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Bartlett New Hampshire Birth Records, 1894

Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

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Births registered in the Town of Bartlett, N. H., for the year ending Dec. 31, 1894.

Date Name Male or Female Living or Stillborn No. of child, 1st, 2d, &c. Color Name of Father Maiden Name of Mother Color of Parents Residence of Parents Occupation of Father Birthplace of Father Birthplace of Mother
Jan. 1 - Female Living 4 W Pierce S. Murphy Ellen Gallagher W Bartlett Teamster New Brunswick Canada
Jan. 25 - Male Living 1 W R. M. Bishop Susie Cryon W Bartlett Laborer Lisbon Canada
Feb. 25 - Female Living 1 W Frank J. Runey Eva M. Kincade W Bartlett Telegraph Op. Carmel, Me. Alton, Me.
Mar. 3 - Male Living 6 W Geo. E. Clement Jennie D. Nute W Bartlett Laborer Warren Bartlett
Mar. 9 - Female Living 2 W Edward Mullovey Mary Murphy W Bartlett Laborer Canada Canada
Mar. 23 - Female Living 1 W James Ryan Grace Mason W Bartlett - N. B. N. B.
Apr. 19 - Male Living 2 W Frank R. Swett Ella Littlefield W Bartlett Carpenter Standish, Me. Jackson
Apr. 20 - Female Living 2 W John A. Currie Dora E. Allen W Bartlett Conductor N. B. Jackson
Apr. 22 - Male Living 2 W Hiram M. Sanborn Annie A. French W Bartlett Painter Portland, Me. Conway
May 16 - Female Living 3 W Joseph P. Perry Caroline C. Botts W Bartlett Carpenter P. E. I. P. E. I.
May 23 - Female Living 7 W A. Richardson Lettie Carter W Bartlett Laborer N. B. Albany
May 27 - Female Living 1 W Geo. P. Dinsmore Lizzie Hawkins W Bartlett Merchant Conway Brownfield, Me.
June 2 - Male Living 3 W Selden F. Rogers Mary Fernald W Bartlett Farmer Bartlett Wakefield
June 4 - Female Living 1 W - Addie Richards W Bartlett - - Portland
June 27 - Male Living 3 W Thos. McPayne Alice Littlefield W Bartlett Laborer Bangor, Me. Bartlett
June 28 - Female Living 1 W Edward Foley Gertrude Carr W Bartlett Brakeman Canada Canada
June 30 - Male Living 3 W Gilbert Goodblood Mary LaPlante W Bartlett Laborer Canada Madaraska, Me.
Aug. 17 Lewis C. Male Living 1 W Sumner C. Mead Addie V. Williams W Bartlett Laborer Bartlett Augusta, Me.
Aug. 31 - Female Living 3 W Wilbur S. Johnson Josie H. Brown W Bartlett Laborer Stowe, Me. Fryeburg, Me.
Sept. 13 - Male Living 6 W James McGra Eliza A. Daly W Bartlett Laborer Canada Canada
Sept. 21 - Female Living 4 W Arthur S. Clemons Octavia Parker W Bartlett Baggage Maker (?) Hiram, Me. Bartlett
Oct. 2 - Female Living 7 W Joseph S. Aldrich M. Byatt W Bartlett Laborer London, Eng. London, Eng.
Oct. 11 - Female Living 6 W J. H. Sinclair Susie Burbank W Bartlett Farmer - -
Oct. 30 - Female Living 2 W Horace Francis Bessie Mussckan W Bartlett Laborer P. E. I. N. B.
Nov. 2 - Female Living 4 W Thos. F. Allen Calista Drown W Bartlett Laborer Bartlett Bartlett
Nov. 6 - Male Living 4 W L. Eastman Mary L. Cluck W Bartlett Laborer Bartlett Brownfield
Nov. 16 - Male Living 3 W Mathew Ryan Mary McCullough W Bartlett Laborer P. E. I. P. E. I.
Dec. 13 - Female Living 1 W - Margarett Stewart W Bartlett Laborer - Maine

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