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Chesterfield Friends Monthly Meeting Marriage Records, 1686 - 1800

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NOTE--The following records were transcribed in 1881 for the New Jersey Historical Society, by John P. Hutchinson, Esq., of Bordentown, from the original manuscript volumes of Chesterfield Monthly Meeting. The manuscript gives all the facts in the records, but does not name all the witnesses at each marriage. The place where the marriage took place is given before the date.

1Medius, inthe sense of junior, or second?
2Query: Medius. See 1st footnote.
3Tom Paine resided for some time in Bordentown. If it seems strange that he should be a guest at a Quaker wedding, it should be remembered that this was five or six years before the publication of his "Rights of Man" and seven years before the appearance of his "Age of Reason".