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Kingston First Church Families
Town of Kingston
Rockingham County, New Hampshire

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[Kingston was incorporated as a town Aug. 6, 1694. The easterly part of the town was set off and incorporated by the name of Kingston East Parish, now East Kingston, with the privileges of a town, on Nov. 17, 1738. The west part of the town was set off Apr. 6, 1756 and incorporated into the town of Sandown. Another portion was incorporated into a town by the name of Hawke, now Danville, Feb. 22, 1760. The First Church was organized Sept. 29, 1725, with Rev. Ward Clark as pastor; although there had been services there, at times, by several ministers before that date.]


An account of the families belonging to Kingston First Church when Rev. Mr. Ward Clark took the Charge of the Church, Sept. 29, 1725.