near Widdow McCollester's, on the expence of the State," furniture and $50, Executors to sell personal estate and all my real estate, to be divided among my 6 children. Dau. Abigail Perce to have a full share, with a cow and bed and bedding; sons Henry, Samuel, and John, each a full share; son Clark, by my last wife, a full share and $180; my beloved wife's son, Isaac Dickson, a full share. Exec. to be grdn. of children until they are of full age. Exec. Samuel Cawley. Wit. Thomas Osborn, Paul Scull, John Layton, John Smith and Samuel B Cawley. Proved Apr. 1, 1814. B-149

1814, Mar. 19. MOORE, MOSES, Lower Alloways Creek. To wife Elenor, plantation in Deerfield twp. as long as she remains my widow; if she marries, then to my sons William and George Moore. Exec. wife Elenor. Wit. David Bradway, William Corlis and Barzillai Jefferis. Proved Apr 4, 1814. B-151

1814, Mar. 28. PATTERSON, JOHN, Mannington. To wife Sarah, profits of land bot. of Thomas Long, during minority of my 3 daus., firewood from lot bot. of Johnson Stow, while she remains my widow, furniture, a cow and $30. To daus. Nancy, Elizabeth and Rebecca Patterson, land, equally. Sons James and John having provision made for them by the will of their grandfather, James Patterson, I appoint my bro., James Patterson, their grdn. Exec. bro. James Patterson. Wit. Gervas Hall, Jacob Wood and James Robinson. Proved Apr. 2, 1814. B-153

1814, Mar. 7. BRADWAY, MARY. To son Ezra Bradway, desk and book case. To granddau. Mary B. Stewart, dau. of Joseph and Rachel Stewart, a case of drawers, bedding and curtains. Remainder of estate to dau. Rachel Stewart. Exec. Joseph Stewart. Wit. Jeremiah Powell and John Powell. Proved Apr. 9, 1814. B-155

1812, Mar. 4. McCUNE, JOHN, Alloways Creek. To wife Martha all land and movable estate. To dau. Mary Earnest, lands and movable estate after the death of her mother. To dau. Mary Sharp, $12. Exec, Marey Earnest and Henry Earnest. Wit. Patrick McGill, John Mury and Ann Hutton. Proved Apr. 15, 1814. B-157

1814, Mar. 28. CARLL, JESSE, Lower Alloways Creek. To daus. Sarah and Lydia Carll, the upper end of the plantation on which I live To dau. Lydia, woodland bot. of Kent Allen. To Sarah, $1000. To Lydia, $200. To son William, residue of plantation, marsh on Alloways Creek and marsh between Salter's Creek and Hope Creek, marsh that Edward Hancock bot. of Clement Padgett. To daus. Rebecca and Elizabeth Carll, plantation in Stoe Neck inherited from my father, Jesse Carll, and a lot of marsh by Job Ware's. To Rebecca, $100. Residue of estate to Rebecca and Elizabeth, who shall execute a quietus to William, Sarah and Lydia when they become 21 years of age, and each shall pay to son William and daus. Sarah and Lydia $700. Jonathan Hildreth, grdn. of Lydia; George Grier, grdn. of Sarah; William Waddington, grdn. of Rebecca, Elizabeth and William. Exec. William Waddington. Wit. Samuel Patrick, Grace Patrick and Grace Keasbey. Proved Apr. 5, 1814. B-159

1814, Mar. 28. HARRIS, JOHN, Lower Alloways Creek. To sons Stretch and Benjamin Harris, land, woodland and marsh where I live, equally, To wife Lydia, thirds during life. To son Peter Harris, 200 acres of land in Pennsylvania. To son Stretch Harris, plantation wagon, pair of 3-year old steers, 2 young cows, 2 old cows and all female sheep of his earmark. To wife Lydia, daus. Lydia, Elizabeth, Margaret and Clarissa Harris the rest of my movable property. Exec. wife Lydia and son Stretch Harris. Wit. John Holliday, John Bacon and John S. Homan. Proved. Apr. 16, 1814. B-163

1814, Apr. 8. DICKINSON, KELLY, Upper Alloways Creek. To wife Sarah, all land in Allowaystown and all personal property. Exec. Matthew Morrison. Wit. Benjamin Thompson, Thomas Eldridge and David Dickinson. Proved Apr. 18, 1814. B-165

1814, Mar. 29. HARRIS, ENOCH. To wife Sarah, all estate during life; then dau. Susannah Harris to have house and lot where I live. To son John Harris, woodlot inherited from my father. Exec. wife Elizabeth Harris and Nehemiah Garrison. Wit. Palsear Smith, Samuel Harris and Robert Patrick. Proved Apr. 19, 1814. B-167

1813, Sept. 21. HALL, EDWARD, Mannington. To son Edward Hall, part of my homestead in Mannington, adjoining John Hall. Woodnutt and Sharp; also land bot. of Thomas Sharp and marsh in Mannington, after there is 4 acres thereof laid off to son Howell. To dau. Mary, wife of Samuel L. James, pert of homestead adjoining part devised to son Edward; also land bot. of Thomas Sharp. To son Howell Hall, remainder of homestead and of land bot. of Thomas Sharp, and marsh in Mannington. Executors to sell land avid cedar swamp at Blackwater, in Pittsgrove, and my right to marsh near Stow Creek, to pay debts; balance to dau. Mary James and son Howell Hall, equally. To wife Ann, the choice of either the school house and lot adjoining, or the bed room in the mansion house and the room over it, as long as she sees cause to occupy them; also, a cow and furniture. To son Edward, my desk. To dau. Mary, my clock. To son Howell, the horse he commonly rides, and choice of one of the 3-year old colts and furniture. If son Howell should appear to waste or destroy the real estate, I order my nephew John Hall to rent said premises and let my son Howell have the income. Exec. son-in-law Samuel L. James and nephew John Hall. Wit. John Scott, Margaret Smith and William White. Proved Apr. 14, 1814. B-169

1814, Mar. 13. MORRISON, MATTHEW, SR. To wife Elizabeth, all estate during life; then to be sold and receipts equally divided between my children and grandchildren and my friend John Moore, as is hereinafter named, To dau. Ann Woodruff, $1. To dau. Margaret Yap, equal share as above. To dau. Elizabeth Garrison, $1. To son Matthew Morrison and dau. Mary Freas, each an equal share. To granddau. Elizabeth, her mother's equal share. To granddau. Hannah Garrison, her mother's equal share, unless her mother is left a widow. To grandchildren Elizabeth Ann and Jane Penton, their mother's share, equally. To friend John Moore, an equal share with my children, and bed and bedding. Exec. wife Elizabeth and son Matthew Morrison. Wit. John Hannahs, John Applegate and Joseph Fogg. Proved Apr. 27, 1814. B-173

1804, Apr. 8. YAPP, PHINEAS, Mannington. To wife Margaret, all estate. Exec. wife Margaret and friend John Smith. Wit. Hazel Conklin, Daniel Souders and Joseph Smith. Proved 1814. B-177

1812, Mar. 6. BALLENGER, ZACCHEUS, Pilesgrove. To sons Isaac and Benjamin, the plantation whereon I dwell. To wife Hope Ballenger, one-half of personal estate after debts are paid. To dau. Naomi, remainder of personal estate. To wife profits of the plantation until son Benjamin marries or arrives at the age of 21 years; then if he marries, the plantation shall be divided, and the cedar swamp to wife. Joseph Hance to have none of my property, for he has had his share in his first wife's lifetime. I cut him off with 67 cents. Exec. son Isaac and wife Hope Ballenger. Wit. Isaac Shute and Jacob Hoffman. Proved May 4, 1814. B-179

1814, Apr. 15. FRIES, GEORGE, Upper Alloways Creek. The old place where Nathaniel Lawrence lives, in Upper Alloways Creek, to be sold; money to be put at interest until youngest child is of age; then to be equally divided between my children, Jacob, Matthew. John, David, Elizabeth Ann and George Fries, and one yet unborn. Executor to sell land adjoining Samuel Peterson and George Morrison and put the money at interest. Home place to be rented until children are of age, then equally divided between them. All personal estate to be sold and wife Mary to have one-third of money or movable estate; balance to be divided among my children. Exec. and grdn. of children wife Mary Fries, friend Matthew Morrison and son George Fries. Wit. Mary T. Mayhew, David Fries and Joseph Fogg. Proved May 11, 1814. B-182

Mar. 22, 1805. SJMMS, JOHN. To dau. Temperance Pedrick all lands. Legacies to be paid out of personal estate to granddaus. Ruth, Hope and Hannah Mills, and grandson Simms Mills, children of my dau. Phebe, 10 pounds each at 21 years of age. To grandson Stephen Smith, 5 shillings. To dau. Temperance Pedrick, remainder of personal estate. Exec. son-in-law John Pedrick and dau. Temperance Pedrick. Wit. Samuel Ogden, Isaac Townsend and Hannah Townsend. Proved May 12, 1814. B-185

Not Dated. FOGG, ISAAC. To wife Martha, house and lot where Elias Crague now lives, on main road from Thompson's Bridge to Salem while she remains my widow; also, furniture, a cow, grain a shoat and 6 cords of wood annually while she remains my widow. Remaining estate, after debts are paid, to be divided equally among my children. Sons David, Joseph and Benjamin shall haze but $1 each if they do not comply with this will. Exec. sons David and Joseph Fogg and son-in-law William Armstrong. Wit. Samuel Saunders, William Walker Samuel Fogg and John Mower. Proved May 13, 1814. B-187

1810, Nov. 26. HUFFY, JACOB, Salem. To daus. Sarah and Eliza Hufty, all plate. Exec. daus. Sarah and Eliza Hufty. Wit. John Sinnickson, Jr., and Henry Sparks. Proved May 29, 1814. B-189

1813, Sept. 28. CALLAHAN, JOHN, Lower Penns Neck. To wife Sarah, $300. Remainder of estate to children. Wife to be grdn. of youngest children, Samuel and Mary until they are 14 years of age. Exec. wife Sarah Callahan and Joseph Lippincott. Wit. Margaret Bilderback and Vining Hill. Proved June 21, 1814. B-191

1808, Jan. 22. RUSSELL, JANE, Pittsgrove. To son James Russell, furniture. To granddaus. Amy and Agnes Russell, bed, bedding, apparel and pewter. To grandsons Elkanah and Joseph Russell, each, $16. To grandson James Russell, $20. To son James Russell, $19 and remainder of estate. Exec. son James Russell. Wit. John Auld, Martha Auld and John Stratton. Proved Ang. 20, 1814. B-193

1814, Aug. 12. SHIMP, PETER, Lower Alloways Creek. To wife Martha, all estate. Exec. Frederick Remster. Wit. Edward B. Gibbs. Abigail Craft and Mary Simpkins. Proved Aug. 27, 1814. B-195

1802. Jan. 27. SHINN, URIAS, Pilesgrove. To dau. Lydia Shinn, son Isaac Shinn and dau. Ruth Shinn, 5 shillings each. To Urias Shinn Cassaday, son of my friend Hannah Cassaday, a house and lot in Pilesgrove twp. To James Shinn Cassaday, son of Hannah Cassaday. a house and lot in Alloways Creek twp. To friend Hannah Cassaday, remainder of lands during lifetime. If she marries, two-thirds goes out of her lands to her daus , Sarah Shinn Cassaday, Rachel Shinn Cassaday and Hannah Shinn Cassaday, equally. Exec. friend Hannah Cassaday. Wit. Robert A. Borden, Benjamin Carter and Joseph Grag. Proved Sept. 27, 1814. B-197

1813, Oct. 13. HEWARD, JOSEPH, Pittsgrove. To sons Benjamin and John Heward, grist mill and all land under water, wits all land and cripple and islands between the pond and Monroe's former line. To son Benjamin, the upland north of the road leading to Richard Parker's and east of road leading to Pennytown. To son John Heward, land and swamp adjoining the saw mill south of road leading to Parker's, and 100 acres in Broad Neck, adjoining Ziba Ray and Abijah Parvin. To grandson Isaac Heward, my saw mill and one acre of land adjoining, and one-half of cedar swamp bot. in partnership with Jacob Shull, of Peter Jones and Hannah Ladd. To dau. Elizabeth Newkirk, the plantation on which she formerly lived, and swamp. To Ruth Heward, widow of my son Ephraim, dec'd, my plantation bot. of James Jones, and cedar swamp. To her daus. Elizabeth and Lydia, equally, all my personal estate after debts are paid. To Isaac Clark, the use of the place he lives on, and all the swamp down to the mill pond, and use of the lot by my dau. Lydia Lott, dec'd until his son John is of age; then I give the property to his sons John and Joshua. If John or Joshua should die before reaching 21 years of age, I give one-half of the share to my grandson Solomon DuBois. To grandson Solomon DuBois, land on north side of road leading to Richard Parker's, and west of Pennytown road, except the house and one acre of ground Exec. sons Benjamin and John. Wit. Samuel Nelson, Jacob Wick and Samuel Elwell, Jr. Proved Oct. 7, 1814. B-200

