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Roster of Amos Morey Post No. 617, G. A. R., New Canton, Illinois

Transcribed by: Matthew Tooley

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Massie, M. D., Cap. C., 99 Ill. Inf.

Shearer, A. C., Pr. B., 3 Mo. Inf.

Monroe, A. J., Pr. E., 56 Ind. Inf.

Stanley, A., Pr. A., 9 Ia. Cav.

Balser, V., Jr. A., 26 Ill. Inf.

Miller, D. C., Pr. G., 71 Ill. Inf.

Davis, C. O., Pr. I., 155 Pa. Inf.

Grinner, J., Pr. G., 69 Ill. Inf.

Wells, A. A., Pr. D., 26 Ill. Inf.

Munroe, W. A., Pr. D., 7 Ill. Inf.

Atkinson, H. B., Cap. G., 99 Ill. Inf.

Curry, S., Pr. C., 99 Ill. Inf.

Judd, J., Pr. G., 5 Ill. Cav.

David, D. W., Pr. C., 18 Mo. Inf.

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