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Salem County New Jersey Wills - Book A, 1803-1830

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1803, Oct. 14. WRIGHT, JOSEPH, Mannington. Real and personal estate to be sold by executors, except articles mentioned given to wife, and woodland to son John; residue from sale of estate to my six children, equally. Five oldest children and first wife mentioned, but not by name; friend Sarah, wife of William Smith to divide wife's clothes among her four daughters; silver spoons marked JWL to be kept by daughter Lydia; son John to have my best suit; remainder to John Cann. Wife to accept $40 yearly in lieu of dower. Father-in-law Abraham Miller and Elizabeth his wife. Exec. William Nicholson and Peter Wright. Wit. John Wister, Joseph Allen, Jedediah Allen, Jr. Proved Feb. 2, 1804. A-1

1803, Sept. 24. LANGLEY, RUBIN, Pittsgrove. To oldest son John, $2; to son Samuel $13.33; to three youngest sons Joel, Silas and Richard Swane Langley land in Pitttgrove twp.; to daus. Sarah and Unus Langley, each $67.67. All property to remain in possession of wife Unus Langley during her life. Exec. wife, and son Joel. Wit. Mathias Richman, Jacob Potter and John Cowman. Proved Feb. 3, 1804. A-4

1803, Mar. 12. COOPER, GEORGE, Penns Neck. To sons John and George, wearing apparel and Tanis when of age, except land bot. of John Cabel which is to be sold and receipts applied to schooling of children. Bro. William Cooper, Exec and Guard of children. Wit. Samuel Burden, James Bryan, John Flanagin. Proved Feb. 3, 1804. A-6

1802, Sept. 27. JAQUETT, HANCE, Lower Penns Neck. To wife Barbary all real and personal estate; after her death, equally to sons John, Powel, Peter and Joseph, except Joseph to have the house I now live in. Land bot. of Thomas Vickery, called the Creek, or Dock. Signed, sealed and declared published and pro-nounced by the above Barbary Jaquett and my son John Jaquett, as his last will and testament. Wit. John McAikee, and William Pearson. Proved Feb. 7, 1804. A-8

1804, Jan. 21. STRETCH, SAMUEL, Lower Alloways Creek. His mother to have all his estate; at her death, to his brother Luke Stretch. Exec. Luke Stretch. Wit. David Bradway, Mary Warner and Thos. Roberts. Proved Feb. 21, 1804. A-10

1804, Jan. 13. GIBBS, RICHARD, Upper Alloways Creek. To wife Mary all ratable estate, with exception; to son Solomon 20 acres woodland bot of Wm. Dawson, adjoining Anthony Keasby and Enoch Gibbs, and $37.33 yearly during life. to be paid by my son Edward Gibbs out of the plantation; to son Enoch $6 (he has had his share); to son Burroughs $14 (he has had his share); to dau. Sarah Hammitt the house and land below the mill pond dam, adjoining land of Wm. Willis and Talbott, instead of a bond given by Henry Stiner to me and assigned to Daniel Hammitt, which was lost; to granddau. Mary Lambert land adjoining Chas. Gallaher bot. of Richard Wistar, part of which was sold to Platt & Torry; to son Richard woodland bot. of Richard Wistar, adjoining Chas, Gallaher and Wm Walker; to son Edward the homestead on which I now live; to grandson Samuel Weatherby $26.67: to wife Mary one-third of the house and lands devised to son Edward during her lifetime. Exec. sons Enoch and Edward B. Gibbs. Wit. Thos. MeGill, Jonathan Girton and Benj. Ledden. Proved Feb. 11, 1804. A-12

1802, Mar. 16. HANNAH, JONATHAN, Mannington. To wife Elizabeth use and benefit of all my lands and my big house below stairs and the well during lifetime; also 1 horse, 2 cows and furniture. To son John all the plantation on which I now live. To dau. Mary wife of Wm. Bradway 50 pounds to be paid by son John after death of her husband; if her husband outlives her, the money goes to her children. Son John to pay 50 pounds to my dau. Rebeckah Hannah in five years after my death. To son Samuel, the remainder of my lands. To dau. Rebekah 2 cows and furniture. To Rebekah Mersin, a girl living with us, a feather bed and furniture. Exec- wife Elizabeth and son Samuel Hannah. Wit. Benj. Thompson, Wm. House and Chas. Davis. Proved Mar. 6, 1804. A-16

1804, Apr. 4. RANDLE, DILLA, Two gowns to neice Rebecky Randle. Exec. nephew John Wilson. Silver teaspoons to David Randle. Remaining property to neice Mary Wilson. Wit. James VanMeter and Samuel Alford. Proved Apr. 27, 1804. A-18

1804, Apr. 3. PARRET, WILLIAM, Salem. Personal estate and house in which I dwell, bot. of Wm. Wilson, 8 acre lot on west side of Margaret's lane with house where John Dunn lives, bot. of executors of John Mason, decd., and John Denn; also 21 acre tract bot. of Bartholomew Wistar, land bot. of Samuel Thompson, Jr. and John Scott; 6 acres meadow bot. of Robt. G. Johnson; meadow in Tillbury adjoining Thos. Sinnickson; lot within Town Bank adjoining Thos. Jones; house and lot in Salem near Keasby's gate; woodland adjoining John Simms, bot of Edward Hall to wife Clarissa. To three children of sister Mary Dunlap, to wit: Richard, Isabella Bradway and Elizabeth Dunlap, land in Lower Penns Neck, bot. of David Adams. To neice Mary Ann Parret half of land where Joseph Ferguson lives, adjoining Wm. Griscom; her sister Isabella Parret to take other half provided she discharges my estate of a note she holds against me. To neices Mary Ann and Isabella Parret each a golden trinket. To wife Clarissa land adjoining John Killy. Sister's dau. Mary Howell. Exec. wife Clarissa and friends Jacob Hufty and Thomas Johnson. Wit. Hedge Thompson, James Sherron and Edward Burroughs. Proved Apr. 25, 1804 A-19

1802, Jan. 24. NEELY, ELIZABETH, Pittsgrove. Tombstones to be erected for herself and son John Neely. To grandson John Holmes Lambert $140 at 20 years of age. To grandson Benjamin Holme $140. Great-Grandson John H. Lambert. To William Hunt son of James Booth Hunt $140. To neice Elizabeth Johnston $100. To Rheubin Fithian and Seeley Fithian and Esther his wife $100. To Presbyterian congregation at Pittsgrove $140. To granddau. Elizabeth VanMeter $267 and wearing apparel. To grandson Benjamin Holme the plantation whereon I live and $267.; if he dies plantation goes to my grandson Joseph Neeley VanMeter son of John and Elizabeth VanMeter. Exec. Jeremiah DuBois. Wit. Anna Powell, Elkanah Powell and Jane Russell. Proved Mar. 5, 1804. A-24

1803, Jan. 22. DuBOIS, BARNET, Pittsgrove. To wife Ruth one-third of movable estate; two-thirds to be divided between my daus. at 18 years of age. To son David at 24 years of age the plantation whereon I live. To son Charles 50 pounds at 21 years of age. Exec. wife Ruth DuBois. Wit. Samuel DuBois, Joel DuBois and Jeremiah DuBois. Proved Mar. 6, 1804. A-26

1804, Feb. 17. MILLER, JACOB, Pilesgrove To eldest dau. Elizabeth, wife of Arnold Baker, land near Delaware River in Penns Neck adjoining Joseph Stout and known as Deepwater Point meadow, they to pay to her eldest dau. Beulah out of profits of said meadow $403 et 18 years and $400 at 21 years of age. To dau. Mary, wife of Dr. William Hunt, my home plantation and a lot in Mannington twp. near the Pole Bridge. To my wife's eldest dau. Rachel the plantation bot. of Joseph Wood and Cook & Hoover near Sharptown and two small tracts in Pilesgrove bot. at sheriff sale adjoining Robert G. Johnson and Artis Seagraves. Should my wife have a posthumous child by me I devise the before mentioned two tracts to the child. To wife Amy furniture, gray mare and choice of another horse, 4 cows, sheep, hogs, grain, farming utensils and $133. My black man James, shall be free on the first day of May ensuing the date of this will should I decease. Exec. sons-in-law William Hunt and Arnold Baker to sell land bot. of Samuel Bassett adjoining poor house land. Wit. Wm. Wallace, Christian Hoover and John Stricker. Proved May 4, 1803. A-28

1803, Feb. 14. ELWELL, JOHN, Pittsgrove, To wife Elizabeth 2 rooms in my house, one-third of the grain that may be raised on the premises during her life, furniture, 20 lbs. lard, 150 lbs. salt pork, and £50 in lieu of dower. To son John all my lands, a sorrel horse called Row Buck and a colt. To daus. Rebecka and Elizabeth Elwell remainder of my estate. Exec. wife Elizabeth and son John. Wit. James Greenman, Richard 0llintine and Eleazar Mayhew. Proved Apr. 4, 1804. A-32

1804, Mar. 14. KENDALL, GEORGE, Pilesgrove. To wife Rebeckah Kendall, 50 pounds, and bed and bedding. To dau. Margaret Fithian 5 shillings. To dau. Mary Dare 11 pounds and 6 shillings. To dau. Diadamy Kendall 7 pounds and 10 shillings. To dau. Rebeckah Kendall 6 shillings. To son Reece Kendall remainder of personal estate. Exec. son Reece Kendall. Wit. George Liggitt, Charles Foster and Josiah Morris. Proved Aug. 18, 1804.A-35

1801, Sept. 24. SLAPE, ABIGAIL, Mannington. To dau. Hannah bedding. To granddau. Abigail Mink 20 pounds. Fifty pounds to be divided between Hannah and Abigail. Furniture to Abigail. Exec. son Richard Slape. Wit. Mary Harrow, Thomas Allen. Proved Aug. 25, 1804. A-37

1803, Aug. 13. SILVER, ABEL, Pilesgrove. To son Abraham all movable estate and tract bot. of John Butcher called Rudifords Neck adjoining Abraham Silver and Samuel Oggden. The home place to be sold and receipts divided as follows: to dau. Silvia Colson $266.67; dau. Susanna Haines $266.67; dau. Hope Bond $266.67; granddau. Deborah Davis $40; remainder to son Abraham. Exec. son Abraham. Wit. Samuel Kenard, Robert Bishop and Henry Bishop. Proved Feb. 14, 1804. A-39

1801, Nov. 14. TEST, JOSEPH, To wife Dorcas, all profits of real and personal estate while she remains my widow, for the support of minor children, namely Mark, Prudence and Joseph. Exec. Thomas Roberts. Wit. Barzillai Jefferies, Dorcas Jefferies and Samuel Test. Proved June 13, 1804. A-41

1802, May 24. BURCHAN, ELIZABETH. Real and personal property to be sold and receipts divided between nephew Thomas Trenchard, son of bro. Thomas; late husband's nephew, George Young Burchan, and nephew John Burchan, Jr. To John Burchan, bro. of my late husband, all plate and pictures. Wearing apparel to sister, Jane Hall. Exec. Thos. Thompson of Salem and John Burchan of Washington, D. C. Wit. John G. McWhorter, Edward Burroughs and David Edwards. Proved Apr. 3, 1804. A-43

1803, Nov. 26. SPARKS, SIMON. Property to wife Martha, dau. Priscilla and sons Joel and John. Exec. wife Martha Sparks and John Murphy. Wit. John Ayars and Cornelius Wiltse. Proved Feb. 9, 1804. A-45

