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1882 - 1891 Marriage Records
Town of Windham
Rockingham County, New Hampshire

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Marriages recorded in Windham.

1882 Marriages

May 4. Charles M. Clyde, of Derry, N. H., and Mary J. Crowell, of Windham.

May 18. James M. Crowell, of Windham, and M. Jenney Steele, of Hudson.

May 28. John A. McCoy and Sarah L. Proctor, both of Windham.

July 17. Thomas Reardon and Lizzie E. Southwick, both of Salem, N. H.

Oct. 3. Nelson H. Morgan and Nellie F. Wilson, both of Windham.

Oct. 28. William J. Barteaux, of Salem, N. H., and Nellie E. Tarbox.

Dec. 24. Charles H. Wilkinson and Nora E. Duncan, both of Windham.

Dec. 25. William A. Thom, of Salem, and Ella M. Reed, of Windham.

Dec. 27. Charles A. Steele, of Hudson, and Lottie A. Reynolds, of Windham.

1883 Marriages

May 16. Gilbert B. Boles, of Hudson, N. H., and Lizzie J. Esty, of Windham.

June 5. George J. Haseltine and Kate A. Dinsmoor, both of Windham.

Sept. 11. Willis A. Rowe, of Windham, and Bertha L. Brown, of Sutton, N. H.

Nov. 7. Elijah L. Watts, of Windham, and Mrs. Hannah A. (Cole) Bodwell, of Salem, N. H.

Nov. 15. Everett H. Archibald, of Methuen, Mass., and Emma J. Armstrong, of Windham.

1884 Marriages

Jan. 16. Edwin C. Seelye and Annie M. Page, both of Windham.

May 12. P. D. Salls, of Hudson, N. H., and Lottie E. Harris, of Windham.

June 18. William Pecker, of Windham, and Julia M. Conant, of Londonderry.

June 23. Horace Anderson, of Windham, and Mary F. Hazelton, of Chester, N. H.

Nov. 17. George F. Armstrong, of Windham, and Adeline Greeley, of Londonderry.

Nov. 27. George E. Snelling, of East Boston, Mass., and Emma M. Cochran, of Windham.

Dec. 6. Rufus H. Bailey, of Windham, and Mina P. Watson, of Tewksbury, Mass.

1885 Marriages

July 2. Peter Bushway and Anna M. Peabody, both of Windham.

Sept. 16. Elmer C. Winn, of Hudson, and Ella A. Barker, of Windham.

1886 Marriages

Feb. 3. William L. Emerson, of Windham, and Cora J. Farnum, of Westminster, Vt.

April 25. George W. Noyes, of Windham, and Mrs. Lucy (Roberts) Whitaker, of Salem, N. H.

Sept. 14. Walter A. Allen, of Tolland, Ct., and Mary A. Barnes, of Windham.

Oct. 21. John A. Wilson, of Windham, and Lizzie I. Pillsbury, of East Derry.

Oct. 24. George O. Larrabee and Bertha F. Scott, both of Windham.

Nov. 24. Albert W. Farmer and Nettie F. Milner, both of Windham.

1887 Marriages

Jan. 12. Walter E. Bailey and Mary A. McDonough.

Sept. 18. James R. Wyman and Mrs. Laura F. Wilson.

Oct. 1. John H. Oburg and Ellen R. Cochran.

Dec. 4. Urvin S. Armstrong and Elizabeth Clement.

1888 Marriages

Mar. 28. Willis D. Akerman and Abbie J. E. Wilson.

April 12. George N. Demott and Ella L. P. Wilson.

May 6. William H. Akerman and Elizabeth A. Senter.

July 29. Charles A. Caverly and Maggie J. Splain.

Sept. 20. William H. Gowing and Josie M. Wheaton.

Dec. 10. Henry J. Richardson and Mrs. Agatha (Vary) Dreano.

1889 Marriages

Feb. 17. Fred Molfants and Addie Genichard.

June 27. Fred J. Hughes and Nettie M. (Batchelder) Holden.

Aug. 3. Elijah L. Watts and Izora T. (Leach) Allen.

Oct. 16. George Heselton and Annie M. (Bunsford) Train.

Oct. 30. Moody M. Esty and Georgie A. Thorne.

Nov. 6. Charles W. Boyde and Addie V. Hughes.

Nov. 14. Charles W. Emerson and Nellie J. Marsh.

1890 Marriages

May 30. John H. K. Lamson and Mary E. Williams.

June 14. Joseph O. A. Lamson and Jenny Dragoon.

Sept. 18. Otis R. Clark and Grace C. Hanson.

1891 Marriages

Feb. 1. James E. Goodwin, of Windham, and M. Alice McCann, of Pelham, N. H.

July 22. William G. Ackerman, of Windham, and Mary E. Hamblett, of Hudson, N. H.

Oct. 6. Charles Currier, of Windham, and Mrs. Maria Emma (Denyer) Grey, of Lawrence, Mass.

Oct. 13. Walter B. Bullock and Jennie L. Davidson, both of Windham.

Oct. 25. John W. M. Worledge and Mary Ella Harris, both of Windham.