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Plymouth Massachusetts Marriages

Transcribed by Lynn Tooley

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Plymouth Massachusetts Marriages From Early Massachusetts Marriages Prior to 1800 as Found in Ancient Court Records.

Groom/BrideDate of Marriage
Rev. Robert WARD of Wenham and Margaret ROGERS Feb. 16, 1726-7
Barnabas SHURTLEFF of Plimpton and Jemina ADAMS Mar. 16, 1726-7
Joseph BARTLETT and Sarah MORTON Apr. 4, 1727
Samuel TOTMAN and Experience ROGERS Apr. 17, 1727
Ebenezer COBB, Jr. and Lydia STEPHENS Dec. 14, 1727
Benjamin LOTHROP, Jr. of Barnstable and Experience HOWLand Dec. 22, 1727
Ebenzer COBB and Mary THOMAS of Middleborough Feb. 8, 1727
Samuel DOTY and Marcy COBB Apr. 10, 1727
Joshua FINNEY and Hannah CURTIS Sep. 28, 1727
Nehemiah RIPLEY and Sarah ATWOOD Jun. 6, 1728
Thomas SCARRET and Alse WARD Aug. 6, 1728
Elkanah DELANO and Mary SAUNDERS Oct. 31, 1728
Ephriam SAMPSON of Duxborough and Ruth SHEPERD Nov. 14, 1728
Samuel COLE and Mercy BARNES Nov. 14, 1728
Timothy BURBANK of Boston and Mary KEMPTON Dec. 12, 1728
Jonathan FREEMAN of Plimpton and Sarah RYDER Dec. 19, 1728
Thorton GRAY and Katherine WHITE Dec. 20, 1728
James HOLMES and Content SILVESTER Jan. 30, 1728
Matthew LEMOTE and Mercy BILLINGTON Feb. 18, 1728
Edward STEVENS and Marcy SILVESTER Apr. 3, 1729
Rodolphus HATCH of Province Town and Esther HOLMES Apr. 3, 1729
Thomas DOANE of Chatham and Sarah BARNES May 20, 1729
Thomas TOTMAN and Lucretia ROSS May 30, 1729
Jack and Mariah, negroes of Mr. Jonathan BRYANT Jun. 30, 1729
Jacob LEWIS and Bathsheba MALLIS Jul. 8, 1729
John WATSON, Esq. and Mrs. Priscilla THOMAS Jul. 8, 1729
Jacob TAYLOR of Barnstable and Mary ATWOOD Jul. 14, 1729
Seth DOGGETT and Elizabeth DELANO Sep. 9, 1729
Isaac KING and Hannah HARLOW Oct. 28, 1729
John CUSHING, Esq. of Scituate and Mary COTTON Nov. 20, 1729
John HAMBLETON and Elizabeth JONES Feb. 10, 1729
Thomas WARD and Joanna DONHAM Mar. 4, 1729
Ephraim CHURCHILL and Priscilla MANCHESTER Mar. 27, 1730
Thomas WESTON and Prudence CONANT May 4, 1730
William DYRE of Boston and Hannah PHILLIPS May 18, 1730
Deac. John ATWOOD and Experience PIERCE Jun. 8, 1730
Nicholas DREW and Lydia DOGGETT Aug. 10, 1730
Ebenexer FINNEY of Barnstable and Rebecca BARNES Sep. 22, 1730
John STUDLEY and Elizabeth DOTEN Sep. 24, 1730
Jabez HOLMES and Rebecca HARLOW Sep. 30, 1730

Source: Early Massachusetts Marriages Prior To 1800 As Found On Ancient Court Records of the Counties of Middlesex, Hampshire, Plymouth And Bristol, Third Book, Edited by the Rev. Frederic W. Bailey, B.D.

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