1813, Feb. 27. HILLMAN, SAMUEL, Pilesgrove. To wife, residue after debts and legacies are paid. To son John, 15 acres. To daus Hannah, wife of David Hurley, Elizabeth, wife of David Saxton. Ann, Patience, Margaret, Mary Ann and Rebecca, each $500. To dau Rachel, $700. Exec. wife Patience and son John Hillman. Wit. James Freeland, Joseph Risley and Joseph L. Risley. Proved Oct. 11, 1814. B-202

1814, Oct. 12. MORGAN, ANN, Mannington. To Rachel Venable, a trunk, quilt and wearing apparel. Remaining apparel to neice Meria Ann, wife of Samuel Halloway; Ann wife of John Venable; Harriet, dau. of Clayton Locuson; Ann, wife of Mark Reve; and neice Mary,wife of William Davis; and to her sister, Eliza, my best umbrella. To Elizabeth, wife of William Scull, $30. To Maria, wife of Daniel James, silver watch, hook and chain. To Harriet, dau. of Clayton Locuson, walnut dressing table. To Mary, wife of Peter Pettit. one-half dozen silver spoons; and to her dau. Sarah, a mahogany stand. To Ann, wife of William Taylor, a bureau. To Sarah Hallow ay, one-half dozen silver spoons and tea tongs. To Mary Hittard, a looking glass. To Mary Ann Peacock, my silver hook knitting bag and quill. To Ann. wife of Mark Reve, one-half dozen chairs. To John Morton Venable, my family Bible and chest. Remainder of estate to be sold and money expended as follows: To bro. Joseph Weaver, 10 pounds. Harriet Locuson and John Morton Venable, 3 pounds each; Mary Ann Peacock, 4 pounds, Ann, wife of Daniel Parker, 5 pounds; neices Acenith and Kesiah, daus. of bro. Joseph Weaver, 5 pounds each; Ann, wife of Joseph Venable, 5 pounds; Mereiann, wife of Samuel Halloway 5 pounds; Mary, wife of William Davis, 5 pounds, and her sister Eliza, 5 pounds; to my sister Susannah Antrim's daus. , Rachel, Ann and Sarah, 5 pounds; Ann, wife of Levi Antrim, 5 pounds; Hannah, wife of John Yonker, 3 pounds, Mary Griffins, dau. of Ann Reve. 3 pounds; Maria, dau. of Rachel Venable, 3 pounds. Remainder of estate to be equally divided between Elijah, Clayton and Jacob Weaver, Edward Ewen and Thomas Weaver Exec. David Smith, Jr. Wit. John Hall. Samuel White and Philemon Dickinson, Proved Oct. 28, 1814. B-205

1804, Dec. 11. SIMPSON, JAMES, Salem. To wife Hannah, all estate, after debts are paid, for the support and bringing up of the children. Exec. and grdn. of children, wife Hannah Simpson. Wit. Thomas Bines, Hance Thomas and Jacob Wood. Proved Oct. 29, 1814. B-208

1814, Aug. 30. SLAPE, RICHARD, Mannington. To wife Sarah, a horse, 2 cows, 2 hogs, and household goods. Personal estate to be sold and debts paid. Land in Mannington, adjoining Jonathan Bilderback to be equally divided between the children. Exec. wife Sarah and bro-in-law Joseph Matlock. Wit. Samuel Seagrave, William Seagrave and Andrew Shimp. Proved Nov. 5, 1814, B-210

1814, Sept. 5. WOOD, JOHN, Pilesgrove. To son Elijah Wood, personal estate when of age. To daus. Sarah Whitehead Mary Wood, each $1. If Elijah dies before becoming of age his bequest is to be divided between his sisters, Sarah and Mary. Exec. friend David Kurby. Wit. Thomas Yarrow, Seth Holson and Rebecca Vanneman. Proved Dec. 7, 1814. B-213

1814, Nov. 14. DEVOSS, JOHN, Upper Alloways Creek. To son John Devoss, $1. Nephews and neice Samuel Bennet, Benjamin Bennet, William Bench, Bateman Bench, Daniel Donel and Hannah Donel, all movable estate after debts are paid. It is my will that my executor sell no more of the goods and chattles than will be sufficient to pay the debts aforesaid, and they of the ornaryeft sort, and Judah Donel, their mother shall have the care of said goods for them. Exec. John Donel. Wit. Martha Sanderlin and William Willis. Proved Dec. 31, 1814. B-215

1814, Sept. 15. LOLLY, THOMAS, Upper Alloways Creek. Lands to be sold and debts paid; remainder to wife Eliza Lolly. Exec. father-in-law Ephraim Bee. Wit. William Walker, Rebecca Bennet and Mary Kiger. Proved Dec. 30, 1814. B-217

1813, Nov. 7. PAIRPOINT, ELIZABETH, Lower Alloways Creek. To granddau. Matilda Smally, apparel. To son Peter Pairpoint, residue of estate after debts are paid. Exec. son Peter Pairpoint. Wit. William Waddington and Edward Waddington. Proved Dec. 9, 1814. B-219

Noncupative Will. YOUNG, JOSEPH. Real estate to be divided between sons James and William Young. To granddau. Temperance Bradford. a cow. To Ambrose Walker, Henry Bradford and Lemuel Bradford, each 10 pounds. Personal estate after debts are paid, to wife and sons James and William. Exec. wife Elizabeth Young and son James Young. Proved Dec 22, 1814. B-221

1814, Dec. 9. DENN, JOHN, JR., Mannington. To wife Rhoda, All estate while she remains my widow; if she marries, then one third and remainder to my children, Rachel, Mary, Susannah, Ann and Rebecca Denn. Wife Rhoda Denn grdn. of children. Exec. wife Rhoda and bro. Samuel Denn. Wit. John Black, David Griscom and Jesse Bond. Proved Jan. 15, 1815. B-223

1814, Nov. 26. CHEESMAN, ELIZABETH, Pilesgrove. To nephew, Joseph Riley son of sister Naomi Riley, $100. To neice Hannah Cheesman, dau. of my bro. Thomas Cheesman, furniture, Bible and $20. To neice Sarah Cheesman, dau. of Thomas, bed quilt, bureau and wearing apparel. To sister Naomi Riley, best bonnet. Remainder of estate, after debts are paid, to nephew Joseph Riley. Exec. friend Joshua Barnes of Woodstown. Wit. John Nixon and William Adams. Proved Feb. 13, 1815. B-225

1813, Nov. 18. BRADWAY, EDWARD, Upper Alloways Creek. To wife Rebecca, a cow, bed and bedding. To dau. Grace Lippincott, $1. Residue of estate to son Joshua Bradway; if he dies before becoming of age, to dau. Grace Lippincott. Exec. and grdn. of son Joshua, friends Aaron Waddington and William Waddington. Wit. William Howell and Thomas Garrison. Proved Feb. 13, 1815. B-227

1814, Sept. 26. HICKMAN, MARGARET, Lower Penns Neck, To Sarah, wife of John English of Philadelphia, all my real estate. To Margaret, dau. of John and Sarah English, gold ring and coverlet. To Rebecca, dau. of John and Sarah English, 3 silver teaspoons. To Letitia Mullin, $14. Remainder of estate, after debts are paid, to Sarah English. Exec. friend Thomas Murphy. Wit. Ezekiel Collins, James H. Biddle and John Hurley. Proved Mar. 11, 1815. B-229

1813, Aug. 23. WISTAR, JOHN. Land near Muddy Run, Northumberland County, Pa., to be sold to pay debts. If insufficient, the rents of all my lands, together with rent arising from my house and lot in Philadelphia is to be applied until debts and legacies are satisfied. To wife, all money left to her by her father. As I have prepared to build a house in Salem, executors are to finish it in plain substantial style. I devise the said new house and the house and lot bot. of Mary Howell to my wife during life. To wife, part of my plantation where I now live, which is herein given to my son John, until he shall be of age, to assist her in the education of the children, provided she remains my widow. I give her the use and occnpancy of all the household goods, and 60 pounds a year from rent of the house in Philadelphia, which is herein given to my son Bartholomew; he to pay 60 pounds yearly to his mother, and legacies to his sisters. To son Clayton the plantation and woodland bot. of Zadoc Street, and 20 acres of meadow. To son Caspar, my plantation now in occupancy of John Knight. on the road from Salem to Haines' Neck. To son John, when of age, part of the plantation I now live on, on the road from Salem to Hains' Neck. To dau. Catharine Wistar; part of my plantation where Samuel Hilliard lives. Bartholomew is to pay his sister Mary Davis $1200, and to his sisters Charlotte and Hannah Wistar each $2150. To daus. Mary, Charlotte and Hannah, to be divided between them, 100 acres of meadow, and all my back lands in Pennsylvania, excepting the tract ordered sold. Cedar swamp on Maurice River to sons Clayton. Caspar and John, and dau. Catharine Brooks. Exec. bro. Thomas Wistar, son Bartholomew Wistar, and friends Joseph Reeves and Jonas Freedland. Wit. John Stephenson, John Knight and Rachel Fergeson. Proved Apr. 7, 1815. B-231

1815, Apr. 7. SAYRE, JAMES, Lower Alloways Creek. To wife Sarah, all land bot. of Ephraim Seeley, and woodland bot. of Reuel Sayre. To friends Robert Whatson and Hannah Watson, land adjoining my guardian (garden?). Remainder of land to my children, equally. Exec. friend James Butcher. Wit. William Moore, James Valentine and Philip Press. Proved Apr. 18, 1815. B-237

1815, Jan. 8. HUGHES, JOHN, Pittsgrove. To wife Mary, rent and profits of real estate, and all movable estate while my widow. She shall educate my children. After her death, all movable estate to be divided between daua. Rachel, Mary, Margaret and Christiana. To son Henry, one-half of the 160 acres bot. of Clement Acton and one-third of land lying on Broad Pond Branch. To son Benjamin, remainder of land bot. of Acton, and land on Broad Pond Branch. To son John, the plantation where I now live, and woodland but. of Jacob Wick and the third part of land on Broad Pond Branch. Exec. John Pimm. Wit. Henry Kandle, Daniel Hier and Elizabeth Kandle. Proved Apr. 24, 1815. B-239

1815, Apr. 9. BONHAM, ENOCK, Upper Alloways Creek. Executor to sell land on which I live; debts to be paid; remainder to be paid to wife Sarah and mother Sarah Bonham, equally. Exec. Ephraim Bee. Wit. Hannah Davis, Maria McFerson and Ebenezer Davis. Proved June 6, 1815. B-241

1813, Sept. 10. PATTERSON, JAMES, Upper Penns Neck. To wife Mary, household goods, choice of cattle and $40 in lieu of dower; if she should not accept, then the same to be sold, and she have only legal dower in real estate; and whereas, by my father's will, in consequence of the death of my son William, the land devised to him and my son John became vested in me, I give same to sons John and James Patterson, equally, together with a lot of meadow at the river, and my right in the tract of land called the 40 acres. If there is a surplus after debts are paid from movable estate, it shall be divided between sons John and James. As my father by will devised to Joseph Peppers part of his real estate, after the death of my mother. Mary Patterson, it is my will that my mother shall have the dower. If there shculd be a school house erected within one mile of my plantation within seven years, $10 shall be paid out of my estate; and if there should be a new meeting house at Parkertown within seven years, or repairing the old one, I give $20 out of rents of my property. Exec bro. Joseph Patterson of Penns Neck. Wit. John Boqua, John Sharp and Mary Patterson. Proved June 1, 1815. B-243

