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Orange Massachusetts Marriages

Transcribed by Lynn Tooley

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Orange Massachusetts Marriages From Early Massachusetts Marriages Prior to 1800 as Found in Ancient Court Records.

Oct. 15, 1783. Parts of Athol, Royalston, Warwick, and certain common lands called Ervingshire established as the district of Orange.

Amos WOODWARD and Cata GODDARD Aug. 3, 1783
Humphrey Atherton CHAPNEY and Sally FISHER, both of Warwick Aug. 19, 1783
William CROSBY and Mary HIGGINS May 30, 1784
Hezekiah GODDARD and Anne Durham OLIVER, of Athol Aug. 15, 1784
Asa HEMINGWAY and Louise KNAP of Winchester Sep. 16, 1784
Jonathan LAMPSON of Randolph and Sally MORTON Sep. 19, 1784
Jacob FRENCH and Sally DUNCAN Feb. 14, 1785
Jacob BRIGGS Junr. And Lydia BRADISH Oct. 18, 1784
Stephen KING and Sarah DEMON, both of New Salem Nov. 18, 1784
John LOVE and Anner BURNET, both of Warwick Apr. 3, 1785
Abner TWICHELL of Athol and Hannah BROWN of New Salem Apr. 14, 1785
Simon CHASE and Sarah TOWN, both of New Salem May 5, 1785
Benajah ALDRICH and Huldah METCALF Dec. 27, 1785
Elijah BALL and Prudence RICE May 10, 1786
Daniel CURTISS and Keziah SMITH, both of New Salem July 13, 1786
Noah PHENEY and Elisabeth PULSIPHER, both of New Salem Sep. 14, 1786
Benjamin MORTON, Junr. Of Guilford and Hannah DEXTER Nov. 29, 1787
Samuel KNOWLES and Sally WOODWARD Nov. 29, 1787
David HARRINGTON and Sarah LORD Oct. 14, 1787
Fra BABBIT and Susanna WOODCOCK Nov. 4, 1787
Nathan ELLIS and Hannah LORD Nov. 29, 1787
Ellis WHITING and Dorothy WOODWARD Dec. 31, 1787
Timothy SOW and Mary KENDALL Jan. 10, 1788
Seth THOMPSON and Sarah STOW Jan. 10, 1788
Jephtha JOHNSON and Lydia LUSCKCOMB Feb. 14, 1788
David CHENEY and Elisabeth JONES June 15, 1788
Barnabas PAINE and Lois WOODS Jan. 12, 1789
Aaron CHASE and Priscilla HARRINGTON Mar. 22, 1789
Hezekiah COTTER and Hannah Merick BRIGGS Mar. 10, 1789

Source: Early Massachusetts Marriages Prior To 1800 As Found On Ancient Court Records of the Counties of Hampshire, Hampshire, Berkshire And Bristol, Third Book, Edited by the Rev. Frederic W. Bailey, B.D.

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