1804, Jan. 11, TONES, JOHN, Lower Penns Neck. To wife. Ann, bedding. Personal estate to wife Ann and dau. Mary. Exec. Francis Hilman. Wit. Henry Royal, James Murphy and Thomas Murphy. Proved Feb. 15, 1804. A-47

1804, Apr. 30. HEWITT, GUIN, Pilesgrove. Pewter to neice Elizabeth Woolf; silver teaspoons and pincushion with chain and band belonging to it to Julian E. Kerwen; wearing apparel to my sisters. House and lot to be sold by executors. Furniture and kitchen utensils to Elizabeth Woolf and Julian E. Kerwen. To my executors for the support of my sister, Mary Sanders as she may require for clothing, etc., they shall sell of my house and lot and goods and chattles if necessary; residue at her death to nephew Samuel E. Kirwen. Exec. John Nichols and Thomas Lippincott. Wit. Richard Fisher, Rebecah McAllister and John Nichols. Proved May 18, 1804. A-49

1802, Apr. 16. STANTON, LEONARD, Upper Penns Neck. To granddaus Maria Stanton 20 pounds, and Rachel Stanton 15 pounds. Sons Daniel and Leonard. Remainder of movable estate to daus. Catharine Sparks, Mary Scogan, Sarah Sivil, Elizabeth Homan and Hannah Linch. To my five daus., 40 acre tract bot. of Andrew Justice, now in tenure of John Holton, equally. To dau. Hannah Linch and son Daniel, each, 1 acre meadow on Oldmans Creek. To son Leonard the plantation he lives on, land in survey of Brick House place, adjoining Philip Zunderson, and 1 acre of meadow bot. of David Badcock. Exec. sons Daniel and Leonard. Wit. Nathan Woodnut, Thomas Sinnickson, Jr., and Andrew Sinnickson. Proved Feb 25, 1804. A-51

1804, Sept. 29. DICKENSON, SMITH, Upper Alloways Creek. To sister Hannah, wife of Henry S. Cozens, all my personal estate. To bro.-in-law Henry S. Cozens all my land and plantation below Quintons Bridge on Alloways Creek where Thomas Kelly lives, bot. of William Brick, administrator of my father's estate. Exec. bro.-in-law, Henry S. Cozens. Wit. John Kille, Israel R. Clauson and Susanna Hewit. Proved Oct. 6, 1804. A-55

1804, June. 19. CLARK, THOMAS, Pilesgrove. To wife Deborah, furniture, the mulatto wench Susan, a horse and saddle, 2 cows and a room in the brick house. Grain to be divided between wife Deborah and son William. To son George land at northwest end of my plantation adjoining Thomas Sinnickson and Robert Johnson. To son Robert maintenance during life. To son William one-half of plantation. including the brick house, a horse, saddle, mare and her colt, and farming utensils. To son Robert a bed and six sheep Land and wharf at Sculltown to be sold; also my mulatto slave Peter Neilson, to serve until 21 years of age, then be freed; likewise my negro boy, Samuel Chance to serve until he is 25, then be free. Remainder of estate to daus. Elizabeth Fenton and Rebecca Kigar, wife Deborah and son William. Exec. wife Deborah and son George Clark. Wit. John Smith, William McCollister and James Freeland. Proved Sept. 22, 1804. A-57

1804, Nov. 2. VANNEMAN, ANDREW, Lower Penns Neck. To son John Vanneman, place bot. of Jiles Youreson. where Sarah Cornelius lives. Wife Dorcas to have premises while she remains my widow; also choice of 2 cows, bedding and furniture, provided she raises the 3 youngest children, Andrew, Hannah and Sarah until they are seven years of age. Remaining estate, after funeral expenses are paid, to five youngest children. Exec. and grdn. of children, Moses Lambson. Wit. Francis Hillman, Alexander Wright and Moses Mills. Proved Nov. 7, 1804. A-60

1804, Feb. 6. NICHOLS, ELIZABETH, Pittsgrove. To granddau. Elizabeth Vansant, furniture. To dau Elizabeth Vansant, furniture. To dau. Rebecca Dunham, $3. To dau. Catharine Garrison, furniture. To dau. Rhoda Cob, furniture. To dau. Kesiah Hogate, pictures, looking glass and pewter. Exec. Jeredish DuBois to sell movable estate and divide proceeds between daus. Elizabeth Vansant, Sarah Stratton, Catharine Garrison, Rhoda Cobb and Keziah Hogate. To son John Keeper half of plantation where I live and tract of pine land on north side of Dry Branch. Wit. Joseph Brewster, Enoch Shute and Anne Westcott. Proved Sept. 19, 1804. A-62

1803, Aug, 31. BRADWAY, WILLIAM, Lower Alloways Creek. To wife Mary 100 pounds; dau. Sarah Stretch shall pay her 17 pounds and 10 shillings yearly while she remains my widow. Son Ezra Bradway shall pay her 17 pounds and 10 shillings, and son John Bradway shall pay her 20 pounds, both as above. To dau. Sarah the plantation on which she and her husband, Elisha Stretch, live. To son Ezra 6 lots of marsh. To son John plantation bot. of William Wood and marsh bot. of Job Ware on Alloways Creek. To daus. Anne Stewart and Rachel Bradway remainder of movable estate. Exec. wife Mary Bradway. Wit. James Dunn, Prudence Roberts and Thomas Roberts. Proved Dec. 5, 1804. A-64

1802, Aug. 5. McWEE, WILLIAM. To wife Ellinor two-thirds of furniture, 4 cows, 6 sheep and grain; after her death, to my daus. and son William. To dau. Mary furniture, 6 sheep and one-third household goods. Other property to be sold and son Thomas to have $20; balance to wife and dau. s' children. Exec. wife Ellinor and Samuel Hicks. Wit. Reese Kendall, Jonathan Sanderlin and Milly Wood. Proved Feb. 6, 1804. A-66

1804, May 19. MASON, MARY, Salem. To Samuel Tyler, youngest son of my sister Ann, 30 pounds. To John Wistar 16 pounds in trust for the Salem Free School Society. Remainder of estate to neice Rebekah Tyler, dau. of sister Ann; if she dies without issue, same to go to John, Hannah, Hugh and Mary, children of William Tyler, and Ann and Elizabeth, daus. of Samuel Tyler. Exec. nephews William and John Tyler. Proved Dec. 3, 1804. A-68

1796, Nov. 5. SHOLTZ, CHRISTOPHER, Lower Penns Neck. To neices Hannah and Deborah Sholtz, dans. of bro. Michael Sholtz, my mansion house and all lands situate in Lower Penns Nack. Exec. James Mason of Mannington twp. Wit. Joseph Copner, Margret Derrickson and Allen Congleton. Proved Jan. 1, 1805. A-70

1805, Jan. 12. SAYRE, THOMAS, Lower Alloways Creek. Estate to children, Anna, Rachel, Thomas Bounaparte and Hannah Ann Sayre. To wife Rachel, furniture. saddle, bridle and the benefit of the sale of Bob, a black boy, who is to be free when 25 years of age. To Thomas Bounaparte Sayre, my watch. Exec. David Bowen. Wit. Barzillai Jefferis, Job Ware and Lewis Yorke. Proved Feb. 11, 1805. A-72

1804, Mar. 16. THOMPSON, AARON, Elsinborough. To cousin Deborah Stratton $150. Exec. wife Hannah Thompson. Wit. Thomas Mason, Elizabeth Scoggin and Thomas Hancock. Proved Mar. 5, 1805. A-76

1803, Aug. 20. MONEY, ADAM, Pilesgrove. To wife Mary, all real estate during her life; then to his daus. Nancy, wife of Elickzander Jones, Mary Oxenbaker, Margaret Shelden's children, Catharine Bailey. son Jacob's children Micael, Mary and Elizabeth, sons Adam, and Philip's daus. Susanny and Elizabeth. Exec. son Philip. Wit. Abraham Loper, William Langley and David Loper. Proved Mar. 11, 1805. A-77

1804, Aug, 6. SHIELDS, CHARLES, Milford Hundred, Cecil County Md., formerly of Salem County. To son Andrew Shields of Philadelphia 100 pounds. To son Charles and dau. Rachel, each, one-half of residue of estate. To nephews William Shields and Charles Shields, each, 5 Shillings. Exec. John Wistar and Stephen Hall, both of Mannington twp. Wit Samuel McGregor, Charles McGuire and George Devinney, Jr. Proved Apr. 2, 1805. A-79

1803, Apr. 13. WILSON, HANNAH. To Mary Johns, chest of drawers. To neice Hannah Wilson, bed and bedding. To sister Mary Wilson, wearing apparel, silver spoons. To Adelina Abbott, lookingglass. Exec. sister Mary Wilson. Wit. Josiah Abbott, Samuel Brick and Adna Brick. Proved June 12, 1804. A-81

1805, Mar. 27. ALFORD, SAMUEL, Salem. To wife Mary, all estate. Exec. wife Mary Alford and John Wistar. Wit. C. W. Challiss, Nicholas Peterson and Jacob Mulford. Proved Apr. 17, 1805. A-83

1805, Feb. 27. HUGHES, BENJAMIN. To wife Lanehe all estate while remaining my widow. To oldest son, John, 26 acres on which he lives. Dau. Mary's dau. Haner Barnes to have her mother's part, 3 pounds, at my widow's decease. Son Alexander 25 acres adjoining his bro. John, after my wife's widowhood. To dau. Marget bed and bedding that belonged to her grandmother, Esther Hughes. To son Benjamin 100 acres after his mother's death. To dau Elener, feather bed and bedding. To son James, 50 acres bot. of William Hall, adjoining Joshua Coombs and Simon Randle's land. To son Richard, 75 acres of the home place after his mother's death. After wife's death, movables to be divided between John, Alexander, Benjamin, Elener, James and Richard. No exec. named. Wit. Levi Elwel, Abraham Rose and Abraham Stull. Proved May 30, 1805. A-85

1805, Mar. 25. WICK, NICHOLAS, Pittsgrove. To wife Margaret, one-third of real and personal property and use of plantation until son John is of age. Son Jacob all lands in Penny Town, cedar swamp on Fries' Branch, and $26. Son John plantation on which I live, cedar swamp near Ackley Town, in Gloucester County, and $26. $700 of personal property and interest to son Daniel. To daus. Margaret and Elizabeth, $50 each at age of 18 years. Wife and son Jacob exec. and grdn. of younger child¬ren. Wit. Mary Wicks, Mary Garrison and Mary Heward. Proved May 30, 1805. A-88

1805, Apr. 3. BASSETT, ELIJAH, Pilesgrove. So wife Rhoda all rents and profits of real and personal estate until youngest son, Elijah is 21. Exec. David Davis of Woodstown and son-in-law Samuel Grice to then sell land and divide receipts equally between wife and children, to wit: Zebediah, Hannah Grice, and Mary and Methurgey Bassett and sons Samuel, Elijah and Angus Bassett. Exec. David Davis of Woodstown and son-in-law Samuel Grice. Wit. William Wallace, Samuel Barnes and Ann Stewart. Proved June 29, 1805. A-90

1805, May 16. SHARP, SAMUEL, Sharptown To bro. Edward Sharp, grist mill and land at Sharptown adjoining Dr. Hunt, and cedar swamp on Reed's Branch during life. then to be sold by order of the Orphans' Court. Exec. to sell farm whereon Thomas Enoch lives, in Pilesgrove. To Hester Hines' dau., 1000 pounds, to be put in bank stock. To Hannah Standley, interest on 500 pounds during her lifetime; then to Isaac Delaney during his life; after his death, principal to be secured in bank stock. To Mary Wynkoop, during life, interest on 600 pounds; also, tankard, bed, and spoons that were her mother's. Residue of estate to bro. Edward. Exec. bro, Edward Sharp. Wit. Samuel Humphreys, Nathan Paullin and John Nichols. Codicil—To Hester Shinn, 100 pounds and directs concerning the selling of the mill. Wit. James McCallister, Walter Chamblis and Nathan Paullin. Proved July 11, 1805. A-92

