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U.S. Military Fatal Casualties
of the Korean War for
Ouachita Parish, Louisiana

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Incident or
Death Date
Allbritton, Jack ARMY PFC 19290000 UNKNOWN OUACHITA 19500817 Y
Allen, Chelcia A. ARMY PFC 19310208 UNKNOWN OUACHITA 19500722 N
Aulds, Opal D. ARMY SGT 19210000 UNKNOWN OUACHITA 19500711 Y
Carroll, Joseph S. ARMY CPL 19290000 UNKNOWN OUACHITA 19511003 Y
Finley, Douglas Shirley, Jr. MARINE CORPS CPL 19310315 WEST MONROE OUACHITA 19510307 Y
Foust, Frank Andrew MARINE CORPS PFC 19311127 MONROE OUACHITA 19501128 Y
Gewin, Lennard E. ARMY 1LT 19180000 UNKNOWN OUACHITA 19500716 Y
Heard, Sam ARMY PVT 19310000 UNKNOWN OUACHITA 19501128 N
Hudson, Frederick G. III AIR FORCE CAPT 19230912 MONROE OUACHITA 19501127 N
Keever, Francis W. MARINE CORPS PFC 19340905 MONROE OUACHITA 19530326 Y
Montfort, Houston E. ARMY PVT 19320000 UNKNOWN OUACHITA 19500815 Y
Morrison, J. A. ARMY CPL 19310000 UNKNOWN OUACHITA 19501128 N
Pendarvis, Vance L. ARMY PVT 19320828 UNKNOWN OUACHITA 19501202 N
Rovira, Harold J., Jr. AIR FORCE CPL 19301027 WEST MONROE OUACHITA 19510903 Y
Smith, Clifton E., Jr. ARMY SGT 19280000 UNKNOWN OUACHITA 19510917 Y
Turner, Clemon ARMY CPL 19280000 UNKNOWN OUACHITA 19501125 N
Ware, James ARMY PVT 19310000 UNKNOWN OUACHITA 19520701 Y

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