1813, Mar. 9. LOYD, JOSEPH, Lower Penns Neck. To wife Sarah, household goods, poultry, provisions, and $700. To son David Loyd, the brick house and land bot. of Daniel Tindall, and the upland and meadow bot. of Joseph Tindall; also, marsh. To son Joseph, the house at the gate, adjoining Ephraim Loyd and land devised to my son Samuel. To dau. Sarah Loyd, one-half of the tract of woodland which my father gave me, part by deed and part by will. To dau. Anna Loyd, remainder of same, and meadow. To son Ephraim, the mansion house where I now live, land bot. of Daniel Tindall, marsh on the main creek, and my clock. Wife Sarah to get firewood off the land devised to my two daus. Executors to sell personal property and pay debts. Son Ephraim to be sent to school if he be inclined to learning. At death of wife, articles left to her are to be divided among my children. Exec. Son David Loyd and bro. Ephraim Loyd. Wit. James Johnson, William Johnson and Joseph Sheppard. Proved 1815. B-246

1813, July 20. RAY, SAMUEL, Upper Alloways Creek. To wife Rebecca, 2 beds. 2 cows, a set of silver teaspoons, my watch, $50, and the house in which my son James Ray now lives. To granddau. Ann Ray, $400. Personal and real estate not disposed of to be sold. Land in Allowaystown to be sold in lots. The house devised to my wife, at her death or marriage, to be sold and after debts are paid, residue of money to be paid to my son William Ray's children, and to my sons Zaccheus and James Ray, Hannah Freas, my son Benjamin Ray, Jefferson Ray and Sarah Jarman each one share. Exec. sons Zaccheus and James Ray. Wit. James Bell, Jacob Timberman and James Metear. Proved July 28, 1815. B-250

1815, Sept. 20. LAWRIE, THOMAS, Pilesgrove. Executor to lease plantation in Pilesgrove for 4 years, rent to be paid to wife, Ann Lowrie, to bring up and educate my children; then executor is to sell the plantation. To wife Ann, $3000 and household goods in lieu of dower. To dau. Lydia Lawrie, bed and bedstead. To sons Thomas and James Lawrie, wearing apparel and remainder of Personal estate. After debts are paid, money from sale of estate to sons Thomas and James and daus. Lydia, Abigail, Hannah, Deborah, Ann and Jane; the sons to have two shares, and the daus. one share each, to be paid to the sons at 21 years of age, and to the daus. at 18 years of age. Cedar swamp in East Jersey to be sold. Exec. friends David Davis and Joseph Davis. Wit. Jonathan Smith, Thomas Davis and William White. Proved Oct. 13, 1815. B-253

1815, Oct. 16. KENDALL, JOHN, Pilesgrove. Personal estate, and saw mill known as Kendall's Mill, together with about 200 acres of land situate in Gloucester County to be sold; receipts to sisters Rebecca, Margaret and Hannah, now living in Pennylvania, equally; also; all my real esate in Harrison County, Va., or elsewhere in Virginia, equally. To Thomas, son of Thomas Kendall $100. Exec. friend and kinsman Thomas Kendall. Wit. Thomas Davenport, Barzillai Johnson and Thomas Yarrow. Proved Nov. 3, 1815. B-256

1815, Nov. 1. GREEN, MARTIN, Upper Penns Neck. To wife Mary, beds. a horse and $200. To daus. Hannah Carter Mary and Rachel Green, each $1000. Executor to sell plantation on Oldmans Creek bot. of Samuel Whiteall and as much personal property as is necessary. To son Lewis Green, the plantation where I now live and the woodland bot. of Isaac Ward. He is to pay $36.66 to each of my other sons, Anthony and Arthur Green, when they are 23 years of age. Sons Lewis, Anthony and Arthur to pay my wife $10 per year, in addition to her legacy, as long as she remains my widow. Exec., and grdn. of sons Anthony and Arthur, and dau. Rachel, son Lewis Green and friend Edward Borton of Gloucester County. Wit. Joseph Pedrick Jacob Gooden and Gideon Denny. Proved Nov. 24, 1815. B-258

1812, June 1. CLARK, JOSEPH, Pittsgrove, To sons Isaac, John, Benjamin, youngest son Archabell and daus. Mary, Susannah and Hannah, $2 each. Residue of estate to wife Hannah. Exec. wife Hannah Clark. Wit. John Cowman, Nehemiah Clark and James M. Cowman. Proved Nov. 28, 1815. B-261

1814, Feb. 17. MONEY, JOSEPH, Upper Alloways Creek. To wife Enis Money, my house and land in Upper Alloways Creek. Exec. wife Enice Mooney. Wit. William Fisher, Joseph Ferguson and William Pippin. Proved Dec. 16, 1815.
Administration cum test annexa was granted to Joseph Money and Edward B. Gibbs, Dec. 20, 1815. B-263

1810, Nov. 15. SPARKS, HENRY, Salem. To wife Julian, all estate. Exec. wife Julian Sparks. Wit. John Mason, William Walker and William Swing. Proved Dec. 22, 1816. B-265

1815, Dec. 22. LONG, JONATHAN, Pilesgrove. To heirs of son David Long, $1, equally. To sons Thomas and Jonathan Long, $1, each. To drus. Elizabeth Shoemaker, Sarah Haines, Priscilla Layton, Mary Long and Anna Long, $1 each after debts are paid. To dau. Jane Long the residue of estate. Exec. dau. Jane Long. Wit. James Newell, William Nelson and Henry Riley. Proved Dec. 30, 1815. B-267

1815, Dec. 29. SMITH, JONAS, Lower Alloways Creek. To sons Seth and Eaton Smith and daus. Catharine. Anna and Mary Smith. residue of estate after debts are paid. Exec. and grdn. of children, friend Enos Paulin of Upper Alloways Creek. Wit. Dalymore Harris, Jonathan Stretch and Rachel Loper. Proved Jan. 8, 1816. B-269

1810, Apr. 25. TYLER, SAMUEL, Lower Alloways Creek. To Samuel, son of James Tyler, silver buttons. To bro. John Tyler, wearing apparel. To daus, Ann and Elizabeth Tyler, my house and lot on Bridge Street. in Salem, my meadow on Tillbury Creek, and woodland in Lower Alloways Creek. If they should die without issue, same to my bros. William and John Tyler. Wife Grace Tyler to have profits of estate to educate daus. Exec. bros. William and John Tyler. Wit. Andrew Johnston, Rachel Redman, Jr., and John Redman. Proved Jan. 11, 1816. B-270

1814, Dec. 12. MORGAN, JONATHAN, Newton Township, Gloucester County. To son Jonathan Morgan, a bond of 200 pounds I hold against him. To dau. Rebekah Vansciver, a bond of $1000 I hold against her husband, William Vansciver. To dau. Bersheba Barnes, a bond of 200 pounds I hold against Joshua and Ephraim Barnes, jointly; also, the sum of $466.67. To granddaus. Bersheba Spear; Ann Layton and Elizabeth Steward, $150, to be equally divided, and all household goods. To granddau. Elizabeth Steward, my wearing apparel. To son-in-law Nathan Stuard, $60. To son Isaac Morgan and his daus. Bersheba and Recekah Morgan, $1700. To grandchildren Joseph, Elizabeth, Rachel, Hannah and Abigail Stuard, $702, to be put at interest. After debts are paid, residue to daus. Rebeckah Vansciver and Barsheba Barnes. Exec. sons-in-law William Vansciver and Ephraim Barnes. Wit, Charles McCollister and William White. Proved Jan. 23, 1816. B-272

1816, Mar. 16. FENTON, ELEAZAR, Upper Penns Neck. To wife Elizabeth, $2000. To children, Samuel, Enock, John, Furman, Eleazar, George, Mary Stephenson and Hannah Seal, all estate after debts are paid. To granddau.Mary Seal, $50. Exec. wife Elizabeth, and dau. Hannrh Seal. Wit. Thomas Yarrow, John Till and Andrew Windson. Proved Apr. 9, 1816. A-275

1816, Mar. 30. WALLACE, DAVID, Woodstown. All estate to be sold, except wearing apparel, which I bequeath to my wife, Ann Wallace. To wife Ann one-third of estate in cash. To son William W. Wallace residue of estate. Exec. friend Joseph Davis of Woodstown. and wife's son Ephraim Garwood. Wit. Mary Sprogell, George Hollinshead and William Adams. Proved Apr. 21, 1816. B-278

1816, May 31. BORDEN, JOSEPH, Upper Penns Neck. To Lydia Pittman and her heirs, Samuel and Furman, the use of all real and personal property until the youngest child is 21 years of age, or the death of Lydia; when the estate shall be divided between the heirs of the said Lydia Pittman, Joseph, John, Samuel, Furman, Martha wife of David Whiley, Rebekah wife of Anthony Wardell, Elizabeth wife of Thomas Summerill, and Christiana wife of Benjamin Clifton, except that Samuel, Furman and Christiana shall have $200 more than the others. Exec. Lydia Pittman and Thomas Yarrow. Wit. Lemuel Butlar, Luke Denser and John Lounsbury. Proved June 7, 1816. B-280

1814, Feb. 27. HOWANE, HENRY, UpperPenns Neck. To friend Daniel Vanneman. all estate. Exec. Daniel Vanneman. Wit. Christiana Vanneman and Thomas Yarrow. Proved June 12, 1816. B-283

1816, June 17. PETERSON, GEORGE, Upper Penns Neck. To dau. Amy Ambruster, $266.66. Residue of estate to wife Martha and son George Peterson. Plantation bot. of Aaron Biddle and marsh at Delaware River, bot. of William Biddle, and meadow that fell to me at death of my bro. Erick Peterson, to son George, excepting 100 acres that I give to my wife, Martha Peterson while she remains my widow. Whereas, I have bot. two-thirds of the upland of the plantation that I formerly lived on, adjoining the river, I have given a deed to my granddau. Hannah Chester, and all the remainder thereof one-quarter part to each of my daus. Rebecca, Mary and Sarah, and one-quarter part to be equally divided between the children of my dau. Barbara Dolbow, dec'd. Exec. wife Martha and son George Peterson. Wit. Nathan Carter, William Strimple and Gideon Denny. Proved June 20, 1816. B-285

1813, Sept. 2. PIMM, HANNAH, Pilesgrove. To son John Pimm, $130.33. To dau. Susanna, widow of son Levi Pimm, deed, $53.67. To grandchildren, Lydia, Samuel, Mary and Hannah Pimm, children of my son Levi, each $16. To grandson Samuel Pimm, my big Bible. To dau. Elizabeth Coles, $4. To neice Esther Hilyard, $13.33. To granddau. Mary Pimm, dau. of son Joseph Pimm, dec'd, $26 67. Remainder, after debts are paid, equally to grandchildren, Elizabeth String, Sarah, Lydia and Mary Pimm, daus. of son Joseph; Mary Pimm, dau. of son John; Sarah and Samuel Coles, children of dau. Elizabeth Coles; and Charlotte and Lydia Ridgway, daus. of dau. Teresa Ridgway. Exec. son John Pimm. Wit. Thomas Coles. Josiah Flitcraft and Bevan Hi t craft. Proved July 5, 1815. B-288

1811, May 29. ENOCK, MARTHA, Pilesgrove. To sister Elizabeth Enock, all personal estate. To bro. Thomas Enock, the balance on a legacy left by my father, of $308.58. Exec. bro. Thomas Enock. Wit. Benjamin Turpin and William Adams. Proved Feb. 23, 1814. B-291

1815, Jan. 11. BEVIS, GEORGE, Upper Penns Neck. To sons Aaron, Thomas and Joseph Bevis, each, part of plantation I live on. To son Joseph and daus. Mary Mason, Sarah Lunbeck and Jemima Stanton, money arising from sale of land. To son John, land whereon his house stands. To son Job Bevis, remainder of plantation. To wife Sarah Bevis, a room in house where I now live, and furniture. To daus. Sarah Lunbeck and Jemima Stanton, each $20, Remainder of money arising from sale of movables, to daus. Mary, Sarah and Jemima. Exec. son Thomas Bevis. Wit. James Atkinson, James Sexton and Chalkley Hains. Proved Nov. 12, 1816. B-293

1816, Oct. 3. MADDEN, ISAAC, Upper Alloways Creek. To wife Lucia, all estate during life, for the purpose of maintaining children; but if she marries again she shall receive no more than her dower, and the estate shall be equally divided between my children. Wife to be grdn. of children, Sophia, Jane, Joseph and Hannah until they are of age. Exec. wife Lucia Madden. Wit. Isaac Smart, William Tyler and Mark Smith. Proved Nov. 25, 1816. B-296

