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Massachusetts Tax Valuation List of 1771
Town of Wenham
Essex County, Massachusetts

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Babson, James
Babson, Mehitable
Baker, Cornelius
Balch, Caleb
Balch, Freeborn
Batcheller, Amos
Batcheller, Eben'r
Batcheller, Josiah
Batcheller, Sam'll
Bragg, Nath'll
Brown, Nathan
Brown, Nath'll
Brown, Pattiah
Brown, Thomas
Cleaves, Benj'm
Cleaves, Joshua
Cleaves, William
Cole, Andrew
Coming, Joseph
Coye, Caleb
Cue, Mary
Davidson, Howell
Dodge, Amos
Dodge, Barth'w
Dodge, Benj'm
Dodge, Deborah
Dodge, Elizabeth
Dodge, Israel
Dodge, Israel Andrew
Dodge, Jacob
Dodge, James
Dodge, John
Dodge, John III
Dodge, John, Jr.
Dodge, Jonathan
Dodge, Jonathan
Dodge, Luke
Dodge, Peter
Dodge, Richard
Dodge, Richard, Jr.
Dodge, Robert
Dodge, Sarah
Dodge, Simon
Dodge, Skipper
Dodge, Stephen
Dodge, William
Dwinell, Bartho'w
Edwards, Benj'm
Edwards, Benj'm, Jr.
Edwards, Jacob
Edwards, John
Emery, Stephen
Fairfield, Benj'm
Fairfield, Josiah
Fairfield, Matthew
Fairfield, Nath'll
Fairfield, Sam'll
Fairfield, William
Fisk, Benj'm
Fisk, Theophylus
Fiske, Thomas
Fiske, William
Friend, Benj'm
Friend, James
Friend, James, Jr.
Friend, John
Friend, John, Jr.
Giddings, Isaac
Goodwin, Soloman
Gott, Elizabeth
Green, William
Haggot, Benj'm
Haggot, Joseph
Herrick, Daniel
Herrick, Josiah
Herrick, Josiah, Jr.
Killam, Daniel
Killam, Daniel, Jr.
Killam, John
Killam, Jonathan
Kimball, Abraham
Kimball, Caleb
Kimball, Eben'r
Kimball, Elizabeth
Kimball, Ephraim
Kimball, Ezra
Kimball, James
Kimball, Jonathan
Kimball, Nath'll
Kimball, Nath'll, Jr.
Kimball, Thomas
King, Richard
Knowlton, Abarh'm
Knowlton, Benj'm
Knowlton, Churchill
Knowlton, Joseph
Knowlton, Meriam
Lovering, John
Lovett, John
Lovett, Josiah
Low, Jonathan
Meachom, Benj'm
Merrick, Henry
Merrick, John
Moulton, Jon'a
Ober, Josiah
Ober, Josiah, Jr.
Ober, Nath'll
Orne, Joshua
Parker, William
Patch, Isaac
Perkins, Elisabeth
Perkins, John
Perkins, Robert
Perkins, Stephen
Perkins, Thomas
Poland, Daniel
Poland, James
Poland, Josiah
Poland, Nath'll
Poland, Nath'll
Poland, Sam'll
Porter, Asa
Porter, Billy
Porter, Ebin'r
Porter, Sam'll
Porter, Tyler
Porter, Unice
Preston, Nehemiah
Quarles, Sam'll
Raymond, Benj'm
Rogers, John
Share, Peter
Sweet, Josiah
Tarbox, Sam'll
Tarbox, Tho's
Taylor, William
Titcomb, Moses
Town, Joshua
Waldren, Edward
Webber, William
White, Hasfield
White, Thomas
Williams, Joseph
Wodberry, Peter
Wyat, Abraham
Wyman, Nathan

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