1800, July 26. WESTON, DANIEL. To wife Temperance, all estate during life; then to be divided between mother, Ann Frey, and sister, Rebeka Daugherty. Exec. John Snode of Pilesgrove and Thompson Weston Wit. Abraham Sharp, John Erwin and John Wallace. Proved July 7, 1805. A-95

1805, Mar. 22. HOLME, SAMUEL, JR., Upper Alloways Creek. To wife Mary all estate as long as she remains my widow; if she marries, half of estate to my bro , Ezra Holme, and at her death all real estate. Executors to sell real estate adjoining the run that comes from Newkirk's mill pond, to pay debts. Exec. William Thompson and Ephraim Bee. Wit. Caleb Hewitt, Hannah Hewitt and William Ray. Proved July 20, 1805. A-96

1804. June 16. NAILOR. ELIZABETH, Lower Alloways Creek. All estate to son Charles Nailor, who is constituted executor. Wit. Isaac Thomas, Kesiah Mills and Thomas Roberts. Proved Sept. 18, 1805. A-98

1805, Sept. 16. STANDLY, SINNICKSON, (signed Sinick Standly), Lower Penns Neck. To wife Hannah one-third of estate. To nephew Andrew Standly, 25 pounds. Remainder of estate to nephew Samuel Westcott. Proved Sept. 23, 1805. A-100

1803, Jan. 3. BARNES, REBEKAH, widow of John Barnes of Pilesgrove. To sons Joshua, Richard and Ephraim Barnes, 5 shillings each. To dau, Sarah Kirby, 60 pounds. Son Samuel, remainder of estate. Exec. son Samuel Barnes and dau. Sarah Kirby. Wit. Israel R. C. LeAllson, William Dickison and Nathan Bassett. A-102

1805, Sept. 24. MATLOCK, JOHN, Upper Penns Neck. To wife Jane, all my estate except my share of the vessel called "Liberty of Salem," which I leave to my brothers, Jacob and Benjamin Matlock, Exec. Joseph Borden. Wit. Samuel Butler, Joseph Erwin and William Wincell. Proved Nov. 4, 1805. A-104

1805, Oct. 7. BEESLEY, ABNER. Executors to build house on lot adjoining the store. To wife Mary, profits arising from said house and lot during widowhood. To sister Hannnh Beesley, $40 and the note she holds against me. Execntors to sell meadow in Upper Alloways Creek twp. adjoining Thomas Goodwin, Jr. To wife and children residue of estate. Exec. wife Mary Beesley, Peter Townsend and John Mulford. Wit. James Lewis, John Firth and Joseph Hance. Proved Nov. 6, 1805. A-105

1805, Sept. 18. STOUT, JOSEPH, Upper Alloways Creek. To son Richard, $20. To dau Rosannah Mickle, plantation in Upper Alloways Creek. To grandson Joseph Mickle, watch and silver-hilted sword. To Susanna Robinson, $50; bed and bedding, and at the age of 18 years, a cow, pewter plates, pint pewter basin, 3 tablespoons, 3 teaspoons, 3 knives, 3 forks, 1 spinning-wheel, 1 suit of freedom clothes, from head to foot. Exec. Joshua Mickel and dap. Rosannah Mickel. Wit. Davoll Layman, Laurence Casper, Jr. and Hosea Snethin. Proved Dec. 23, 1805. A-107

1805, Nov. 18. KEASBEY, EDWARD, Lower Alloways Creek. To son Joseph, the upper part of my plantation, adjoining Samuel Pancoast, John Hancock and Daniel Tracy; with 10 acres of meadow off the lower end of Island Cove, 1 young sorrel horse, and pair of 4-year old steers. To son Edward, remainder of the plantation and the tract of woodland known as the Hell Neck tract. To daus. Prudence, Sarah, Grace and Elizabeth, a lot of marsh bot. of Aaron Daniel, to be divided equally. To sons Joseph and Edward, 25 acres of salt marsh on Stow Creek. To wife Lyddia, all profits of land devised to son Edward until he is 14 years of age. Son Joseph not to pay dower to his grandmother, Jane, nor is she to demand it of him. Exec. wife Lyddia and Samuel Pancoast. Wit. Bilbe Shephard, David Woodruff and Seth Cuff. Proved Dec. 4, 1805. A-109

1805, Dec. 4. MORGAN, TOSHUA, Upper Alloways Creek. Timber on south side of Stockingtown road to be sold. Real estate to children Katharine, William, Sarah and Benjamin Morgan. Exec. and grdn. of children Isaiah Shinn, William Wallace and Samuel Ray. Wit. William Timberman, Jacob Wentzell and Israel R. Clauson. Proved Feb. 7, 1806. A-112

1801, Dec. 9. GOODWIN, THOMAS, Salem. To nephew Thomas Goodwin, son of my nephew Lewis Goodwin, dec'd, all real estate, excepting that I give to Prudence, Elizabeth and Abigail Goodwin, daus of my nephew, William Goodwin, dec'd, the rents and profits arising from same. To sister-in-law Hannah Andrews 40 pounds. To relations Enus Risle, Elizabeth Odest and Hannah Butlar, each 10 pounds. To Hannah, dau. of nephew Joseph Goodwin, 20 pounds. To consins Susannah Thompson, Mary Hancock and Susannah Miller, each, 10 pounds. Exec. John Thompson and David Smith (the latter name crossed out). Wit. Thomas Jones, Mary Ashbrook and Ruth Dare. A-114
1802, July 19. Codicil—To cousin Mary Beesley, a lot to be taken off the lot where I now live, adjoining Enos Paulin, Jr. Wit. James Van Meter, Josiah Hall and John Hall. Proved Jan. 15, 1806. A-114

1805, Sept. 13. PATTERSON, JAMES, Upper Alloways Creek. To son John, plantation where he lives, bot. of Isaac Ware; at his to descend to my daus. Elizabeth, Mary and Rebecca Patterson. If my son John should have a son or sons, the property to go to him when they arrive at the age of 21 years. To son James, the plantation where I now live. To wife Martha, profits arising from the plantation on which I now live until James is 21 years of age. James to learn carpenter trade. Movable property to be sold and receipts divided between daus. Elizabeth, Mary and Rebecca. Exec. wife Mary and son John. Wit. Enos Woodruff, Gervas Hall and Jonathan Sanderlin. Proved Feb. 5, 1806. A-117

1806, Mar. 24, HALL, STEPHEN, Mannington. To sisters Anna Bradway and Esther Smith, all household goods, equally. To bros. Josiah and John Hall, plantation in Mannington, meadow in Penns Neck and marsh in Elsenborough. Mother Mary Hall. Sister Hannah Nicholson. To Sarah Acton, $50. To bros. William and Samuel Hall, personal estate. Exec Josiah Hall and John Hall. Wit. John Redman, Martha Fogg and Aaron Bradway. Proved Apr. 16, 1806. A-120

1805, Dec. 9. HANCOCK, SARAH, Lower Alloways Creek. Estate to children: Ann Stretch, Richard Evans and Sarah Tracy. Exec. son Richard Evans. Wit. Esther Baker, Rebekah Baker and Barzillai Jefferies. A-122

1806, Apr. 17. ROBERTS, THOMAS, Lower Alloways Creek. To son Samuel Roberts, all wearing apparel, compass, chains, field notes, surveying books and apparatus relative to surveying. Wife Prudence to sell real estate, except half. to bring up dau. Hannah, and she is to learn some trade; remainder to be equally divided among my children. Exec. wife Prudence Roberts. Wit. Joseph Harris, David Bradway and Anna Stewart. Proved Aug. 9, 1806. A-124

1806, June 5. EVANS, RICHARD, Lower Alloways Creek. To sister Mary Thompson's children one fourth of estate. To sister Ruth Bradway's children, one fourth of estate. Remainder of estate equally to sisters Ann Stretch and Sarah Tracy. Exec. bro.-in-law Daniel Tracy. Wit. Esther Baker, Ann Dickinson and Barzillai Jefferis. Proved June 11, 1806. A-126

1806, May 28. ANDREW CREMAR, Pittsgrove. Wife Patience and her brother, Daniel Brooks grdn. of his "several small children." Exec. wife Patience. Wit. Daniel Brooks, Zabuln Brooks and Mary Brooks. Proved June 24, 1806. A-128

1806, July 7. IRELAND, DANIEL. To wife Elizabeth, all estate, and she is made exec. with Ephraim Shaw. Wit. Lemuel Read and Neh. Garrison. A-130

1806, June 7. PENTON, ANN, wid., Upper Alloways Creek. Estate to daus. --- Collyer, wid., and Rebecca wife of John Dolbo. Exec. Isaac Fogg. Wit. Jane Morrison, Rachel Ferguson and Benjamin Thompson. Proved Aug. 5, 1806. A-131

1806, Mar. 14, McWILLIAMS, THOMAS, Elsenborough. Estate to wife Ann. Wearing apparel to sons Jonathan and Jacob McWilliams. Exec. wife Ann McWilliams. Wit. Clement Hall and Samuel Fisler. Proved Aug. 12, 1806. A-133

1806, July 28. ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM, Mannington. To son William, one-half the plantation where I now live; 6 acres of woodland in Upper Alloways Creek, bot. of the administrators of the estate of Ebenezer Holmes, he paying my son James $150, and my dau. Ann Armstrong $60. To son John Armstrong, remainder of plantation and a 5 acre woodlot in Mannington twp., bot of Isaac Fogg, grdn. to Rebecca Dickinson, adjoining William Wallace, .John Hannas, James James, Jr., and Rebecca Dickinson, he paying my dau. Sarah Armstrong $80; he is also to receive a horse or mare and bed and bedding. To dau. Ann Armstrong a large iron kettle and a walnut breakfast table. To dau. Sarah a pair of high draws, a large brass kettle. Weaving tackle to sons John and William. son-in-law George Kelch, who has a son William Kelch to whom is devised $20. To dau. Pheby wife of George Kelch and daus. Ann and Sarah receipts from movable estate after debts are paid. Exec John and William Armstrong. Wit. John Katts, Patrick Megill and Benjamin Thompson. Proved Sept 3, 1806 A-134

1805, Mar. 8. ELIZABETH GOODWIN, Salem. To dau. Hester, wearing apparel, household goods and 80 pounds, to be paid by son Joseph. To son Joseph, a bond which I hold against Thomas Mason. To granddau. Ann Brown, bed and bedding. To grandson Joseph Brown of Salem, George Fox's Journal. Books to be divided between sons Elgar and Joseph Brown. Son Israel. Money due on bond to be divided in seven parts, two of which I give to my dau. Hester; one part to heirs of son Israel; one part to son Elgar; one part to son Joseph; one part to the dau. of my dau. Elizabeth Nicholson; one part to grandson Lewis Brown of Philadelphia. Remainder of estate to dau. Ester. Exec. son Joseph Brown. Wit. Nancy Firth and James Kinsey. Proved Sept. 16, 1806. A-137

