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Marshfield Massachusetts Marriages

Transcribed by Lynn Tooley

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Marshfield Massachusetts Marriages From Early Massachusetts Marriages Prior to 1800 as Found in Ancient Court Records.

Groom/BrideDate of Marriage
Ebenezer HOWLAND and Sarah GREEN Mar. 28, 1723
James DEXTER of Rochester and Lois SHERMAN Mar. 29, 1723
Thomas TRACY and Susanna WATERMAN Jun. 3, 1723
Benjamin KENT and Persis DOGGETT Oct. 31, 1723
John LOGAN and Margaret CARR Jan. 7, 1723
Joshua ROSE and Elizabeth GIBSON Jan. 30, 1723
James WARREN of Plymouth and Penelope WINSLOW Jan. 30, 1723
Samuel SHERMAN and Mary WILLIAMSON Feb. 17, 1723
Francis CROOKER and Patience CHILDS Mar. 11, 1723
Benjamin HANKS and Mary WHITE Apr. 23, 1724
Joshua SAMSON and Mary OAKMAN May 23, 1724
Thomas STOCKBRIDGE of Scituate and Hannah ROGERS Jul. 8, 1724
John THOMAS and Mary RAY Oct. 8, 1724
Caleb OLDHAM of Scituate and Bethiah STEPHENS Oct. 21, 1724
William STEPHENS and Patience JONES Oct. 9, 1724
Thomas PHILLIPS and Mary SHERMAN Feb. 23, 1724
Anthony EAMES and Anna BARKER Mar. 25, 1725
Ichabod WASHBURN of Plymouth and Bethiah PHILLIPS Jun. 2, 1725
William LUCAS and Sarah THOMAS Oct. 21, 1725
Israel HATCH of Scituate and Bethiah THOMAS Oct. 27, 1725
Nathaniel KEEN of Pembroke and Thankful WINSLOW Oct. 27, 1725
Ebenezer DAMON of Scituate and Abigail THOMAS Oct. 27, 1725
William HAMBELTON and Jane HOPKINS Oct. 7, 1725
Adam HALL and Sarah SHERMAN Jan. 6, 1725
Silvanus HALL of Plymouth and Elizabeth DOGGETT Jan. 13, 1725
John WINSLOW of Plymouth and Mary LITTLE Feb. 16, 1725
John POLAN and Thankful ATKINS May 26, 1726
Josiah PHINNEY of Plymouth and Mercy THOMAS Sep. 14, 1726
Samuel BAKER and Hannah FOORD Nov. 9, 1726
Seth JOYCE and Rachel SHERMAN Nov. 9, 1726
John DEYRE and Mary TROUANT Apr. 5, 1727
Thomas OLDHAM of Scituate and Desire WORMALL May 8, 1727
Robert WATERMAN of Plimpton and Abigail GINGLEY Jun. 8, 1727
Ebenezer TAYLOR and Sarah CARVER Jan. 11, 1727
Stephen STODDARD of Hingham and Rebecca KING Jan. 24, 1727
Isaac PHILLIPS and Sarah WHITE Jan. 25, 1727
Ebenezer JONES and Jane KING Mar. 19, 1727
Bezaliel PALMER of Scituate and Anna JONES Mar. 19, 1727
Isaac TAYLOR of Pemproke and Jerushe TIDEN May 28, 1728
Joshua CARVER and MARTHA FOORD Jul. 4, 1728
Tobias PAYNE of Boston and Sarah WINSLOW Oct. 14, 1728
William FOORD and Hannah BARSTOW Oct. 30, 1728
Snow WINSLOW and Deborah BRYANT Nov. 6, 1728
Samuel KENT and Desire BARKER Nov. 14, 1728
John MAGOUN of Scituate and Abigail WATERMAN Nove. 28, 1728
Thomas DOGGETT and Joannah FULLER Dec. 11, 1728
Joseph HEWITT and Sarah DINGLEY Dec. 19, 1728
Benjamin PHILLIPS and Desire SHERMAN Jan. 18, 1728
Joshua EAMES and Abigail DOGGETT Jan. 18, 1728
Samuel FOORD and Sarah ROGERS Jan. 16, 1728
Anthony EAMES and Grace OLDHAM of Scituate Dec. 11, 1724

Source: Early Massachusetts Marriages Prior To 1800 As Found On Ancient Court Records of the Counties of Middlesex, Hampshire, Plymouth And Bristol, Third Book, Edited by the Rev. Frederic W. Bailey, B.D.