1814, May 2. COOMES, WILLIAM, Pittsgrove. All estate to sons and daus.: George and William Coomes, Sarah wife of John Crum, Rachel wife of Ezail Nichols. and Isabella wife of Martin Rammel. To son William, $300. Remainder of personal estate to sons and daus. Exec. sons George and William Coomes. Wit. Abraham Rose, William Rose and Eleazar Mayhew. Proved Dec. 4, 1816. B-298

1816, Dec. 10. COOK, ADAM, Pilesgrove To wife Anna, articles she may chose from personal estate amounting to $150. Money left after debts are paid to be put at interest for benefit of herself and children. To children, Joseph, John, William, Martha, Ann and Elizabeth, principal monies above mentioned out of sale of property after debts are paid, as they shall reach the age of 21 years, except that Martha shall be paid when Joseph reaches the age of 21 years. Exec. bro. Aaron Cook and Samuel Humphreys. Wit. John Caspar, Thomas Yarrow and James Cook. Proved Jan. 7, 1817. B-300

1816, Mar. 7. BIDDLE, ABEL, Upper Penns Neck. Father John Biddle to have a comfortable living during his life, out of my estate. To wife Catharine, use and benefit of estate until son Samuel is 14 years of age, subject to maintenance and education of my young children, John, Sarah, Mary, William, Amy, Abel, Rebecca, Samuel and Catharine. To sons John and William, all real estate, the share on which the buildings stand, to John. To wife Catharine, the use of one room where I now live after Samuel reaches the age of 14 years. To prevent a dispute arising respecting the legality of a deed of gift to Isaac son of my bro. John Biddle, I bequeath all land in said deed to Isaac Biddle. Exec. wife Catharine and son John. Wit. Enock Land, Bodo Peterson and S. Kennard. Proved Jan. 20, 1817. B-303

1815, Nov. 26. NELSON, JACOB, Pilesgrove. To son Abraham Nelson, $300. To sons Jacob and William Nelson and dau. Sarah Nelson, all my lands, being my plantation in Pilesgrove and cedar swamp on Maurice River. To grandson Jacob Banks, $200 at 21 years of age. Residue of estate to sons and daus., equally. Exec. son Abraham Nelson. Wit. Henry Guest, Thos. Dunlap and Samuel Hancock. Proved Jan. 21, 1817. B-306

1817, Jan. 17. WALKER, JOHN, Upper Alloways Creek. To wife Lodina Walker, use of real estate while my widow. To sons Isaac and Allen Walker, all lands, equally. To son Jsaac, a chest, wearing apparel and use of one-half of the barn. To son Allen, bed and Bedding. To son Jacob Walker, $100. To sons-in-law David Higgins and Isaac Morrison, $1 each, in lieu of their wives portion. To daus. Mary wife of Thomas Guest, and Sarah wife of Isaac Kee all movable estate. Exec. wife Lodina and son Isaac Walker. Wit. John Bennet, Rebecca Bennet and Benjamin Thompson. Proved Jan. 31, 1817. B-308

1817, Jan. 20. TUSSEY, SAMUEL, SR., Upper Penns Neck. To son Samuel, house and lot in Upper Penns Neck. To son John, $5. To dau. Heckles, 8 acres adjoining the mill tract in Upper Penns Neck, and all outstanding debts, after debts are paid. Exec. son Samuel and William Borden. Wit, George Burden, Martha Steward and James McCollister. Proved Feb. 1, 1817. B-311

1817, Jan. 30. SAVIDG, WILLIAM, Lower Alloways Creek. To Eleanor dau. of Joseph and Edith Simpkins, $50. To trustees of Friendship School, $300 in trust, the interest thereof to be applied to the schooling of poor children within its limits. Remainder of personal estate to be divided between my housekeeper, Rebecca Crossley, Zadock Stretch, Eleanor Stretch and Mary Crossley. To Zadock Stretch, land bot. of Ezra Bradway, adjoining William Plummer. To Robert Griscom, 19 acres of salt marsh on Alloways Creek and Fogg's Ditch. Remaining estate to be divided between cousins Josiah Hillman. Jonathan Hillman. Rachel Nelson, Robert Griscom, Andrew Griscom, Jr., Clark Griscom, Thomas Draper, Rebecca Dunn, Elizabeth Sims, Rebecca Girton and Prudence Simpkins. Exec. Barzillai Jefferis and my cousin Jonathan Hillman. Wit. William Simpkins, Jsaac Davis and Elijah Jefferis. Proved Feb. 8, 1817. B-313

1815, Aug. 1. SMITH, RICHARD, Elsenborough. To wife Naomi, all movable properly she had at the time of marriage, bedding, $400, privilege occupying during life the room now used as a lodging room, and firewood. Residue of personal estate and all real estate, after debts are paid, to daus Elizabeth Black, Sarah Atkinson, Rachel Ellison, Prudence Smith, Ann Davis, Lucy Smith. and Martha Kirby, equally, provided that the share given to dau. Sarah Atkinson is given to dau. Rachel Ellison during the life of her husband, Mahlon Atkinson, and that the real estate be in no wise under his control. Exec. daus. Elizabeth Black, Rachel Ellison, Prudence Smith and Lucy Smith. Wit. Daniel Garrison, Isaac Smart and Caleb Wood, Proved Apr. 15, 1917. B-315

1816, Dec. 5. BOYS, ABRAHAM, Salem. Executor to sell all property except my gun, which I give to nephew Edward B. Boys, son of Thomas Boys. Debts to be paid and remainder divided between Edward B. Boys and the children of Nathan. Exec. Thomas Sinnickson, Jr., and Jedidiah Allen. Wit. Charles Borden, Andrew Johnston and Jane Logue. Proved Apr. 29, 1817. B-318

1817, Apr. 23. CRAJG, ELEANOR, widow, Lower Penns Neck. Executor to erect at my grave and that of my late husband, Jacob Craig, head and foot stones, lettered with our names. To friend Samuel Lummis, the remainder of my real estate, and clothes to his wife, Sarah Lummis. Exec. friend Samuel Lummis. Wit. David Brown, Elizabeth Brown and Thomas Murphy. Proved Apr. 29, 1817. B-320

1817, Apr. 18. DOLBOW, MARY, widow, Upper Penns Neck. To dau. Hannah Chester, $25 when 18 years of age; also, household goods. To son Jsrael Dolbow, bed and bedding. To dau. Martha Dolbow, bed, bedding and dishes. To son Andrew Dalbow, bed, bedding, silver shoe buckles, gold sleeve buttons and my cherry box. To dau. Catharine Dolbow, bed, bedding, trunk and lookingglass. To son George Dolbow, $40 when of age. Remainder of estate to be sold, and after sufficient sum has been appropriated to bring up my son George, the balance is to be divided among my children. Real estate to children equally. Exec. neighbor and friend John Bogus and my dau. Hannah Chester. Wit. Mary Sparks, Gideon Denny and Josiah Sparks. Proved May 26, 1817. B-322

1814, Mar. 19. STANLEY, MARY, Elsenborough. To Samuel Nicholson Thompson and wife, bed, bedding and 2 tablecloths. To Charles, sail of Samuel Thompson, a bond of$527. with interest, at the age of 21 years; in case of his death, to his brother, Clement Hall Thompson. To Samuel Nicholson Thompson, Jr., a large chest, small trunk and pewter ware. To Joshua Thompson, bro of Samuel, my large trunk. To Sarah, dau. of Benjamin Tindall, a case of high drawers. To Ann, dau. of Joshua Thompson, a looking glass. To Elizabeth, dau of Ebenezer Hall, bed quilt and small kettle. To Mary Thompson and Elizabeth Clement, wearing apparel. Exec. Benjamin Tindall. Wit. Joseph Sheppard, V. D. M , William Pyfren and Isaac Smart. Proved June 2, 1817. B-324

1817, Apr. 18. LAYTON, JOHN, Pittsgrove. To wife Priscilla, all estate, with exceptions. To dau. Margaret, bed and bedding. To sons John, Edmund, Jonathan, Thomas, Olbert, Safty, Statia, Paul, William and Nathan. and dau. Jane, 50 cents each. Exec. wife Priscilla. Wit. John Mayhew and Holmes Parvin, Jr. Proved June 11, 1817, B-326

1815, Feb. 11. VANMETER, JOHN, Pittsgrove. To wife Elizabeth, occupancy and profits of house and plantation during life. To sons William Alderman Vanmeter and Thomas Vanmeter, jointly, all houses, buildings and lands; but not to have possession while Elizabeth remains my widow; subject to paying to my daus. Mary, wife of Robert Alderman. Elizabeth Vanmeter and Rebecca Vanmeter each $100. To dau. Elizabeth, all my right and share to the Pittsgrove liberray. To granddau Eliza, dau. of my late son, John Neley Vanmeter, one-half dozen silver spoons. Remainder of estate, after debts are paid, to wife and daus. Exec. wife Elizabeth and son William Alderman Vanmeter. Wit. Thomas Ivins, Barzillai Ivins and Eleazar Mayhew. Proved June 11, 1817. B-328

1816, Sept. 7. STRETCH, ELIZABETH, Lower Alloways Creek. To granddau. Mercy Bradway, profits of land on which I live until grandson Jonathan Bradway is 21 years old, together with one-half of personal estate. To grandson Jonathan Bradway, the house and land I live in and one-half of personal estate. If they should die, bequest to be divided between my bros. and sisters children. Friend John Miller of Greenwich to receive rent with balance of estate and put same at interest until grandchildren are of age. Exec. friends John Miller and Joseph Thompson. Wit. Hannah Beesley, Elizabeth Fogg and Barzillai Jefferis. Proved June 12, 1817. B-331

1817, June 12. FIRESTONE, DAVID. Mannington. To wife Rebecca, $1000, bed and bedding, 2 cows and use of real estate in Upper Penns Neck until son Noah Firestone is 21 years of age. She is to bring up my children, Noah, Sarah and Elizabeth Firestone. Real estate in Mannington to be sold. To son Noah, all real estate in Upper Penns Neck; he paying each of my daus. $20 at the age of 18 years. Remainder of estate to daus. Sarah and Elizabeth. Exec. Daniel Stanton. Wit. Michael Truss, Richard Hiles and Joseph Jaquett. Proved June 19, 1817. B-333

1817, June 25. DUNHAM, JOB, Salem, noncupative will. Debts to be paid. To wife Rebecca Dunham, all property that belonged to her at marriage. Residue of estate equally to wife Rebecca Dunham and to my sister Elizabeth Dunham. Exec. Morris Hancock. Wit. Rhoda Denn, Robert H. Vanmeter and Mary S. Thompson. Proved July 4, 1817. B-335

1814, Dec. 28. KIGAR, MATTHIAS, JR., Upper Alloways Creek. All debts to be paid. Remainder of estate to wife Mary, and real estate in Allowaystown while she remains my widow; then one-half to dau. Jane, and at death of wife, all to said dau. If Jane dies, then to my sister Catharine's dau. Mary. To said sister's dau., $50. Exec. Samuel Ray. Wit. John G. Ballenger, Benjamin Fogg and James Matear. Proved July 30, 1817. B-337

1817, Sept. 8. DAVIS, ELISHA, Pilesgrove. To wife Hannah, $300, bed and bedding, case of drawers, use and profits of real estate until youngest dau., Vashti, is 21 years old. Remainder of personal estate to children, Rebecca, Easter, Elisha, Sarah, Elizabeth, Ruth, Josiah, Hannah and Vashti Davis, equally, as they arrive of age. Exec. friend David Davis and son Elisha Davis. Wit. Israel R. Clawson, Barzillai Scott and William Adams. B-339

1814, Dec. 23. CURRY, WILLIAM, Pittsgrove. To wife Mary, in lieu of dower, the choice of two rooms in the house where I now live, and furniture. Plantation to be equally divided between sons John and William; John to have the part whereon he lives; William to to have the part where I live. John is to supply his mother with firewood, and William to pay her $40 per year during her widowhood. Exec. sons William and John. Wit. William W. England, John Barber and John Arthur. B-341