1806, May 20. BROWN, ELGAR, Salem. To dau. Ann Brown, bed and bedding and silver tablespoons. To children: Ann, Elisha, Israel E. and John Mason Brown, receipts from sale of personal estate. Elisha, Israel and John to be sent to Friends' Western School when 13 years of age. Exec. bro. Joseph Brown and Jacob Hufty. Wit. Mary Menley, Thomas Goodwin and Rebekah Roberts. Proved Sept. 16, 1806. A-140

1806, July 27. DUNN, THOMAS, Lower Penns Neck. To wife Susanna, 2 cows, bed and bedding, grain, beef and pork. To son John, land on which I now live and meadow bot. of James Holladay, adjoining land of Thomas Sinnickson and Edmund Gibbon. To son Thomas, land and swamp bot. of Edmund Gibbon and meadow adjoining Ebenezer Dunn, Edmund Gibbon and Thomas Dickinson. To son John. a horse of his choice. To dau. Elizabeth Gilmore, 50 pounds. To dau. Dorothy Ann Dunn, 50 pounds at 18 years of age. To wife Susanna, my sons Ebenezer Dunn, Thackrey Dunn and William Dunn, and my daus. Margaret, Sarah and Phebe Dunn, the remainder of my personal estate after debts are paid. Exec. son John and Samuel Gilmore. Wit. Ebenezer Dunn, William Holliday and John T. Peddrick. Proved Sept. 15, 1806. A-143

1800, Sept. 8. ABBOTT, REBEKAH, Mannington. To sons George and Joseph Abbott, bed and bedding. To granddau. Addaling Abbott, a case of draws and 20 pounds at 18 years of age. Grandson Josiah Abbott 30 pounds at 21 years of age. To James Tuft, 3 pounds. To Rebekah Read dau. of Noah Read, tea table. To Mary Johnson dau. of Matthias Johnson, breakfast table. To Black Med or Edward 3 pounds to be laid out in clothing for him. To my son Samuel Abbott, silver watch. To grandson William Abbott, shoe buckles. To granddau. Rebekah Abbott, large lookingglass. To neice Rebekah Scoggins, 6 silver teaspoons and 6 curled maple chairs. To Rachel Mounts 3 pounds for the purpose of schooling. To sons Samuel and George Abbot, 7 large silver spoons to be divided between them. To son George, the remainder of my silver for the purpose of enlarging his learning. To sons Samuel and George, the remainder of my estate, equally, Exec. Samuel and George Abbott. Wit. Rebekah Scoggin and Samuel Stewart. Proved Sept. 17, 1806. A-147

1806, July 8. ROBINSON, WILLIAM, Pittsgrove. To bro. Reuben Robinson, $125. To bro. Joseph Robinson, $125. To sister Arnala Elwell, wife of William Elwell, bedding. To sister Amala Elwell and bro. Benjamin Robinson, remainder estate, equally. Exec. bro. Benjamin Robinson and Joseph Cook. Wit. Uriah Rose, Abraham Nelson and Eleazar Mayhew, Proved Sept. 17, 1806. A-150

1806, Oct. 13. HOLLIDAY, SAMUEL, Upper Penns Neck. To wife Elizabeth, the plantation in Mannington, bed and bedding. Children, Mary, William, Samuel and James Holliday. Exec. William H. Biddle. Wit. William Biddle, Samuel Adams and Joseph Summerill. Proved Oct. 30, 1806. A-154

1806, Sept. 13. KIGER, HENRY, Mannington. To my sons Henry and Matthias Kiger, my farm, to be divided between them. To grand dau. Elizabeth, dau. of my dau. Barbara, dec'd, wearing apparel, bedding, a case of draws and a chest that belonged to my said granddau.'s mother, my dau. Barbara Kiger. Residue of estate, after my wife's death, to dau. Margaret A. Weber and granddau. Elizabeth Kiger. Exec. sons Henry and Matthias Kiger. Wit. James Harvey, Jonathan Kelly and John Nichols. Proved Nov 10, 1806. A-155

1806, Sept. 6. BROWN, ESTHER. Salem. To neice Esther Nicholson, dau. of Darkin Nicholson, bed and bedding. To neice Ann Brown, dau. of bro. Elgar Brown, and neices Mary Nicholson and Esther Nicholson, wearing apparel. To bro. Joseph Brown, clock and the rest of my estate. $20 to nephews James, Darkin and John Nicholson, sons of Darkin Nicholson, and Joseph James Brown, son of my bro. Joseph Brown. Remainder of estate to children of Elgar Brown. Exec. Joseph Bassett and William F. Miller. Wit. Esther Smith, Amos Wright and James Kinsey. Proved Dec. 2, 1806. A-157

1806, Aug. 13. BASSETT, JOSEPH, Mannington. Land in Gloucester County to be sold and exec. to pay funeral expenses. To wife Sarah, all personal estate and plantation in Mannington; after her decease I give above lands to Joseph Lewens, Mary Noles, David Lewens, Clemment Brown and Abigail Bassett Brown, they being children of my half-sister Rebecca Lewens and my sister Beula Brown. Exec. wife Sarah Bassetc. Wit. Sam White, Mary White and William White. Proved Nov. 23, 1806. A-159

1806, July 6. SMITH, ABEL, Lower Alloways Creek. To dau. Hannah Homan, 3 acres of cleared land and 2 acres of woodland; after her death, to Abel Homan, her son. To dau. Sarah Smith, 3 acres of cleared land, 2 acres of woodland and 20 acres of salt marsh. To son Firman Smith, remaining lands To wife Rachel, all rents, fees and profits of lands during life. To daus. Rebecca and Sarah Smith, each, bed and bedding. Exec. wife Rachel Smith. Wit. W. Waddington, Jonathan Butcher and Barzillai Jefferis. Proved Dec. 3, 1806. A-162

1806, Sept. 20. JOHNSON, BENJAMIN, Pittsgrove. To bro. Isaac Johnson, 5 pounds. To bro. Elijah Johnson, 5 pounds. To three bros. children the remainder of the estate among them, Mary, Rachel, John, Noah, Ellick, Christian, Mary, Amy and Benjamin Johnson. Exec. David Davis. Wit. George Colson, George Colson, Jr. and Mary Colson. Proved Dec. 9, 1806. A-165

1806, Aug. 13. HOLSTEN, JOHN, Lower Penns Neck. To son William Holsten, lands and meadows in Penns Neck, and personal propetry. To Margaret Hickman, wid. of Joseph Hickman, dec'd, $20 and 20 bu. indian corn; also $20 yearly during her life. To Elizabeth Collins, bed curtains. Black man named Dub to be manumitted. Exec. son William Holsten. Wit. Peter Hoffman, Peter Hickman and Thomas Murphy. Proved Jan. 8, 1807. A-166

1806, July 14. HACKETT, HANNAH. To son John Kidd, $40. To grandson David Goslin, $40. Residue of estate to granddaus. Hannah Kidd, Grace Hackett, Mary Butcher, Elizabeth Kidd,Clary Kidd, Margaret Plumline, Grace Kidd and Mary Hackett. Exec. Joshua Smith. Wit. Hugh Grew and Gunrics Crushdorf. Proved Feb. 10, 1807. A-170

1799, Jan. 22. BURROUGHS, BENJAMIN, Pittsgrove. To wife Mary, one-third of real estate during life, and personal estate after debts are paid. To son John Burroughs, land where I now live, adjoining David Burroughs, Richard Wiffins and John Lambert. To son Cornelius Burroughs, the remainder of my land; he to pay to my grandchildren Mary Rose, Abraham Rose, Pheby Rose, Cornelius Rose and John Rose, children of daughter Hannah Rose, dec'd, 20 shillings each. To son Benjamin Burroughs. land where Benjamin lives. To dau. Elizabeth DuBois, wife of Isaac DuBois, 50 pounds. To dau. Catharin Newkirk, wife of Matthew Newkirk, 60 pounds. Exec. son Cornelius Burroughs. Wit. Sarah Mayhew, Stanford Mayhew and Eleazar Mayhew. Proved Feb. 19, 1807. A-172

1807, Jan. 13. DUNHAM, NATHAN, Lower Alloways Creek. To wife Martha, estate during life; son Martin to have the estate at her death. To granddau. Martha Dunham, after my son's decease, the west end of my land adjoining William Savage. After my son's decease I give my other lands to granddau. Rachel Dunham. If both of said granddaus. shall die, the estate shall descend to my sisters' children: Hannah Couch, Martha Bonham, Nathan Kelley, Edward Griffith and Richard Randolph in Middlesex County, equally. Exec. wife Martha Dunham. Wit. John Macpherson, John Reeves and Hannah Langley. Proved Mar. 2, 1807. A-176

1806, Jan. 27. WALLACE, MARY, wid., Pilesgrove. To daus. Rebecca Brick, Rachel Coombs and Mary Guest. $2 each. To son William Wallace, bed and bedding. To granddau. Mary Wallace, chest of draws and breakfast table. To son John Wallace, remainder of estate. Exec, John Wallace. Wit. Abraham Sharp, Andrew Allen and Grace Bassett. Proved Mar. 13, 1807. A-178

1805, Apr. 3. LAMAN, DAVOLT, Upper Alloways Creek. To friend Jacob Schouch, personal and real estate. Exec. Jacob Schouch. Wit. Samuel Ray, William Ray and John Moore. Proved Mar. 13, 1807. A-180

1807, Feb. 27. SMITH, DAVID, Salem. To wife Mary, house and lot in Salem where I now live and a lot on a new street fronting John Tylers. To Hannah Carpenter Ellet and Maria Ellet, 100 pounds, each. To nephew Stephen Smith, 300 pounds. So Elizabeth Fogg, 25 pounds. To neices Beulah and Attilla Smith, house and lot on the creek, in Salem. To nephew Elisha Smith, 15 acres of woodland. To nephew David Smith, remainder of my estate. Exec. wife Mary Smith, bro. William Smith and nephew David Smith. Wit. Jesse Bond, John Redman and John Ellet. Proved Mar. 30, 1807. A-182

1806, May 17. BURROUGHS, EDWARD. Mother Mary Sparks to have income from plantation in Mannington near the tide mill. Land in Mannington, Lower Alloways Creek, Lower Penns Neck and UpperAlloways Creek to be sold by exec. Wife Clarissa Burroughs. Dau. Clarissa Parret. Exec. wife Clarissa Burroughs and Jacob Hufty. Wit. Morris Hancock, Mark Stewart and John Firth. Proved Apr. 6, 1807. A-185

1807, Feb. 4. PYATT, MARTHA, Upper Alloways Creek. To neice Mehitable Kinney, wearing apparel. To son John King, case of drawers, puter platter, puter plate, 2 quart basins, 3 pint porrigers and a tea table. To son Richard King, 3 puter platters, 6 puter plates, 2 quart basins, pint basin and walnut dining table. Property to be sold and receipts to be divided between sons Joseph and Richard. Exec. nephews William Willis and John King. Wit. Charles Gallaher, Isabel Thompson and Elizabeth Bacon. Proved. Apr. 18, 1807. A-187

1807, Mar. 8. PIMM, JOSEPH, Pilesgrove. To wife Hannah household goods, grain. 1 cow, 100 pounds, half of the house and farm where I now dwell. To son John, 6 pounds. To grandchildren Joseph, Lydia, Benjamin, Hannah and Betsey Ann Lippincott, children of my dau. Lydia Lippincott, dec'd, each 5 pounds. To dau.-in-law Mary Pimm, a cloak and cloth, and 7 pounds per year while she remains the widow of my son Joseph, dec'd. Remainder of estate, after debts are paid, to son John Pimm, dau. Elizabeth Coles, son Levi Pimm and dau. Teresa Ridgway, equally. To son John, remainder of farm during time my wife Hannah remains my widow. Exec. son John Pimm. Wit. William Ballinger, Sarah Hillyard and David Davis. Proved May 4, 1807. A-189

