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Belmont New Hampshire Birth Records, 1895

Transcribed and submitted by Lynn Tooley

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Births Registered in the Town of Belmont for the year ending Dec. 31, 1895

Date Name Sex Living or Stillborn No. Child Color Name of Father Maiden Name of Mother Color Residence of Parents Occupation of Father Birthplace of Father Birthplace of Mother
Jan. 23 - M Stillborn 1 W George E. Fifield Florence L. Aleley (?) W Belmont Farmer Belmont Belmont
Jan. 26 Walter Thomas M Living 3 W Albert Gester Fredreka Napp W Belmont Farmer Germany Germany
Jan. 20 Hubert Lester M Living 2 W John O. Bryant Amy Worcester W Belmont Operative Belmont Columbia Falls, Me.
Feb. 4 Emma F Living 5 W Victor Minnon Jennie Laflam W Belmont Operative Richmond, Can. Quebec, Can.
Feb. 18 Delia F Living 2 W Louis Truckey Mary Braconier W Belmont Laborer Canada Quebec, Can.
Mar. 3 Sarah Louise F Living 1 W John J. Pope Emma M. Smith W Belmont Box Maker Lawrence, Mass. Belmont
Mar. 8 Eva S. F Living 8 W Samuel Claimont Maude Fecteau W Belmont Farmer Three Rivers, Ca. Canada
Mar. 20 - F Living 2 W - Mary L. Small W Belmont - - Bangor, Ma.
Mar. 26 Joseph Albert M Living 3 W Fred Brake Rosa Luranger W Belmont Teamster Canada Canada
Apr. 19 Carlos E. M Living 1 W Edward Clough Ida Maxfield W Belmont Operative Manchester Belmont
Apr. 25 John C. M Living 3 W Thomas Crowley Jesse Courier W Belmont Operative Timrick, Can. St. Julia, Ca.
May 18 Margery Ellen F Living 1 W Henry L. C. Norris Maude R. Kenney W Belmont Carpenter Belmont Loudon, N. H.
May 31 Blanche Elizabeth F Living 4 W Abraham L. West Mary A. Gilman W Belmont Blacksmith Concord Gilford
June 4 Anna May F Living 5 W Joseph Hammel Julia Towne W Belmont Operative Quebec, Can. Goffstown
June 14 - M Stillborn 1 W Harry E. Marsh Edith E. Moore W Belmont Machinest Belmont Fairlee, Vt.
July 31 Joseph E. M Living 4 W Frank Beauchesne Mary Pillier W Belmont Operative Bay City, Mich. Canada
Aug. 7 Edna Mabel F Living 1 W William G. Davis Gillian M. Whitehouse W Belmont Operative Hardwick, Vt. Wolfeboro'
Sept. 11 - F Living 1 W Charles Banfield Vida (?) Williams W Littleton Stone Work Stewartstown Littleton
Sept. 6 Jack Harvey M Living 1 W Fred W. Gardner Florence M. Woodbury W Belmont Farmer Plymouth Manchester
Sept. 24 Thomas Charles M Living 5 W Charles Finley Elmira Bisson W Belmont Operative Stanford, Can. St. Frederick, Can.
Sept. 25 Karl Leland M Living 1 W George R. Wildes Belle (?) Amidon W Belmont Merchant Holderness East Burke, Vt.
Sept. 29 James Joseph M Living 1 W James Jordan Flora Loranger W Belmont Blacksmith St. Sylvester, Ca. St. Paul, Can.
Nov. 11 Mildred Hodgson F Living 1 W Haven M. Grant Etta Belle Dow W Belmont Farmer North Berwick, Me. Lakeport
Dec. 7 Katie May F Living 2 W William O. Judkins Mary A. Chase W Belmont Operative Belmont Manchester
Dec. 29 Eddie M Living 6 W Frank P. Parent Florine Bouque W Belmont Operative Canada Canada
Jan. 9* - F Living 5 W Frank P. Gove Bertha Garland W Belmont Farmer Henniker Ellsworth, Me.

I hereby certify that the above return is correct, according to the best of my knowledge and belief. - Herbert C. Adams, Town Clerk.

* Given in after my report was made up.

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