1817, Nov. 11. AYARS, JAMES, Upper Alloways Creek. To wife Sarah, the farm where I live, and salt marsh in Lower Alloways Creek, while she remains my widow, furniture, 2 cows, a bull, half of residue of movable estate and two-thirds of grain on hand. To executors, or the survivor of them, $100 in trust for my son Amasa Ayars, and $100 for my son-in-law Moses Crosley; they paying my wife the interest. To sons James and Amass Ayars and my son-in-law Aaron Ayars, $2 each. To my daus. Elizabeth Dunham and Catharine Crossley, $350 each. Son Amass Ayras and son-in-law Moses Crossley, grdns. for my apprentice, Arris A. Dunham, to give. him $50 when he shall fulfil his indenture; in case he should absent himself, then to Elizabeth and Catharine. To grandson Joel Ayars, $60 when of age. Residue, after debts are paid, to wife and daus Elizabeth and Catharine, two-sevenths part each, and to son Amasa the remainder. After my wife's death, the property goes to grandson James Ayars Dunham and granddau. Prudence Ayars Dunham, $25 each; grandsons Lorenzo Dowe Ayars and Jonathan Bee Ayars. $100 each and granddaus. Prudence Dunham Ayres and Zurviah Davis Ayars, $50 each. Residue, to dau Catharine Crossley and my son Amass Ayars each one-fourth part, and the remainder to the children of my son James Ayars. Exec. bro. Jacob Ayars, son Amass and Daniel Cambell. Wit. Ellis Ayars, Aaron Ayars and Susannah Ayars. Proved Feb. 18, 1818. B-343

1818, Mar. 19. CHAMBERS, DAVID, Elsenborough. To wife Elizabeth. use of house and lot during life or widowhood, and all movable estate after debts are paid. To son William Chambers, house and lot after his mother's death or widowhood; he paying to my dau. Sarah Ann Chambers, $50. Exec. Jacob Thompson. Wit Andrew Thompson, Ezekiah Hewes and Elisha Fogg. Proved June 1, 1818. B-348

1818, May 9. HOLSTON, WILLIAM, Lower Penns Neck. To wife Mary, household goods. To dau. Sarah Holsten bed, bedding and bureau. To children, Sarah, James and Philip, all lands, equally. Exec. wife Mary and friend John Jaquett. Wit. Jonathan Keen, Philip Davey and Thomas Murphey. Proved June 2, 1818. B-350

1818, Apr. 25. SPRINGER, JOHN, Upper Penns Neck. To wife Martha, $400, and $200 in furniture, a cow and the interest of my sons Hudson and John Merrick Springer's legacy, to be paid annually until they are of age; and also legacies of daus. Jane and Ann Springer in like manner. Farm in Upper Penns Neck, adjoining Asa Kirby and Robert Pedrick, bot. of executors of Martin Green, dec'd, to be sold, and after debts are paid, devised to sons Wells, Hudson and John Merrick Springer, equal shares with Jane Ann and Mary Ann Springer, and $100 more each to be paid them when of age. To son Wells, my silver watch. Richard Somers to be grdn. of sons Hudson and John Merrick Springer, and to apprentice them to some trade. Wife Martha, grdn. of dau. Mary Ann. Exec. Hudson Springer (if he dies or refuses to act, Richard Somers). Wit. David Hurley, George Thomas and Benjamin Nichols. Proved July 30, 1818. B-352

Not Dated. CORLIS, SAMUEL, Lower Alloways Creek. Exedutor to sell all estate and pay debts; remainder to children. Exec. and grdn. of youngest son, Jehiel Corlis, Daniel Ashton. Wit. James Butcher, David Stretch and Mark Stretch. Proved Sept. 30, 1818. B-356

------. THOMPSON, WILLIAM, Upper Alloways Creek. Not complete. To wife Sarah Thompson, in lieu of dower, the movable property she possessed at marriage. Exec. to sell all movable estate and pay debts. If not sufficient, sell land also. B-358

July 21, 1814. ELDRIDGE, ISAAC, Upper Alloways Creek. To wife Phebe, feather beds and bedding and income of the plantation on which I live, for 2 years, and $2000. To neice Rachel Long, bed, bedding and bureau and $100. To nephews Bevan and Josiah Flitcraft, $100 each. To bro. William Eldridge, $3000. To nephew James Eldridge, $400. To nephew Enoch Eldridge $300. To Isaac son of nephew Enoch Eldridge, $500 To Hannah, dau. of nephew James Eldridge, $40. To wife's three children, Richard, Elizabeth and Hannah, $40. Remainder of estate to nephews Bevan and Josiah Flitcraft. Exec. John Pimm, Wit. Jsaac Shute, Hugh Hackney and Jacob Ballenger. Proved Dec. 22, 1818. B-359

1814, Mar. 29, COPNER, JANE, Salem. To granddau. Jane Sinnickson, bedding, bureau and 6 silver spoons. To son Samuel Copner and Margaret his wife, during life, silver cream cup and 6 table spoons, in trust for my granddau. Jane Sinnickson. To granddau. Ann, wife of Sheppard Blackwood, 3 large silver spoons. To son Samnel Copner, remainder of estate, he to set up a head and foot stone at my grave, and also at the grave of my dau. Sarah, wife of Andrew Sinnickson. Exec. son Samuel Copner. Wit. Daniel Garrison, Joseph Moore and James Walker. Proved Mar. 27, 1819. B-362

1819, Apr. 6. BOWEN, MARK, Lower Alloways Creek, To son John Bowen, $100. To granddau. Eliza Bowen, $50. To Mark Bowen remainder of land. Marsh on Stow Creek to be sold. Exec. wife Clarissa Bowen. Wit. Zachariah Bonham, Josiah Davis and Reuel Bonham. Proved Apr. 15, 1819. B-364

1819, June 6. THOMPSON, WILLIAM, Upper Alloways Creek. To wife Sarah, in lieu of dower, all movable property she possessed at marriage. Movable property to be sold and debts paid. To granddau. Ann, dau. of my dau Hannah Thompson, land in Upper Alloways Creek, adjoining Stephen Reeves, road leading to Reeves' mill, and Thomas Eldridge. To dau. Hannah Thompson, part of plantation where I now live, adjoining said road, Stephen Reeves and Benjamin Thompson. To son James Thompson, remainder of lands. Exec. son James Thompson. Wit. Howell Powell, Zaccheus Ray and Benjamin Thompson. Proved June 28, 1819. B-366

1817, Nov. 24. SINNICKSON, ANDREW, Salem Executors to bury me in the yard belonging to the Apiscable Church in the town of Salem, by the side of my brother Thomas. To wife Elizabeth, dwelling and lot during life, household goods, a horse, 2 cows, 2 hogs, firewood from the lot bot. of John Redstrick, over Quintons Bridge, the house up town, and the house in the meadow, down Margaret's Lane, the rents and profits thereof, and $3000. To son Thomas Sinnickson, the plantation bot. of John Smith, known as the Philpot Farm, in Lower Penns Neck, and meadow In

Fishing Island, at Holgate Meadows; also the portion laid out to me by commissioners, of the Pennington Farm, in Lower Penns Neck, one-half of the cedar swamp near Port Elizabeth, one-half of my fishing place in Salem Creek above Hoxes Bridge, and one-half of land bot. of William Hutson, in Upper Penns Neck. To son John, the farm whereon he lives; part of land laid out to me by commissioners appointed to divide lands of Thomas Sinnickson, dec'd, adjoining the homestead farm, one-half of shad fishing on Salem Creek, and one-half of cedar swamp near Port Elizabeth. To dau. Mary Smith, a farm in Lower Penns Neck, adjoining the Delaware River, known as the Jaquett Farm, the store house and ground on which it stands, meadow in Tillbury, which I got from my son John in a swap for meadow in Penns Neck, one-half of lot adjoining Jesse Bond and the Friends' lot, to extend from Bond's lot to the new street leading to the new bridge. To dau. Ann Blackwood, the plantation in Lower Penns Neck adjoining Mathias Lambson and Sinnick Sinnickson, and land that my dau. inherited from her grandfather, Joseph Copner, and remainder of lot given dau. Mary. To dau. Rebecca Sinnickson, the farm that John Storas lives on. in Lower Penns Neck; also land adioining same, and the house and lot where my son Thomas lives, and one-half the woodland bot. of John Redstrick. To dau. Sarah Sinnickson, the plantation where John Holiday lives, in Lower Penns Neck, the dwelling house I now live in, one-half the wood lot over Quintons Bridge, land on the Hook, laid out to me by commissioners of the estate of Thomas Sinnickson. To grandson John Sinsickson, 11 acres that I have attached to his farm, and $500. To grandsons Thomas, Robert and Andrew Sinnickson, and granddaus. Mariah Sinnickson and Cathren, youngest dau of my son Andrew Sinnickson, dec'd, each $500. These legacies to be made out of the sale of the farm known as the Gamble Farm. Exec. sons Thomas and John Sinnickson. Wit. Thomas Jones, Jedidiah Allen and Henry Freas. Proved July 28, 1819. B-369

1819, Mar. 30. SUTTON, JOSEPH, Pittsgrove. To wife Margaret, during life, all real and personal estate. To dau. Parnel, wife of William Fislar, $5. To grandson John Sutton Fisler, son of William Fislar, $50. To granddau. Hannah Fislar, dau. of William Fislar, bed and bedding. To grandson William, son of William Fisler, remainder of estate after death or marriage of my wife Margaret. Exec. friend Harmon Richman. Wit. Sarah Mayhew, Jacob Mayhew and Eleazar Mayhew. Proved Aug. 11, 1819. B-376

1819, May 29. THOMPSON, JOSHUA G., Salem. House and lot on Wharf Street to be sold. Grandfather William Goodwin. To my half-sister Elizabeth Nicholson of Philadelphia, one-tenth of estate after debts are paid. To half-sister Mary Ware, John G. Mason and Joseph Thompson, my half-brothers, and my brother William Thompson equally, one-tenth of my estate. To cousins Elizabeth, Abigail and Sarah Goodwin, daus. of Eliza Goodwin, the present wife of Thomas Clement, and my friend Esther Smith of Salem, each four-tenths of my estate. To John M. Mason and Joseph Thompson, one-tenth of estate in trust for the Greenwich Monthly Meeting; the interest for the schooling of poor children. Exec. John G. Mason and Joseph Thompson. Wit. Joseph Clement, John Elwell and Calvin Belden. Proved Aug. 23, 1819. B-378

1818, Nov. 27. MILLER, PHEBE, JR. Salem. To mother, Phebe Miller, one-half of personal estate and wearing apparel. To sister Lydia Miller, remainder of personal estate and apparel. Residue of estate after debts are paid, to Phebe and Lydia Miller. Exec. bro. William Miller. Wit. Thomas Bradway, Josiah Miller and Elizebeth Miller. Proved Sept. 18, 1819. B-381

1819, June 3. WORTH, SARAH, Pittsgrove, To sister Lydia, wife of Stephen Davis, apparel. To sister Susannah Smith, profits from lands during life; then lands to bro. John Mayhew. Exec. bro. John Mayhew. Wit. James Mayhew, Hellena Mayhew and Eleazar Mayhew. Proved Oct. 5, 1819 B-383

1819, Oct. 16. WISTAR, CHARLOTTE, Salem. To son Clayton Wistar, the house that Clement Hall lives in. To daus. Mary, Charlotte, Hannah and Catharine, the house I live in, and meadow. To son Caspar, my silver porringer. To sons Bartholomew. Clayton, Caspar and John. each a pair of gold sleeve buttons to be made of my two old pair and two lockets. To son John one-third of furniture, stock and farming utensils, and his father's watch. Remaining two-thirds, after legacies are paid, with my cow, horse, riding chair, money or notes to my daus. Charlotte, Hannah and Catharine. New linen to be divided between son John and daus. To friend Hannah Huday, if ever she commences housekeeping, a new calico bed quilt and two good blankets. To son Bartholomew, the large Bible that my father gave me, and several branches of the family, called family trees. To Charlotte, Hannah, Catharine and John, each a large Bible. To the treasurer of the Female Benevolent Society, $40. Exec. sons Bartholomew, Clayton and Caspar Wistar. Wit. Josiah Miller, Benjamin Acton and Joseph Reeve. Proved Nov. 4, 1819. B-385

1819, June 17. WALKER, CATHARINE, Lower Penns Neck. To dau. Margaret Sinnickson, silver tablespoons and apparel. To son James Walker, a cow, eight-day clock, beds and bedding and all personal estate. Exec. son James Walker. Wit. Daniel Spears and Vining Hill. Proved Nov. 27, 1819. B-388

