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Essex County New Jersey Marriage Records, 1795 - 1801

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The following is a transcript from the Record of Returns of Marriages, 1795-1800, kept in the office of the Clerk of the County of Essex, pursuant to Sec. VIII., of "An Act concerning marriages, " passed the 4th of March, 1795. The records have been herewith arranged in alphabetical order.

These records are entered in a folio volume, in which the returns of the officiating clergymen or magistrates have been copied as accurately as they could be deciphered and the records, in turn, have been copied carefully for this purpose, with some difficulty, in many cases, owing to the peculiar chirography of the scribes. The names have been arranged in alphabetical order for publication in this volume, the full entry being given under the head of the males, and the names and dates under the head of the females. As a matter of information, the names of the persons officiating, where given, have been indicated by the initials after the dates.

S. G.--Rev. Stephen Grover, pastor of the Presbyterian church at Caldwell, 1787-1833.

A. J.--Rev. Abel Jackson, pastor of the Presbyterian church at Bloomfield, 1800-1810.

T. M.--Rev. Thomas Morrell, one of the leading Methodist Episcopal clergymen of his day. He was stationed at Philadelphia in 1794, but being prostrated by illness in December of that year, returned to his father's residence, at Elizabethtown, in April, 1795, where he remained in feeble health until May, 1799.

M. E.--Rev. Moses Edwards, one of the founders (1786) and principal supporters of the Baptist church at Northfield, a village in Livingston township; he was licensed as a preacher, May 5, 1798, and ministered to the church, 1801-1815.

U. O.--Rev. Uzal Ogden, Rector of Trinity Protestant Episcopal church, Newark, 1788-1805.

M. R.--Rev. Menzies Rayner, Rector of St. John's Protestant Episcopal church, Elizabethtown, 1796-1801.

H. K.--Rev. Henry Kollock, pastor of the First Presbyterian church at Elizabethtown, 1800-1803.

W. V. H.--Rev. William Van Horne, pastor of the Scotch Plains Baptist church, 1785-1807.

J. V. A.--Rev. Jacob Vn Artsdalen, pastor of the Presbyterian church at Springfield, now in Union county, 1774-1801.

D. L.--David Little, Justice of the Peace.

J. D.--Rev. John Duryee, pastor of the Reformed Dutch church at Fairfield, 1801-1817.

The returns of marriages by the Rev. Henry Schoonmaker, pastor of the Reformed Dutch church at Acquackanonk, and the returns by the Rev. Peter Stryker, pastor of the Reformed Dutch church at Belleville, 1794-1809, are not printed in the following list; the latter are given in connection with the records of the church, on subsequent pages. The records of the Acquackanonk church (now the First Reformed church of Passaic) will be given in another volume.

Essex county included the present Union county until 1857. Hence the appearance here of marriage returns from Elizabethtown, Scotch Plains and other places now in the latter county.

1Query: Cory.
2Query: Synechy, i. e., Cynthia.
3Query: Gillespie.
4The entries next before and next after are Apr. 16 and May 25, respectively.
5Between June 29 and July 4, apparently.
7Joseph De Marolles to Marie De Marolles, recorded Sept. 30, 1800 Aaron Ogden Clk. Elizabeth compted Essex province de la nouvelle Jersey Etats Unis de l'Amerique Septentrionale le quatre Septembre 1799. Je soussigne Jacques Charles Halbout. pretre, certifie avoir conjoint en legitime mariage suivant le rite de l'eglise catholique romaine. Joseph Nicholas Michel Gaignerou Johnson Marolles de la paroisse de Lamentin isle Martinique fils majeur de feu Joseph Gaignerou Johnson Marolles habitant de la dite isle. et de feue Marie Elizabeth Derverges Maupertuis Marolles son epouse, d'une part, et Roseanna Budau tille mineure de Jacques Pierre Budau et de Rosette Roujol Budau son epouse de la paroisse de St. Bertrand grande terre isle Guadaloupe avec le consentement de son pere ici present, d'autre part. en presence de Louis Nicholas Guillaume Derverges Maupertuis. oncle du dit contractant. de Paul Malherbe son parent tous de l'isle Martinique d' Elie Joseph Criquant de Latour de St. Dominique. et de Lambert Victor Alexandre Croquet Durival de la Guadaloupe, tous residents a Elizabeth Town on dans les environs aussi que les dits contractants.
En temoignage de ce que depres les dits partis ont signe en presence des temoins aussi soussigne et de plusieurs autres amis ici convoques. En foi de quoi j'ai delivre le present certificat le dit jour et an que sous.
Vidi et approbavi Gulielmus, G. Marolles, Rosanne Budau
O'Brien Pastor Excelsior S. Petri, Maupertuis
Apostali Neo Eboracum Co. New York, Criquant De Latour
Hodie 31st Oct. 1799 Reg page 284
P. Dela Croix, Josephe Mercier, Ene (?) Domblaid
Mal Herbe, J. Halbout
Croquet Durival
8Query: Cory
9A Polish Count, who accompanied Kosciusko to America as aide with the rank of Colonel. His wife was a daughter of Gov. William Livingston, of New Jersey, and widow of John Kean, of South Carolina.
10Query: Pasnet, i. e.; Personette.
11Synechy Ryerson.
15Synechy Ryerson.