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1801 - 1832
Lee Church Marriage Records
Marriages By Rev. John Osborne
Town of Lee
Strafford County, New Hampshire

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[Lee was taken from Durham and incorporated Jan. 16, 1766. These marriages are not to be found on the Town or Church Records, of Lee. They are taken from a private record kept by Rev. John Osborne, who for many years was pastor of the church, at Lee. The records are now in possession of Mr. Joseph W. Peirce of Dover, N. H.

Rev. John Osborne was born Mar. 7, 1769, and died at Lee, Feb. 28, 1832. He was at first a Congregationalist but later became a Christian Baptist. He married first, Abigail Smith, Nov. 25, 1790. She died Sept. 18, 1796, and he married second, Mary Frost of Newcastle, N. H. Nov. 12, 1797.]

Marriages By Rev. John Osborne, 1801 - 1832

*These records, from the irregularity of the dates, were apparently made up later from dates of marriages as given in the marriage certificates and not from a list kept at the time.