1807, Mar. 8. BRIGGS, SAMUEL, Lower Alloways Creek. Youngest child Edward, under 7 years. Oldest sons Abel and James $40 each; both are under age. Bro. John Briggs. James Sayre and Jacob Collis, grdns. of children. Exec. Bilbe Shephard and Daniel Stretch. Proved May 6, 1807. A-192

1807, May 13. AYRS, SUSANNA, Pittsgrove. To son Robert Ayrs, 5 pounds. To oldest daus. Sarah Newkirk and Temperance Ayrs, 40 pounds each. To youngest daus. Elizabeth and Ann Ayrs, 50 pounds each. To sons John and Burgan Ayrs, real estate. Exec. sons John and Burgan Ayrs. Wit. Lydia M. Calsman, Rachel Harding and John Nelson. Proved May 14, 1807. A-195

1807, Mar. 30. STOUT, JOSEPH, Upper Penns Neck. Estate to be sold and receipts to be divided between his children: Joseph Stout, Edward Stout, Daniel Stout and John Merrick Stout, equally. Sons Daniel and John and dau. Rebecca Stout to have nine months' schooling, which is to be paid for out of the shares allotted to my sons Joseph and Edward. Exec. Joseph and Edward Stout. Wit. Jacob Stanton, Samuel Linch and Samuel Kennard. Proved May 26, 1807. A-198

1807, July 8. FOX, CISSIAH, (signed Kissiah), Lower Alloways Creek. To dau. Hannah Fox, all property; at her death to be divided between her sisters and brothers, viz.: Margaret, Elizabeth, Mary, Hannah and Isaac Fox. Thomas Hancock, grdn. of Hannah, Margaret and Isaac. Morris Hall, grdn. of Elizabeth and Mary. Exec. Thomas Hancock. Wit. Rebeckah Elben, Lydia Ryel and Keziah Shaw. Proved Aug 1, 1807. A-200

1807, July 1. HAMPTON, BENJAMIN, Pilesgrove. To wife Letitia Hampton, profits from landed property. Sons to learn some mechanical business. Son Peter only named. Exec. wife Letitia Hampton. Wit. James Wright, Jacob Hampton and William Hampton. Proved Sept. 3, 1807. A-202

1807, Aug. 31. COUCH, JOHN, SR., Lower Alloways Creek. To son Jonathan 50 acres of land bot. of Ralph Allen. To son John, 65 acres of land between the forks of the pond, bot. as above. Son Furman, one-half of remainder of my lands, To son Asa, 'the remainder, containing the house occupied by Aaron Padgett. To youngest son Lewis, lot of woodland bot. of Thomas Sayars in Upper Alloways Creek,. Remaining lands to be sold; money accruing to be equally divided between daus. Kesiah, Fits and Clarissa. Son-in-law Thomas Smith, grdn of all my children. Exec. son-in-law Thomas Smith and Zaccheus Brown. Wit. Martha Dunham, Abner Patrick and William Wood. Proved Sept. 10, 1807. A-205

1797, May 1. VanHORNE, NICHOLAS, Lower Penns Neck. To wife, furniture, horse, carriage and 6 cows. Remainder of personal estate to step dau. Polly Smith. To bro. Abraham Vanhorne, real estate, he paying to my sister. Rachel Green, $40 a year during her life. Negro wench Sall to be manumitted. My young negros to be sold slave until they arrive to the age of 30 years. Exec. Benjamin Smith of Mannington. Wit. Ezekiel McKasson, William Hughs and A. Congleton. Proved Sept. 14, 1807. A-207

1807, Sept. 2. HON, DAVID. To wife Sarah, all estate. To dau. Elizabeth Nixon, $13.33. To son Jesse Hon, $50 at the age of 21 years. To granddau. Rebeccah Hon, $25 at 18 years of age. To son John Hon. residue of estate. Exec. son John Hon. Wit. Jacob Thompson and Davis Nelson. Proved Sept. 14, 1807. A-209

1806, June 6. SESOR, JUPITER, Mannington. To wife Susannah Sesor, profits of estate during widowhood. At her death I give to daus. Ann Sesor and Barbary Sesor the house I now live in. To James Still, $26.67. To Rachel VanWinkle, $2. Exec. Nathan Wright. Wit. John Mason and John Price. A-211

1807, June 3. LOWDERBACK, ELIZABETH, Pilesgrove. Estate to "the person with whom I happen to be, and who so taketh care of me in my death sickness." Exec. Julian Stevens and Sarah Gardner. Wit. John Nichols and John Elkinton. Proved Sept. 24, 1807. A-214

1807, Sept. 24. ASHTON, JOSEPH, Lower Alloways Creek. To wife Hannah, all estate. Exec. wife Hannah Ashton and son Daniel Ashton. Wit. Jonathan Hildreth, John Ward (in the proof this name appears as John Wood), and Anthony Price. Proved Sept. 28, 1807. A-216

1807, Aug. 26. PEDRICK, MILES, Penns Neck. To wife Sarah Pedrick, $300, bed and bedding, case of drawers and 2 cows. To dau. Elizabeth, $67. To dau. Hester, bed and bedding. To son Robert, a brown mare. To son Charles, a young bay horse. To son Miles, last spring's colt. Sons Samuel and Silas to be kept at school until they learn to the Rule of Three. Exec. bro. Silas Pedrick. Wit Samuel Fenton, Jr., and George Denny. Proved Oct. 10, 1807. A-218

1807, Sept. 6. MURPHY, JESSE, Elsinborough, late of Sussex County, Del. To bro. Shadrack Murphy all my estate. To Mary Murphy, for the care and nursing in sickness, the residue of $45 after nursing, doctor's and funeral expenses are paid. Exec. Thomas Hancock. Wit. Samuel Brick, Isaac Smart and John Glandan. Proved Oct. 30, 1807. A-220

1806, July 23. BAKER, ESTHER, Lower Alloways Creek. To cousins John and William Plummer, $11, equally divided. To dau. Rebecca Baker, remainder of estate. If she dies, then cousin William Savidg shall have half, and John and William Plummer the remainder. Exec. dau. Rebecca Baker and Wiliiam Savidg. Wit. Benjnmin Ireland, Ann Stretch and Sarah Stretch. Proved Oct. 31, 1807. A-222

1807, Oct. 16. BRADWAY, JOSHUA, Salem. To neice Hannah Goodwin, interest on $1000; at her death the $1000 to the surviving children of my brother Edward Bradway and my half-sister Hannah Bradway (said Hannah now deceased), and to the children of my half-sister Sarah Waddington. wife of Jonathan Waddington; my half-sister Hannah's son Joshua to have as much as any two others To Grace Bradway, dau of Edward Bradway, $200 in addition to the share above ordered. To half-brother Thomas Bradway 2 houses and lots in Salem and a woodlot in Alloways Creek; also $2000. To Elizabeth Black, my house-keeper, $350. To James Bonham, $25. To David Jones of Salem, $26. To my boy, Chard Hazaard, $26 at 20 years of age. Exec. my half-bro. Thomas Bradway and Isaac Moss. Wit. William Fithian, Edmund Davis and William Fithian, Jr. Proved Dec. 2, 1807. A-224

1807, Nov. 13. CRISPIN, JOSEPH, Upper Penns Neck. To grandchildren, $10 each. To wife, movable estate (except one bed and bedding reserved for Levi). To son Levi, the profits of the plantation where Garret Vanneman lives; to be sold after his death, for the benefit of his brothers and sisters To son Roland, the plantation I now live on. bot. of James Flanagin, except 60 acres of woodland which I give to his sister. To dau. Keziah Guest, the plantation bot. of Joshua Pedrick, To dau. Prudence Guest, the house and lot she now lives on and one-half the marsh bot. of Joshua Pedrick. and 60 acres of woodland off the plantation bot of James Flannagin. Exec. sons Rowland and Joseph. Wit. Charles Jones, Elizabeth Jones and Hester Stone. Proved Dec. 16, 1807. A-226

1800, Jan. 10. WARE, ELIJAH, Lower Penns Neck. To wife Mary Ware, land bot. of Alexander Gilmore, and marsh bot. of Daniel Lambson in Lower Penns Neck. To nephew Samuel Test, meadow in Mannington. To Jacob Ware and Elisha Stretch, 14 acres of land purchased of Andrew Sinnickson in Lower Penns Neck, for the purpose of erecting a meetinghouse for Friends living in Penns Neck. Wearing apparel to nephew Joseph Test. To wife Mary Ware, remainder of personal estate. Exec. wife Mary Ware. Wit. William Griscom, Joseph Reeve and John Redman. Proved Jan. 7, 1808. A-229

1806, Sept. 27. SMITH, SARAH, Pilesgrove. To son Benjamin Smith one-half acre of land in Upper Penns Neck and $2. To son Solomon, $2. To sons William and Abel Smith, the plantation where I now live, one-half the orchard and one-half the meadow. To dau. Elizabeth Till, 1 cow. To son-in-law John Till, all debt which he owes me. To dau. Margaret Till, bed and bedding. To granddau. Elizabeth Smith, or otherwise Elizabeth Paullin, bed and bedding. To granddau. Mary Smith, or otherwise Mary Vanniman. 5 pounds at 18 years of age. Property in Mannington to be sold. Exec. John Nichols. Proved Jan. 30, 1808. A-231

1807, Nov. 11. ELWELL, LEVI, Pittsgrove. To wife Rachel, all profits of real estate until sons are of age. To son Isaac Elwell, $40. So son Joast Elwell, plantation where I now live, on north side of road from Pittstown to Malaga. If Joast dies with-out lawful heir, then to son Mathew. To son Mathew, several lots of land in Pittstown; if he dies, to Joast. Daus. Dorothy and Elizabeth. Exec. and grdn. of sons Joast and Matthew, son Isaac Elwell. Wit. Abraham Arons, Priscilla Arons and Eleazar Mayhew. Proved Feb. 18, 1808. A -234

1806, Oct. 20. SHARP, THOMAS, Pilesgrove To wife Rebekah Sharp, all my lands during widowhood. Exec. wife Rebekah Sharp. Wit. Charles Foster, Matthew Beach and Henry Foster. Proved Mar. 22. 1808. A-237

1808, Mar. 13. PEDRICK, SARAH, Upper Penns Neck. To dau. Elizabeth Moor, 6 yards of linty cloth. To dau: Esther Pedrick, bed and bedding; she to dispose of youngest children, namely, Samuel and Silas Pedrick. To son Robert Pedrick, bedding and $20. To son Charles Pedrick, bedding. To sons Samuel and Silas, $67, each. Youngest son, Silas, to be educated at school to read, Write and Sypher to the rule of three, the expense to be taken out of the remainder of my estate; the residue to be divided between my 6 children, Esther, Robert, Charles, Miles, Samuel and Silus, except 6 yards of homemade full cloth, which I give to my friend Jacob Lumblee. To dau. Esther, wool and yarn. Exec. friend Silus Pedrick to sell property, and he is also named as grdn. of the two youngest children. Wit. John Snode, Jacob Somers and Ann Somers. Proved Mar. 28, 1808. A-239

