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U.S. Military Fatal Casualties
of the Korean War for
Caddo Parish, Louisiana

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Incident or
Death Date
Blair, George W. ARMY PFC 19250000 UNKNOWN CADDO 19500729 Y
Conely, Ulysses ARMY MSG 19220000 UNKNOWN CADDO 19501201 N
Cornelious, Lloyd E. ARMY PFC 19300000 UNKNOWN CADDO 19501128 N
Davis, Charles E. ARMY CPL 19320000 UNKNOWN CADDO 19510214 Y
Denmon, Jimmy R. ARMY PVT 19330000 UNKNOWN CADDO 19500905 Y
Dodd, Howard H. ARMY PFC 19300000 UNKNOWN CADDO 19511006 Y
Evans, George Conley ARMY PVT 19320000 UNKNOWN CADDO 19500727 Y
Ford, Nolan Earl MARINE CORPS PFC 19310628 VIVIAN CADDO 19510920 Y
Frazier, Donnie Lee ARMY PVT 19310000 UNKNOWN CADDO 19520615 N
Gregg, John L. ARMY SGT 19270000 UNKNOWN CADDO 19511123 Y
Harris, Houston ARMY CPL 19230000 UNKNOWN CADDO 19500917 Y
Howard, Albert ARMY SGT 19200000 UNKNOWN CADDO 19501201 N
Lewis, Willie ARMY PFC 19280000 UNKNOWN CADDO 19510609 Y
Mann, Robert V. ARMY MSG 19130000 UNKNOWN CADDO 19500819 Y
McAdams, Ernest G. ARMY PVT 19310000 UNKNOWN CADDO 19500801 Y
Miles, Herbert A. ARMY PFC 19290000 UNKNOWN CADDO 19510302 Y
Mohr, Cecil Rhodes, Jr. AIR FORCE 2NDLT 19280730 IDA CADDO 19510711 N
Odums, Luther ARMY SGT 19170000 UNKNOWN CADDO 19510424 Y
Pratter, John E. ARMY CPL 19270000 UNKNOWN CADDO 19500811 Y
Reynolds, Herbert W., Jr. ARMY PVT 19310000 UNKNOWN CADDO 19510713 Y
Reynolds, William G. ARMY SGT 19300000 UNKNOWN CADDO 19520805 Y
Rust, Charles Vernon MARINE CORPS CPL 19300821 KEITHVILLE CADDO 19510912 Y
Stauffer, Kenneth G. ARMY 1LT 19240000 UNKNOWN CADDO 19510417 Y
Stephens, Ralph ARMY PFC 19290716 UNKNOWN CADDO 19500720 N
Stevens, Claude Otis, Jr. MARINE CORPS PFC 19321216 IDA CADDO 19520722 Y
Walker, James Young ARMY PFC 19330508 UNKNOWN CADDO 19510516 N
Williams, Arthur L. ARMY PVT 19300000 UNKNOWN CADDO 19520613 Y

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