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Chesterfield New Hampshire Death Records, 1896

Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

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Deaths registered in the Town of Chesterfield for the year 1896:

Date of DeathDeceasedAgePlace of BirthSexColorConditionOccupationPlace of Birth FatherPlace of Birth - MotherFatherMaiden Name of Mother
Jan. 16William A. Webb34-3-16Jay, N. Y.MWMFarmerJay, N. Y.ChesterfieldNathaniel WebbMary Converse
Mar. 14-1m 21dChest. FactoryMWS--Chest. FactoryJohn DennoGrace LaPoint
Mar. 31Olon B. Pattridge84-4-14ChesterfieldMWWMechanic--Joseph PattridgeCatherine Willard
Apr. 27John M. Richardson88-5-2ChesterfieldMWWFarmerChesterfieldNorton, Mass.Milo RichardsonNancy Wild
June 24Emma Worrell52St. Johns, N. B.FWMHousewife--George Lang-
July 4Marietta A. Beal58y 1mWinchesterFWMHousewifeWinchesterWinchesterCurtis AllenLucy Eaton
Sept. 25Lucinda M. Albee73-10-29ChesterfieldFWWHousework--Squire StreeterPhebe Hildreth
Oct. 13Urana M. Gilson87yChesterfieldFWWHouseworkChesterfield-Benoni StreeterAnnas Streeter
Nov. 9Frank E. Naylor29-6-21WinchesterMWSMechanicYorkshire, Eng.Warwick, Mass.James NaylorClara A. Lewis
Nov. 12Marrion M. Amidon3-2-22ChesterfieldFWS-ChesterfieldChesterfieldL. W. AmidonAda Johnson
Nov. 16Henry H. Howe62ChesterfieldMWMFarmer and Mech.WestmorelandChesterfieldBurton HoweLois B. Hubbard
Nov. 17Jonathan W. Taylor76-10-19ChesterfieldMWMFarmerMass.WestmorelandJonathan TaylorLucy Whitcomb
Nov. 27Nellie M. Buxton21-6-15ChesterfieldFWSHouseworkChesterfieldAlexandriaIra P. BuxtonEliza Fowler
Nov. 29Herbert H. Snow52-5-29W. ChesterfieldMWSMechanicChesterfieldWestmorelandOra F. SnowAbigail F. Pierce

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