1808, Feb. 14. AYARS, JOSEPH, Upper Alloways Creek. To son Joseph, land bot. of my father on the north end of my plantation; he paying my dau. Roda, wife of Daniel Rumsey, $16 twelve months after my decease. To son Nathan D. Ayars, all my land south of above division, adjoining brother James Ayars and Purviance, with house and saw mill; he paying m; dau. Mary, wife of William West, $16 in twelve months after my decease. To daus. Ester, Edith and Amelia Ayars, $15, each. To daus. Edith and Amelia, bed and bedding. Movables to be sold and receipts divided between my children. Exec. bro. James Ayars. Wit. Mahlon Davis, Allan Ayars and James Ayars, Jr. Proved Mar. 31, 1808. A-241

1806, May 20. TRACY, DANIEL, Lower Aloways Creek. To wife Sarah, all estate while remaining my widow; then to be divided among my children, John, Mary, Jeremiah, Eiizabeth and Daniel. Exec. wife Sarah Tracy. Wit. Jeremiah Powell, Sarah Powell and Ebenezer Fogg. Proved Apr. 9, 1808. A-244

1807, May 21. PAULEN, WILLIAM, JR., Lower Alloways Creek. To wife (name not given), all of my estate after debts are paid. Exec. Enos Paulen, Jr. and Jacob Mulford. Wit. William Paullin, John Mulford and Bilbe Shephard. Proved Apr. 13, 1808. A-246

1807, Nov. 7. HARRIS, ISAAC, Physician, Pittsgrove. To wife Nancy, during widowhood, furniture, silverware, china, family Bible and Flavel's Works, and books of Divinity given to her by her father, Alexander Moore, Esq., one-half dozen chairs I bot. of my son, Alexander Harris, privilege of living on the farm where I now live, one-half of garden adjoining the houses riding chair and choice of one of my horses, 2 cows, firewood, 10 bu. of wheat, 6 bu. of rye, 5 bu. of buckwheat, 20 bu. of indian corn, 20 bu. of oats, 100 lbs. of pork and 200 lbs, of beef yearly; also a negro woman named Selena who shall be free when 35 years of age; also $100 in lieu of dower. To son Israel, 500 pounds and all interest on a bond I hold against him for the sum of 3000 pounds. He shall pay to my sons James and Benjamin and my dau. Mary Harris 200 pounds each the said sums being a legacy unto them by their grandfather, Alexander Moore. To son Israel my volums of American edition of the Encyclopedia and my gold sleeve buttons. To son Isaac, the plantation whereon I live, bot. of Jacob Davis, except part devised to my son William Harris. To son Alexander Harris, my plantation in Broad Neck, in Pittsgrove twp., now in tenure of Sarah Burden; also a tract in Deerfield, called the White plantation, adjoining William Garrison and others To son William land and meabow hot. of Henry Hewitt in Pittsgrove, and land in Upper Alloways Creek adjoining Matthew Newkirk and others. To son Samuel, land in Pittsgrove whereon William DuBois lives; also woodland adjoining Benjamin Burroughs, Abraham Rose, and land adjoining Abraham Rose and Eleazar Mayhew, and $1350. To sons William and Samuel, my plantation called the Souder Farm, in Hopewell twp. To son James Harris, land in Pittsgrove, bot. of David Paullin, John McCallister, Jacob Davis and Thomas Keeper. To son Benjamin, land bot. of John Ray, in Upper Allo¬ways Creek, and land bot. of Nehemiah Richman, in Pittsgrove. To dau. Mary Booth, $1650 and a certain obligation I hold against William Booth. To dau. Hannah Choate the yearly interest during life, arising from the sum of $1100; at her death the principal to be divided between her children. To dau. Nancy Harris, furniture and $2000. To grandchildren, children of Sarah Laycock, dec'd., Harriet, Isaac, Elizabeth and Hannah, $200, each. To my grandson Isaac Booth, $200. To the Trustees of the Presbyterian Congregation of Pittsgrove, $100. To sons Alexander and Benjamin, wearing apparel. Slaves Kate and her male child, Thomas, Sophie and George to be manumitted when they arrive at 35 years of age. Exec. son Isaac Harris, John Moore White, John Stratton and Eleazar Mayhew. Wit. Samuel Dare, Samuel Nelson and Jeremiah Foster. Proved May 6, 1808. A-247

1803, Dec. 14. SWING, SARAH, wid. of Samuel Swing, Pittsgrove. Property to son Abraham Swing and dau. Sarah, wife of George Swing equally. Exec. son Abraham Swing. Wit. William Brown, William Crain and John Stratton. Proved June 14, 1808. A-257

1808, June 18. PETERSON, JOSEPH, Mannington All right and title to estate that belonged to my father, William Peterson, in Mannington, to be sold together with movable estate. After debts are paid, I give to my wife Jane Peterson, 60 pounds. To son William, to be put at interest until of age, the interest on 60 pounds that I give to my wife. Exec. Joseph Reeve and Samuel Seagrave. Wit. John Peterson, Samuel Price and Samuel Seagrave. Proved June 18, 1808. A-259

1807, Sept. 24. CARLL, JESSE, Lower Alloways Creek. To wife Grace, one-third part of yearly value of my real estate during life and $30; also $200 which she has in her possession, that belonged to my son, William Carll, dec'd. The residue of property to my daus. Lidea Keasby, Elizabeth Patrick and Martha Waddington. equally. To son Jesse Carll, land bot. of William Stretch. To grandson Jesse Patrick, son of my dau. Elizabeth Patrick, part of marsh bot. of David Ware. The residue of marsh to my son Jesse Carll. Exec. son Jesse Carll, Jr., and William Waddington. Wit. Dalymore Harris, Joseph Harris and Lettice Harris. Proved Aug. 13, 1808. A-261

1808, July 23. PAULLIN, NATHAN, Upper Alloways Creek. To wife Loraine, furniture, 1 cow, 5 sheep, choice of horses, 2 hogs, use of my house and lot in Sharptown while my widow; also $24 in lieu of dowery. To son Parvin Paullin, my house in Sharptown and a chest of drawers. Remainder of estate to be sold and money put at interest which is to be divided between my daus. Charlotte, Mary and Hester. (If another child is born it shall have its share also). Exec. wife Loraine and Joseph Kidd. Wit. Henry Paullin, John Groff and Benjamin Thompson. Proved Sept. 9, 1808. A-263

1808, Aug. 12. WALLACE, WILLIAM, Woodstown. To children of sister Susanna Sayers, $1800. To nephew Damon Taylor, land conveyed to me by the sheriff and Jaconias Wood, adjoining Samuel Crawley, John Wetherell and Salem Creek; also half of a tract of woodland bot. of Isaac Fogg, in Bushtown. To nephew Wallace Taylor all my real estate in Woodstown, including two dwelling houses, tan yard, bark house, mill house and stables; also one-half of the woodlot above mentioned. To my 3 nephews, George Taylor, Catharine, wife of Isaac Springer, and Margaret Taylor, $1000, equally. To nephew Samuel Conner, $2000. To Margaret Springer, who lives with me, $900. Damon Taylor is appointed grdn. of Margaret. To half-brother, Bryant Conely, $100; if he is deceased, said sum to be divided between his children. To housekeeper, Susanna Calehopper, $800, a cow and all my sheep. To Charles Calehopper, the boy that lives with me, $300. To the widow Elizabeth Riddle $100; if she deceases, to her children. Exec. Joseph Davis and Damon Taylor. Wit. Samuel Cade, Samuel Watson and William White. Proved Nov. 5, 1808. A-266

1807, Dec. 16. VANEMAN, ISAAC, Pilesgrove. To wife Rebecca Vaneman, $100 and furniture. To dau. Rebecca Abbot, all real estate and one-third of personal estate. To granddaus. Mary and Rebecca Vaneman, daus. of my son John Vaneman, dec'd, and Mary and Charlotte Vaneman, daus. of my son Isaac Vanaman, dec'd, the residue of my estate, shared equally. Exec. John Nichols and John Smith. Wit. Henry Garrison, Andrew Hoffman and Enos Nichols. Proved Nov. 10, 1808. A-270

1806, Dec. 22. SEAGRAVE, ARTIS, Pilesgrove. To wife, use of property and interest of the house and land called the New House, in Woodstown, while my widow; also 1 horse, 2 cows, riding chair and household goods. To Artis Seagrave, son of William Seagrave, Artis McArti, son of Patience McArti, and Luther Seagrave, son of Tarver Seagrave, each $20. To my children, Martha, Sarah, Mary and Hannah, the remainder of my estate. Exec. daus, afore mentioned and friends Samuel Miller and Thomas Yarrow, Wit. Joseph Erwin, James Riley and William Morris Riley. Proved Nov. 17, 1808. A-273

1808, Nov. 5. GREEN, MARY, Upper Penns Neck. To Mary and Hannah Green, daus. of Martin and Mary Green, all wearing apparel and $6 each, To Elizabeth Grice and Hannah Prickett, $6 each. To bro. Thomas Green. when of age, the rest of my estate, except funeral charges of my bro. Mark Green, which I order my exec. to pay. Exec. uncle Mark Green. Wit. Jacob Stiles, Jacob Ridgway and John Snode. Proved Nov. 21, 1808. A-276

1808, June 13. GRIER, GEORGE, Lower Alloways Creek. To son David Grier plantation bot. of Joseph Stretch, in Upper Alloways Creek, and woodland bot. of Thomas Sayre. To son George Girer, the plantation on which I live, in Lower Alloways Creek, and woodland and marsh bot. of Joseph Hancock; he paying to my son David $503. To son Richard Grier, $2500, including all accounts charged against him on my book. Sons Richard and David to execute quitclaim deeds to make son George a good title to land that belonged to my deceased wife. Residue of estate to be divided after debts are paid. Exec. sons Richard and George, Jr. Wit. Jonathan Hildreth, David Stretch and Sarah DuBois. Proved Nov. 26, 1808. A-278

1808, June 2. WILLIS, MARY, Upper Alloways Creek. To son David Willis, $10 To sons Clement and Edward Willis, the remainder of my estate, Clement to have the part of my plantation lying in Upper Alloways Creek adjoining Thomas Jones and which has all the buildings on it, and and half of the land bot. of my son David. If son Clement dies without issue, my son Edward or his issue shall inherit. Exec. son Edward Willis and Gervas Hall. Wit Rachel Hall, Ann Lapvin and Jacob Wood. Proved Dec. 21 1808. A-281

1808, Jan. 30. COLSON, DAVID, Pilesgrove. To wife Azubah, $300 and furniture. To son David, residue of estate. Exec. bro. George Colson. Wit. Jacob Davis, Thomas Davis and Elenor Whitaker. Proved Jan. 20, 1809. A-283

1809, Feb. 12. WOOD, JOSEPH, Lower Alloways Creek. To Dalymore Harris, all my estate, he to pay all debts and funeral expenses. Estate adjoins Abner Sympkins and Abner Patrick, in Lower Alloways Creek. To William Sapp, $50. Exec. Dalymore Harris. Wit. David Bradway, Jacob Sharp and Lewis Yorke. Proved Feb. 28, 1809. A-286

1809, Feb. 26. HOLME, SAMUEL, Upper Alloways Creek. To wife Margaret, furniture. To son John Holme and dau Anna Holme, all lands. Exec. and grdn. of children, friend William Ray. Wit. Henry Freas, Anthony Brown and Jesse Watson. Proved March 24, 1809. A-288