1813, Apr. 6. MOSS, ISAAC, Salem. To sister Rebekah Blackwood's children, John, Samuel, William, Joseph and Rebekah, $500 each. To granddau. Sarah, dau. of Beulah Blackwood, $500. To Rebecca Roberts, who lives with us, $150. To my housekeeper, Mary Hameton, $150. To sister Rebekah, remainder of estate. Exec sister Rebekah Blackwood. Wif. James Flanagin, Mary Thompson and Esther Smith. Proved Dec. 16, 1819. B-390

1819, Apr. 30. WOOD, JACOB, Mannington. To wife Hannah. household goods, profits of real estate until son Jacob is 21 years old, then profits of one-half of real estate during widowhood. Remainder of real estate at death of wife, to son Jacob; also, apparel, watch, desk and bookcase, except as wife and dau. Mary shall chose. Farm to be rented until Jacob is of age. To dau. Mary Wood, furniture. Son Jacob to pay dau. Mary $600. If children die, estate to go to nephew Caleb Wood and neice Sarah, dau. of bro. David Wood. Exec. and grdns. of children, wife, and friend Josiah Miller. Wit. Clement Acton, Benjamin Acton and John W. Tatem.
1819, Nov. 4. Codicil. --The new house which I have built, after it is plastered, to dau. Mary, and all the chinaware and silver that was my first wife's, and four golden half-eagles. Wit. Stacy Kille, David Mitchell and George Mitchell. Proved Dec. 6, 1819. B-392

1819, Dec. 2. HALL, ANN, widow, Elsenborough. To four youngest children, Edward, James, Hannah and Martha Hall, each a bed and bedding. To dau. Hannah, curtains, carpet and mahogany bureau. To dau. Martha Hall, $175 yearly during life. To dau. Hannah $50 yearly until she is 25 years old. To Esther Sanders, bed and bedding. After debts are paid, remainder of estate to Margaret Denn, William Hall, Rebecca Ware, Ann, Edward, James and Hannah Hall, equally. Friend Morris Hall to take charge and superintendence of dau. Martha, and provide a place for her residence. Exec. Edward Hall and David Hall. Wit. Samuel Hall, Anthony Keasbey and Artamesia Keasbey.
1820, Jan. 7. Codicil.—To son James Hall, the colt that has been called James colt. To dau. Hannah Hall, one-half dozen chairs and a lookingglass. To dau. Martha, a bureau. Wit. Hannah Keasbey and Morris Hall. Proved Jan. 26, 1820. B-399

1819, Sept. 22. DUNHAM, JOHN, Pittsgrove. Estate to children, Azariah, Benjamin, Sarah, Basheba, Elizabeth, Edith, Rachel. Mary and Delilah, equally; only I transfer my dau. Mary and Delilah's share to their children to be put at interest; Mary's for the benefit of her children, Jane and William Lake, and Delilah's for benefit of her children, Rebekah and Mary Huse. Exec. son-in-law John Smith and son Benjamin Dunham. Wit. Jesse Smith, David Smith and John Arthur. Proved Jan. 28, 1820. B-402

1819, ---. WOODNUTT, SARAH, Salem. Executors to sell real estate, and put $600 at interest for benefit of sister Hannah during life; then the principal to bro, William Woodnutt and nephew James Mason Woodnutt, Remainder of money from sale to be divided into 8 shares; mother to have interest on one share during life, and at her death the principal to bro. Jonathan Woodnutt, and the remainder to Jonathan, Preston and William Woodnutt and Elizabeth Hall (excepting $100 of said share, which is to be put at interest for my neice Margaret, dau of Elizabeth Hall), Margaret C. Shinn (except $100, to be put at interest for my neice Emeline Shinn), Mary and Martha Woodnutt. Personal estate to mother. Exec. bros. Jonathan and Preston Woodnutt. Wit. Joseph Reeve. Abigail Goodwin and Samuel Reeve.
Codicil.—If my executors should wish to be released from the trust relative to neices Margaret Hall and Emeline Shinn, they may appoint some suitable trustee to act. Wit. same. Proved Jan. 31, 1820. B-404

1819, Mar. 26. ACTON, CLEMENT. To wife Hannah, the house and land where I now live, during widowhood, and one-half of household goods. To son Clement James Acton, the house and lot in possession of Margaret Woodnutt, and the home lot where I now live, subject to bequeath to his mother; if he leaves no heirs the house and lot where Margaret Woodnutt lives shall go to dau. Hannah H. Ware, and the house where I live, to son Benjamin Acton. To grandson Richard, son of Benjamin Acton, land in Upper Alloways Creek, and the brick house in possessien of William N. Jeffers. To granddau. Hannah, dau. of Benjamin Acton, the frame house and lot in possession of Samuel Miller; son Benjamin to have profits of all the aforesaid devised estate to his children, Richard, Benjamin and Hannah H. Acton during his life. Executor to rent plantation in posession of James Burden and marsh on Mannington Creek and pay rents to my dau. Hannah H. Ware during life, without interest on a mortgage I hold against her husband, John Ware, for the sum of $2500, and at her death sell the land and put receipts at interest for the benefit of her children until they are of age. To sister-in-law Sarah, widow of Samuel Acton, dec'd, $1000. Executors to sell remaining estate, and after debts are paid, divide equally between my children Benjamin Acton, Hannah H. Ware and Clement James Acton. Exec. son Benjnmin Acton and friend Samuel S. James. Wit. Samuel Clement, Clement Hall and Bloomfield Wall. Proved Feb. 7, 1820. B-407

1820, Jan. 16. KEEN, ELIJAH, Pilesgrove. Executors to sell all estate. In consequence of the attention bestowed on me in my weak state by my son-in-law Jonathan Ail and dau. Lydia, I give to grandsons Elijah and Elisha Ail, $100 when of age. Residue of estate to children, Rebecca Allen, Elizabeth McAllister, Jacob Keen. Morris Keen and Lydia Ail, equally. Exec. friend David Davis. Wit. Abraham Eggman and John Pimm. Proved Feb. 26, 1820. B-410

1820, Jan. 31. RICHMAN, DAVID, Pittsgrove. To wife Mary, benefit and occupancy of the part of the house which I now occupy, household goods, and $100 yearly during widowhood. To son Thomas Richman, $3. To grandsons John, James and Samuel, sons of Thomas Richman, the house and lot in Woodstown whereon my grandchildren live. To son David Richman the plantation whereon I now live and lands in Gloncester County on Read's Branch. To dau. Anne. wife of John Rose, $1000. To son David Richman and dau. Anne Rose, remainder of estate. If dau. Anne Rose dies without heirs, her part shall go to grandson John Richman. Exec. wife Mary and son David Richman. Wit. John Newkirk, Cornelius Johnson and Eleazar Mayhew. Proved Mar. 8, 1820. B-412

1812, May 16. SHOURDS, MARY, Salem. To son William Shourds, large Bible. Apparel to daus. Rhoda Denn and Mary Shourds. To grandchildren Caspar and Rachel, children of dau. Rachel Hall, dec'd, $100 each when of age; Mary and Thomas, children of my son Samuel Shourds, dec'd, $100 each when of age, provided they sign a quit claim dated Dec. 23, 1807, to a certain tract of land, which was signed by the other children then living. Exec. son William Shourds, Rhoda Denn and Mary Shourds. Wit. Joseph Hance, James Dennis and Jesse Bond. Proved Apr. 24, 1820. B-415

1815, May 1. SMITH, WILLIAM, Upper Alloways Creek. To wife Hannah Smith, plantation bot. of Francis Test, where Reul Blackwood formerly dwelt, use of house and ---- --- of Joshua Smith, in Quinton's Bridge, during widowhood, also the house and lot that belonged to her at marriage, and $100 to be paid by sons Oliver, Phineas and Washington, each paying one-third. To son Oliver the plantation on which he lives, lots bot at sheriff's sale on Alloways Creek, and on road leading from Quinton to Allowaystown, woodland bot. of James Wright, land bot. of Isaac Allen in Quinton, house where Jeremiah Davis lives, land bot of heirs of Thomas Ireland, and marsh in Lower Alloways Creek. To son Phineas, the plantation where he lives, the plantation bot. of John McClane and Andrew York, the plantation bot. of John Dunham, remainder of land bot. of James Wright, woodland bot. of Joseph Blackwood, and salt marsh in Lower Alloways Creek. To great-grandson William, son of grandson Samuel Ewen and Rachel his wife, the house and lot where I now live; if he dies without issue, to son Washington. To son Washington, the plantation he lives on, the plantation bot. of John Craven, the plantation bot of David Cheesman on Alloways Creek, the plantation bot. of Edward Keasby, land bot of John Jarman, land at Quinton's Bridge bot. of Charles Stow, salt marsh in Lower Alloways Creek, and household goods. To son Oliver, my sword. Movable property to be sold and receipts equally divided between sons Oliver, Phineas and Washington. Executors to pay daus. Lydia wife of John Harris, dec'd, $66.66; and Hannah wife of James Simms, Sarah wife of John Blackwood, and Elizabeth wife of Abner Simpkins, each $266.66; the residue to sons Oliver, Phineas and Washington. Exec. sons Phineas and Washington. Wit. Neh. Garrison, Palsear Smith and Samuel M. Johnson. Proved Apr. 28, 1820. B-417

1812, May 2. STRETCH, JAMES. To wife Edith, the land where I live, during widowhood, household goods and $40 yearly. To son James Stretch, the plantation on which he lives, 50 acres of salt marsh on Stow Creek, and one-third of personal estate. To dau. Dorcas Pancoast, one-half of plantation in Stow Creek Neck and one-third of personal estate, she paying $10 yearly to my wife. To granddau. Ruth Grier, one-half of plantation in Stow Creak Neck, she paying my wife $10 yearly. If wife marries or dies, the house and lot where I live shall be sold and considered part of my personal estate and be divided between my legatees equally. Exec. James Stretch. Wit. Job. W. Simpkins, Mary Mills and Barzilla Jefferis. Proved Aug. 12, 1820. B-421

1820, Mar. 21. HARRIS, DANIEL, Mannington. To wife Letty, house in Guineatown, and use of furniture during widowhood; if she marries. property to children, Louisa, Letty, Ruth and Gibbons Harris Exec. and grdn. of children, friend John Armstrong. Wit. Henry Earnest, William Ellish and Rebecca Leach. Proved Aug. 23, 1820. B-424

1820, Aug. 11. LLOYD, DAVID, Lower Penns Neck. To dau. Sarah, $50; dau. Rebecca, $100; son Thomas, $]00; dau. Ann, $400; dau. Caroline, $500; and dau. Margaret, $600; to be paid to the grdn. of said children, Stacy Lloyd. To wife Sarah, one-third proceeds of personal estate and one-third of money arising from sale of real estate during life. Residue, after education and maintenance of children, to be divided among the children. Colored man, Pompy, to be free at 28 years of age; he shall have the right to chose his master, provided he pays my estate $100. Exec. Stacy Lloyd. Wit. Samuel Finley, Furman Lloyd and Vining Hill. Proved Aug. 23, 1820. B-426

1816, Jan. 29. DENN, JAMES, Lower Alloways Creek. To son James Denn, the cleared part of the plantation where I live, one-half of woodland on south side and meadow on north side of Alloways Creek. To son William Denn, resieue of estate. To wife Jane, goods that were her's at marriage, with the privilege of a lower room in the house I live and the front room up stairs; sons James and William each to pay her $20 yearly during widowhood. Residue of property (except my black, which I bequeath to son William), equally to daus. Elizabeth Stewart, Mary Bradway. Martha Denn and Rachel Denn. Exec. bro. John Denn and son-in-law Mark Stewart. Wit. Dalymore Harris, David Bradway and Mark Bradway. Proved. Aug 28, 1820. B-429

1820, Mar. 18. HILLMAN, SARAH, Pilesgrove. To daus. Mary Fox and Sarah Marshall, each $100. To sister Rebecca, silk and cotton gown and silk shawl. To Hannah Vanhist, silk bonnet and calico gown. Remaining apparel to my mother, Mary Crow. To grandson Joseph Dougherty, 6 silver teaspoons. To son Edward Dougherty, all real estate. Exec. son Edward Dougherty. Wit. Samuel Humphreys, William Morris and Thomas Yarrow. Proved Oct. 20, 1820. B-432

