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1716 - 1782
Newington Church Marriage Records
Marriages By Rev. Joseph Adams
Town of Newington
Rockingham County, New Hampshire

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[Bloody Point was incorporated as a parish July 16, 1713; it was taken mostly from Dover with a small part from Portsmouth. Name changed to Newington, May 12, 1714. Its bounds were settled July 28, 1714; and apparently it was allowed town privileges. It sent its first representative, under its own name, to the New Hampshire Provincial Legislature in 1715. A small portion of the town was annexed to Portsmouth June 29, 1821.

The first minister at Newington was Rev. Joseph Adams, born in Braintree, now Quincy, Mass., Jan. 4, 1688-9. He was the eldest son of Joseph and Hannah (Bass) Adams, of Braintree, and great-grandson of Henry Adams, of England, who came to this country with his family about 1630, and settled in Braintree. He graduated at Harvard College in 1710; after taking his degree he studied for the ministry, and was licensed to preach. On June 20, 1715, he accepted a call from Newington to become their settled minister. A church was organized at that place Oct. 26, 1715, and on Nov. 16, following, he was ordained pastor of that church. He continued pastor of the church at Newington till Jan. 1783, when old age compelled him to retire, having filled the pastorate for sixty-eight consecutive years. He died May 26, 1783.

In the following copy an exact transcript has been given except as to the names of the months which in some instances have been abbreviated, and the years are given in New Style. The gradual introduction into common use of the words Mister and Mistress, here represented by their abbreviations Mr. and Mrs., usually without the punctuation mark, will be noted with interest, especially as to the latter word which for many years was indiscriminately applied to both unmarried and married women. This copy differs in a few instances from the copy published in Vol. 22, of "The New England Historical and Genealogical Register," but after very carefully comparing both copies with the original the following has been selected as the corrected copy. The record book is not paged.]

Marriages By Rev. Joseph Adams, 1716 - 1782

1 Almost illegible, possibly Nute.--ED.

2 Name of month torn off.--ED.