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Blandford Massachusetts Marriages

Transcribed by Lynn Tooley

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Blandford Massachusetts Marriages From Early Massachusetts Marriages Prior to 1800 as Found in Ancient Court Records.

April 10, 1741. Suffield Equivalent land, commonly called Glasgow, established as Blandford.

Amos KINGSLEY and Mary WADSWORTH Feb. 3, 1758
James RICHARD and Abigail KING Feb. 3, 1758
Alexander CLARK of Colrain and Elisa DONAGHY Apr. 11, 1754
John BEARD and Agnes BROWN June 27, 1754
David BOYSE and Rachel CROOKS Feb. 6, 1755
David FLEMING of Palmer and Sarah LOUGHEAD May 22, 1755
Matthew BIRCHERD and Mary MESSENGER Aug. --, 1756
Samuel LOUGHEAD and Mary CALDWELL Mar. 17, 1757
John DAVIS and Jane BROWN Feb. 16, 1758
John Carnahen and Rebecca GIBBLES July 28, 1757
Solomon STEWARD and Sarah MCCONOGHEY Apr. 13, 1758
John DALRIMPLE and Elisabeth YOUNG June 22, 1758
David MCCONOUGHEY, Jr. and Anna CARNAHAN Sep. 21, 1758
William WATSON and Ruth BEARD Nov. 23, 1758
Solomon BROWN and Jean ANDERSON June 18, 1759
James CLARK and Sarah SCOOT June 26, 1759
William CARNAHEN and Mary CLARK July 26, 1759
William LOGHEAD and Isabel BLACK Aug. 23, 1759
Glory MCMURREY and Susanna TAGART Oct. 6, 1759
John SCOOT and Rachel STEWARD Oct. 25, 1759
James FERGESON and Hannah MCCONOUGHEY Sep. 22, 1759
Israel GIBBS, Junr. and Agnes CLARK Dec. 12, 1759
James CAMPBEL and Jean KNOX Jan. 10, 1760
John GIBBS and Rachel BOIES Jan. 24, 1760
John KENNEY of Glassenbury and Susanna PHILLIPS Feb. 11, 1760
James BEARD, Jr. and Martha MORE July 11, 1760
John WHITE, M. D. and Sarah CARNAHEN Sep. 4, 1760

Source: Early Massachusetts Marriages Prior To 1800 As Found On Ancient Court Records of the Counties of Hampshire, Hampshire, Berkshire And Bristol, Third Book, Edited by the Rev. Frederic W. Bailey, B.D.

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