1820, Oct. 6. RISNER, POLTIS. To wife Mary, a horse and wagon. 2 cows, one-half my hogs, one-half my grain, all household goods and meadow on Hemley's Creek until son Thomas is of age. To son John, my plantation whereon he lives, with meadow bot. of John Somers. To dau. Lydia Kier, my house and lot that I bot. of Jonah Biddle. and meadow near Peterson's Landing. To son Thomas, after the death of son John, the plantation near Perkintown, whereon John lives; also Pine Island meadow and meadow on Hemley's Creek and woodland bot. of John Dalbow. To grandsons, John and Poltus Powlson and Ford and William Pittman, $5 each. Exec. friend and neighbor Samuel Linch of Upper Penns Neck. Wit. John McCollister, William Dolbow, Jr., and Gideon Denny. Proved Nov. 24, 1820. B-435

1814, Apr. 8. DAVIS, JACOB, Woodstown. To son David, farm on which I formerly lived partly in Pilesgrove and partly in Pittsgrove, bequeathed to me by my fether, David Davis; cedar swamp on Reed's Branch, and Maurice River, conveyed to me by my bro., David Davis, and Aaron Silver; woodland in Pilesgrove, and land in Woodstown. To son Thomas, remainder of land in Woodstown on the northwest side of road to Mullica Hill. bushland in Pilesgrove and Mannington. Land to Preparative Meeting of Friends. To granddau. Lydia Lippincott, land in Woodstown. To granddau. Hannah Hollingshead, my bureau. Residue of estate, after debts are paid, to sons David and Thomas. Exec. sons David and Thomas Davis. Wit. William Haines, Hope Haines and Elizabeth Haines. Proved Dec. 16, 1820. B-438

1820, Nov. 28. HAINES, BENJAMIN, Upper Alloways Creek. To wife Elizabeth, a clock. bedding, and a cow. To son Benjamin Haines, one-half of pine land near Lake Bridge in Burlington County, which takes in part of Atsion meadows; one-half of cedar swamp on Atco Branch in Burlington and Gloucester Counties. To son William Haines, remainder of aforesaid cedar swamp. To son Samuel, one-half of cedar swamp on Saltis Causway Branch, in Gloucester County. Executor to sell plantation where I now live and my Burlington County tract of maple and pine lands where Isaac Evans lives; he to hold the house and last mentioned tract during life. To wife Elizabeth one-half of receipts of sale in lieu of dower. Remainder of estate to my children, Emson, Benjamin, Nathan, Elizabeth, Abraham, Mary, Clayton, Rebecca, William and Samuel Haines. Son Nathan to appropriate $100 bequeathed to him to each of my youngest sons, William and Samuel, for their education. Exec. sons Emson, Benjamin and Nathan Haines. Wit. Ann Groff, Mary Ballenger and John Pimm. Proved Dec. 20. 1820. B-442

1820, Oct. 8. DICK, JOHN, Lower Penns Neck. To sons Richard and John, $900 each. To sons Allen and William, $650 each. To granddau. Mary McPheen, $300. To son John. Matthew Henry's "Commentaries on the Holy Scriptures." To son Allen, a suit of black clothes and 10 shirts. To son William, a suit of blue clothes. Residue, after debts are paid, to sons. Exec. son John Dick. Wit. Woodnutt Pettit and Vining Hill. Proved Dec. 27, 1820. B-444

1820, Dec. 5. GILMORE, ESTHER, Salem. All estate to dau. Sarah Gilmore. Money to Isabella Miller and Sarah Gilmore, my children, and Alexander and Esther Gilmore and Esther G. Cattle, my grandchildren. Exec. son Samuel Gilmore. Wit. Isaac Smart and Thomas W. Cattell. Proved Dec. 11, 1820. B-446

1821, Jan. 20. FOGG, JOSEPH, Upper Alloways Creek. To bro. David Fogg, $1. To nephew, Isaac, son of David Fogg, my double-cased watch. To sister Rebeckah, wife of William Armstrong, $1. To nephew Jsaac, son of William Armstrong, my single-cased watch. To sister Sarah, wife of Josiah Conklin, land in Upper Alloways Creek, on road from Thompson's Bridge to Sweet's Bridge. To bro. Benjamin Fogg, residue of land in said township. Exec. Benjamin Fogg and friend Howell Powell. Wit. John Keen, David String, Samuel Paullin and Benjamin Thompson. Proved Feb. 21, 1821. B-448

1821, Mar. 27. SPARKS SIMON, Upper Penns Neck. Wife Modalena, insane. Executors to sell personal estate and divide between my children, William, Margaret Wiseman, John, Daniel, Rebecca Stanton. Joseph, Sarah, Andrew and Ervie Sparks. To dau. Margaret Wiseman, north part of estate. To son Andrew, land. To dau. Ervie, $20. Gideon Scull, grdn. of minor children. Exec. friend Hudson Springer. Wit. Jeremiah J. Erwin, Andrew Ashton and Samuel Lippincott. Proved Apr. 12, 1821. B-452

1821, Apr. 15. COSTILL, JOSEPH, Pilesgrove. To my son Josiah, $1. Estate, after debts are paid, to wife Hannah. Exec. Joseph Costill and Joseph L. Risley. Wit. John Pimm, Arnold Baker and Samuel Johnson. Proved May 3, 1821. B-455

1821, May 17. CAWMAN, JOHN, Upper Alloways Creek. House and lot in which I live, to wife and son Nathan. Farm to be sold to pay debt due Samuel Dare. To sons George, John, Cornelious and Calvin, $1 each. Grist mill and saw mill to be sold for a term of not more than five years and not less than one year. Exec. Amos Easley and Cornelius Trimnall. Wit. Gideon Wright, James C. Husted and Phineas DuBois. Proved May 29, 1821. B-457

1815, June 23. PAULLIN, WILLIAM, Upper Alloways Creek. To grandsons Josiah and Eli, sons of my son Enos Paullin, Jr., dec'd, $25 each. To grandson Theodore, son of my son William Paullin, dec'd, $50 when of age. To son Lewis Paullin, all lands at Hancock's Bridge and elsewhere, and all movable property. Exec. son Lewis Paullin. Wit. John Gosling, Samuel Kean and Henry Freas. Proved June 30, 1821. B-459

1819, Mar. 5. HEADLY, SAMUEL, Pittsgrove. To wife Mary, personal estate, after debts are paid, and rents of real estate, except a lot adjoining Damon Taylor, John Gant and William Hudson; at decease of wife, yearly rent of said property to be paid to son Samuel during his life; except $12, which I give to my son Thomas. If Samuel has no son to arrive at 21 years of age I give the aforesaid estate to my grandchildren, Samuel and Elizabeth Headly. To grandson Samuel, son of my son John Headly, dec'd, the lot excepted above. To Elizabeth, his sister, $30. Exec. son Thomas Headly and friend Joseph Davis of Woodstown. Wit. James Richman, Phebe Eldridge and William Adams. Proved July 24, 1821. B-461

1807, Sept. 28. CLEMENT, SAMUEL, Salem. Estate to children, Joseph, Ruth and Samuel, equally. If Joseph and Samuel should not divide an equal share of the Elsenborough land to their sister Ruth, I give Ruth all my 'Arms Neck lands. Exec. the aforesaid children. Wit. Jacob Hufty, Wood Bishop and Sinnick Sinnickson. Proved July 27, 1821. B-465

1820, Oct. 28. SHARP, ABRAHAM, Pilesgrove. Real estate to Ann, wife of Dr. Elijah Griffiths of Philadelphia, and Mary wife of Joseph Murry of New Hope, Pa., equally; they to pay to the Friends' Asylum of the State of Pennsylvania $25 each year during the lifetime of my bro. William Sharp, for his maintenance in the Asylum. Exec. Dr. Elijah Griffiths, Joseph Murry and Samuel Hackett of Mannington. Wit. Anthony Taylor, Rebecca Adams and William Adams. Proved Sept. 3, 1821. B-467

1818, Sept. 15. MILLER, CATHARINE, Mannington. To neice Margaret, dau. of Michael Miller. dec'd, land whereon I live, being an undivided one-third part right between my bro. Michael Miller, provided she shall take care of Amelia McGee, who was brought up in our family. To Amelia McGee, household goods. Exec. friend Joseph W. Fogg. Wit. Powell Smith, Sarah Smith and Isaac Smith, Proved Sept. 15, 1821. B-469

1821, Sept. 7. ANDREWS, PETER, Mannington. To wife, household goods. Remainder of movable goods to be sold and debts paid. To son Isaac, the lower part of my place where the buildings stand and where I now live; he paying my dau. Clarissa $1000. To son Thomas, the upper part of said place, he holding $800 for use of my dau. Martha, wife of William Shourds. Sons to pay their mother one-half of the profits arising from their shares of the farm, she retaining the front rooms down stairs and the room with the fireplace upstairs. Exec. soss Thomas and Isaac. Wit. Samuel Allen, Jesse Bond and Clayton Wistar. Proved Sept. 2, 1821. B-471

1821, Sept. 17. WISTAR, SARAH, Salem. To Mary, wife of John Smith, farm in Lower Alloways Creek on which John Harris lives, one-half of a tract of woodland in Mannington, and marsh in Lower Penns Neck. To Thomas Sinnickson remainder of woodland in Mannington and land at the corner of the street leading to the old wharf and the cross street leading to the new street. To my executor, land adjoining house where I now live, in trust for the use of Rebecca, wife of James Kinsy of Philadelphia, during the life of said James; thee to go to Rebecca. To Mary Smith, $1000. To Henrietta Hancock of Salem, remainder of personal estate after payment of Mary Smith's legacy and debts. Exec. Thcmas Sinnickson Wit. John Sinnickson, Edward Smith and Aa. Ogden Dayton. Proved Sept. 29, 1821. B-474

1821, May 29. ELLET, MARY, Salem. To sister Rachel Wainwright, apparel and bedding. To neices Hannah W. Smith and Maria Ellet. apparel. To cousin Martha Woodnut, table cloth. To neice Mary, dau. of my sister Hannah Smith, gold chain and locket. To bro. William Ellet, $200. To neice Sarah Ann, dau. of William Ellet, $50. To Sarah Shaw, $30. To Mary, dau. of James Smith, all money in the hands of James Smith belonging to me. To slater Rachel Wainwright, income from remainder of estate, and use of furniture during life; then to neices Sarah Ann Smith and Mary Ellet. After the death of Rachel Wainwright, I give my estate devised to her, to my bros. John, William and Charles Ellet. As my mother left $20 to each of my brothers, and I was executor of her estate, and there was not enough to pay same. I direct my executor to pay each of them $20 out of my estate. Exec. bro-in-law Joseph Reeves. Wit. Jno. Griscom, W. Leaman and Ann Wilson. Proved July 18, 1821. B-476

1821, Aug. 28. THOMPSON, BENJAMIN, Upper Alloways Creek. To wife Ann, household goods. To dau. Sarah Lambert, table spoons and silver teacup. Remainder of personal estate to be sold and after debts are paid, remainder to be equally divided between grandchildren, Isaac, son of Isaac Thompson, dec'd, and Elizabeth, Mary, Benjamin, William C , Joseph and Jsaac, children of William and Sarah Lambert, when of age. Exec. son-in-law William Lambert. Wit. John Fries, Samuel Kean and Zaccheus Ray. Proved Oct. 23, 1821. B-479

1819, Mar. 1. MORRIS, CHRJSTOPHER, Pilesgrove, To wife Elizabeth, $2000, bed and bedding, carpet, a horse and cow, the house and half of the land whereon Joseph Urion lives, the half next to the street leading to Penns Neck, in Sharptown. To son William, the house and land where I live, on main stage road, near Sharptown. To dau. Martha Peak, the house and lot in Sharptown, where Job Newman lives. To dau. Rachel Borden, the house and land in Sharptown, where David Hillman and George Dickinson live, To dau. Rebecca Morris, the remainder of the land in Sharptown, occupied by Joseph Urion, and $2000. To children, William Morris, Martha Peak, Rachel Borden and Rebecca Morris, the remainder of real estate. To sister Elizabeth Riley, $150. To Jesse Windsor, $150. Exec. son William Morris and friend Thomas Yarrow. Wit. John Dickenson, John Caspar and Peter Bilderback. Proved Oct. 29, 1821.

1821, Sept. 22. FURGESON, JOSEPH, Upper Alloways Creek. To son William Furgeson, land in Upper Alloways Creek, bedding, a cow, 6 sheep, a barrel of meat, and wearing apparel. Remainder of personal estate to daus. Elizabeth Fisher, Ann Smith, Rachel Woodruff and Deborah Katts. Exec. son William Furgeson. Wit. Daniel Penton, Joseph Fogg and William Penton. Proved Nov. 6, 1821. B-485.

