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Transcription Projects:

NHGS (New Horizons Genealogical Services) is in the process of starting several transcription projects. If you are an independent transcriber looking for a place to publish your work, or have a website with your work already published and would like to exchange links with us, email us with your link and short description or file of your transcribed data and we will publish it where we feel most appropriate.

Our Mission: The Mission of New Horizons Genealogy is to get every United States "State" Census Record and all Federal and State Mortality Schedules transcribed and indexed in one place and to provide free access to everyone. We do this by first getting an inventory of all known transcriptions, then recruiting volunteers to complete the record collections. This helps avoid a duplication of efforts of the ones that have gone before us, thus getting fresh data out there and record collections completed in a more timely mannor.

Note: Your work and copy write will always remain yours and we will always give you full credit for it. We will never copy your work, just add a link to it, unless you ask us to publish it on our site for you.


  • All work must be genealogy related and fit into one of our transcription categories.
  • All work must have genealogical value. What we mean by this is we want more than just a name. The more the information about a person, the higher the genealogical value.
  • No inappropriate material, we reserve the right to reject any material or link for any reason.
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    If you would like to adopt a project to transcribe please email us and we will put your name and email address next to the project you would like to transcribe.


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