1809, Mar. 25. HACKETT, DAVID, Elsenborough. To my executor, the plantation called Crookhorn, which I inherited from my mother, in trust to the use of my aunt, Ruth Wilson, wife of William Wilson, unto the children of said Ruth Wilson. To my uncle Darkin Nicholson, all timber growing on my plantation. in Elsenborough, adjoining Samuel Nicholson dec'd, and James Miller, Residue of plantation to my, aunt Jael Smith. To uncle Darkin Nicholson, during his life, my plantation in Mannington, in possession of William Allen, which adjoins John Ellet and Benjamin Wright, and is on the northwest side of the new main road reading fron Salem and James Woodnut's brick house, now in possession of Preston Woodnut, into Sharptown; upon her death to children of Darkin Nicholson. Residue of the plantation which is on the easterly side of the road from Salem to Sharptown, to Mary Nicholson, dau. of said uncle Darkin, during her life; then to be sold and receipts divided between the grandchildren of my grandmother, Hannah Hacket. Exec. William Waynman and Clement Acton. Wit. John Thompson, John Thompson, Jr., and James Kinsey.
Codicil—March 15, 1809, Aunt Jael Smith to have the plantation for life, instead of in fee simple; after death to be sold and receipts divided between the children of my aunt, Ruth Wilson. Wit. John Thompson, Hedge Thompson and John Thompson, Jr. Proved Apr. 19, 1809. A-291

1807, Apr. 23. BATES, HEZEKIAH, Salem. Real and personal property to be sold. To son James Bates, $200 to be exclusively applied to the support of my mother, Elizabeth Bates, if she shall stand in need. Remainder of money arising from sale to be equally divided between my son and two daus. James Bates, Rebecca Bates and Elizabeth Bates. Exec. son James Bates and friend Jacob Hufty. Wit. Ephraim Sheppard, James VanMeter and Richard Grier, Proved May 17, 1809. A-297

1808, Oct. 11. HALL, MARY, Salem. Executors sons William and John Hall to sell all reel and personal property and pay my son Josiah Hali 100 pounds; residue, after debts are paid, equally to my sons William. Josiah, Samuel and John Hall and my dau. Hannah Nicholson, wife of Samuel Nicholson. Wit. Joseph Clement, Edward Burroughs and John Redman. Proved May 30, 1809. A-300

1808, Feb. 16. CARTER, BENJAMIN, Woolwich, Gloucester Co. To son John, 5 pounds To Sarah Borden, Ann Wolf, William Carter, Elizabeth Davis, Keziah Casseday, Benjamin Carter and Mary Carter, equally, the remainder of the estate. Exec. son Jo in Carter and son-in-law Francis Davis. Wit. Gideon Gibson Simeon Zane, Andrew Zane and Jacob Gosling. Proved June 2, 1809. A-302

---. WOODNUTT, JAMES MASON, Mannington. To wife, one-half of household goods. Lands equally to my ten children: Sarah Woodnutt, Hannah Acton, Thomas Mason Woodnutt, Jonathan Woodnutt, Preston Woodnutt, Elizabeth Woodnutt, William Woodnutt, Margaret Woodnutt, Mary Woodnutt and Matthew Woodnutt. John Wistar, Clement Hall, William White, John Bassstt and Morris Hall are named to divide the land among the children. Exec. wife Margaret Woodnutt and sons Jonathan and Preston Woodnutt. Witness Samuel Denn, John Denn, Jr., and Joseph Reeve. Proved June 10, 1809. A-304

1809, May 21. SNITCHER, HENRY, Lower Penns Neck. To wife Margaret one-third of estate after debts are paid. Residue of estate to my six children. The four youngest children, Isaac, Margaret, George and John, shall first be supported, schooled and educated out of this residue until they are 14 years of age. Exec. and grdn. of children, friend Vining Hill. Wit. John Sinnickson, John Wright and John Torton. Proved June 24, 1809. A-306

1808, Nov. 9. ALLEN, REBECCA, Mannington. To each of four sons, Samuel, Jedidiah, David and Chambles Allen, $200. To son Chambles, lot of land bot. of John Mason. To dau. Beulah Allen, one-fifth part of residue of my estate. To dau. Mary Bassett, one-fourth part of my estate. Remainder of estate to son Samuel, son-in-law Joseph Bassest, dau. Hannah Bradway, dau. Ann Brown (who has a dau. Elizabeth) and dau. Rebecca Thompson (who has a dau. Rebecca). Exec. Samuel Allen and Joseph Bassett Wit. Martha Reeve, Amy Siddon and Joseph Reeve. Proved Aug. 2, 1809. A-309

1803, Mar. 12. CHRISTOPHER, JOHN, Upper Penns Neck. To wife Elizabeth Christopher, all real and personal estate. Exec. wife Elizabeth and Samuel Linch. Wit. Isaac Ward, Robert Peterson and Andrew Pyle. Proved Aug. 22, 1809. A-313

1809, Aug. 11. HUMPHREYS, JOHN, Upper Penns Neck. To wife Elizabeth, all estate. Exec. and grdn. of children, wife Elizabeth. Wit. John Price, John Fox and Andrew Alson. Proved Sept. 7, 1809. A-315

1809, Aug. 27. SMART, NATHAN, Lower Alloways Creek. To nephew Nathan Smart, lot of ground called Kent's Corner, containing two dwelling houses and shop; the Kent House now in tenure of John Gamester, and the shop in tenure of Benjamin Walker. To nephew John Smart, two houses and lots bot. of John Smith and Samuel Hall, now in tenure of Robert Bodely and Stephen Lewis. To nephews John and Nathan Smart, all persanal estate. Exec. John Thompson, Sr., and William Nicholson, Jr. Wit. John Ware, William Walker and Samuel Hall. Proved Sept. 13, 1809. A-317

1809. Aug. 31. AYARS, AZARIAH, Upper Alloways Creek. To sons Elijah and Rual Apars, all real estate; they to pay my son Hugh Ayers $30 each, after the death of my wife, Lovisa. Exec. to sell half of my marsh in Lower Alloways Creek, the money arising from sale to go toward paying my debts. I also give to my wife the use and disposal of all my personal estate during life. To daus. Rebecca, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth and Anne Ayres, the sum of $12 each. Remaining money to be divided between all my daus before mentioned and Susannah. Shull, Ruth Randolph and Phebe Johnson. Exec. wife Lovisa Ayars and son Elijah Ayars. Wit. James Ayars, Hugh Dunn and Margaret Dunn. Proved Sept. 15, 1809. A-320

1809, Sept. 13. SHIMP, HENRY, Upper Alloways Creek. To wife Mary, all estate; after her death, to my children: Sarah Shimp, John Shimp and Edmond Shimp. Exec. Joseph Young and Enoch Gibbs. Wit. Washington Smith, Azariah Reeves and William Willis. Proved Sept. 28, 1809. A-323

1809, Sept. 22. SIMPKINS, ABNER, Upper Alloways Creek. To wife Rachel, household goods, 1 horse, 2 cows, riding waggon and harness during life; at her death to be divided between my children: Abner Simpkins, Job Simpkins, Mary Craven and Abigail Craft. To daus. Mary Craven and Abigail Craft, woodland. To son Abner, west side of my plantation whereon I now live. To son Job, the remainder of the homestead. Son Job to provide for his mother as long as she lives. To 3 grandchd. David, Mary and John English, $1. Exec. son Job Simpkins and son-in-law Richard Craven. Wit. William Emberson, James Stretch, Jr., and William Willis. Proved Oct 17, 1809. A-326

1809, June 14. COPNER, JOSEPH, Lower Penns Neck. To wife Jane Copner, the plantation bot. of Allman, during life; then to granddau. Ann Sinnickson. To son Samuel Copner, my home plantation. If he dies without issue, the tract shall be divided into two and one-half parts. One half part is bequeathed to Samuel Allen and William Miller in trust and name of the Monthly Meeting of Friends held in Salem. To grandson Sinnick Sinnickson, all that land that was Lummises and 50 acres of meadow. To granddau. Jane Sinnickson, land with houses in Camden. To sisters Rebecca Barns and Esther Gilmore, rents and profits of land I bot. of Andrew Vanamin; at their death, to my son Samuel and grandson Sinnickson. To nephew Samuel Gilmore, woodland, house and blacksmith shop. Exec. son Samuel Copner and nephew Samuel Gilmore. Wit. Rachel Redman, Jr., Clement Acton and Benjamin Griscom. Proved Oct. 21, 1809. A-329

1806, Jan. 28. ENOCK, THOMAS, SR., Pilesgrove. To wife Mary, household goods. To daus. Martha and Elizabeth Enock, 100 pounds each. To dau. Ann Vernon 10 pounds (she has been provided for). To daus. Abigail Fergason and Miriam Finnimore, 30 pounds each. To dau. Mary Allen, 30 pounds. Remainder of estate to son Thomas Enock. Exec. David Davis of Woodstown and son Thomas Enock. Wit. Jacob Davis, Thomas Davis and Elias Stratton. Proved Nov. 20, 1809. A-332

1809, June 8. BAKER, JACOB, Mannington. Exec. to sell undivided lot of land in Woodstown, left to me by my father, and stock and household goads as my wife, Rachel, can spare. Wife to see that my three sons have trades. Exec. wife Rachel and William Nicholson, Jr. Wit. Joseph Reeve, Joseph Bassett and Chambless Allen. Proved Feb. 7, 1810. A-335

1809, Dec. 8. GREEN, THOMAS, house carpenter, Upper Penns Neck. To cozen Lewis Green, $100 and my watch. To 3 cozens Hannah, Mary and Anthony Green, children of my uncle Martin Green, $50 each. To aunt Mary Green, their mother $100. Remainder of estate to uncle Martin Green. Exec. uncle Martin Green. Wit. Jacob Stiles, Robert Pedrick and Gideon Denny. Proved Feb 7, 1810. A-337

1810, Jan. 29. KLINE, ANN, Lower Alloways Creek. To dau. Sarah Kline, tea ware, looking glass and wearing apparel. Remainder of estate divided between my 4 children, Daniel, Henry, Joseph and Sarah Kline. Exec. bro.-in-law John Finlaw. Wit. Margaret Hogben and Barzillai Jeffries. Proved Feb. 15, 1810. A-339

1809, Nov. 19. SHIMP, PHILIP, Upper Alloways Creek. To wife Elizabeth, one-third of movables, 2 bu. wheat, 5 bu rye and 8 bu. indian corn yearly during life. To son Philip. one-half of movables. To sun Peter, plantation where 1 now live. As I have a great many grandchildren, not mentioned, I leave nothing unto none of them, as I have given unto their fathers and mothers their share. Exec. son Peter and Benjamin Thompson Wit. John Bennet, Thomas Bennet and William Willis. Proved Mar. 17, 1810. A-342

1809, Nov. 7. TUFT, BRATHWAIT, Lower Penns Neck. To wife, household goods, $200, and house and lot where I live, during widowhood: then to John Tuft of Salem. I leave all demands settled that I hold against Mary Read and give her $20. To Nehemiah Garrison, $100. To my boy John Tuft, two years rent of the Curry Place and two years rent of the Red House Place when 21 years old. I give my black boy, Saul, free from service and a lot of ground bot. of Alfeas Garrison; if he should die before he is 21, then to John Tuft of Salem. I leave the house and lot where George and his wife live during both of their lives; then to John Tuft of Salem. I leave Chance Moor clear of all accounts. I leave no account against Kessiah Tuft, but give her $40 to pay for her trade, and desire John Tuft to clear all his demands against her so that she may have the property clear this spring. I give my account against the Brick Church to her. To John Tuft of Salem, the Red House Place, the Curry Place, Joseph Dill's lot, 2 acres in Salem, Enlow Corbet's lot and Peter Hickman's lot. Exec. John Tuft of Salem. Wit. Dave Keen. Judith Jaquett and Mary Keen. Proved Apr. 24, 1810. A-348