1820, Oct. 24. ALLEN, BEULAH, Salem. To neice Elizabeth Brown, $1000. To neices Rebecca Nicholson, Sarah Powell, Ann Thompson, Beulah Ann Allen and Rebecca Allen, $1000 and residue of estate. Exec. bro. Chambless Allen. Wit. Isaac Smart, Clement Acton and R. D. Wood. Proved Dec. 12, 1831. B-487

1816, May 25. SINNICKSON, JOHN, Lower Penns Neck. To dau. Esther Rowan, $1400; if she has a child or children, executors shall pay her $200 additional. Unfortunate son, Francis, to be in care of a trustee; but if he should regain his reason, trustee shall pay him rents of the plantation where Woodnut Pettit lives. Trustee shall pay neice Margaret Conarow, uncontrolled by her husband, yearly $200 for two years; and $100 each to her sisters, Sarah Selley and Eleanor Mecum, yearly for the same period; and $200 to Sarah Dick for the same period. To the trustee, $1000 for his services. To Sarah, widow of John McCasson, and sister of Thomas Jones, $300. If dau. Edith has no children before reaching the age of 58 years (Mar. 18, 1836), and my son Francis has no issue then, the issue of dau. Esther shall have all my plantation occupied by Woodnutt Pettit; if they have no issue, said property to my sister Sarah Dick or her heirs. To my trustee, the farm where Joseph Nicholson lives, in Haines Neck, in trust for my neice Margaret Conaroe. To neices Sarah Selley and Eleanor Mecum, the farm in Lower Penns Neck occupied by Richard Sparks. To nephew Thomas Sinnickson, the plantation in Lower Penns Neck, occupied by John Caspar. To nephew John Sinnickson, Jr., the farm occupied by Michael Null, in Lower Penns Neck. To neice Isabella Harrison, the farm in Lower Penns Neck occupied by Samuel Bilderback and 8 acres fo marsh in GillJohnson Creak Company. To neices Sarah, Eleanor and Jsabella, marsh in Finns Point bank. To Isaac Day, my share in the sloop "Industry." To my trustee, a house in Salem occupied by Dr. Benjamin Incher in trust for the use of my dau. Esther; after her death, to neices Sarah Selley and Eleanor Mecam. Exec. and trustee. Josiah Harrison of Salem. Wit. David Gosling, Thomas Murphey and Vining Hill. Proved Jan. 16, 1822. B-489

1817, Nov. 30. McPHERSON, CATHARINE, Lower Alloways Creek. An obligation for 100 pounds against James Harris, my son-in-law, is left to dau. Mary Harris during her life; after death one-half to be divided between her two oldest children, Harriet and Elijah Sapp; remainder to her other children. Residue of estate to dau. Mary Harris. Exec, son-in-law James Harris. Wit. Sally Bonham and Zaccheriah Benham. Proved Jan. 3, 1822. B-494

Not Dated. BRANSON, SILAS, Upper Alloways Creek. To wife Dinah, during widowhood, all estate after debts are paid; if dau. Mary Branson shall chose to live with her, she shall have privelege of part of the house. If wife remarries she shall have one-third of real and personal estate after debts are paid, the remainder to be divided between my children. Exec. son-in-law James Valentin and son Silas Branson. Wit. John G. Mason, John V. Culin and Andrew Remster. Proved Jan. 12, 1822. B-496

1822, Jan. 18. MAYHEW, STANFORD, Mannington. To wife Mary, all property she brought to me at marriage. Executor to sell land at Quintons Bridge and pay debts; balance to children, Mary Updike, Furman M., Ruth, Stanford, James and Samuel. Exec. wife Mary and son Furman M. Mayhew. Wit. John G. Mason, Margaret Yapp and Job Plummer. Proved Feb. 5, 1822. B-498.

1821, Feb. 26. MILLER, JOSIAH, Salem. To Elizabeth, widow of my bro. Richard Miller, during life, my plantation in Mannington, except the meadow; at her death, to her son, Josiah Miller; if Josiah dies without issue, to his sisters, Letitia Sheppard and Sarah W. Acton. To nephew Josiah M., son of my sister, Leatitia Reeve, $2500. To Ann, Elizabeth, Leatitia, Priscilla, William, Mark, Richard and Emer Reeves, children of my sister Leatitia, meadow on old Penns Neck causeway, which shall be sold and the receipts equally divided between them, together with a lot in Bridgeton formerly belonging to Eli Elmar. with my right in an undivided lot in Bridgeton, and $50 each. To sister-in law Elizabeth, widow of bro. Richard Miller, a horse, riding chair and harness. To William F. Miller, gold buttons. To Benjamin Acton, apparel. To cousin Priscilla Wright, $500. To Elizabeth Shaw (late Clemons), for services, $50. To Laetitia wife of Thomas R. Sheppard, a house and ground bot. of Thomas Dickinson and two tracts now in possession of John Bacon. To Sarah wife of Benjamin Acton, all my Mannington meadows, and woodland in Upper Alloways Creek, and $800. Executor to sell right in property deeded by Benjamin Acton to Elizabeth W. Miller and myself and pay debts, To Leatitia Sheppard, Sarah W. Acton and Josiah Miller, children of my bro. Richard Miller, woodland in Pittsgrove. Residue of estate to Sarah W. Acton. Exec. sister-in-law Elizabeth W. Miller, William F. Miller and Jonas Freeland. Wit. Clayton Wistar, David Bacon and Samuel Hall.
1821, June 6. Codicil.—Whereas I have given to Sarah W. Acton all my Mannington meadows, with a wood lot in Upper Alloways Creek, and $800, I hereby alter the said devise and order my executors to pay her the rents and interest accruing therefrom during her life. When her children become of age divide the same between them. Wit. David E. Williams, Caleb Wood and Daniel P. Ridgway. Proved Feb. 5, 1822. B-500

1821, Dec. —. WETHERALL, JOHN, Pilesgrove. Real and personal estate, except articles given to wife, Jane Wetherall, to be sold. To wife, riding chair, cow and furniture; after wife's death, furniture to wife's dau., Mary Kelly. To Mary Dickinson, $80. To oldest dau. Achsa Hall, one third of estate. To grandchildren Samuel, Roxahna, Clara and Caroline, children of my dau. Mary Giherson, dec'd, one third of estate. To grandsons Almerin, John and Oliver, sons of my dau. Ann Brooks, dec'd, one-third of my estate. Exec. son-in-law William Hall. Wit. John Nixon, Samuel Shinn and I. Madara. Proved Mar. 6, 1822. B-504

1822, Feb. 4. GARRISON, JOHN, Alloways Creek, To wife Eda, remaining personal estate after debts are paid, and real estate during widowhood for the maintenance and education of my children; at her death or marriage, to my children when of age. Exec. wife and Jonathan L. Swing of Pittsgrove. Wit. Uriah Burroughs and James Lawrence. Proved Mar. 8, 1822. B-506

1821, Feb. 26. SOMERS, JACOB, Upper Penns Neck. To son Richard, the homestead where he lives, in Upper Penns Neck. To my daus. Hannah Pedrick and Guilelma Haines, and Ann Somers, and two grandchildren, Jacob, Sarah Ann, children of my dec'd dau. Phebe, wife of Nicholas Justice. money arising from sale of real estate. If dau. Ann dies without issue, her share shall go to daus. Hannah and Guilelma. Exec. son Richard Somers. Wit. John Somers, Elwood Somers and Joseph Gill. Proved Mar. 8, 1822. B-508

1822, Mar. 5. FLEMMINS, EPHRAIM, Mannington. To wife Agness, all personal estate, she paying legacies and debts; she shall have profits of real estate during life to raise and educate my grandchildren, John and Sarah Flemmings; wife to pay out of movables to dau-in-law Sarah Flemmings and step-dau. Sarah Bick, each $40. To grandchildren, John and Sarah Flemmings, all real estate; if they should die, to my nephew George Dunn and my step-dau. Sarah Bick. Exec. and grdn. of grandchildren, wife Agness. If wife dies before children are of age, Clayton Wistar shall be their grdn. Wit. John Hall, Clayton Wistar and Jesse Bond. Proved Mar. 20, 1822. B-510

1822, Apr. 1. STEELMAN, JONATHAN, Manningion. Land bot. of Esther Smith, to wife and sons Joseph and Paul Steelman. Marsh bot. of Jeremiah Allen, to dau. Elizabeth Smith and sons Isaac and Jonathan Steelman. Land which came by father's will, in Egg Harbor. To wife Sarah a horse and half of the light wagon now building, furniture, and a cow. To son Paul, a horse and half of said wagon, plantation wagon, an ox, a cow, a plow and harrow. To wife Sarah and son Paul, the wood that is cut, meat, grain and hay, and remainder of movable property after debts are paid. Exec. sons Isaac. Joseph and Paul Steelman. Wit. Samuel Hackett, William Elwell and James Robinson. Proved Apr. 16, 1822. B-512

1812, Apr. 1. RIDGWAY, JACOB, Upper Penns Neck. To wife Susannah, $1000. To son Ellis, $200. To daus. Lydia and Sarah Ridgway, each, furniture and enough money to purchase a good bureau. To sons Eli, Jacob and Aaron, and daus. Elizabeth, wife of Mahlon Hanes, and Lydia and Sarah Ridgway, residue of estate. Exec. sons Eli and Jacob Ridgway. Wit. Gideon Denny, George Peterson and Mary Sheets. Proved Apr. 16, 1822. B-515

1822. Feb. 27. HAMPTON, JACOB, Pilesgrove. To wife Hannah. in lieu of dower, dwelling house, farm and household goods. To dau. Martha Peterson, $200. To granddau. Julian Jaquett, $260 at 18 years of age. Resieue of personal estate to sons William, Joseph and Benjamin and dau. Ann, wife of Franklin B. Frost. and at death of wife, house and land to be sold, and from sale I devise to sons William, Joseph and Benjamin, $300 equally, and the residue to sons William, Joseph and Benjamin and dau. Ann, equally. Exec. Samuel Linch. Wit. Thomas McCallister, William Clark and Benjamin Nichols. Proved May 2, 1822. B-518

1822, May 25. DuBOIS, ELIZABETH, Lower Alloways Creek. Apparel to daus. Phebe Stretch, Sarah Stretch and Eliza Headley. Remainder of estate to son Jacob DuBois. Exec. James Butcher. Wit. Barzillai Jefferis and Elijah Jefferis. Proved June 12, 1822. B-523

1822, Mar. 15. BORDEN, JOSEPH, Upper Alloways Creek, To wife Mary, furniture. Remainder of personal estate to be sold. To son William, $40. To son Joseph, $1. To granddau. Sarah, dau. of son Thomas, dec'd, $50. To granddau. Amelia, $20. To wife Mary, if living at my death, $50. Remainder of movable estate to grandson William, son of Joseph Borden. To wife, one-half of plantation, with half of house and buildings. To grandson William Borden, the plantation I live on. To Joseph Borden, son of my dau. Elizabeth. $300. Exec. grandson William and son Joseph Borden. Wit. Phinehas Smith, Maria Goff and Ephraim Bee. Proved July 24, 1822. B-525

1822, Feb. 23. VANHORN, ISABELLA, Lower Penns Neck. Estate bot. of Francis Redstreake to be sold and receipts divided between my children (Isabella Donnell excepted). To granddau. Maria Bacon, household goods. To dau. Isabella Donnell, the bonds I hold against her husband, John Donnell, and $1. Exec. son John Redstreake. Wit Samuel L. James, James VanMeter and Margaret Johnson. Proved Aug, 2; 1822. B-528

1822, July 24. SHINN, ISAIAH, Woodstown. To wife Elizabeth, all property in Bucks County, Pa., that came to her from her father, privilege of house and land now in tenure of Joseph Heritage, rent of Shivers Island, bank stock, household goods, utensils, and personal estate after debts are paid. To son William Shinn, the home property where I now live, in Woodstown. To son Samuel Shinn, the property where he lives. To dau. Charlotte Clawson, property on the road to Mullica Hill and the house which I have given to my wife, after her death. Woodland to be sold and the receipts divided between my three children. Exec. wife Elizabeth Shinn and sons William and Samuel Shinn. Wit. Charles Calhopper, Joseph Heritage and Joseph Davis. Proved Aug. 8, 1822. B-530