1808, Feb. 16. SIMPKINS, DEAN. To wife Elizabeth, 100 pounds, to be paid out of my movable estate, household goods and one cow. To son James, the lower part of my plantation where I now live. To son Ezekiel, remainder of plantation. To dau. Mary Keen and my 3 grandchd. Martha. Dean and Ezekiel Peterson, remainder of movable estate. Exec. son Ezekiel Simpkins and Jacob Wright. Wit. Andrew Larrance, John Holton, Jr., and John Penton. Proved Apr. 24, 1810. A-351

1810, Apr. 20. CARPENTER, POMPEY, colored, Mannington. To Rachel Carpenter VanWinkle, all estate after debts are paid. Exec. Woodnut Pettit. Wit. Joseph Basset, John Reeve and Woodnut Pettit. Proved May 28, 1810. A-354

1810, Apr. 21. GROFF, LETTITIA, Pilesgrove. To Letitia Test, dau. of John Test, $50, pewter plates and silver spoons marked LT. To nephew John Test (who has a dau. Elizabeth Test), stove and furniture. To Ruth Rogers (dau. of William and Letitia Matlack), bedding. To my exec. bedding, 2 gowns, silk handkerchief, in trust for Hope, wife of Ner Allen. To Elizabeth, dau. of Ner Allen, bureau. To her sister, Hannah Allen, lookingglass. To Sarah Test, dau. of John Test, walnut tea table. To Sarah, wife of Thomas Ivins, corner cupboard. To Rachel Matlack, dau. of William and Lettitia Matlack, my warming pan and half a dozen china cups and saucers. To Lettitia, wife of Joseph Miller, silver thimble and studs. To sister Elizabeth Harris, $10. To Rachel Gibson, $12. To Esther, wife of Thomas Davis, my best silk hood, bonnet c ver and stays. Remainder of estate to nephew John Test, neice Hope Allen, Lettitia Miller and Rachel Gibson. Exec. David Davis of Woodstown. Wit. John Groff and Mary Groff. Proved June 12, 1810. A-356

1810, June 23. CORCORAN, JOHN, Mannington. To wife all estate during widowhood; then to be divided, son Thomas to have 2 shares, and the remainder equally among my children. Exec. Thomas Corcoran. Wit. Joseph Bassett, William Hiles and Woodnutt Pettit. Proved July 18, 1810. A-360

1800, Apr. 27. SIMPKINS, JAMES, Upper Penns Neck. To wife Ann, real and personal estate, after debts are paid, as long as she remains my widow. Plantation to be rented until children are of age Exec. wife Ann Simpkins and Hudson Springer of Pedricktown. Wit. Gideon Denny, Michael Walker and James McCollister. Proved Aug. 7, 1810. A-362

1810, July 6. PRIMROSE, ROBERT, colored. To wife Deborah Primrose, during life, estate after debts are paid; at her death to be divided equally between her two children. Exec. Jacob Mulford of Salem. Wit. Daniel Glandy, David Chamby and Henry Burns. Proved Aug. 14, 1810. A-364

1810, Sept. 29. DANIEL, WILLIAM, Lower Penns Neck. Property to be disposed of and debts paid. Wife Sarah to have all goods and property named in an inventory executed by me for use previous to our marriage and at that time lodged in the hands of her son, Samuel Findley. Exec. wife Sarah Daniel and John Findley. Wit. William Findley and Samuel L James. Proved Nov. 14, 1810. A-366

1806, Jan. 24. BRADWAY, WILLIAM, Lower Alloways Creek. To wife Elizabeth, all demand that I have against her son Reeve Stretch. To grandson Ezra Bradway, plantation on which I live (not to include land bot. of William Carll) ; after his death, to great grandson William Bradway, Jr. Grandson Ezra to pay his sister Rachel Stewart, $100. To grandson Adna Bradway, plantation bot. of William Carll, whereon Adna now dwells and a tract of woodland adjoining Jonathan Hildreth; he to pay his bro. Samuel Bradway $100. To granddaus. Rebecca and Sarah Bradway, $100 each. Remainder of estate to dau Mary Thompson. Exec. son in law William Thompson and dau Mary Thompson. Wit. Mary Reeve. Prudence Roberts and Thomas Roberts. Proved Dec. 5, 1810. A-368

1810, Sept. 19. BIDDLE, WILLIAM, Upper Penns Neck. To wife Abigail, $200. To son James gold watch and silver spurs. To son William H. Biddle and son-in-law Thomas Murphey, remmainder of wearing apparel. To children William H. Biddle, Sarah Murphey, Rebecca and James Biddle, remainder of personal estate. To son William H. Biddle, the lower part of my plantation. To son James, the Tavern Place. To dau. Rebecca, lend. To dau. Sarah, wife of Thomas Murphey, the upper part of my plantation. Exec. son William H. Biddle and son-in-law Thomas Murphey. Wit. Joseph Nicholson, Abijah Hasson and Gideon Denny. Proved Dec. 4, 1810. A-371

1810, Nov. 3. HAINES, MARY, Pilesgrove. To dau. Mary Davis, large trunk. To dau. Sarah Pine, wearing apparel, to be divided between her and granddau. Elizabeth Pearson. To granddau. Elizabeth Pearson, bed and bedding and $50. To grandson William Haines, $50. To granddau. Martha C. Davis, large chany bole. To grandson John Pine, $75. To granddau. Mary L. Pine, bedding. To granddaus. Sarah Pine, Ann Pine and Martha Pine, $20 each. To Sarah, my small trunk. To son Jeremiah Haines' daus.. Mary Haines, $20 and chinaware: Elizabeth Haines, 45 ; and Keziah Haines, $15 and teaspoons. To Sarah Haines, Martha Haines, Ann Haines and Priscilla Haines, $10 each; to be paid when they are 21 years of age. Exec. Joseph Davis Wit. Thos. Lippincott and Martha C. Davis. Proved Dec. 15, 1810. A-375

1806, Oct. 8. SMITH, JOHN, Upper Alloways Creek,. To daus. Rebecca, Hannah and Rachel Smith, the homestead place, the lookingglass that belonged to their grandmother and mother, and bedding. To Rebecca, her mother's high chest of drawers. To dau. Hannah, her mother's spoons. To my three daus., firewood from my sawmill tract. To my three sons, Edward, Howell and John K. Smith, remainder of my estate. Wife Temperance, grdn. of my three sons until they arrive at the age of 14 years. I appoint James Smith of Philadelphia and Joshua Smith of Mannington, grdns. of my daus. Rebecca, Hannah and Rachel, until they are 21 years of age. Exec. wife Temperance Smith and Joshua Smith. Wit. Sarah Bilderback, Peter Bilderback and Samuel Johnson. Proved Dec. 24, 1810. A-378

1806, May 31. RAMMEL, SIMON, Pittsgrove. To wife Christens, rents and profits of plantation whereon I live. To sons Martin, Simon, Andrew and Henry Hammel, 20 pounds each. To dau. Mary, wife of Jacob Wick, 20 pounds. Exec. sons Martin and Simon Rammel. Wit. William Conklin, Cornelius Newkirk and Eleazar Mayhew. Proved Mar. 28, 1811. A-381

1811, Feb. 4. OXT, LEUDRICK, Mannington. To Cathering Stinger, Elizabeth Larrance, Maria Biddle, Georg Larrance, Jr., Isaac Larrance, Thomas Larrance, Mary Ann Larrance and William Larrance, all my property except my watch' and buckles, which I leave to Isaac Larrance. The interest of all my property to Susanna Larrance, to be paid yearly, Exec. Isaac Browning. Wit. Isaac Browning, Isaac Stinger and Woodnut Pettit. Proved Apr 8, 1811. A-384

1811, Mar. 26. AYARS, JONATHAN, Upper Alloways Creek. To wife Sarah Ayars, all estate after debts are paid, to bring up the children, Lavinia Davis, Aulay Ayars, Catharine Ayars, Maria McFerson, Josiah Ayars, Hannah Ayars and Abigail Ayars. No exec. named. Wit. Nathan Ayars, Josiah Davis and William A. Bennet. Proved Apr. 29, 1811. A-386

1810, Oct. 24. HARRIS, ISAAC, Pilesgrove. To wife Ann, land in Upper Alloways Creek, called the Jarman Farm, land on east side of Sodus Bay, Seneca Co., N. Y., and land in town of Sodus, cedar swamp in Gloucester Co., during her life; also land whereon my father, Isaac Harris, died, in Pittsgrove; after her death, to her child or children, and in case she leaves no issue, to neice Sarah Booth and nephews Benjamin and Ephraim Booth. Exec. Joseph Davis. Wit. Edward Sharp, David Davis and Anthony Waters. Proved May 18, 1811. A-388

1811, Feb. 2. ALLEN, JEDIDIAH, Mannington. To wife Hannah, $400 and house and lot where I live. A tract of land to be sold, and money accruing from sale to be divided between son Samuel and daus. Elizabeth, Rachel and Hannah. Ruth, Joseph, Ann, Rachel and Eli Brown, $200 each. Children of dau. Rachel: William, Jedidiah. Hannah and Benjamin Baker, $200 each. Son Jedidiah Allen, all the remainder of my lands; if he dies, then to my daus. To dau-in-law Lettice Allen $40 yearly during widowhood. Exec. John Wistar, son Jedidiah Allen and son-in-law James Smith. Wit. Jacob Wood, Hannah Wood and Gervas Hall. Proved June 10, 1811. A-392

1811, Apr. 5. STRETCH, LYDIA. To son Abner Stretch, all estate. Uncle James Vance and Millicent, his wife, to have rents and profits of estate during their lives. Cousins Ruth and Hannah Bradway. Exec. uncle James Vance. Wit. Amy Maul, Elisha Fogg and Barzillai Jeffries. Proved June 28, 1811. A-396

1809, Mar. 5. PEDRICK, ELIHU, Upper Penns Neck. To wife Hannah, household goods. To son Joseph, house and lot where he now lives To son Isaac the remainder of my land. To dau. Jane Clearke, 100 pounds and tract of land bot. of my bro. Isaac, which he bot. of Joseph Allen, and land in Gloucester Co. Exec. son Joseph Pedrick. Wit. James Atkinson, Joseph Snode and Isaac Davis, Jr. Proved July 13, 1811. A-398

1798, Feb. 21. AYARS, NATHAN, Upper Alloways Creek. To dau. Kesiah, furniture, chinaware and 30 shillings. To son-in-law Jedidiah Hall, 3 pounds To grandson Lewis Hall 10 pounds. Land to be divided when son John reaches 21 years of age, between dau. Kesiah Ayars and sons John, Ezra and Azel Ayars. Exec. bro. Elijah Ayars and James Ayars. Wit. Job Ayars, Mercy Bacon and David Ayars. Proved July 26, 1811. A-402

1811, July 25. HARVEY, WILLIAM, Salem. To wife Catharine, house and lot in Salem where I now dwell; a house and lot on Margaret's Laue. To grandchildren, Gabriel and Ann Harvey, children of son Gabriel, dec'd, and Sarah Ann Harvey, dau. of son William, dec'd, a tenement in common. Residue of estate to wife To granddau. Ann Haines. a tea chest. To grandson Gabriel Harvey, silver watch. To Ann Bassett. dau. of Samuel Bassett, $60. To Catharine Price, dau. of William Bassett, dec'd, $60. Ezec. wife Catharine Harvey and Thomas Jones. Wit. Nicholas Peterson, Isaac Peterson and Daniel Garrison. Proved Aug. 3, 1811. A-407